25 Things To Say When Someone Calls You Slow

You might be on your grind and someone calls you slow for no reason. It can be abusive, demeaning, and downright condescending.

This article is fully packed with 25 of the best replies you can use When someone calls you slow.


25 Things To Say When Someone Calls You Slow

I may be slow, but I get there eventually.

One thing you can say when someone calls you slow is saying I may be slow, but I get there eventually. 

This comeback is a good way to repel any insult that is thrown your way. It shows them you acknowledge you are slow, but it doesn’t stop you from reaching your goals. 

They will feel bad about calling you slow with such a comeback from you. This will stop any future attacks on you from them.

Don’t you know that slow and steady wins the race?

You don’t know that slow and steady wins the race. When someone calls you slow. 

Being called slow can be an insult to your nature, and this reply tells them it doesn’t affect your outcome in life. 

It shows them you have more understanding of yourself and can’t be bothered by what they say. Being slow is an added advantage here, and it gives you the confidence to always excel.

I like to take my time and do things right

When someone calls you slow, you tell them you prefer to take things slow and do it right. 

We know going hastily at things doesn’t always mean you will do it right. Here you are telling them you prefer to do things right and this means doing them slowly and intentionally.

 When you do this, you are making your stance known so that they don’t mess with your way of doing things.

Getting there first isn’t everything.

A worthy reply is telling them that getting there first isn’t everything. Some folks are so obsessed with being first at a task.

 They don’t mind the route or result as long as they come first. This approach isn’t always the smartest. When you reply this way, you are reminding them of this and telling them you have your methods. 

Don’t get bullied for using your methods if you are comfortable. Your continuation is the result needed to put any negative comments from them in check.

I will take my time, I am not in a hurry

A reply for someone that calls you slow is telling them you are not in a hurry. This shows that they are the ones in haste and not you. 

Whatever you are doing is working for you and is also right for you, so they should move along or wait with you. 

It is good to give people a sense of time when they resort to pushing you over your comfort zone. Your pace is yours and shouldn’t be forced to match anyone else’s.

I want results, not speed

Sometimes people don’t know the plans you have for a project or task so they Stump in and speak their unwanted opinions. 

When this happens, it’s good to remind them you are here for the result and not how fast you want to finish. 

Here, you are proving to them how mature you are and the childish nature of their statements. 

It shows them they lack the character to achieve something good and worthwhile, which is what you are after. They will take their lessons and cease bothering you in the future.

I don’t have a problem moving at this pace

When someone calls you slow, it’s usually because they want to make fun of your pace. 

When you reply to them by telling them you have no issue moving at a slow pace, it takes the mockery out of them. 

They can use it anymore to make a jest of you because you have declared it’s how you want to move. Taking your stance on your pacing is important, it prevents people from making useless assumptions about your life. 

The pace at which you move shouldn’t be the concern of anyone, especially if your word and theirs don’t intersect.

I am not interested in moving fast

People exist that don’t understand what it means to do things slowly and steadily. When they encounter patient and meticulous individuals, they lose all forms of decorum. 

They act out and show a side of themselves that is negative. Don’t let their statement deter you. This reply right here is a firm way you get your message across to them. 

It lets them know you know who you are and are not interested in hasty decisions or actions. Saying this will mellow out anyone who thinks it’s by speed alone.

I am not a slow person, I am deliberate

If someone calls you slow, you need to tell them what you are. Telling them you are not a slow person but a deliberate one is how you go about this. 

It shows them that what they observe as slow is you taking your good time in making intentional choices for yourself. 

A lack of thinking critically can lead to failure or unforeseen consequences. To avoid this, you have become deliberate in your ways and this statement is proof of that fact.

This is not a race or a competition

When someone calls you slow, it’s good to remind them you are not in a race or a competition with anyone. 

Things will have to be done properly and in your own time. Doing things hastily is not for you, and that’s what the reply shows. Failure to get this message across to them will expose you to frequent jest from them. 

This statement ensures that your voice and decision are firmly heard and understood. Anyone making fun of your pacing will think next time they try to slow shame you.

Please don’t hurry me

When someone calls you too slowly you can respond by telling them not to hurry you up. This response shows them you are in control of the situation and your actions. 

Anyone who would refer to you as slow doesn’t understand the details of what you are up to. To continue without constant jabs and intrusion, you tell them curtly not to hurry you. 

You explain to them you do not see the need to hurry. This should shut them up and you can expect them to be well-behaved in the future.

I can’t afford mistakes so I am taking my time

If you are called slow, you can reply by saying you are only taking your time because you want to get it done right.

When jobs and tasks are done in a hurry, there are often bound to be mistakes. Your response shows that you are a master at what you do.

Experience has taught you to take your time when dealing with sensitive tasks. When they are informed of this habit by you, they will feel shame for calling you slow. Nobody enjoys making mistakes and only smart people try to avoid them.

I may be slow but I hit my goals, then fast and go nowhere

This reply is a burn to anyone that is calling you slow. It puts you above anyone who is calling you slow to mock or make fun of you. 

This shows that you are smart, witty, and funny too. There is no point in being fast when you don’t have a destination in mind. And by being slow and deliberate you can achieve your goals. 

This reply exposes them to the foolishness of the remark about you being slow.

Being slow is how you get quality stuff done

This reply refers to one more advantage of taking your time to achieve a task or goal. It’s a reminder to the speaker that, slow intentional actions handle quality work. 

If you speed through a process, there are bound to be cracks and inferior work done. This reply firmly states your position on the way you prefer to do your things.

 It shows them that your methods should not be questioned because you deliver quality results.

I enjoy being thorough and meticulous

Sometimes people who don’t understand your thought process or method call you slow. 

What they need is an education in the proper way of doing things and this reply answers that for them. It tells them you are an individual who has a process that is thorough and very meticulous. 

What they see as slow is a process they cannot comprehend because they are used to doing things differently. This informs them that others may have their way of doing things without being called out for it.

Look around you, I am not trying to impress anyone

When someone calls you slow, you reply to them by saying that you are not here to impress anyone by being fast. 

This is not a race and there is no first position. A reply like this removes them from the false sense of reality or perception they have about the task, job, or situation. 

Such people always compete. They go a long way to appear or come out first, wanting to please everyone and themselves. With a reply like this, you are reminding them not everything is one.

I am slow but I can beat you and place

When someone calls you slow and you want a challenge, this reply right here is what you will need. 

Here you are showing them that your slow nature is still better than theirs and they can’t hold a light to you. It’s a boastful way to turn down anyone making fun of you. 

This will cause them to be embarrassed and they will refrain from calling you out. Sometimes it’s good to arm your confidence and face anyone that wants to talk down on you.

You are clear that being fast doesn’t make your bright

If you are looking for a reply that packs a punch it’s this right here. It tells the speaker that they are fast but dim-witted.

If being slow makes you smart, then it’s better than being fast and stupid. 

Anyone to whom you reply with such a statement will be taken aback and never try to insult you again.

 Being called stupid casually hurts, and no one should call another person slow. If you need a comeback, this is for you.

I am not slow; I just take my time in deciding.

It’s common to find people these days with short attention spans and always making decisions on a whim. 

This has eaten deep in modern society; people call you slow for critical thinking. A reply like this reinstates that old way of doing things. 

It tells the speaker that you are different and only take decisions that you have thought over carefully. 

Hasty decisions never pan out. They provide a result that crumbles because they lack the quality slow, deliberate planning will give you. This reply will boost your confidence and never feel ashamed for being intentional.

I have got all the time in the world

Telling them you have got all the time in the world is a good comeback when someone calls you slow.

 It’s a way of showing your resolve and keeping in agreement with your actions despite what other people are saying. It shows the speaker that, no matter what they say you will not be swayed by their words. 

If they call you slow, it’s only because you have all the time and are not in a hurry to go anywhere. This will ensure they take a step back from disturbing you.

I am patient while you are not

If someone calls you slow, it’s only right if you call them impatient. 

Everything is about perspectives, and from where you are you can tell that they are very impatient people.

This reply from you will put them back in their places, allowing you the time to do what you have to do. Most times when people call you slow it’s because they can’t deal with taking time out for something. 

They have a belief that everything must be rushed.

I refused to be hurried

You will be called slow by a person who wants to hurry you up from doing what you are doing. 

This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Telling them you refused to be hurried is a good response. 

It gets them off your back and you have time to think properly as you work. A reply like this shows them that their presence is a disturbance to you. 

This makes them leave you alone to work at the pace that suits you best.

I am not slow; I just look before I leap.

A reply to someone calling you slow is telling them you are just a deliberate person who looks before they leap.

I believe this is something anyone who calls you slow hearts. They need to understand that judging statements about another person are not cool and aren’t tolerated. A reply like this also marks them as less intelligent. 

This is because smart people are supposed to look before they leap while also recognizing those who behave in this manner. Their lack of insight allows them to call you slow.

I have no interest in speeding things up and crashing

Just like a car, speeding gets you nowhere fast. You end up crashing and not arriving at your destination. 

When someone calls you slowly, a reply like this reminds them that as they hurry, they are most likely going to crash.

 Your methods may seem slow but you are moving steadily in the right direction. What they see as slow is their lack of foresight.

If this doesn’t suit you, come back later

This reply is best when you are called slow because they want to pressure you into seeing the immediate result. 

Here you are telling them to take their impatience and come back when you are done. Spectators are always there to point fingers without doing the work, and so is anyone calling you slow.


We have written the best reply when someone calls you slowly. 

Take anyone from our range of choices and use them where they are appropriate. Do not change yourself because of the statement from other people, it’s their lack of intentions that lead them to call you slow.

When you reply firmly and confidently, they will think twice about making fun of your methods.



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