Why Does He Keep Calling Me a Chicken? 

It is not that we don’t want compliments, nicknames, or dislike pet names from guys but we can never be clear about what exactly stands behind such adjectives.

For example, “why does he keep calling me a chicken”? Is it just an endearment, or is it a tactic to get what they want from us?

I can relate with every single lady who feels this way because the truth is, there are many different reasons behind this adjective, ‘chicken‘.

And if you are unfamiliar with such phrases, it would leave you confused and in rage after being called a chicken repeatedly.

At the end of this article, you will get to understand why and make him desist from saying much if you don’t like being called a chicken at all.

10 Reasons Why He Keeps Calling Me a Chicken?

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Whether a guy called you chicken via text or in person, here are all the possible reasons he may have that may help you understand why he calls you “chicken“.

That Is His Way Of Flirting With You

If you are thinking of dating a guy, or you are already in the process he may call you a chicken from time to time just to be playful.

His calling you a chicken can help him get to know your sense of humor, and most importantly, if you guys love poking fun at one another, then the term chicken is a perfectly silly and adult-friendly insult.

Psychology has it that, teasing and name-calling is a love language used by both males and females alike.

And most guys test whether or not their girlfriend is interested in them by calling them a chicken while flirting with her

You might be turning him on without realizing it, as they do not want to show their feelings but at the same time, he doesn’t know how to say it politely, so he tells you that you’re chicken.

It Is Only A Compliment

It would mean bad and so disrespectful if it is a guy next door or your co-worker that calls you chicken even in a polite way.

Unless it’s your boyfriend, him calling you chicken doesn’t have to have any meaning as it may be a sincere compliment

For most guys, it is just slang or one of the pet names their dad always called their mom or their long-time female friends.

The term ‘chicken‘ is inherently not offensive if used playfully, as it is used to show that someone knows you and can relate with you comfortably. 

If he pays you this compliment and you want to make him understand how it flares you up, then it is worth applause.

He isn’t able to read your mind if you do not talk about it, but he will instantly apologize and next time, he will choose a more familiar adjective and hopes you get it right. 

He Wants To Friend Zone You

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Another possible reason a guy calls you chicken might be that he wants to friend-zone you or he doesn’t want you as his girlfriend any longer.

Maybe he got the feeling that you can not give him what he wants anymore and wanted to find a way of letting you go. 

He doesn’t want to hurt you, that’s why he keeps calling you chicken. I know, it may be the wrong way because you might misinterpret his compliments by being hard on yourself.

For example, you may begin to feel you are not enough while in reality, you are the best you can be for yourself and anyone. 

At this point, the guy is not being real with you, that’s why you should distance yourself from such a guy ASAP.

It is not called self-pity but self-respect when you walk out of the relationship with dignity. You deserve a guy who will be man enough to tell you the truth when it comes to his feelings towards you at every point in time.

He Is Trying To Make You Do What You Don’t Want

Can you think of a situation when you were nervous or refused to attempt another task in particular?

You instantly back away from that action and if you believe the guy is interested in you romantically, then it may be a reason he called you a chicken.  

He trying to win you over, by playing with your feelings to fulfill his intimate needs and this is the worst thing a guy can do to you.

If you are afraid that he might leave you if you do not sleep with him, then it’s best to back off. Because it is a clear sign that he doesn’t respect you, and can’t wait for you to be ready. 

That’s exactly what some guys are thinking when they are calling you ‘chicken’. But this is in the context of lovemaking, as it could mean an entirely different thing in another context.

For example, if he has called you a chicken and is laughing while saying so, he is being playful and trying to joke with you or tease you.

It Is A Sign Of Affection And Closeness

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Although, there are other terms of endearment a guy can use at various times, for example, darling, honey, and love.

Which would mean more than chicken, and I bet it can make your entire day, especially if it comes from someone that loves you.  

When a guy calls you chicken and takes note of little details whenever he is with you, it is clear that he has affection for you. It could be his way of directing his feelings towards you as you are very close to his heart. To him, you are the best companion he needs as a man. 

Maybe you have won him over with your personality, sense of humor, or gestures but he doesn’t know the best compliment to give.

By calling you a chicken, he feels you are special and he is dear to you. But if you don’t feel loved by such a compliment let him know, a guy who is into you would not call you what you don’t like being called. 

He Is Trying To Undermine Your Confidence

why does he keep calling me a chicken

When a guy uses this adjective on his girlfriend, it may also be interpreted in a demeaning way. Most times, guys who say such are overtly being unnecessarily masculine.

And this happens whenever you bring up something important to discuss and he seems to just act over the blues.

In other words, he is unwilling to have a rational discussion with you and this is a classic method of intimidating a woman. 

At this pinnacle, context does matter. Calling a woman a chicken repeatedly while harassing her, bullying her, or being physically intimidating is considered assault or intimidation.

This is not appropriate and you should let him know later on that you do not like being called a chicken. 

If he called you a chicken in such a manner, you may feel belittled and you could eventually sink into low self-esteem.

This adjective then becomes inherently offensive, and should not be used at you. It is best to remove yourself from such a situation where name-calling is negatively directed toward you.

You Keep Acting That Way

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Generally, a person is called a chicken when he or she is too nervous to respond by doing something or speaking up.

And if you are being called a chicken by your man, he is probably referring to your ability to stand up for yourself. 

If you are a shy girl, he thinks you are young, inexperienced, and timid but the good thing is that most men find shy girls attractive.

It is typically an indication of how he views your personality, and your ability to be brave in certain circumstances.

However, it all depends on what he was thinking when he used that phrase. And it would be nice to ask him what he meant if he was really sincere about making you become a bold and confident version of yourself.

He Is Upset Or Angry With You

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Sometimes, calling a woman a chicken is completely out of anger or rage. It could be that it came out unconsciously or intentionally but usually, he feels bad after calling you that.

And he will apologize later on when the tension between you both is loose. 

Not every guy is the same when it comes to picking offense at what their girlfriend does. Some overlook the petty things that you do just to keep the relationship going.

However, it is a good thing that he makes it obvious by being upset as this will make room for a rational discussion between you both. 

If you allow insignificant things that don’t matter to linger in your relationship, it could break or make you both.

For example, you used certain words at him and you know he doesn’t like it. A good way to avoid such an occurrence is to take note of what you did that made him call you a chicken at first.

He Wants You To Boss Up

Why would a guy call you chicken? Well, it may mean that he thinks you can be better than the way you are. He is trying to make you build more self-confidence in yourself, depending on the situation at hand. 

Probably, you have an upcoming job interview and you start fidgeting, he tells you not to be a chicken.

This could be a compliment that he acknowledges your high self-esteem and not your weakness.

Maybe he observes that you are being lazy towards something very important or you always ignore your stuff like your goals, to-do lists, or decisions.  

He sees you as a woman who knows what she wants but needs someone to push her forward. And he is ready to do that for you.

Almost every guy appreciates a woman who is independent, and self-assured. It is now up to you to take his word for it.

You Are Being Petty

why does he keep calling me a chicken

Do you find yourself always busy making everyone care about what’s going on with you? It could be that you always think you are right in your relationship.

Or do you seem to misunderstand his actions without any explanations, if this is so, he could be a strong reason why he called you a chicken. 

Pettiness is associated with poor emotional intelligence used by people as a defense mechanism. It is not specific to women, as men also exhibit this attitude.

Being petty is not a problem if one admits it and is consciously making efforts to put things right. In fact, it has been mentioned as an early stage of being sober ad self reflective.

If you are a petty person, it may simply be that he needed to tell you because of it. As this is not a healthy activity for any relationship, as the people involved are also hurting from your actions.

In other words, he is saying that you should not stay that way, that you should change.


It may catch you off guard instantly when called a chicken, especially if you have never heard the phrase. Most of the time, it is used commonly in an area where you are not from.

The people you work with or someone you are dating could call you such. But this is not an approval for name-calling in any interpersonal relationship. 


When a guy calls you a chicken, it is wise that you take note of your surroundings and the context.

Most times calling a woman a chicken is just a flirtatious move, but it can also communicate a form of bullying or passive-aggression when she’s in an uncomfortable situation. 

Other reasons could be that you are very special to him, he likes you a lot, or in most scenarios, you are being unnecessarily unkind towards him (that’s being petty) but whatever the reason could be, you now know the possible meanings of being called a chicken by a guy.

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