What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke? (30 Best Replies)

There are so many offensive words out there, both mild and hardcore. But to be called a joke? That’s way off and inhumane. A lot of people would not find it funny to be called that at all.

It is a derogatory word to use on another person, although the circumstance of its use might differ. The use of the word on a person can make them dumbfounded and unable to reply.

Have you been in such a situation and couldn’t find the right words to salvage the moment? Do you need the best responses to hold as a defense when someone calls you a joke?

Search no further, because I will be letting you into several replies which can make the speaker rethink what they said.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You A Joke

The word ‘joke’ might be affiliated with amusement, but being called a joke doesn’t sound funny. One of the best you can give them if you’re feeling sorry about the situation is ‘Life is not easy.

Others include; I’m working out something, don’t look down on me, please, don’t give up on me, don’t you believe things will work out.

You can add, that you think so little about me or that means I’m worthless to you. On the brighter side, you can counter the statement by using replies like, how dare you talk to me in that manner? Do I look like a joke to you?

I’m pretty sure you’re no different, People like you will be killers if words were guns. I am not a joke! Other replies include please don’t spoil my mood, are you bent on getting back at me, thank you for letting me know, I never saw that coming from someone like you.

Without much ado, why don’t you continue to get more replies to put up when someone calls you a joke?

Life Is Not Easy

We all know how disappointed our friends or family feel if we fall short of their expectations. They can even talk down on you, especially those closest to you.

You can get called a joke by someone in this category but you shouldn’t keep quiet. You should tell the person that life is not easy. If it were, even with all the resources you’d make it.

This simple response can make the commentator refrain from their words since it is obvious that life is not easy.

I Am Not a Joke!

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke

An abrupt denial of being a joke can be your first response act if you’re wrongly accused or examined by the speaker. Voicing out your grievance proves you know your stand as a person.

This quick and firm denial is a good way to reply to a false or misunderstood remark alleging you to be a joke.

Don’t Look Down on Me

A gentle command can put things back into perspective. Telling someone who called you a joke not to look down on you is a good defense statement.

At least, the tone of your voice should reflect the seriousness and a boiling spirit that might result in a brawl. I believe the speaker will take this statement as a warning to refrain from undermining you.

I’m Working out Something Better

Have you been told by your mom or dad, even friends, that you’re a joke due to your financial status? Or maybe your partner is upset that you didn’t get the vacation tickets?

Telling the person that you’re working on something better will reassure them and ignite the lost hope again.

Don’t Give Up on Me

A simple request might get you back in line with whoever calls you a joke. If the scenario places you at fault, then you should adopt this as your reply. This response seeks to appeal for another chance at hope.

Don’t You Believe Things Will Work Out?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke

Whoever calls you a joke might’ve done so because of feeling disappointed in you. You can try to reignite the hope by asking this question as your response.

There is a possibility that other questions will follow suit, but make sure you show true regret and ask for a second chance.

Don’t Call Me a Joke Again

You can ask the speaker there and then to stop calling you a joke. You should do this with a tone that has a lot of firmness in it.

It will help shove the message down the throats of the person who calls you a joke. I’d advise you to remain firm when saying this because any slope can flaw your statement.

You Think So Little Of Me?

I’ve seen and heard people call others a joke because of how they view them. Someone who sees you as a lesser human, probably not well-to-do, can call you a joke.

If you’re not aware of this, you can use the question above to reply to them when they say such things or better still get reasons on why they do so.

That means I’m Worthless to You

Don’t forget to lodge this statement to anyone who calls you a joke. The term is so demeaning that a lot of people do not know the gravity of using it against others.

If you get called a joke by someone you hold dear, then replying with the above statement is not a bad idea after all.

Do You Realize What You Just Called Me?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke

People talk without thinking, others talk with little thoughts. Either way, you can respond to someone who calls you a joke by asking them if they know what they said at all.

Maybe it was just a vain word from a vain stream of thought, you can never tell until you ask and find out.

You Don’t Look Too Different Either

It’s savage time and this reply is a good way to get the party rolling. Telling the speaker that they are also a joke at something eases the tension for you. With this, you’re trying to turn the tables around.

How Dare You Talk to Me in That Manner?

You should question the effrontery with which the speaker called you a joke. Asking what has them the right or courage to talk to you in that manner is a good way to checkmate the person’s choice of words.

I’m Pretty Sure You’re No Different

‘You’re no different, we’re on the same boat’… these are replies that can make the speaker desist from calling you that. At least, your statement proves he or she is on the same scope as you.

If Words Were Guns, You’d be a Murderer

I’ve heard people say things about how bad words can kill if they were actual weapons. Since calling somebody a joke is bad on its own, you can use this axiom as a response to the person who has called you a joke.

If the person still has their conscience intact, they might be prompted to apologize.

I Never Saw That Coming from Someone Like You

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke

There are quite a several people around us that are unpredictable, and there are others who you can fathom the words in their mouths.

But being tagged a joke by someone you hold in high esteem will come as a bit of a shock. You can use the above response to reply to such a person.

I Don’t Think You Know Me Too Well

Just like there are people we can detect their next move, there are others who talk without prior proper findings. In this situation, you can be called a joke in a bar or something by a total stranger.

Using the aforementioned statement will help clear off any tension already building up.

Coming From Someone Who Is Miles Away From Success

I bet you’ve come across the biblical allusion that referenced a person to ‘take off the plank in his eyes before removing the pieces in another’s eyes.

You can use this as your defense when the person shaming you is not so successful.

Is That the Best of Your Insults?

There are a bunch of insults that you can throw at a person, and calling one a joke is one among the many.

Asking the speaker if that’s his best shot at you is a better form of defense. At least he now knows you’re barely moved by what he or she said.

Please, Don’t Judge Me

People talk bad things about you when they feel they’ve done all the evaluation there is to make about you.

But you can reinstate the fact that you’ve got more up your sleeves by simply telling such a person to stop judging you.

That Wasn’t Meant for Me, Right?

Do you want to learn an ideal diversion from making insults gravitate in your mind?

The method I encourage the most is feigning ignorance and then asking if it was actually6you the swearing was for. Trust me; the speaker will look Silly.

Thank You for Letting Me Know

You don’t want to spark a ruffle? Then saying thank you and moving on to another task of the day is a no-brainer.

You don’t have to look too sympathetic or victimized to pull this off. All you have to do is stay positive and utter the words gently and boldly.

A Motivation Would’ve Been Better

Getting motivated instead of receiving blows in the form of insults is a better bargain, don’t you think so? I hope you do and if you do, then you should consider using this response to send the message across.

Other Friends Offer Help, You Just Criticize

Do you receive such insults as being called a joke by a friend of yours? Then it’s high time you spoke with disappointment.

If such a friend mentions such insults again, you can counter his or her utterance using the above sentence.

I Knew You Would Be Disappointed in Me

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Joke

Accepting responsibility for wrongdoing is not a simple task, but it wouldn’t kill to try it. To this end, you can pronounce your grievance using the above statement.

This should be in response to being called a joke by someone who has the momentum in your life to call you such.

You Don’t Seem Well of Yourself

Still on the case of those who wouldn’t stop at anything to criticize and downgrade others. This response is fashioned to give them succor and tender their wounds as it is ironically doing the opposite.

Reminding a person in this category that they are not so well off can quench their quest of coming at you with insults.

I Don’t Have the Time to Trade Words

If you would rather trade peace for violence or contempt, then this response is you being the coolest person there is.

There is a chance your oppressor might see this as a victory, so I suggest you grant him one instead of getting your white shirt stained with blood.

Whose blood is on your shirt is left for the outcome of the brawl to decide?

I’d Prefer We Keep Insults out of This Discuss

You should be able to make your stand firm and decisive because the discussion should only be about castigating you.

You can rewrite the narration of the discussion by requesting that the speaker stop saying all those annoying things to you.

I Don’t Need Your Validation

Instead of trying to nurse a wound gotten from being called a joke, you can tell the person that you do not need their validation to measure your success.

In light of this, you have established your resolution to desist from accepting his or her ill judgment against you.

This Discussion Is Over!

Have you thought of ending the discussion which preceded the use of the derogatory word on you? If you didn’t think of it, then you should try it out. You can do this by using the statement above to state your decision to end the discussion.

Please Don’t Spoil My Mood

Do not forget to remind the speaker that your happiness and sanity are of paramount importance. Asking him or her not to spoil your mood should be your go-to response when someone calls you a joke.


We’ve come to the end of this article and I hope you have gone through the long list of options for possible replies.

You should know that I fashioned these replies to meet particular needs or functions. Therefore, you should know your situation before using these replies to avoid commotion.

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