What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram?

The “like” feature was incorporated into various social media platforms as a symbol to portray appreciation, encouragement, and even that you like a particular message or post.

In recent times, the same reaction has been used against its intended purpose. Generally, it is believed that when a girl likes your message on Instagram, she wants your attention.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

Being that I am a lady and understand why ladies do certain things they do, I can assure you that liking your message can mean so many things, from trying to show that she likes you to indicate that she is no longer interested in your conversation with her.

Here Are Ten Reasons Why She Likes Your Message on IG

In order to stop with the assumption as to why she liked your message, you came across this article to gain answers to this very confusing question. Below are 10 possible reasons why you got a like reaction from her.

  1. It means she is soft-ghosting you.
  2. It means she likes you.
  3. It means that she appreciates what you said.
  4. It means she doesn’t want to continue the conversation but wants to remain polite.
  5. It means she approves of what you said.
  6. It means she wants a conversation with you but doesn’t know how to start.
  7. It means she is busy.
  8. It shows that she is trying to remind you of something you said.
  9. It shows that she is a dry-texter.
  10. It proves that she is trying to get your attention.

It Means She Is Soft Ghosting You

Be it a platonic, romantic, or erotic relationship, communication is the bedrock. Not giving the appropriate reply to chats brings out a break in the flow of communication and can be referred to as “soft-ghosting.”

Soft ghosting is a show that she is uninterested in you or the conversation. In an attempt to ghost you,  she will use the like reaction on the message she ought to have given a reply to.

If she doesn’t feel attracted to you, she will definitely find your conversations boring and uninteresting. In a bid not to pay attention to you, she soft-ghosts you by giving your message a reaction instead of a reply.

Also, soft-ghosting you is one of the methods she can employ to avoid you without being direct or rude.

Giving you a like in your message instead of an appropriate reply will make you feel she is busy or approves of what you said, whereas it is intended to reduce the rate of your conversations, thereby creating a space between both of you.

It Shows That She Likes You

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

During your chat with a lady on Instagram, she may like your message because she has feelings for you but doesn’t want to directly say it.

She may be feeling that if she directly tells you how she feels, you would think she does it often with every other guy. Or that she is just catching feelings.

A lady who likes you would want to show it through every means possible. As a result, you begin to suspect that she has a special attraction to you.

You may both get quiet at some point, and then she may like the previous message you sent to her. This is an indication that she likes you.

It Means That She Appreciates What You Said

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

If a girl likes your message on Instagram, it means she appreciates what you said. The act of using a thumbs up in a chat is not far different from why we use it in real life. When a lady gives you a thumbs up, it is a way of showing that she appreciates what you said.

There must have been other messages in your chat history, but she liked that particular chat, which means that there is something special about it and she appreciates it.

It could be that you complimented her personality. Aside from typing a reply, she is still going to like that comment, so you know that she is appreciative of what you said.

It could also be a way of showing that she appreciates you taking time out to chat with her. This usually comes at the end of the chat when you are both saying your last words.

That moment when she says, “Thank you for your time.” And then you reply, “It’s my pleasure.” She gives your last message a thumbs up to show that she appreciates you genuinely.

It Means She Doesn’t Want To Continue The Conversation But Wants To Remain Polite

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

If a lady likes your message on Instagram, it means she doesn’t want to continue chatting with you but wants to remain polite.

Liking a message on Instagram may seem like just a reaction, but it is also a reply. It helps you know people’s disposition towards you.

A thumbs up is supposed to be a positive reaction, but it is also an inappropriate way to say I am done with this conversation, but since it is a positive reaction, it makes her statement seem polite.

Just like a lady would refuse a guy’s proposal to be his girlfriend but will ask that they be friends  so he doesn’t see her as rude, is the same way the girl who likes your message is trying to say “I am done with this conversation but I want to remain polite.”

It is possible that she got bored during your conversation with her, or got fed up with your dry jokes. It could also be that you are bugging her and she just wants to say “Well, I have come to my end of what I’ve got to say.” but doesn’t want to sound rude.

She then likes your last message without typing a proper reply to it, making you feel she’s with you and informing you that she has seen it.

It Means She Approves Of What You Said

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

If she likes your message on Instagram, it means she approves what you said. The symbol of a like reaction is a thumbs up, and a thumbs up show approval.

The thumbs-up symbol has its origin in the Roman gladiatorial combat in the Coliseum. It was up to the audience to decide if the fallen gladiator should be outed or not.

This gave the victorious gladiator approval of what to do next with his opponent. This gesture of showing approval soon transcended to being used by American pilots to indicate to the ground crew that they were ready to fly. It was a gesture of approval, which meant that everything was okay.

Today, the thumbs-up symbol has been used in accordance with its original meaning, which means to show approval.

Hence, if a lady likes your message on Instagram, she uses the thumbs-up symbol and this reaction is not far from saying “I approve of it”.

If you send her a message asking if you could see her and she gives the message a like reaction, it means she approves of it.

It Means She Wants A Conversation With You But Doesn’t Know How To Start

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

When a girl likes your message, it may be an indicator that she wants to engage you in a conversation but doesn’t know how to start.

It could be that prior to that time, she made you angry and you unloaded your anger on her. She’s unsure if it’s appropriate to talk to you yet or if she should just give you some more time.

At the point where she feels your disposition towards her has changed, in order not to cause chaos due to her assumption, your reply gives her a clue.

Also, if you’ve had just a few chats with her on Instagram, being that she is not so acquainted with you, she doesn’t know how to start a conversation with you because she is not knowledgeable of your likes or preferences.

Liking your previous message will notify you that she is online and you may eventually start up the conversation.

It Means She Is Busy

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

When a lady leaves a like reaction to your message instead of a typed response, she is probably busy. She understands that snubbing you will seem disrespectful.

While she is busy, you may be sending messages to either inform her about something or to know how she is faring without getting a reply. Instead of snubbing you, she rather uses the like button to show that she acknowledged your message.

You may be thinking “If she could spare time to read the message, she should have also been able to give a reply instead of a reaction.”

It is also possible that she mistakenly opened the message and even though she would have loved to give you an appropriate reply at the moment, she likes it and would give you a proper reply when she’s less busy.

It Shows That She Is Trying To Remind You Of Something You Said

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

We live in a busy world. Everyone gets engaged with either work, family, or certain responsibilities. This makes it very easy to forget promises you made to someone.

During the course of your conversation with her, you might have said or promised to do something and then forgotten to do it.

In order to remind you previously, she goes in search of the message and likes it. This brings to your memory the promise you made to her.

It is possible both of you got into an argument about who said what. You may be unyielding to the fact that you said something.

In order to stop the continuous argument, she goes to your previous chats and likes the message in order to remind you that you actually said such a thing.

It Shows That She Is A Dry-Texter

It is expected that when you spend time typing a lot of messages, you’d get a reply in that same manner.

However, if you get a reaction to your message instead of a typed reply, it probably means you are conversing with a dry-texter.

They make it seem like it is a drag to speak to them. When you engage them in a conversation on social media platforms, their replies are either in one-word form or they just hit the reaction button.

For example, let’s say you ask her, “Hello, how are you doing?”, she likes the message to indicate that she is fine.

It may seem like she is avoiding the conversation, but she is just a dry texter. Dry texters see trying more work to express themselves is super strenuous and unnecessary. They employ the use of reactions or emojis.

It Proves She Is Trying To Get Your Attention

What Does It Mean When A Girl Likes Your Message On Instagram

When a girl likes your message on Instagram, it means she is trying to get your attention.

If you have noticed, there is a notification message that comes with every like on your message.

She knows that when she likes your messages, you’ll get a notification informing you that “Jane just reacted to your message.” In a bid to get your attention and probably get you to chat with her, she may do this multiple times.

Just imagine that after getting 10 notifications reading “Jane liked your message.” It will definitely attract your attention, and you wouldn’t want it to look like you saw all of those notifications and ignored them. Therefore, you may consider sending her a DM.

She might have liked your message in an attempt to show that she is still there. You probably weren’t giving her much attention.

She liked your previous message in a bid to notify you that she’s still online and would appreciate it if you guys could talk extensively.


As a way to conclude this informative and interesting article, I crave your indulgence to always seek to know the reason for a lady’s gestures towards you.

It aids in improving your relationship with her instead of acting based on assumptions. I believe that you have been able to understand the possible reasons why a lady will hit the like button over your message, and you’ve gained insight on what could be the reason why if you experience such in the future.

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