What To Say When Someone Calls You Soft?

None of us are immune to compliments. Most of us get to experience one or two remarks from people daily. These remarks are influenced by your character and also come as perceptions of others about you.

Either way, there is a chance that you will have to say something in return for the remark or gesture made about you. This principle also applies when someone calls you soft.

However, you don’t have to be anxious about how to respond to this remark, because I will walk you through a bunch of replies in this article.

29 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Soft?

If you’re worried about what to say when someone calls you soft, I guess you should get over the thought. Your first impressions should be one of appreciation and gratefulness.

You can say things like oh! Thank you, or appreciate your keen observations. You can add other replies like I’m surprised you just know now, don’t worry I get that a lot, Yes, I don’t like quarrels, you have good eyes.

You can also reflect on your journey in the response with sentences like, I learned that the hard way, and I was raised like that. If you want to sound provocative, you can use questions like do you mean I’m weak? And how’s that your business?

Hope you not trying to make jest of me. Sounding affirmative about being soft is not a bad idea, as some replies like Yeah, I’d prefer quietness to chaos, Your remarks are so true, Yes, but I still know my place.

Read on to discover other responses to this subject matter.

Oh! Thank You

What To Say When Someone Calls You Soft

You wouldn’t mind starting with being thankful, would you? I guess that’s practically the first thing you should do if the remark was made constructively.

If not, there are other replies which I fashioned to tackle the circumstance. Thus, you might want to consider the response above, as it expresses both your surprise and gratitude in you.

I appreciate Your Keen Observations

Next up, you can admire the person’s observatory skills as they were able to figure out your personality so well. This only applies if you are truly soft.

So, don’t relent in your effort to acknowledge the keenness and conciseness in their observation.

I’m Surprised You Just Know Now

The word ‘surprised’ has already played the wing of representing how you feel in words. However, you would want to add to this by putting up a surprised face and countenance.

This will make your statement look real and natural. Similarly, you can use body expressions to add meaning to your statement.

Don’t Worry, I Get That a Lot

You might also want to reassure the speaker that you get the remark a lot, so he or she shouldn’t worry about making a big deal out of it.

With the response above, you aim at possibly neutralizing the subject, since it is not your first time hearing it.

Yes, I Don’t Like Quarrels

Being soft has a lot of downline attitudes attached to it. One of them is shying away from fights and altercations. Those who are soft are rarely seen among conspirators or those who like erupting violence.

So if someone calls you soft, you can use this response to tell them it explains why you shy away from quarrels.

You Have Good Eyes

This comment does not refer to natural eyes or having a white iris, as supposed to have good eyes.

It means that the person has a great discerning spirit, which resulted in the ability to figure out, that you are soft. It is more of a compliment than a comeback.

Your Remarks Are So True

You can still go further to reiterate the accuracy of the person who called you soft. While this could sound like an insult to their person, others especially women have a different view.

If you’re a lady in this circumstance, you can use this response to appreciate the speaker’s accuracy.

And How’s that Your Business

As I mentioned in the previous reply, some people find it degrading to be soft. This is prevalent among the men, who deem themselves to be strong and rigid. When a man is called soft, he winces in pain.

You can use a rhetorical question to pause any further sassy comments from the speaker.

Do You Mean I’m Weak?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Soft

When I went down the list of synonyms and expressions similar to being soft, I found ‘weakness’. You might be called soft, with the intent of you being a weak person.

This motive will remain uncovered if you do not ask questions. Queries like this response will go a long way to make sure that get to the root of the issue.

Feel free to throw this question to anyone who calls you soft and hear them out.

Hope You Not Trying To Make Jest of Me

Make sure you ask questions where necessary. It is an attempt to know more. I can call you soft jokingly and it becomes a jest. It can even escalate into something worse if you do not get it checked.

The best way to do this is to question me. You can reciprocate the same energy when someone calls you soft. Creatively question if they are calling you soft as a jest or not.

Yes, but I Still Know My Place

There’s this belief that soft individuals hardly stay rigid as they sway at the slightest change. But this is only a facet of being soft, which you can prove wrong by establishing that you still know your place.

Use this reply to remind whoever called you soft that you can still act despite looking all cool and soft.

It is also another statement to establish the fact that being soft does not mean that you are stupid.

Yes, I’d Prefer Quietness to Chaos

Staying calm and unshaken is another feature of being soft. Somebody might call you soft because of how cool you act and operate.

You can use this response to affirm the validity of their speculation and also give them more details too.

That Doesn’t Mean You Should Step on Me

In as much as you’re soft, it shouldn’t be an avenue for anybody to step on your toes. The reply tells the person who called you soft that you do not condone being hurt, because you act soft.

It is also a warning that the person should desist from any attempt to take the advantage of your behavioral trait, to come at you.

I Was Raised Like That

There are a bunch of reasons why you’re soft, and you can capitalize on one of them to craft your response.

The above reply is a viable response to give when someone calls you soft. It will further inform the person why you are soft and how long you’ve been exhibiting the attitude.

If you were raised that way, it also suggests to the speaker that you will find it difficult to stop being soft.

I Learnt That the Hard Way

This response aims at recounting your journey as a person. It could also include the life test which made you into a soft person.

These can be anything, ranging from an encounter with a near-death experience or any other events which might’ve reduced your pride as a person.

Once you throw in this response, there is a possibility that the person who called you soft will as you to share. If you’re comfortable with being transparent, you can tell if not just wave it off.

Violence Never Pays

What To Say When Someone Calls You Soft

This is simply a response that posits one of the dreads of a soft person; violence. These groups of people detest violence with so much energy and they end up canceling another person due to it.

Using this comment as your response also suggests that this might be one of the reasons why you chose to be soft.

I Guess That Explains Why I’m Vulnerable

To most people especially men, being soft connotes being vulnerable. This means that when someone calls you soft as a man, you might feel vulnerable.

To this point, you can make use of this as your response, whereby you express your thoughts of being soft and seemingly vulnerable. If you’re feeling just like I’ve described, then you can use the response above.

Is It a Problem?

You can equally add this as a response when someone calls you soft. You can ask the person if it is a problem to be soft.

And if it is not, why is the person making a big deal out of it by calling you soft? You’re likely to get answers to your question or the person might call it quits if unable to explain.

Even the Hardest Of Men Have Soft Spots

Yes, it is true. Even the hardest of men have their breaking point and that is typically them being soft. If this is so, why would the person make it seem like you are the only soft person, or being soft as a man is bad?

The Holy Book Preaches Meekness

There’s a version of the Christian Scripture that supports being meek or what we call soft. You can use that to craft a response to anyone who calls you soft because it is a valid reference to use as a reply.

It also suggests the particular bible verse to be your reason for being soft.

This Is Not Me on a Regular

You might get mistaken to have a full soft personality, maybe because the circumstance calls for it.

Let’s say you went to the beach with your spouse and people around think you’re a soft man because of how relaxed and sweet you appeared.

If any of these speculators walks up to you with the subject, you can make them understand that this is not you regularly.

But I’m Still a Man Though

Yes, you’re still a man. As against the wide-held belief, being soft doesn’t make you less of a man. Instead, it shows your in-depth respect for values, peace, and calmness.

Make sure to use this response on anyone who calls you soft, to make jest of your manhood.

Don’t Try to Insult Me

Be assertive about what you want and do not want. If someone funnily calls you soft to make jest of you, just get straight to the point and tell the person that you will take the insult from them.

Spitting a profound statement using this reply gives you the respect you demand.

I’m Not Soft, Just Sensitive

You can also suggest what you think you are, as against what people think you are. When someone calls you soft, you can correct their perception by telling them that you are just too sensitive, not soft as they think.

I’d Rather Be Soft Than Stone-hearted

This sounds great and decisive because that’s what you need to survive stereotypical comments. You should be able to be firm and pick a side. You don’t have to think it over because the response above is at your rescue.

I Already Know That, You Don’t Need To Broadcast It

What To Say When Someone Calls You Soft

Yes, you already know you’re soft, what else? What’s the broadcasting about? Why make it seem like an NBA Draw night? You can also adopt this response when someone calls you soft and you sincerely want the person to shut up.

It’s All Humility

We all know that in most cases, being soft tends to be the by-product of a humble spirit. You should be able to add this to the things you will say when someone calls you soft.

I Don’t Think That’s Bad

You should tell the person straight up that being soft is not bad, at least you don’t think so. This will help clear any looming tension which sees being soft as an offense or rather infidelity, especially for men.

How Do I Stop Getting That Remark From People?

Now, you are concerned about why people keep saying that about you. If you want to discover how to stop being seen as soft, you can ask this question to the person who called you soft.

This is because I presume the person knows a deal about the subject of softness, to be able to spot you out.


This is the point where we call it quits on this segment of what to say when someone calls soft. Do not forget that these replies have specific functions and you should recognize your circumstance before using any of them.

Plus, do not hesitate to share this with anyone who would find it as informative as you did.

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