What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard? (30 Replies)

Name-calling has been around for quite some time, and a lot of people have found new ways to do the name calling more severe. The people at the other receiving end are the ones receiving the most heat.

But this whole issue gets more heated up if the standpoint of the name-calling is coming from a subject as controversial as political. So you’re wondering the best reply you can serve to someone who calls you a Libtard.

This is a term that demeans and devalues those with a liberal political viewpoint. If you’re wondering what to say when someone calls you a libtard, then you don’t have to search any further.

This is because I’ve got the best replies mentioned in this article.

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30 Replies to someone calling you a Libtard

There are a couple of intelligent replies that you can put up against anyone who tries to demean your personality because of your political affiliations.

Your first response to the statement is to rebuke the speaker by simply saying; don’t call me that.

You can use some statements like I thought you were humane, I had a nudge that you’ve lost your respect for humanity, it just became obvious now;  to question the person’s value for humans.

Other responses are, don’t talk without due findings, whoever you learned that from must be a people hate. ‘I have a choice to ignore you, is another cool response to serve in this circumstance.

There are other replies to this article, so let’s get right into it.

Please, Can You Stop Calling Me That?

Like I mentioned earlier on, rebuking or shunning the speaker should be your first line of action to anyone who calls you a libtard.

You can do this by saying; please, can you stop calling me that? This sentence aims to sound as polite as possible since you’ve already been socially violated through being called a Libtard.

You Have To Stop Being Senseless Right Now

This reply comes as a counter-reply to the hurtful and unreasonable term he or she used on you. This should be able to make the person jolt and rethink for a few seconds, as it shows you won’t be having any of their insolence.

I Thought You Were Humane, I Guess My Guts Failed Me on This for the First Time

This is your blockbuster reply to someone who calls you a libtard. With this statement, you’re both questioning their actions and also reinstating how dumb it sounds to say something like that.

With this response, you can also call them out for not having respect for humans which is almost like a social sin in most places. This tends to make them feel withdrawn at the moment.

I Have To Leave This Infested Place

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard

This is going to be a good reply if you’re staying in the same space as anyone who calls you a libtard. You can simply tell the person that you’re taking your leave.

This is a better tenacity to avoid the eruption of any kind of fistfight. Taking your leave or exiting the premise where this awful word was uttered to you is the best thing to do; at least you won’t get to hear it there again.

I’ve heard enough of Your Insults, Can You Kindly Leave?

As simple as this sounds, it could be your response to someone who calls you a libtard, especially if this happens in your own space.

It could be your house, office, or any place in which you have a greater stand over the person. Asking the person to leave saves you rolls of thoughtless name-calling.

Don’t Talk Without Due Findings

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard

Some of these persons say things because they overheard others saying the same or because they just feel good saying annoying things to people.

If the person who calls you a libtard falls in this category, then I think you should ask him or her to go run some research before saying things.

How Does Being a Liberal Related To Being Slow?

A lot of people speak to others based on a self-perceived misconception. If someone calls you a libtard, you can talk them into weighing their sense of judgment.

Now that you’re probably a conservative, does it make you more knowledgeable than Solomon in the bible?

Do You Think Your Liberal Grand Mom Is Also Slow?

With this question, you are trying to bring reality to the person who calls you a libtard. You can probably use this statement to jolt him or her for some minutes.

I Don’t Want You to Look More Insensible, so Zip Up

You can use this to remind the person that referring to you with the term ‘Libtard’, makes them look less intelligent than they claim.

Hope you’ve gotten Some Kind of Trophy for That

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard

This question is supposed to make the speaker reevaluate their stance in talking to you in that manner. After all, they have no accolade for calling you a libtard, so what’s the point?

What Other Word Is in Your Social Dictionary?

You’re meant to be sarcastic with this response, as it clearly shows that the person is short of knowledge and unintelligent.

Is That Your Best Defense for Being Anti-freedom?

It is common knowledge to think that those who can probably call you a libtard, are mainly conservatives. These groups of people think and believe that the government is more important than the sanity of an individual.

They project against the freedom of choice, so your response is directed to their motive of curtailing freedom.

I’d Rather Stay Woke and Enlightened, than Be Old-fashioned

Liberals are known for their modern political adoptions, which is why most conservatives see their ideology as odd. If someone from the other side calls you Libtard, you can shove it down their throat that you’d rather stay modern than archaic.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Being Archaic Is Slow

The person who can call you a libtard is probably a conservative, so you can remind him or her that being modern, as per the Liberal ideology, is better than being old-fashioned.

Your response is targeted at proving to them that nothing sounds more Slow than being archaic in this modern time.

I Guess That’s the Only Thing You Know How to Say, Aside From Begging the Government

We all know conservatives to be people who have high hopes for the government. Well, you can capitalize on this and deliver your premium response.

They depend solely on the policies of the government and show great patriotism. You can choose to make remind them that they are always on the lookout for the government’s policies, hence their only sentence structure aside from calling your name is begging.

Hope You Know the Consequences of Name Calling?

I guess some people out there do not know when it is that they are crossing the limit of how much you can say to a person as a joke. Have you thought about reminding such types of people of the boundaries of derogatory words?

If not, then I think you should remind anyone that calls you a libtard, that you have every right to act according to the stipulations of the law. This is a pure case of character defamation, which is punishable by law.

I Don’t Want To Engage in a Fruitless Brawl with You, the Authorities Can Handle You

This should be able to make them nudge a bit if at they are still fearful. But if you’re dealing with hard-headed dudes, then threatening to involve the authorities might be a no-brainer.

I Have a Choice to Ignore You, and I Will Do Just That

If you’re looking for a more befitting reply to someone who calls you a libtard, then the aforementioned sentence is your best bet.

It is aimed at reinstating your commitment to ignore their move to demoralize you by using such a derogatory word on you.

Pure savage and you’re still up with your head up high. The person will understand straight up what you’re trying to say and back off.

I’m Nothing close to What You Called Me

This is another response that sounds more like denial. It is supposed to reaffirm your stance of not being a libtard. You’re also disassociating being liberal from the idea of being Slow.

Your Voice Sounds Psychiatric to Me

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard

You can spice things up by turning the table on the speaker. Since he’s insinuating that you’re Slow for liberal, why not mention to him how psychiatric he sounds by saying that?

I Bet You Don’t Know That Bad Energy Is Reflective

Another cool response that you can give to someone who calls you a libtard is to let them know that their bad energy, which is reflective of their name-calling, is also reflective and will also affect him or them.

This is one of your steps in making sure that you are not called a libtard again, as the person might consider your reminder as a call to morality.

Why Would You Say Something That Bad to Me?

Putting up a query is one of the things you can say when a person calls you a libtard. Some of these questions are; why did you call me that? Are you referring to me?

What business have I got to do with this term? Is that how much you hate me? You can ask these and more questions when someone calls you a libtard.

What you are trying to achieve with these questions is quite easy to explain. You’re trying to make the person reflective of their choice of words.

Your questions are like sieves, which can make the person more aware of their derogatory word.

This realization comes when they’re unable to give you a befitting answer to your questions.

I Am Not Libtard

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Libtard

I found out that keeping mute about allegations in most cases substantiates the claims of the accuser. The same can apply in this context if you do not match up with the bad energy. How do I do this, you may ask?

Well, the best to do this is to deny it. Denying the fact that you’re not a libtard clears off the air. At least no one can hold you for this.

Make sure to reiterate that being a liberal is not a reason that doesn’t make you a Slow, which is the point that the person is trying to substantiate.

You can launch your denial by boldly saying; I am not Libtard! It sounds resounding and should be able to send the message home that you’re not unusual, as purported by the speaker.

Is It Really Your Intention To Call Me That?

This question is a tactical query that is meant to make the person say what their intentions were when they called you a libtard. A lot of people call names because they seem cool and can be used on anybody who they feel is not cool.

I Don’t Understand It When People Talk Gibberish

Acting numb and ignorant about what the word means is good to move. While asking the speaker the meaning of what he just said, according to a dictionary, is a good thing to say.

Their inability to come up with a reasonable answer makes them take the ‘L’ for calling your name. People will make fun of them when you cannot leave.

You Don’t Have To Show the World Your Resentment Level

This is a good response, as you try to tell the speaker, that they don’t have to show the whole world how resentful they can get. If the person is reasonable, he will desist.

All I Can Say Is Thank You

Showing appreciation amid contempt and show of spite is another response you can give to someone who calls you a libtard. This response suits the atmosphere, especially if you’re of the Christian faith, which preaches love in all situations.

It’s an Insult to Your Person to Say Such a Thing

If the person who calls you a libtard is a preacher of morality and humanity, you can use this response to remind them that they are against what they proclaim to people. It gets interesting if he or she is a clergy, as it is an insult to the body of Christ to say such a thing to another person.

I Heard Your Favorite Child Is Also Liberal, Does That Make Him Libtard?

You can use everything tool around to counter the utterance of anyone who calls you a libtard. Hopefully, if his or her child supports the Liberal cause, then you make mention of it.

It will make them recluse for a while and think before talking because the term is also encompassing a valued part of their life.

Your Wife Is Friends with Me, I Guess That Also Makes Her Libtard Too

Just like the previous response, you can use the fact that the person’s wife is friends with you to counterattack his utterance.

If he loves his wife, he will either stop calling you that or just leave because he just made a mockery of the mother of his kids.


We’ve come to the end of the list of possible responses which you can use when someone calls you a libtard.

These responses consist of mild and savage replies, so do make sure you understand the atmosphere before using any of them to reply when someone calls you a libtard.

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