What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

There are many ways to address someone in the light of familiarity, and calling someone “buddy” is one of such ways.

However, we’ve had instances where the tone used while saying this can appear condescending. Such cases have left some people who detest being shoved below, short of words to reply with.

While being called buddy by someone is not entirely bad, it can get messy if it was meant to belittle you. Not only that, but it also becomes a challenge if you don’t know what to say in response to the obvious condescending remark. 

My guess is; that you found this post because you needed answers and the good news is that you made the right choice. I will show you some replies which will serve just right when someone calls you buddy.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy

I’d love to be very straight with this; there are only two instances where someone can call you a buddy. The first is to show familiarity while the second one is in a manner to talk down on you. A quite different angle is its use by ladies to show romantic non-compliance to the guy who is being referred to. 

The replies in this post cut across these 3 major sections and some of them include… “Hello, homie, what’s good?”, “I’m clearly not your buddy”, “I don’t like being called that”, “I’m glad you regard me as a friend”.

You can also show your rejection of the tag by saying things like “Can you say something else? I don’t find that suitable”, “I’d prefer you call me by my name”, or “Is that what you take me for?”. Without further ado, let’s get into the context of these replies.

 Hello Homie, What’s good?

On the grounds of familiarity, I believe this is a good way to respond when someone calls you buddy. The “buddy” term is commonly used among guys and has been used by many to indicate brotherhood and likeness.

Your closest friend can call you buddy and it still sounds cool. You can walk downtown areas and get many people calling each other buddy. 

This is almost like a norm for most communities, so the response above is a good way to show compliance and also ask the person who they are faring.

What’s Popping Mate?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

Just like the previous response; you can use this when a fellow guy calls you buddy based on acquaintance. I know it’s already a common thing to say back, but you can still add this to your list of responses to say when someone calls you buddy. 

The reply makes use of another masculine-dominated term “mate“, which is another way of saying, buddy.

I’m Clearly Not Your Buddy

You don’t have to accept the buddy term from just anybody. At least, not from people you are barely acquainted with. So to draw the line of familiarity, you can simply use this line of response to inform the speaker it’s obvious you’re not their buddy. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand, should it?

Be Careful How You Use That Term

Calling somebody buddy is not a bad term to use, but it becomes one of the tones used in saying it has another message underneath it. You can jokingly call another person stupid, and nothing is wrong with it but it can also get heated up if you said the same thing with an aggressive tone. 

This line warns off anyone who calls you buddy to be mindful of what they say.

I Don’t Like Being Called That at All!

Do you detest being called buddy? Here’s your premium and concise response when you find yourself in such a situation. Whatever might be your reason for disliking this term is none of my concern, but you’ve got this response to throw in when someone calls you buddy.

I’m Glad You Regard Me as a Friend

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people use the “buddy” term to show acquaintanceship, especially between guys. If you’ve been closing in on a friendship deal with a guy and he starts calling you buddy, the good news is that you’ve just sealed the deal. So you can use this response to show gratitude if he calls you buddy next time. 

Are We Now Friends for Real?

I tried to paint a picture in the previous reply and I guess it has something to do with this response too. Upon closing the proverbial friendship deal with a guy, some people can feel elated. Some can even go the extra mile by showing it off through their actions. 

Therefore, if the person calls you buddy you can reply with this question while being expectant of positive feedback.

That’s My Boy

Just like in the case of familiarity, others can call you buddy with the intent of belittling you. They use this term as a form of showing superiority, say in a workplace or a social circle. Whatever the situation might be, this reply should be handy to lower the person’s heightened ego.

If That’s a Nickname, Kindly Change It

Do people use “buddy” as a nickname? Yes, they do. Throughout my days in college, I had these two friends in my department who used buddy to refer to each and it became so frequent that it took over their names. But if you don’t like this particular gesture, you can indicate such with this response.

I Don’t Look Like Your Buddy, Pal

What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

It is a normal thing if you feel like being called buddy by others is offensive. That’s your preference and you can make it known to anyone who calls you buddy with this line of response. Kindly telling the person you are not his or her buddy is a good statement to make. 

That’s My Brother There

This response here borders on the area o familiarity; because you are referring to anyone who called you buddy as your brother. This can only apply if you don’t see anything wrong with being called buddy, and also if the tone used by the person does not suggest mockery.

Oh! Thanks for That

A simple exclamatory response might be all you need to reply to anyone who calls you buddy. Also, you’re showing gratitude to the person for recognizing you as a brother or a friend. 

Can You Say Something Else? I Don’t Find That Suitable

There are cases in a conversation where you have to make the rules… not necessarily rules but doing things on your terms. Being called buddy against your choice, is one of such moments and this reply remains a viable way to show your disgust for the person’s wrong choice of words for you.

Is That What You Take Me For?

This one is for my gees out there. Bro you don’t have to break down in tears or become grumpy when a girl you have something for, suddenly calls you buddy. I know a lot of people might’ve told you, “she just friend zoned you“… but is that what she said? It wouldn’t hurt to find out what she meant by that, hence this question. 

You’re going to use this question as a response when a girl calls you buddy. The aim is to let her spill the beans and tell you if that’s what she takes you for.

Don’t Try to Demean Me with That; It Doesn’t Work on Me

Is the speaker trying to demean you by calling you, buddy? If that’s the case, then you should know when to shun the person to desist from that. Don’t overthink how to achieve this, because this response is close to perfect as a reply to dash at anyone who calls you buddy.

You’re trying to inform the person whatever agenda they are trying to achieve with that is futile. And this is because the “buddy” agenda does not get at you.

I’d Prefer You Call Me by My Name

If you’re someone like me who’d prefer being addressed by my name over sly or nicknames, then you should jump on this. With this response, you make it clear that you’re in no way in support of the name-calling and would prefer your name to any form of customization like being called buddy or any other thing.

I Want to Be More than Just Friends

What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

I know a couple of my guy friends who would shrink upon hearing a girl call them buddy. Truth is, it is difficult to accept especially when you’ve invested a huge amount of interest and commitment to the blooming relationship. 

But instead of sulking in pain or acting up, you can make your intentions known. Coming out with whatever feelings you have for the lady is the best thing to do if you guys are still on the talking stage. I’d recommend this response if you want to go down this route of confession.

Did You Just Friendzone Me?

If you noticed, the past 2-3 responses have been on girls calling guys buddy and the effect it has on these guys. Well, this is no different from the rest, as it also comes as a response which you can ask a girl if she calls you buddy. 

The question is straightforward though and also quite understandable. 

It is an inquiry and I expect the person questioned to come up with an answer, whether positive or negative.

What Do You Really Mean by That?

It’s almost impossible to think that nobody in contemporary society knows the meaning of buddy. But we can act like it’s possible and feign ignorance. So when someone calls you buddy, you can ask the person what he or she means by that. 

Hopefully, the person can come up with a response to your question and bring clarity to the table.

I’m Not Your Buddy, Son

There’s this thin line of regard for elderly people in a society infested with the woke culture syndrome.

You experience the daily neglect of human hierarchical structure, where the young ones refer to elders by odd names including calling them, buddy. If you are in this situation and want to rewrite the narrative subtly, you can use this response.

You do know that’s Informal, Right?

I heard calling someone buddy in some office setting is a violation of formalities. Take note that I didn’t generalize this, as there are offices that do not consider these things. But if yours do and someone in the setting still calls you buddy, remind them gently that it’s informal. 

Do I Even Know You?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

There are quite some funny moments when someone walks up to you, say in the park or on the beach, and calls you buddy. If the face doesn’t look familiar, please say this line as a response.

What’s With the Excitement This Time?

Are you usually called “buddy” by someone when they’re happy about something? If that’s the case, you should ask the person this question. Once said, the person should be out with the news already.

I Don’t Feel Comfortable With That

Some people don’t feel at ease when someone calls them a buddy. You might be one of them, and it’s cool. But it becomes uncool if you fold up your arms and take on this name-calling. So I’d suggest you say something like this response to explain your inconvenience with the term.

Hello Chief!

Let’s get on with some spice of sarcasm with these incoming replies. This comes first and it’s pretty much a good one to start with. Since the person who called you a buddy is trying to demean you, you can place him or her on a faux pedestal with this response.

Howdy, Big Guy?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Buddy?

Big guy? Yes, if you were mockingly called buddy by someone who aims to shade your position as a junior, you can put them in their right spot using this response.

How’s it going Sport?

I bet you’ve come across the “sport” title for most guys. It’s kind of a male thing, which you can borrow as a response; when someone jokingly calls you buddy.

You Sound Really Cool

It’s no doubt that a cool person will try to sound relatable or rather friendly… calling you buddy is a good move at that. It’s an added advantage on their side if they’re strangers, as you can commend their kind gesture by using this line of response.

I thought that’s meant for Guys?

If someone calls you buddy as a woman, and you don’t feel the vibe with that. You can ask this question as a response to the person. The person will then explain their intention of using that on you.

I see what you’re trying to do With That

A person can call you buddy in a condescending way, without making it seem obvious. But you can always outsmart them by throwing in this response, to show them that you know what they’re trying to do.


I would love to keep this list going on, but I’ll have to call it “a time”. It was good delivering all these comebacks, so you now have an arsenal of replies to usher when someone calls you buddy. 

Remember to examine your circumstance before using any of these replies. Plus, you can hit the share button and spread the goodness of this post.


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