What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

What have you recorded as people’s actions when you act a bit too extra? Do they shrug it off or talk about it? While some say mild things to you, others might come up with terms from their dictionary of shading.

In cases like this, you can end up tagged over-dramatic. But the matter is not in the intensity of the name-calling but your reaction to it.

Sadly, you might barely have anything to say in response to being called over-dramatic. I understand your ordeal, as you might be dumbfounded upon hearing this. 

To give you back your right to speech, I’ve curated a list of premium replies that you can serve anyone who calls you over-dramatic.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

If you’re interested in nice comebacks as to when someone calls you over-dramatic, then I welcome you to this storehouse of comebacks. There are various angles to this and I fashioned my replies to meet your need on any of them.

You can return the shade by saying things like, “Seems you’re too nosy”, “Then you’re insensitive for sticking around me”, or “You’re just pissed, let it slide”. 

A step further, you can add “No, you’re overreacting”, “I’m not supposed to please you”, “Whatever your reasons are, I don’t care”, or “You know that’s mean to say, right?”.

You can show remorse by using such lines as “I see you know much, how can I keep it moderate?”, “I can’t help the matter”, “I wouldn’t say that to you, so don’t say it to me“, and “Please, don’t shade my emotional reaction”. 

I already think the snippet is getting long, so why don’t we feast on the meat of this post?

No, you’re Overreacting

You can disagree with the fact of a person’s statement when they say you’re over-dramatic. But the question remains, what’s your defense? 

However, you don’t need to hire an attorney to prove you’re not what they say, because this line of response can serve the same purpose why you need a solicitor.

What this line does is that it debunks the person’s claims and also states a reason why they think you’re over-dramatic. This reason is also a viable reason because it captures excessive reactions as the cause of the person’s statement. Add this to your menu.

I’m not always Like This

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

What if the person is right? Maybe you were over-dramatic, but it was just on some little issue that doesn’t trigger you at all. If you do not act in this manner all the time, you can state this by using this response

It shows that you could’ve been overdramatic over something, but it doesn’t mean that’s your character.

I’m Not Supposed to Please You

You know how people seek validation in little places; that’s the same way they’ll call you over-dramatic with the hope of getting you to adjust to their behavioral terms. 

This set of people wants you to act in a particular way and when you don’t; you’re endangered to a spree of name-calling like this one. Rather than keep mute, you can tense their heartbeat by telling them you’re not supposed to please them in any way.

I Am Proud of What I Am, Now You Go Give Others Some Sermons

Sometimes when we act in some way that is above average for some people, we can be called over-dramatic. Instead of brooding over it, you can use this statement to show your indifference to what they said about you. 

You’re also telling the person to take their sermon of criticism to another person who would find it more entertaining because you clearly don’t.

I Expected a Different Rating Though

During improv acting, you can get a lot of reviews and ratings from the supervisor. If you over-did a particular scene, you can be called over-dramatic. You can use this response to express what you expected. 

The circumstance of this response does not always have to be in an improv setting, as it can apply in other scenes like a rehearsal in school or a showoff among friends.

I Didn’t Expect That from You

People do not always act according to how we want or expect. This means that the least person on your mind can call you over-dramatic. I know how it feels especially if this is someone you hold in high esteem. But keeping quiet about it doesn’t heal you, so you might want to reply with this response.

Why Did You Say That?

Are you uncertain why someone called you over-dramatic? You can actually get to know about this by saying this question as a response to the person. Whatever might’ve been their intention will come to light once they make an effort to answer this question. 

Whatever Your Reasons Are, I Don’t Care

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

A lot of people have mental boxes which they expect us to tick with our attitude. While some of these boxes concerns getting money, others could be because of a certain attitude. 

When you don’t meet up, they can call you over-dramatic. So, it would be better to floor their hopes by using this line of response.

That’s My Life to Decide

Your life is actually yours to live, despite the plots of others to be recognized as part of the creating process. When someone calls you over-dramatic, my first is that they are trying to tell you how to live your life or act. 

But you can always claim self-responsibility by telling the person it’s your life to live and not theirs. Hence, there’s a need for you to add this reply to your comebacks.

I’m Not Over-Dramatic, That’s a False Judgment

Most people know exactly how they react to situations, and if you’re sure you’re not over-dramatic; you can correct this notion when someone calls you over-dramatic. 

Whatever the person thought about your attitude is false, and you should make an effort to remind them. This line of response gives you a good spot to tender your quest to debunk their assertions about you.

That’s certainly Your Opinion; Others Don’t Think So

When you have a host of other people who share unsimilar thoughts like the person who called you over-dramatic, you can capitalize on that to build a corresponding response. 

Saying this line to the person means that they’re alone in their assertions about you, which automatically makes it null. With this line, you’re able to tell the person that other people do not share their view of you, which is a big turnoff for you.

Don’t Condescend Me with That

I bet y’all know what it means to deign someone… that’s what most people do when they call you over-dramatic. Especially those who feel you’re doing more than them and then they try to write you off by calling you over-dramatic. 

This line serves as a direct warning to the person to stop calling you such names.

You’ve Got to Watch Your Language

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

Just like the previous response, this is also a form of warning to the person who calls you over-dramatic. You’re simply telling the person to mind how they talk, especially for you.

This response is a rather hard statement, which might bring the person to terms with desisting from calling you names such as the one you warned them about.

Kindly Desist From Saying Such Words to Me in the Future

I hope you’re noting these lines of warning because they’re going to be helpful if you’re looking forward to making someone stop calling you over-dramatic. The tone with this response is mild, as you calmly warn off anyone who calls you over-dramatic to desist from saying that to you again in the future.

Stop Taking My Feelings for Granted

Someone can call you over-dramatic due to how you reacted to something. While their assertions might be true, it is also total neglect of the emotional influx accompanied by whatever it is you reacted to. But you can correct this negligence by saying this line as a response when someone calls you over-dramatic.

Funnily, I Don’t Owe You Any Explanation

I believe you do not owe an explanation to anyone who calls you over-dramatic. This might be in disagreement with what the person thinks or expect, but it should not bother you about that. You can use this reply to tell the person that you do not owe any form of explanation to give them, even after calling you over-dramatic. 

Then You’re Insensitive for Sticking around Me

Are you still buddies with the person who called you over-dramatic? If so, then you have to roast this individual with this line of response.

Although this might appear rude, you can back it up by telling the person that he or she crossed the line of playing cool when they called you over-dramatic. 

This reply addresses the person as insensitive and unwise since they’re still sticking around with the supposed over-dramatic person.

I Can’t Help the Matter

If you’ve tried to keep things moderate for a while to no avail, you can make this known to the person who called you over-dramatic. This response is only viable if you’re looking for advice or feeling bad about the remark you got from the person.

If You Think Saying That Is Not a Big Deal, Then You Have to Think Again

Some tiny things count as big stuff for some people. If you’re a part of this selection, you can say this response to the person who calls you over-dramatic. As against their assertion which might be a fly thought, you can make them know you consider that a big deal and do not take it lightly.

I Wouldn’t Say That to You, so Don’t Say It to Me

This type of response is all in the spirit of keeping things cool and less violent. You can choose to consolidate a mutual understanding with the person who calls you over-dramatic, by using this response. 

Seems you’re Too Nosey

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

I would easily imagine that a nosy person will go about observing those who are over-dramatic and even go to the extent of calling out a person for being over-dramatic. The sad reality is, that they’re not the only people who can call out others. You can also choose to call out the person for being too nosey and this line is your best bet.

I See You Know Much, How Can I Keep It Moderate?

For someone to point out that you’re overdramatic; I presume he or she knows a lot about human psychology and actions. In the same vein, I’m also hopeful that the person can proffer some solutions to your problem since they can point it out. 

Asking how to keep it moderate is a nice route to seek help.

You Have a Problem with Accepting Facts

When you try to correct someone about certain actions they took, they can end up calling you over-dramatic for pointing such ills out. Instead of picking offense with that, you can use this line.

You’re Just Pissed, Let It Slide

An angry person can say virtually anything, including calling you over-dramatic. So you don’t have to take it to heart, rather you can slide in this response to the person.

I’m Still Yet to Bring the Real Drama On

Did he call you a drama queen? Please remind him you’re yet to bring on the main drama. I know this sounds carefree, but it’s an attempt to prove that whatever caused the person to call you over-dramatic in the first place is not worth it. 

You’re trying to prove that you can be overdramatic.

You’re Being Too Serious

I get this line myself. This is because I’m rarely on the joke side, so those around me tell me I’m too serious. The same could be the reason the person called you over-dramatic. Maybe they’re being too serious and shouldn’t find it difficult to point out.

Please, Don’t Shade My Emotional Reaction

You can tell the person who called you over-dramatic to desist from shading your emotional reaction. This response stands if the person called you that due to how you reacted over a certain issue. 

You know that’s Mean to Say, Right?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Over-Dramatic?

Often, it is blunt and a bit too much to call someone over-dramatic. So when someone says that to you, remind them it is a meaningful statement by using this response.

I Think We Should Change the Subject

If you’re not having the moment with being called over-dramatic by someone, you can appeal that the person changes the subject to avoid further altercation or misunderstanding.

Onwards, I Won’t Be Needing Your Company 

It is a sad experience if your close friend is caught with the statement that you’re over-dramatic. Instead of picking offense or acting up, you can simply cut off ties with the person who seems to be toxic.


This is where we call it a wrap-up in this edition of what to say when someone calls you anything uncool. Before I go, I will love to reiterate the need to use any of these replies, only when you’ve observed the circumstance, to find the most suitable one. 

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