About Us

We want Answeroll to be a resource for your interpersonal relationships.

About Us

Answeroll is a platform created to help you find answers to interpersonal relationship questions. From romantic to professional relationships

We understand the confidence you’ve in us to help you build the right social circle, so our content is easy to implement in your everyday life.


Meet The Team

Who Is Dee

Dee is the Editor in Chief of answeroll.com. He is a professional relationship counselor who loves beautiful relationships.

Having found love early in life, although had a couple of heartbreaks along the way, he understands the language of love and the body language of people.

DeeDee has counseled more than 200 couples and counting and intends to change the narrative as it relates to the ever-increasing negativity surrounding love and relationships.

Who Is Vitalis?

Vitalis Kalu is currently studying Psychology at a Federal University in South-Western Africa. He is a 4x award-winning Author of self-help books.

He is a personal development enthusiast, with a deep love for writing. Vitalis is passionate about bringing out the best in people, speaking to people to bring about paradigm shifts, and helping them become their greatest version.

With his passion to understand the human mind, he uses his writing as a means of expressing himself and reaching out to millions of people who have closed their minds and hearts to love.

He has listened to a lot of young guys and girls who go through a lot in the name of love and that inspired him to get a certificate in relationship and counseling to help more people out there make better love decisions.

Today, he has dedicated his time writing about love to reach a larger audience.

Who is Mary-M?

Marymartin is a creative writer who is currently studying Human Anatomy at the University of Calabar, Southern, Nigeria, Africa.

She is a lover of African stories with a good eye for crime, love, and romance stories. She has written a few short stories that have been published on several websites.

Having been in a failed relationship and a near victim of rape, she understands the world needs to find love more because it’s in love, that love will flourish. Marymartin is still a firm believer in love and she wants to help others succeed in love.

With the deep love to understand the human body and the way it functions including responding to love, she spends part of the time when she is not dissecting in the lab writing love stories.