What to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar?

Acting up strange lately? I can imagine what’s like battling a personal issue that you end up behaving abstractly.

But who can understand your predicament is a more worrisome thought to entertain. Because of the negligence people place on the mental health of others, it might be hard for others to recognize your ordeal. 

Insensitive individuals might even shade you off with the bipolar tag or anything related to a constricted mental health. It could be a bad experience for you, but I’m sure you’ll get better if you knew how to reply to these trolls. 

Hence, I’ve brought together a list of responses and comebacks which you can throw at anyone who calls you bipolar for whatever reason. 

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar

What to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar?

You need to have a couple of comebacks by your side as first response statements whenever someone tries to shade you by calling you bipolar. I’ve been a fan of comebacks for a long time and didn’t forget to bring the game on in this post. 

You can say things like “Stop talking to yourself“, “Just STFU, you won’t get hurt for doing that”, “Better bipolar than insensitive like you“, or “I’d love to hear what you said, but you sound so distant”.

You can add, “Such little thoughts from an supposed thinker”,Everyone needs a person in their life, and your best match is a psych therapist”.

Do you want to make the person who called you bipolar cringe? Just tell the person he or she looks malnourished. Other responses include “Even if I’m not perfect, I’m still better than your ungrateful self”, and “You can make fun of my mental state; karma has always been a bad bitch”. 

With little ado, let’s get into the main context of this post.

Those Are No Jokes, Right?

I wanted to go rhetorical with this question, but the person who called you bipolar can still answer it. This line of response is trying to find out the intent of the person who called you bipolar. 

But it does not come directly as you think, rather it suggests the statement is a joke while trying to get the person to either confirm this or reply in the negative.

You Didn’t Have to Say That, I Already Know

What to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar?

If you’re truly bipolar, it would be an emotional constriction for someone to keep repeating it to you. Even those diagnosed with AIDS detest it when you tell them their medical condition, so why should you tolerate a similar attitude from anyone? 

To shun that, you can choose to use this reply whenever someone tries to rub it in that you’re bipolar.

Oh! Really? I Never Knew

What do you know about feigning ignorance? Don’t worry if you know just a little, it’ll still carry you on. With this reply, you’re trying to feign ignorance of what the person just told you about.

It is a more subtle way of telling the person you’re not interested in their shades or their perspective of you sucks. 

What Else Have You Observed?

I’m sure that it takes a good level of observatory skill for someone to conclude that you’re bipolar. And it will also be wise to think that that’s not all the person thinks or has observed about you. 

So asking this question of what else the person has observed allows you a moment to peek into the person’s thoughts about you.

Good Analysis You’ve Got There

It is quite an analysis for someone to tag you bipolar, don’t you think? It takes some kind of study for the person to arrive at such a conclusion, so it would be good to commend them for that.

This can be a good response if the person didn’t say this with a condescending tone, but said it as a piece of advice.

Was That for Me?

I mentioned earlier on about feigning ignorance, and you can do that with absolute seriousness. The deal is to get back at anyone who tries to cajole you by calling you bipolar. 

Asking this question sounds kind of weird since it’s you he or she is referring to, but you can still use it to make the person feel stupid since all their shades fell on deaf ears.

Stop Talking To Yourself

Sounds funny, right? Well, that’s part of the deal… to make them look less of themselves or even more like what they’re trying to tag you with. So it would be a very disgraceful moment for the person if you tell them to stop talking to themselves. 

If any other persons are listening to the little brawl, I bet they would crown you the winner before even finishing your sentence.

STFU, You Won’t Get Hurt for Doing That

Was that advice? Yea, it is. You’re telling the person there’s no harm in keeping mute and swallowing whatever grudge they have against you. 

Better Bipolar Than Insensitive Like You

Wow, that’s some big guy statement you have there. Tagging insensitivity alongside anyone who calls you bipolar is a good move, as it is what they’re hooked up with. An insightful person will not come up with such degrading terms for another person.

Such Little Thoughts from an Supposed Thinker

If you’re dealing with one of those acclaimed “gurus“, who position them self as knowledgeable as you’ve got to use this line of response. It is a bad record for such a person who is held in high regard to call you bipolar, to shame or demean you.

Everyone Needs a Person in Their Life, and Your Best Match Is a Psych Therapist

Hehehe, funny right? I guess this might be one of the hardest comebacks on this list. It hits harder than most of the others and the reason for this is understandable.

You’re positing that the person who called you bipolar needs a psychiatric therapist as their best match in a partner. What it means is that they’re ill mentally, to have thought so low of you.

Even if I’m Not Perfect, I’m Still Better than Your Ungrateful Self

There’s no perfection in being bipolar, so when someone calls you that… you’re not perfect. Don’t fail to remind the person you’re still better than them even in your state. 

The last two words on the line imply if this person in question is owing you some gratitude over a favor you did for them or something else.

You Can Make Fun of My Mental State; Karma Has Always Been Real

There’s an angle to name-calling that relates to mockery. Someone could call you bipolar with this intent, making fun of your mental state. Instead of sulking, you can make realize that Karma is a real.

This implies that the person can also fall victim to the same situation why they called you bipolar. 

I Know Your Retarded Brain Has Nothing Constructive to Produce

I believe a person with a sound mind would not try to throw you off balance by calling you names like bipolar. It is not only derogatory but can impede the emotional and mental growth of a person. 

So if you find yourself in a similar condition, do well to inform the person you’d already know their retarded brain is not capable of anything constructive.

I bet You Have a Worse Medical Report

This response is more like saying… see who’s talking now. A person with a more excruciating medical report can end up making jest of you. Even if you are truly aware of the person’s medical status, you can always fabricate stuff that’s what comebacks are for.

So What Makes You Interesting Then?

It is not debatable that what makes you interesting as a person is because you act weird. People want to know more about you, or why you act the way you do. This can also be the reason someone can call you bipolar. 

But you should not always get mad at this stuff. Ask the person this question and watch how disappointed they’ll look.

I’m Quite a Study While Your Leeching Life Isn’t

Whatever you just read above is right. This is because I feel your life is worth the study, which is why this person made a case out of it by calling you bipolar.

There’s a possibility that their own life is not that interesting which is why they’re leeching on you to survive.

I’m Glad You Have Quite the Discernment

It takes a person who has a discerning spirit to easily detect an odd behavior in another person. If you feel like the person who called you bipolar has this virtue, you can use this line of response to commend their ability. 

You Sound Maniac; Guess who is Bipolar?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar?

Maniac is one stage experienced by someone who has bipolar. Heightened behavior and expression characterize this stage.

This same stage also pictures the state of mind of the person who called you bipolar, because it is off to do that. Telling the person this response is emotional damage. 

I Heard Your Dad Had That Too, It Runs in Your Blood Mate

Comebacks for me have always been about roasting the person who tries to mess with me. Now if you’re on the same page with me, I trust you’ll also find this response quite innovative. 

This is because you’re trying to build the thesis that bipolar is genetic, as the father of the speaker suffered it.

Ever Heard… “Being Normal Is Sad?”

I don’t know if you’ve heard about that, but I have a graphic illustration on my mobile device which has this saying inscribed on it.

This means that a normal person is probably having one of the most uneventful lives, which is why they come at those whose lives are more interesting and controversial. 

I Guess I Have Lesser Problems than Your Dull Brain

If you’ve not thought about how dull the brain can get with thinking of unnecessary kinds of stuff, then you have to think again.

I consider this to be a good comeback because it’s clear that it is only a dull brain that will have the time to think of shading somebody else. 

You’re Hurting My Emotions Right Now

Whatever intentions the person who called you bipolar had, was to hurt you… not only mentally but also in your emotional health.

So I’ll recommend this response if you’re feeling sober about the person’s thoughts about you. It captures your bad feeling towards the person’s choice of words against you.

Can You Stop Already, I’ve had enough

You can choose to end the chaotic remark that you get from anyone who calls you bipolar, by simply asking him or her to stop the name-calling.

It doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do, as you can back this up with a facial expression that captures the disgust in your voice.

And You Look Malnourished

When someone calls you bipolar, kindly tell them they look so malnourished like a sub-Saharan lion left without prey to feast. I bet the person will cringe in shock because they’re surely not expecting a such comeback.

Your English Teacher Didn’t Do a Bad Job After All

I think it takes a good listening ear in an English class to record the “bipolar” word as a defect in humans. When someone tries to throw you shade from that angle, you can knock them off their high horse with this response.

I Enjoy Being Weird… Misery Is Your Life in One Word

What to Say When Someone Calls You Bipolar?

If you’ve ever heard of this… “Peace was never an option”, then I’m pretty sure you understand what this response is all about. In continuation of serving hot takes as replies in this situation, add this line to your menu.

You’re positing that you enjoy being weird while the other person’s life is summarized in one word… “Misery“.

I’d Love to Hear What You Said, but You Sound So Distant

I’ll also recommend this line of response for you to add to your arsenal of replies when someone calls you bipolar.

The line is also an act to feign ignorance of what the person is saying to you. You’re trying to let the person know you can’t hear them because they sound so distant.

Calling You Insensitive Will Be a Shade of Stupid People

I guess I’ve tagged insensitivity along with the likes of those who call you bipolar, and I’m ready to apologize to the community of stupid people for violating them.

However, you can fuel the banter more by telling the person calling them insensitive is an insult to those who own the right to that term.

I Wish I Gave a Hoot

If you’re the type that doesn’t care about what someone has to say about you, you can use this line of response as your reply when someone calls you bipolar.

Thing is, your negligence to other people’s criticism about you might also be the reason someone can call you bipolar but you don’t still care.


This is the part of this post where we get to close in on the curtain and wrap things up.

You can still examine your situation and what you feel suits your personality as a person before using any of the replies on this post. Don’t forget to share this post with others if you find 

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