What to Say When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

We’ve all been there; a situation where we get judged for our actions by people who are likely spectators.

This behavior that sprung the judgment of being called stuck up might be just a sly attitude due to a bad day, but the onlookers don’t see it the same way.

It gets messy when you don’t know what to say in response. Does it mean you don’t know how to stand up for yourself? Maybe not… but that’s what silence means.

That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to give you back your voice in such a case. As a victim of being called stuck up, I feel my experience supports premium replies. 

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Stuck Up

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

Even if you lose thought of the appropriate response to offer anyone who calls you stuck up, you should have the least statement to make. In a bid to give you replies, we’ll have to consider the situation.

If you’re truly guilty of the remark and wish to show remorse, you can say things like “Can we not go down that lane?”, “Let’s not debate about my life”, or “I didn’t mean to offend you”.

However, you can simply tell the person to stop the name-calling by saying, “Can you stop that?” or “Please don’t call me that”.

You can imploy the use of questions to drive the message of discovery, with lines such as “What made you say so?”, “Why do you hate on me?”, “What else do you have to say?”

Moreover, there are other replies and I don’t want to keep you away from the spice of the post.

Why do you hate on me?

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

I’m a curious person and I don’t like being kept in the dark, especially when it has to do with my attitude over something or somebody. So, if someone calls me stuck up I’d probably ask the person why they’re trying to hate on me because it’s obvious.

This might sound like an accusation if the person does not hate you. But it wouldn’t hurt to presume first and then let them tell you what they are doing.

Don’t try to act funny while saying this because it can be interpreted as not being serious by the person you’re directing it to.

I’m Not Stuck up, Just Reserved

One of the things I’ve cherished so much over the years is denial. Not as you have thought it to be, but constructively.

Denying that you’re not stuck up is a step forward to showing that you’re not stuck up. Since silence has been acknowledged as saying yes, a breach of it is a resounding no.

Therefore, you should dismiss the claims that you’re stuck up and state a new realization for your audience. Those who are reserved are often seen as stuck up or snobbish, as they say.

But you can rewrite the narrative by stating that you’re only reserved and nothing more. This is the right line to do this.

Why Do You Think So?

I earlier mentioned the use of questions to address a person who calls you stuck up. Well, here comes one of such queries that can also serve as a response. 

With this response, you’re simply asking what prompted the person who called you stuck up, to do so.

You might want to know the reason in case you want to fix some abnormalities in your life. This line may appear common, but it’s a good response to put up.

Your Judgment Doesn’t Matter

For someone to even call you stuck up means that they’re judging you. It is quite easy to spot when someone is trying to measure you by some rules or standard, and then come up with derogatory terms to substantiate your inability to meet up to their standard.

Instead of folding your arms and sulking in self-pity, you can make it clear to the person that he or she holds nothing on you. And to imply this, you might need a strong statement like this line.

Did My Silence Make You Say That?

 I’ve heard more than twice how people conclude that those few words are stuck up. While their speculation might be right, the probability of its truth is still low. 

If you find yourself in such where you feel that your silence was mistaken for being stuck up, you can ask the speaker this question to ascertain the certainty of your thoughts.

If it is the case, you would discover and if not, he or she might point out what else caused the name-calling.

I see you’re Studying Me, You Won’t Graduate

There’s a likelihood that the person who calls you stuck up is closely monitoring your life. This is because calling someone stuck up takes a degree to conclude. Only a few people will jump to that conclusion, which makes it clear that the person who called you stuck up is studying you.

Since the goal is to serve replies instead of keeping quiet, you can go and say this response. Just like a normal educational setting, you can tell the person that they won’t graduate from studying your life.

I know this hits hard on some people, especially those who deem themselves smart. But you were not meant to pamper anyone.

Please Don’t Call Me That

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

As polite as it sounds, you can simply tell the person that called you stuck up, to desist from doing so. The intent could be that it is a derogatory term and doesn’t suit being used on you, due to your personality. 

The politeness which I infused in this response is needed to show that you’re not bringing the violence of any sort into the picture. It also indicates your resolve to keep things in check, with fewer chances of leading to a heated-up argument.

I’m Not Stuck up, I Just like My Space

It’s sad how people who prefer staying in their space, without entertaining any violation from others; end up being called stuck up. If you experienced this or might still do, arm yourself with this response.

What Else Do You Have to Say?

I don’t mean to sound rude, but throwing this response to anyone that calls you stuck up might reflect as a mouth-closing line of response. 

It’s a very important responsibility because you’re putting up the no-nonsense attitude by asking if there’s more since you’re not having it with the person’s shading.

Why Are You Always Picking At Me?

You may be wondering why I love using questions as responses, and the reason is that questions engage the speaker in a conversation with you. This way, the hurt accompanied by the name-calling or shading doesn’t sink too deep inside of you. 

This response is geared towards understanding the motive for why a particular person keeps picking at you. This incessant provocation could also be the reason why he or she called you stuck up.

Why Don’t You Come to Walk a Mile in My Shoes?

Whatever triggered a person to call you stuck up, must’ve had something to do with your personality.

If you have a complicated personality that excludes you from regular socialization, people might think you’re stuck up. Instead of keeping mute, use this as a response to anyone that refers to you in that manner.

This Is Me Being Real

I’ve noticed that when you’re not conforming to the standard which people expect of you, you can get bashed with derogatory terms such as being stuck up.

But you can reply to this by reiterating your commitment to remaining real, even if they don’t like it.

If I’m stuck up, Then You’re Pretty Much Faking

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

This response is not a ruling that all of those who aren’t stuck up are faking. But I’m trying to build a point from what could be the truth. So, you can use this line of response too.

You Don’t Have to Like Me

You’ll also agree with me that one of the reasons why someone might call you stuck up, is because he or she doesn’t like you or dislikes something about you. But do you care?

If you don’t, why pay attention to their lame words? This remains a perfect response to anyone who calls you stuck up.

I’ll try to fix that

If you feel some kind of remorse when someone calls you stuck and you want to amend it; you can use this line of response to express your intention to correct the mistake.

This is usually the case if you feel like you’re wrong with your actions, which prompted the tag.

I Didn’t Mean to Offend You

You can use this response as part of your effort to show disgust, for what might be a bad attitude on your part. This response indicates that whatever you did that caused the name-calling wasn’t intentional. 

I’m yet to Figure out How to Put That on Check

In the league of multiple replies, this reply seems to be the lengthiest and also explains the difficulty you’re facing in trying to correct any odd attitude that must’ve resulted in the name-calling. This is also a response that proves you’re remorseful and would love to amend your actions.

I Didn’t Know You Dislike Being Blunt

Being blunt is pretty much one of the obvious reasons why someone could call you stuck up. Those who are known as stuck up can be blunt since they have little to say and claims to be real at all times.

If this is the case in which you find yourself, kindly posit to the person who called you stuck up that you didn’t know he or she dislikes blunt people.

I Can’t Continue to Take Blame for Everything

If you’re a withdrawn person, there’s a chance that you might find it difficult to socialize freely with others. You can even be called stuck up by those who hang out without hassle.

But if you continue getting these subtle insults from the person, speak up. This line is a good choice of statement to address the situation, as you try not to take the blame for everything like the inability to socialize.

I Don’t Care What You Think

You might’ve heard that the best response to offer anyone who’s trying to pick at you is to ignore them. That means you don’t care about the words. However, this line of reply says the same thing but this time; it does that with words.

Is That What You Call a Person With Few Words?

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

If you’re a person of few words, the chance is; that you can be called stuck up by insensitive people. But you can ask them this question rather than stay mute. If nothing can make them explain, this will do 

Can We No Go Down That Lane?

 Don’t get me wrong if this line of response makes you sound vulnerable or weak, because it is for a specific set of people. It’s for those who would rather have a brawl settled peaceably than drag it on. If you fall into this category, you can use this line.

Let’s Not Debate About My Life

It’s sad to think that whoever called you stuck up, is trying to debate his or her way into your life. Because if you disagree with them, you’ll likely explain why and the list goes on.

But you shouldn’t let that happen, and this line of response remains your ticket to stop such a conversation.

Did I hear you right?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of feigning ignorance. But if you have, you can pretend not to hear whatever it is the other person is saying about you.

You can achieve this by making them repeat themselves over again while using this line of response. Over time, the person feels Silly and probably leaves.

It’s Funny How I’m not moved by that

If you don’t care, or are not perturbed by being called stuck up; you can direct this response to anyone who calls you that. Tell the person it’s laughable that they try to provoke you with that, but it sounds funny to you.

I’d Rather You Say That Politely

Being called stuck up can serve as a piece of advice if it’s said politely. But it becomes an insult if the person says it with contempt written all over their face. In disagreement, you can ask the person to say that to you in a polite manner which you prefer.

Can You Stop That?

Still on the use of questions; this line can be said to anyone who calls you stuck up to get him or her to STFU.

We’re not in a Competition

What to Saying When Someone Calls You Stuck Up?

If you’re called stuck up by someone who’s practically trying to come at you, you can push this reply to the person. It’s a simple reminder that you’re not in any form of competition with him or her which makes their assertions pointless.

Hey, Don’t Think I Don’t Like You; Just Having a Bad Day

Somebody can call you stuck up if you don’t show any form of relativity to them. They now think you don’t like them and resort to calling you names. Inform them you’re just having a bad day and nothing more.

Stop Assuming Things

When people assume things, they come up with different assertions and speculations. While some of them might be true, others are mere flying thoughts based on what they perceive from you in a day or circumstance. You have the right to tell the person whatever they think, is just an assumption and they should stop doing that.


This is where I draw the curtain on the various replies to give when someone calls you stuck up. My foremost insurance has always been that you will get your desired effect, only if you examine the situation well enough and select the best response to it.

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