What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled? (30 Best Replies)

If you’ve noticed, people who call you names are either embittered by whatever you have going on, or they’re just into the name-calling thing for fun.

Since every day poses the threat of receiving a hurtful name from any of these sets of people, it would be wise to always strap up with the right responses.

Failure to provide tangible replies to their remarks can be disastrous. So what do you do when someone calls you spoiled?

Do you fold your arms and sit back, or do you come with a counter statement? If you’re in for the latter treat, then this article will help you with a long list of replies which can help you know what to say when someone calls you spoiled.

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Whether you are at fault for the name-calling or you’re not, always having something to say is sometimes more helpful than keeping mute.

If you are at fault, you can say; thank you for letting me know or I didn’t know until now. You can ask questions like telling me why you say so, Am I? Or something like; Oh! Are you serious?

Furthermore, if you find the comment impermissible, you can resort to the following replies. You’re just jealous. Just cut the crap, That’s some bold remarks from you, You may be far worse, That is so disrespectful.

You can also show remorse by saying I’m sorry for any inconvenience. It never occurred to me, etc. The following replies below expound on more responses to the subject matter.

That Is So Disrespectful

It is almost taboo to accept being tagged spoiled when you know that it is not entirely true. This response becomes more valid if you’re dealing with someone in the same age bracket or younger than you.

Telling the person that what they called you is so disrespectful can make them apologize and stop the name-calling.

Thanks for Letting Me Know

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

If the remark helped checkmate your lifestyle, then I guess you should be thankful when someone calls you spoiled.

Just use this reply to show your inept gratitude to him or her for telling you what your problem is. Not many people still do this in a world where everyone is concerned about their lives.

Oh! Are Serious?

People joke around sometimes, and this might be one of those jokes. But how do you verify it is a joke if you don’t interrogate or ask?

To this end, answering back with this response when someone calls you spoiled will help clarify things and also substantiate what they have already mentioned.

If the person is out to be sincere, he or she will answer whether in the affirmative or not.

I Didn’t Know Until Now

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

There’s a little spice about feigning in this response, but it is not entirely based on that. This response also has the aim of sparking a detailing from the person who is called spoiled.

Telling the person that you didn’t realize that until now is a cool way of making them drop more insights on why they think you are spoiled.

Still, this can also serve as a dismissal statement. Hopefully, you will get more information on why he or she used it on you.

I’ve Been Getting a lot of That Lately

If you’re more concerned about shifting the discussion and talking less about the subject matter, you can tell the person that you’ve been getting a lot of that remark lately.

With this response, the person understands you do not bother about his or her take on you because you’ve probably heard the same things from others.

Can You Tell Me Why You Say So?

When someone calls you spoiled and you don’t understand why they did so, you can reply to them with these questions.

It is a question that can help clarify things as they can now be able to give you a detailed reason why they made such a comment about you.

Am I?

Still, on replying with questions… this should enter into your menu. Immediately someone calls you spoiled and you want to enquire more, just ask ‘Am I’?

They’ll either elaborate more or give you pointers on how to understand the whole scenario better.

You’re Just Jealous

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

Aside from the fact that rascal kids or individuals often get ‘spoiled’, jealousy can also be the reason why a person can call you spoiled.

So in defense, you can let them know that they’re just jealous and their comment has nothing to do with their moral standard.

This response is enough to make the hardest of trolls leave the scene. This is because it is a proper statement to roast any annoying person.

Don’t forget to add facial expressions when saying this, to make things clearer.

Just Cut the Crap

This is a simple command that is straight to the point. When someone calls you spoiled, you should shun them instantly by telling them to cut you the crap.

It is one of the most common ways to tell someone to shut up without sounding too offensive. Either way, your motive is to get them to stop saying hurtful things to you.

It Never Really Occurred to Me

If you’re in for some denial, then this reply is fashioned to your taste. You can set this up as your response when someone calls you spoiled.

Tell them you never really know, it never occurred to you, and see them move on. Only a true stalker or pester would stick around to make matters worse, and you should leave the place if that becomes the case.

That’s Some Bold Remarks from You

Have you ever thought of acknowledging that whatever thing was said to you struck in? If so, then you should take this reply as your go-to response when someone calls you spoiled.

Telling them this means that you heard them loud and clear. It is also a statement that posits that their comment on you had deep significance and will not be easily overlooked by you.

What Do You Mean by That?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

If you’re interested in knowing what it means to be spoiled, probably because you do not know; you should become acquainted with this particular reply because it is your gateway to knowing more.

For more clarity, you can say this after first replying with something like “thanks for letting me know” and then adding; “but what do you mean by that?”

It’s Not My Fault That I Get Everything

Proverbially, those who are usually called spoiled tend to get everything there is. They get good cars, houses, gadgets, and even healthcare courtesy of their wealthy parents.

But in a different light, it is not their fault that they get all these things. Therefore, you can form a basis of response with this knowledge as it is not your fault that you get everything you desire.

How Long Have You Been Mustering This Thought?

While some people say things to you or about based on what they can see at the moment, others pattern and learn about you before saying things.

If you notice that the latter is the case, you can ask this question to anyone who calls you spoiled.

I Don’t Mind if It Means My Happiness

Your happiness and peace of mind should be your priority and you should not let anything meddle with them.

When faced with this type of situation, you can remind the person that you do not care as far as you’re happy and contented. This is because spoiled or not, the goal is to be happy and loved.

I Am Not Spoiled, Just Opportune

When someone calls you spoiled, do not be slow to hush and remind the person that you’re not spoiled, rather you’re just opportune.

You’re just opportune to have the things that make it look like you’re spoiled. The person should be able to come to terms with the fact that you didn’t plan for any of this to play out.

Your Voice Reeks of Resentment

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

If you’re still in the savage mode, then you should not fail to throw at anyone who calls you spoiled that they are resentful. That you can sense and smell it, even from the sound of their voice.

“Your voice reeks of resentment”, is a good response that can make anyone who makes such a remark rethink before saying it again either to you or another person.

Please, Don’t Pass Your Bad Energy to Me

I’ve discovered that most people, who call others spoiled, do so to get them sad or to doubt themself.

If you notice that this might be the case when someone calls you to spoil, you can simply tell them not to pass their bad energy to you.

This will help make your stand more profound and also define your intention of staying happy and without contempt.

Don’t Blame Me for Being Privileged

Kids or people who come from rich or well-to-do families are overly privileged. But those who have less might conclude that they are spoiled for having the best of things in life.

If you’re one of such kids or individuals and you come in contact with someone who calls you spoiled; you can use this response to remind them of your place and how you got there.

You May Be Far Worse

You should know by now that nobody is a saint and anyone who calls you spoiled could be something far worse than whatever they think you are. You can easily state this to them and either grin and keep staying or you move out of the premise.

I Had No Plans to Make You Feel Bad

If you mistakenly said something that hurt someone and he or she calls you spoiled; you can reply to them by stating that you never meant those words.

This should be followed by an apology and afterward a possible reunion.

It’s Not My Fault That You’re Not Lucky

You should be able to say this without sparking any brawl between you and others when someone calls you spoiled.

Better Spoiled Than a Hypocrite

If you think being called spoiled is better than being a hypocrite like most people, you can just add it to your list of replies when someone calls you spoiled.

You should be able to say this with all confidence, to make your point solid and well-heard.

I’m Sorry for Any Inconvenience

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

If you’re cool with saying apologies, then you can apologize when someone calls you spoiled.

This is most suitable if you were on the wrong side or at fault. Also, you can apologize if you feel like your actions portrayed some traits of being spoiled.

Is That What I Get for Being a Rich Kid?

Still on the use of questions. You can ask this question as a response when someone calls you spoiled due to your parent’s class or monetary status.

Ask them what you get for being the child of a rich parent and watch their response in return.

Even Saints Have Flaws

This reply says everything for itself. But the full meaning posits that no one is void of a flaw and yours shouldn’t be seen as the worst there is.

This reply is an indirect acknowledgment of your flaws as pointed out by the person who calls you spoiled.

I Appreciate Your Concern, but I’ll Pass

What To Say When Someone Calls You Spoiled

A smooth move by the way. You can be able to achieve a cool and short reply by saying this just the way it is.

First, you appreciate the person’s effort in figuring you out and you also make it known that you don’t need their evaluation of you to get better.

At Least, It’s Not the Worst of Things to Be

Who has been spoiled as the worst thing to be? It is neither the best and as such should not be labeled all over you. When someone calls you spoiled, do not forget to tell them this.

Sometimes We Become What We Hate

With this reply, you’re conveying a remorseful effect on the person who has called you spoiled. Your response suggests that you might have become spoiled unknowingly and has no control over it.

This can serve as an understandable explanation to give when someone calls you spoiled.


This is the part where the curtain closes on this post, but before that, it would be a good state that the responses in this article have different circumstances to it.

While some address a sympathetic approach, others are more or less savage replies which are meant to dismiss the situation when someone calls you spoiled.

Subsequently, you can share this article with others if it impacted you.

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