What to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

You might’ve been in an awkward position, where you were called names for acting in a particular way that seems strange to others.

Such things as being called salty can arise if you act weirdly upset over something that others might overlook. 

Thing is, it becomes an issue if you have nothing to say in response. Maybe due to not being able to stand up for yourself or anything else.

But all that ends now, as I have put together a list of premium replies, spiced with comebacks that you can put forward to anyone who calls you salty.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

Being called salty is not only derogatory it can also be a sharp remark from someone about your attitude.

You can choose to show courtesy by saying things like “I’ve heard you, will work on that”, “What do you think I should do about it?”, or “Is it quite that bad?”

Meanwhile, if you’re in to roast anyone who calls you salty, then I’ve got you covered. Some comebacks you can use include “lol, you sound salty”, “it’s no doubt you’re the pepper”, and “Well, I’m far from your kitchen and that’s why you look sickling”. 

Other replies are “You need to up your troll game, I didn’t feel that”, and “Don’t leave that hate wound open, you wouldn’t want some of me on it”. You can add, “I see you’re trying to read me, you’ve got the wrong book”. 

Let’s get into the meat of this post, as you discover further replies.

You sure know that’s not funny

There’s a chance that a person can call you salty with a mischievous smiling face. This means that he or she is trying to mock you in broad plain sight, and it would a slap to your face if you let it slide.

That said, put forward this response to the person and show your agitation to their choice of words towards you.

I’ll Let This Go This Time, but Not the Next 

Say it as you feel it”; that’s the secret tip for this line of the reply. Because if you don’t, you’ll not get the desired reaction from the person, which is to stop the name-calling or challenge.

Lines like this are the reason why I’d advise you to examine your circumstance before using any reply. So if you think you have a greater chance to overpower the person if a fight breaks out, then you should use this line to tackle the issue.

Did You Just Say Salty? So Lame!

What to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

The salty term originated from the old U. S Marine Navy and it referred to worn-out officers who became angst because of being tired of the salty sea.

Using this term in this era sounds lame, especially if you’re not related to the Navy. Plus, it is as good as outdated.

Therefore, it sounds lame for someone to use this same team on you because its meaning is already extinct. This line is a good choice to remind the person that calling someone salty is quite lame.

You Need to Up Your Insult Game; I Didn’t Feel That

Since we’ve concluded that calling someone salty is lame, it is also ineffective if they use it on you. This is because you know that it’s a lame insult and does not even get to you.

You can capitalize on this to build a line of response when someone calls you salty. So use this line to drive the message into the person’s ear.

LOL, You Sound Salty

Being salty relates to unprecedented angst and can also be the case if someone else calls you salty. Rather than sulk in thoughts, you should also tell the person that he or she sounds salty.

Explain to them that anger and contempt are very audible in their words and watch them become reclusive because of the roasting.

Well, I’m Far From Your Kitchen and that’s Why You Look Sickling

If someone calls you salty, it metaphorically makes you an essential spice of food. Don’t get me wrong, but if you’re to make the speaker pained, then you should use every resource available.

You can use this line to inform the person that your scarcity as salt from his or her kitchen is the reason he or she looks sickling.

This also implies that they’re lacking in the nutritional value of salt, which is a fatal disease to suffer from. If you’re looking for a premium comeback, here you have it.

It’s No Doubt you’re the Pepper

What to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

Salt and pepper go a long way together, as food items. And they seem to be in a fracas all the time. Pending the fact that anyone who calls you salty is trying to pick at you, you can tag them pepper for rivaling against you.

If this doesn’t get to the person, don’t worry, the comeback bank is still much filled.

You Still Need Me

Who doesn’t need salt? Roughly nobody; so even the person who calls you salty also needs you, metaphorically.

So remind the person at the receiving end, that he or she still needs you no matter what.

I’m Quite Surprised You Know about That since You Have No Taste 

Wow“… will be the first reaction of anyone or those who are around when you throw in this reply to anyone who calls you salt.

How is the person able to know you’re salty when he or she has no taste buds? This is what a premium comeback sounds like and I’m glad you found out about it here.

Don’t Leave That Hate Wound Open, You Wouldn’t Want Some of Me on It

We’ll be applying a bit of philosophy in this response because of the nature of its construction.

Since hatred can make a person call you salty, it is also right to refer to hate as a wound. You can imply that it is bad for salt to come in contact with wounds. 

Now to bring you into the picture, you’re positing that it will be disastrous if the person who calls you salty comes close to you. This is another comeback that can make the person shy away from continuing the conversation.

80% Of the Time You Judge Others, You’re also speaking to yourself

If you want to make the person that called you salty desist from it, you can judge them with their own words.

The reply above may not be a confirmed figurative analysis, but it explains its meaning in the context which is to show that the chances of such an occurrence are high.

The response is an indirect way of making the person who called you salty, understands that he or she could also be salty.

I’ll take a Break from Your Kitchen and See How You’ll Survive

Just like the case of being a metaphorical salt, you can also say this as a response when someone calls you salty. It suggests that the person could die off if you withdraw from their kitchen which indirectly means their life.

If you’re of much importance to the person, he or she will draw back from further utterances since you’re like their lifeline.

Good Thing You Know, I Don’t Want to Get Licked

This response is good if we’re considering your place as a metaphorical salt. As you can simply tell the person that it is a relief to know they’re aware since you don’t want to be licked.

Licked” in this context refers to manipulation, control, or dependency. Showing that you don’t want to be “licked” by anyone, hence your salty attitude.

I Like How My Personality Is Hard to Define

What to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

Being salty means that your personality lies between angst and worrisome, regarding your reaction to slight issues. This personality crisis which is usually perceived by others may not be as you felt it.

If this is the case, you can tell the speaker that their inability to define your personality makes you happy. 

I Am Not Salty

I so much like the concept of denial, that it has become one value I hold dear. This is not relative to denying responsibility but denying any association with derogatory terms.

Being called salty is a derogatory term and it portrays the person who is referred to as a Victim for anger.

If you know you’re nothing close to such a description, you can quickly debunk it by using this line of response.

You’re Simply Overreacting

I don’t know how you view overreaction, but it can be the case if someone calls you salty for being quick to anger, for a particular circumstance.

To correct the notion, you can tell the person he or she is simply overreacting and you do not act like that on a normal day.

Name-Calling Doesn’t Look Good on You, Try Something Else

If you’re dealing with someone who’s struggling to call you names, you can inform them they’re not cut out for name-calling. Hence they should consider some other way of provocation.

Just like other comebacks, this one has the potential to make the speaker keep mute, and think over what you just said.

I’ve heard You, Will Work on That

If you’re the type that takes criticism no matter how it comes, you can say this as a response when someone calls you salty.

It shows you’ve heard whatever message the person wants to pass to you. Plus, it also shows your interest in working out that attitude.

I Don’t Like What You Just Said

I believe nobody enjoys being called salty, because of its derogatory connotation. You might as well despise the term and you can show you do so by using this response whenever someone calls you salty.

The reply conveys your message of dislike. It is in plain words and should be understood clearly by the person you’re referring to.

I Don’t Live My Life for Others

Many people want us to conform to their definition of a nice guy or girl and if you’re not doing that, then you’re doing badly hence the name-calling.

If this is the case, you can remind the speaker that you’re not ready to live your life for anyone.

Is It Quite Bad?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Salty

 Asking this question is one way through which you can decipher the rate of the salty attitude. You could exhibit a bad character without knowing.

So when someone points it out, you can ask this question to discover the extent of the damage and know how to tackle it.

What Do You Think I Should Do to Stop It?

Still, with the questions… this is you asking for tips on how to stop being salty like the person said you are. It is not a bad thing to do; it’s just you being curious and anxious about the effect of your actions on others.

This line also indicates your quest to end the ugly remark from people.

You Sound Childish for Saying That

I view name-calling as a childish and outdated way of getting back at someone. You can also let anyone who calls you salty, know that they sound childish for saying that to you. 

Just Because I Get Easily Set Off Doesn’t Give You the Cause to Conclude

Someone might draw a line that you’re salty because you got easily Set off in one or two situations. But you can make them rewrite this narrative by telling them that they don’t have to conclude because of one or two instances.

Well, I’m not as cold as Ice Like You

A cold person is completely unaware of what’s happening around them. Even if they’re aware, this type of person hardly does anything about it. Salty people on the other react but might do so with angst. 

You can use this reply when someone calls you salty, to indicate that they are cold and unresponsive.

From how You Speak, You’ve Been There

An experience they say is the greatest teacher. Suffix it to say that the person who called you salty has also been salty before. 

To my best knowledge, once a soldier can easily spot another soldier.

I’ll Reserve My Comment for Now, but Don’t Take It as a Win Yet

Just use this line of response to discharge anyone who’s trying to pick at you, by calling you salty. They’re not worth wasting your time on.

If You Need a Response to This, the Beach Us Not Far From Here

You can imploy this response if you don’t have the time or energy to talk back at anybody who calls you salty. To kindly tell them to go beach to meet real “salty” people, you can use this line.

I see you’re trying to Read Me; You Have the Wrong Book

What else could be the reason someone will figure out you’re salty if he or she is not reading your life?

Only someone who’s paying attention to your life and character will conclude you’re salty. Therefore, you can disappoint the person by telling them they have the wrong book.

Don’t Force Your View on Me 

It’s not hard to shun anyone who’s trying to force their perception of your life on you. This line of response makes it easier. Written in plain, this reply says a lot with few words in it.


To wrap up this post, I’d love to indicate that if someone calls you salty, it’s probably because of the attitude you’re exhibiting.

You can try to amend it but if you are sure you’re being picked at by the person, the comebacks in this post are your alms and shield. 

Endeavor to check the circumstance before using any of these replies. Share this post I’d you find it helpful.


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