Why Do I Think Every Guy Likes Me? (5 Possible Reasons Why You Think So!)

I know how you feel when you start thinking that you’re a desirable woman. For what it’s worth, you’re right to think that way because you’re a woman and self-appraisal is a good virtue to develop to have a good carriage of yourself.

However, things can take a different turn if you think that every guy likes you.

This is a bad mindset because it can downplay your personality if things go wrong from how it is.

If you have such a thought towards every guy that comes your way; you might feel uneasy in public. Additionally, you might even find it difficult to relate to or discuss with people.

Well, finding your way to this post means that you’re already out to find answers or better put, clarifications to your doubts.

In this post, I’ll be discussing the meanings of why you think every guy likes you. To find out more, keep reading on!

5 possible reasons why you think every guy likes you

Whenever you start thinking about the fact that you’re desirable, to now thinking that every guy likes you then you should know that you have a problem with something.

Just so you know, nothing happens for no reason as there’s always a cause for any effect.

Therefore, I will be looking at the meanings of why you would conceive the thought that every guy you meet has some emotional attachment towards you.

To even think that all of the meanings and reasons why this is so are linked to you directly means that you have a lot of self-evaluation to do as you read through them.

As this will help you form a better mental picture of each of the meanings. These meanings include.

  1. It could mean you lack self-confidence
  2. It also points toward the poor self-carriage
  3. It means your attitude of excessive ambition
  4. It proves a high level of desperate relevance
  5. It could just be that you’re over-thinking

It Could Mean You Lack Self Confidence

The role of lack confidence in configuring your mind into thinking that every guy likes you cannot be easily written off.

It is a major cause or meaning which can prompt you to see all guys in that same light. A lack of self-confidence means you do not have a wholesome view of yourself.

It sprouts from being little to you while others appear large and accomplished.

To further elaborate on this, self-confidence is what makes you think you always need to do more even if what you do could be outstanding.

But because you feel unworthy, you feel like doing more will get you to that level. This could be the case in this scenario, as you may be having these thoughts because you think you’re not pretty enough.

To live above the limitations, you might try to affirm what might be untrue but perfect enough to let you live in peace.

By this, I mean that your thought that every guy likes you is a sort of escape from facing your reality.

While this could pose a solution, it’s noteworthy to mention that it is short-lived and equally dangerous.

It Also Points Towards Poor Self Carriage

Why Do I Think Every Guy Likes Me

The relationship between women and beauty makes it imperative that every woman should know how to carry herself.

While this will ensure you stay attractive for as long as possible, in the long run, it grants you a better outlook character-wise.

When you don’t have this good self-carriage, it downplays your outlook character-wise and you would then feign to be overly desirable, to cover up the loops.

If you’ve had a good carriage, you wouldn’t think every guy you meet likes you. Although a good carriage gives you a bragging right, it doesn’t mean you should turn obsessive.

Having poor self-carriage also plays out in how you perceive others, which is to say that it breeds poor judgment in you.

This plays out to be why you have a symmetrical thought of all guys you meet; by thinking all of them like you.

Now, given that you have a mistaken personality of a lot of people (guys in this case); you might even feel bad about it.

It can in turn lead you to have an undeserved self-pity which is quite bad. All of these pinpoint poor self-carriage as a viable meaning which you can read into your inability to stop thinking that all guys like you.

It Means Your Attitude of Excessive Ambition

Being ambitious comes with being overly expectant. An ambitious man sees opportunity in everything and everyone, and as such, they assume thing the most.

If your attitude towards your ambition is not checked, you can see everyone you meet as the same and probably below you.

To paint the picture clearer; an ambitious rich company owner would only prefer dealing with people in his circle and would dismiss every other person as an opportunist and ripper.

This could be the case with you whenever you think that every guy likes you.

However, the whole setup can get messy if your career drifts towards anything of social recognition like a runway model, an artist, or a fashion designer.

If you’re any of these things, then excessive ambition can be held responsible for why you think every guy likes you.

It Proves a High Level of Desperate Relevance

Women want to be seen, and you won’t be an alien if you want the same thing. The problem is how much you want to be seen.

Do you want to be noticed as average, or do you prefer it all coming with a blast and resounding entrance? Any of the choices you make reflect on your actions moving on.

It also plays out in how you see people. If this is the reason why you think every guy you meet likes you, then it means that you see the guys as just fans.

So to say, your thirst for relevance has driven you into thinking that for you to thrive in your goal; you need to start seeing these guys as your fans and nothing more.

With this in place, you could achieve your goal of relevance just as you think every guy likes you.

This may sound like just fun until you start seeing it as a problem and also start realizing its intricacies.

It Could Just Be That You’re Over-thinking

While we try to exhaust all available options, to make sure we unearth the meaning of why you think every guy likes you, you may just be overthinking it all.

How about you minimize trying to calibrate other people, especially guys? What if you spend less time examining them and focusing more on your goals in life?

Overthinking and trying to tie together separate pieces can make you think all guys like you. The thought of you having the thought makes me feel bad for your brain cells because they must’ve gone through a lot.

Now, I might sound sarcastic but what I mean is you should relieve yourself from many thoughts and face what life throws at you.

How to Stop Thinking That Every Guy Likes You?

Just as we have discovered what it means for you to think that every guy likes you; how about we look at the different actions you can take to ensure that this line of thinking is contained?

Don’t feel defeated already if you think doing this is hard; it is not hard to drop it but it needs a huge amount of decision-making from you to get it done.

However, here are 10 ways how to stop thinking every guy likes you.

  1. You should cut down on your expectations
  2. You have to work more on your self-image
  3. You should try not to entertain delusional thoughts
  4. You have to accept the differences of choice in people
  5. You have to get your body in shape
  6. You should stop seeking other people’s validation
  7. You have to stop looking desperate
  8. You have to deal with self-obsession
  9. You should stop reading too much meaning into things
  10. You should learn to relate freely with people of all genders

You Should Cut Down on Your Expectations

One way you can stop thinking all guys like you is by cutting down on your expectations.

Excessive expectations lead to the daydreaming phenomenon, and that could also be the reason why you think out of the wild that all guys like you.

Do you know how wild that can be for some people? It is almost unimaginable to think like that, but because you are high on expectations, you seem to get something like that going on smoothly.

So, while you prepare to receive the other tips in good faith, you might as well start the process by freeing yourself from some daft expectations.

You Have to Work More on Your Self-Image

The protection of your self-image is another driving force that can make you triumphant in the quest to stop thinking that every guy likes you.

If you have a minimalist idea of yourself, which makes you think you live in a delusional world where all guys like you, then you need to improve your self-image.

By doing this, you now create a healthier and more appropriate outlook for yourself which won’t need you to feign for any reason at all.

You Should Try Not to Entertain Delusional Thoughts

Why Do I Think Every Guy Likes Me

Along the line of solving the problem at hand, you should endeavor to stay miles away from delusional thoughts.

I’m not trying to throw shades at anyone who’s suffering from the disorder, after all a study by psychologist Tasha Eurich, in her book Insight, shows that no one is entirely self-aware.

With this said, it means that being delusional at times is not bad. But it gets worse if you dwell on being delusional for a longer time than usual.

If the answer is yes, then you should stay away from delusional thoughts because they could fuel the agenda that all the guys like you.

You Have to Accept the Differences of Choice in People

The earlier you accept that not all people think or act the same, the better for you. This solution goes for when you are bent on projecting a symmetrical perception of everyone you meet.

To break away from thinking that all guys like you, you should accept the fact that not everyone does.

You Have to Get Your Body in Shape

If the reason you find solace in the delusional world that all guys like you, is from a problem of poor self-carriage, then you should take this tip under advisement.

You need to get your body into shape and stop being overly delusional.

You Should Stop Seeking Other People’s Validation

Seeking excessive validation from people can make you think every guy likes you.

This tip tallies as a solution if the problem sprouted from seeking extreme relevance in society or among your peers.

You Have to Stop Looking Desperate

Desperation is another key factor in why you may think every guy likes you. In the same vein, you’ll have to stop looking desperate to break free from the thought.

You can do that by dropping the urge to be ambitious to a fault.

You Have to Deal With Self Obsession

You can also stop thinking that every guy likes you by dealing with the issue of self-obsession.

When you picture yourself as a perfect depiction of beauty and elegance, without considering that you might be imperfect somehow you can be misled into thinking that every guy likes you.

You Should Stop Reading Too Much Meaning into Things

Overthinking is a cause for thinking all guys like you can be trashed by acknowledging this line of action.

It saves you the stress of analyzing something which you could’ve just waved off.

You Should Learn to Relate Freely With People of All Genders

Knowing how to build a personality-free relationship with people, can be a big flex and equally a good step in combating the thought that every guy likes you.

You can achieve this by accepting that everyone is imperfect and prone to mistakes, just like you.


As a lady, having a good image of yourself is phenomenal, but if you now think that every guy likes you then we have a problem.

I’ve given you clarity on why this is so using 5 distinct points and meanings. In the like mind, I have also provided you with an extended list of 10 things to do to stop thinking in that direction.

I’m pleased to have delivered this much and I have great faith that you also got the clarification that you were looking for.

You can kindly hit the share button and help this post get across to others in your shoes.

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  1. I love this! This gives me clarity since I’ve been thinking that every guy likes me. And being in this situation is really frustrating and confusing, but huge thanks to this! I am now aware how did I get to this situation. And I already have these guidance to step out in it. I would love to share this to my fellow women who also struggling with this problem. Thank you so much!

  2. im gay… and im a guy, so iits a bit different for me, but i feel like every guy i talk to likes me and just dosent wanna tell me, especially when they joke around sexually like some do, i think i just wanna be appreciated… but idk


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