30 Excuses For Accidentally Calling Someone On Instagram (#6 is Spot On)

Calling someone mistakenly on Instagram is a common mistake made nowadays. The screen of your phone is so sensitive to the slightest touches and surfaces. Many times, you have sent a text, called, and even answered a call in error.

Today, I am showing you thirty excuses you can come up with when you mistakenly call someone on Instagram.

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30 Excuses For Accidentally Calling Someone On Instagram

1. I’m Sorry, I Finger Dialed You

One excuse you can use when this kind of mistake happens is saying your finger slipped up and dialed them. If anyone is familiar with a smartphone, they would know this happens a lot.

Your finger can touch your screen and activate buttons without your knowledge.

This is common if your screen isn’t locked. When you tell them this, it shows them you only made a mistake and didn’t mean to call. Here, you will not need to explain further or be forced into a conversation you didn’t want.

Keep your excuses short and brief. And learn to keep your phone screen on lock when you hold them.

2. That Call Was A Mistake, I Did Not Mean To Call You

The simplest excuses usually suffice in situations like this. Telling them the call was accidental is the quickest route to follow. They immediately understand that the call wasn’t meant for them. So many reasons can be responsible for this.

Lack of proper inspection before dialing a contact can cause you to call another person by accident. Other times similarly named contact can cause you calling the wrong person.

With these excuses, you can get out of explaining a lot of things. Vision issues can also cause you to dial the wrong number.

3. Sorry My Kid Had My Phone

We all know how cute kids are but are not so cute when they handle your gadgets. They just want to press buttons and tap at any interesting thing they see. This excuse is valid and won’t get you in trouble.

Children get hold of our phones from time to time and dialing your contacts is among the other hazards they can cause you. It shows them you weren’t in control of your device when you called them.

Preventing excuses like this in the future means keeping your phones from the reach of toddlers and infants. Give them interactive toys when they want some plaything and not your phones.

4. My Phone Has Been Glitching, That Call Was Accidental

Phones and computers glitch all the time. If you have used one, then you know what I am saying. When a phone glitch it, freezes and does a bunch of stuff that you can’t control. Sometimes a reboot may help or you let it pass.

Explain to them that a glitch handled the call and not you. This excuse can’t be used too many times because it’s a problem that you should handle. A new update or replacement will save you the embarrassment in the future.

When telling them such excuses, it is important to sound apologetic about it.

5. I Was Going Through Your Host And Called You By Accident

When you are scrolling through a person’s timeline. So many interactive buttons can pop up on the screen. Chances of mistakenly calling the person are high in such circumstances. It’s an excuse that is reasonable enough given the conditions.

400;”>This can happen to anybody, especially with the layouts of the interface. If you are not familiar with them, you can touch the wrong button. Telling them this will show them you aren’t familiar with Instagram.

It will easily pass as a harmless mistake. We have all had our fair share of wrongful posts, likes, and tags on Instagram before. With an excuse like this, no one will hold you responsible.

6. I Was On Your Profile And Called You By Mistake

Today you can find so many beautifully crafted profiles and accounts. There are so many types and variations that there is something that appeals to everyone.

It isn’t strange to find yourself glued to the profile of a person. You may observe, learning, or simply scrolling through.

Accidental dialing is very possible because you are already on their profile where the call button is located. This excuse shows them It was just an error on your part and nothing intentional. If anything, it tells them you admire and love their profile.

7. I Accidentally Pressed The Call Button

This excuse is a common occurrence with anyone who has a smartphone device. You are about to press one button, and the next thing you are dialing the person. Social media apps like Instagram are equipped with interactive buttons.

It’s not strange to find yourself testing them out to see the features. If you dialed the person without meaning to.

Simply let them understand it’s a mistake on your part and won’t happen again. People take missed calls seriously, so you want to assure them that yours wasn’t anything serious.

Ensure next time you understand the use of a button before pressing them. This will save you an excuse later.

8. My Phone Was In My Pocket And Dialed You

This excuse uses the sensitive screen or buttons found on phones today. Phones put in pockets have notoriously been known to pocket dial, send text, delete, and even format themselves. All this happens as your phone screen rubs against your body.

Anyone who isn’t cautious of this will have to arm themselves with a longer list of excuses. Unlocked phones in pockets will continue to cause havoc until you learn to store them properly.

This is easy with a locked screen, pouch, or bag put in place to prevent this. If you are tired of excuses, you will quickly get one of these solutions in place. Constantly making excuses for wrong dialing can make you seem unserious.

You should know that wrong calls appear like prank calls because they keep saying hello but no one is on the line.

9. Sorry My Phone Acts Up And Called You, It is A Mistake

Sometimes things just go south on you, especially with gadgets and devices. When they are overwhelmed or even overheated, they freeze, fritz, and display some funny things. When this happens lots of things go haywire.

You can explain this to the other person as a valid excuse for why your call was accidental. They have a phone and I am sure that they are not new to such things. Curtly apologize for the inconvenience you might have caused and move on.

10. That Happened Accidentally, I Didn’t Realize I Was Calling You

As we know accidents happen all the time and often without our wanting them to. Explaining to this person who the call was an accident and they shouldn’t worry about this.

Calls are important, so if you unintentionally call someone you have to put it right.

You can do one thing on your phone the next thing someone is answering you through your speakers.

Apps like Instagram draw over other apps. This means that they can be open and functioning while you are interacting with other apps on your screen.

This feature is great for convenience but it can cause little accidents like this.

11. My Bad I Must Have Pocket Dialed You

This excuse saves you a lot of trouble trying to come up with something tangible to tell them. By saying you pocket-dialed them, they will understand that it wasn’t your fault.

Pocket dialing is a very frequent occurrence for those who put their phones in their pockets.

It’s common with those who use their pants pocket to hold their phone. As you walk around, your phone brushes against your skin activating your screen and buttons too. In severe cases, it has changed the vital setting and called the wrong person.

Protect your screen with a magnetic cover that renders the phone screen unresponsive while in your pocket, or activate the pocket mode.

12. I Wanted Messaging But Ended Up Dialing You

An excuse that fits accidental dialing someone on Instagram is telling them you wanted to message them but you called mistakenly. It’s a very easy mistake to do, this is because the message chat box is also allowing for dialing a friend on there.

From simply sending a text, your hands can slide over the screen activating the call button. This shows them you were only trying to message them through text and not call them.

You should be more careful when next you are trying to send a text. Study buttons before you interact with them.

13. I Was Showing A Friend Your Profile And Mistakenly Called You

This excuse will come in handy when you need a way out with a big profile. Imagine calling someone who you haven’t prepared to call before. Only for you to dial them up out of the blues on video. It’s a blunder anyone would like to avoid.

Telling them this excuse will pacify them and they will not stress you further. You too are saved from having to explain yourself more than necessary. Mistakes happen all the time and they will chalk this one as one.

What’s good is that you are also informing them you are sharing or marketing their profile or business. It becomes an acceptable excuse.

14. Sorry I Got Distracted And Pressed The Call Button

When you accidentally call someone on Instagram and are looking for a perfect excuse. You can tell them you got distracted with work and mistakenly dialed them. This happens when you are multitasking between tasks.

You get carries away doing something and press the wrong button because you weren’t concentrating. An excuse is acceptable because it happens to the best of us. It shows them you are also sorry for calling them.

To prevent this, close all unnecessary apps that are open when you are working. This way you don’t accidentally dial someone.

15. I Accidentally, Spilled Liquid On My Phone And It Called You

Water and other forms of liquid have a weird way of interacting with your screen. If your screen contains trace amounts of water, it activates various buttons and interfaces unless you clean them. With an excuse like this, the other person will understand.

While wiping off water from your screen put it off or in lock mode. This will save you from calling random numbers or pressing buttons. Better still keep liquids away from your phone. If your hands are wet, ensure to have them dried.

By taking all these measures you will prevent any future occurrence from happening to you. The excuse is perfect for calling anyone accidentally.

16. I Am Sorry, A Friend With My Phone Dialed In an Error

I’ll admit we all have those friends that always don’t get the hang of new technology or how new stuff work. If you leave them with your devices, you are bound to see them change something by mistake. Let them know it wasn’t you who called.

It’s important to explain that you were showing them something on your phone or they were using it for something before the accidental call.

This excuse also has you apologizing for the intrusion. They will accept your apology and excuse because it’s reasonable enough.

 Do not leave your phone unsupervised with people who don’t understand its operations.

17. I Apologize, I Didn’t Know It Came Through

Sometimes you will try to call someone and then decide against it but you have already pressed the call button.

You immediately disconnect but the notification or a single ring has reached your friend. Other times, you dialed while offline and they get notified whenever you come online.

When this happens, apologize while explaining your mistake. This tells them you are interested in chatting with them but not necessarily through calls. They will find time to reschedule or call you back.

What you should do is ensure you want to talk with someone before hovering over the call button. If you are not sure, do not open the chat box.

18. My Screen Is Cracked And I Called By Accident

Anyone who has used a smartphone has encountered a broken screen or two. This problem can range from mild to severe.

It can irritate and causes the smooth operation of your phone to be skewered. It’s a good excuse for accidentally calling someone.

Trying to use a broken screen is hard. The difficulties it presents are so many. What you should do is ensure that you have it replaced. If you haven’t come around to fix it, then keeping it off will save you from such mishaps.

19. I Wanted To Get Your Attention

A valid excuse for accidentally calling someone on Instagram is telling them you wanted to get their attention. You may have been trying to get their attention through text and other platforms without success.

By calling them on Instagram, you can get their attention because you have seen that they are active there. This shows them you have something important to tell them. They will make time for communication between the both of you.

20. I Was Trying To See If You Where Online

I use this way to see if my closest friends are available online. Other people employ this means when trying to confirm contact online.

If they are online, it will show ringing, but if not, it doesn’t. this excuse tells them you only called because you were asking after them.

21. Sorry I Am Experiencing Network Issues

Network glitches and problems can cause things to go haywire for a second. Tell them you had a network problem that’s why you accidentally called. You were only trying to see if your network will allow you total.

22. My Phone Slipped from My hands

An excuse when you call someone on Instagram by mistake is saying that your phone slipped from your hand and called them. Phones fall all the time and there is no telling the buttons that can be activated.

23. I Didn’t Mean To Call You it is Unintentional

Telling them you didn’t mean to call at an ungodly hour, will show them that the call wasn’t intentional. They will see it as a simple mistake.

24. I was testing out something and called you by accident

A good excuse you can give for accidentally calling someone on Instagram is telling them you were only testing out the call feature. You called them to see how it works.

25. I left my phone in my bag and it called you by mistake

One good excuse is telling them that your phone was in your bag when that call was made. The movement of your motion has activated the call button by mistake.

26. This Was A Mis-dial, My Apologies

A straightforward excuse is saying it was a misdial and apologizing for the inconvenience.

27. It Was Supposed To Be A Message And Not A Call

Here you are telling them that what they saw as a call was supposed to be a message from you.

28. I wanted to send you a voice note

Telling them you were trying to send a voice note is an excuse suitable for accidentally calling someone on Instagram

29. I found someone who wanted to talk to you

This excuse tells them you only called because you wanted them to talk to someone you both knew.

30. I was thinking of you.

An excuse you can use for accidentally calling someone is telling them you were thinking of them.


Here are thirty solid excuses you can use when you accidentally call someone on Instagram. Some of us are not good at making excuses or explaining ourselves properly.

With these within your reach, you are well prepared if ever faced with a situation like this.



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