What Do You Reply When Someone Says “I’m All Yours?”

Many times, a lot of people tend to make statements that often leave you thinking, ‘where’s that coming from?’

Usually, such proclamations are said from a place of deceit or exaggerated importance so the effect also sways as it is different.

This is the same thing that applies when someone makes such an important statement as saying I’m all yours.

The irony of this statement is that can either look genuine when said with the right body language, but without it, it sounds too good to be true and lame also.

Because of this, some people find it hard to snap out of the moment when someone tells them I’m all yours.

In this article, I’ll be walking you throw some cool responses to I’m all yours. I’d advise you to stick with me as you pack up the things you can.

20 Things to Say When Someone Says ‘I’m all Yours’

Knowing what to say in any given situation shows how reserved and versed in life. The same thing happens with the subject of this post.

If you’re not good with responses, then I’ll be giving you back your voice with these replies.

The responses are grouped into two, depicting responses that suit a specific emotional reaction toward the statement. Here they are.

  1. Awww… that’s so sweet of you
  2. I feel so loved right now
  3. You didn’t have to do that
  4. I appreciate your remark
  5. Thanks, mate
  6. And, I’m all yours too
  7. I’m lucky to have you
  8. And you won’t regret being in my care
  9. I’ll take good care of you
  10. Say no more
  11. I don’t get you
  12. You don’t mean it?
  13. How do you mean?
  14. I’d really wish I believe you right now
  15. If you’re expecting a response, go back to dreaming
  16. Don’t joke with me
  17. stay away, you unintelligent person
  18. I wish I can say the same to you
  19. I’ll give thought to doubt about that
  20. I’ve been told the same by better. What makes yours genuine?

Awww… That’s So Sweet of You

There’s a clear possibility that the person who says ‘I’m all yours’ has a love interest in you. It doesn’t end there, he or she is likely deep in whatever entanglement you guys are into.

This response stands for two things; it shows that you acknowledge the person’s feelings for you.

On the bright, it might be you’re in a relationship with the speaker, with whom you were in an argument earlier.

To reiterate their love and commitment to you, he or she might say I’m all yours. Likewise, you can employ this response to show you’re appreciative of the person’s proclamation.

I Feel So Loved Right Now

What Do You Reply When Someone Says "I’m All Yours?"

Right here, is another response that I fashioned to meet the need of lovebirds. This means that it is specially made for when you’re in a mutual love affair with the speaker.

If you examine this response closely, you’ll identify that it has some kind of feminine correlation.

This means it is best used by the ladies when their spouse proclaims or reiterates how much means to her when he says I’m all yours.

You in turn can capitalize on this line of response to show you fancy the remark and not only that; this line serves as feedback as to how you feel upon hearing the statement I’m all yours.

You Didn’t Have to Do That

Do you want to spice things up by showing a bit of surprise? If so, then you have to use this line of response to do that for you.

It also depicts how averagely impressed you are. In other words, this line of reply starts with an uphill excitement and resolve as a downhill averaged impression.

In another sense, using this response is in a bid to manipulate the person into believing you are awed by their statement.

You can pull the string if you know how to combine convincing body language/expression and a fairly convincing response. With that said, I believe this line of response is really good.

I Appreciate Your Remark

Being appreciative of the person’s statement is another way to show a positive remark. The employment of thankfulness is fostered by the need to be simplistic.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like much of the talking than doing then you can use this line of response.

As a girl, you can as well use this line if the statement is coming from someone who is crushing on you.

With this response, you neither castigate the admirer nor did you give him hope. It is just a simple free-flowing response.

Thanks, Mate

Have you ever been talking to someone, probably your buddy and he doesn’t seem to dig what you said?

It may even be that his attention is not with you, as he could be trapped scrolling through the endless feed of some sort of social media app.

When this happens, you often get made. Perhaps, the discussion was crucial and he didn’t attempt to pay heed.

This is a different feeling when you have someone who would say I’m all yours after you have asked for their attention concerning something.

You will feel important and it’s worth it to give you attention. Therefore, this might be your response on this first instance when the person says this to signal their full attention to you.

And, I’m all yours too

They say respect is reciprocal, well giving is also reciprocal. When someone gives you their whole being by saying I’m all yours; he or she expects you to return the favor.

Most times, a lot of people turn down this reparation and it leads to the feeling of rejection and dejection for the speaker.

I’d have to believe you are not out to ruin the emotional balance of someone who says they are all yours.

Therefore, you can reciprocate their gesture by telling them you’re also all theirs. This line is the perfect pick if you choose to go down this lane.

I’m Lucky to Have You

There’s a place for you to give accolades to the person who says they’re all yours. Saying you’re lucky to have them shows that you’re placing value on their name and status. It also implies how important the speaker is to you.

Aside from that, it is a show of positive acceptance from you regarding the person’s proclamation.

And You Won’t Regret Being In My Care

You can also throw in a bit of assurance in your attempt to offer a nice response when someone says I’m all yours. With this line, you’re assuring the person that you won’t let them down as they become all yours.

When you say this, the speaker will be relieved of any feeling of doubt regarding what they had just said to you.

I’ll take Good Care of You

What Do You Reply When Someone Says "I’m All Yours?"

Just like the previous response, this line of reply shows you pledge to take good care of the speaker.

If you must use this as what you would say, make sure you have what it takes to champion the struggle of being there for someone always.

Say No More

If you’re looking for a desirable response to give when you feel not too overwhelmed by the speaker’s statement, then you should consider this line.

It is almost like a hush on the speaker, probably because you want to contain your reaction.

I Don’t Get You

On the flip side of finding someone saying ‘I’m all yours’ fancy, there are people who do not find potential in the statement.

They doubt its ingenuity and if you’re one of those people, this particular line should be your first response.

By saying you don’t understand the person; it shows how insensitive the person’s statement appears to you.

This response also shows that the person in question might even have a problem with being communicative. The main aim of using this response is to dispose of anything concerning what the person has just said.

You Don’t Mean It?

Another simple yet embarrassing way to respond when someone says I’m all yours is this line of response. It is not only clear-cut, but it is also a mockery of the person’s seriousness.

You can use this line of response if you have no iota of trust in the person who just said they’re all yours.

Perhaps, the person is an infidel boyfriend or cheating wife. You can employ this response alongside the previous response, to give you the desired result.

The response is sort of a rhetorical question, so you may or may not be expecting a response from the speaker after saying it.

How Do You Mean?

What Do You Reply When Someone Says "I’m All Yours?"

This is another question in this list of things to say when someone says I’m all yours. But this time around, we’re dealing with a real-time question that requires a response.

By asking this question, you appeal to hear more of the speaker’s statement and it shows that you do not grasp the proclamation in the first instance.

Therefore, it means that as concise as the person’s statement is; you still find it questionable probably from the view that you don’t like it.

To this question, the speaker could make an effort to give you an understandable explanation, or he or she will back down if they sense you’re just joking with them.

I’d really wish I Believe You Right Now

The reward for breaking trust is that you won’t ever be trusted again. While it is of huge importance, some people neglect it and keep trying to get back into the lives of people they had betrayed.

You might be caught up in such a circumstance where a cheat of an ex shows up months later to proclaim how much they loved you.

The person can even go to the extent of saying I’m all yours, to add purpose to his or her plea to be taken back.

If you’re expecting a Response, Go Back to Dreaming

Sometimes, when we get angry we tend to respond bitterly to some questions or remarks. That’s what you can do with this response, as it is something you can throw in to ‘close the bet’.

As a banger response, saying this means you do not fancy their statement. It could even suggest that they’re fakes for saying that, as you do not buy it.

Don’t Joke With Me

Sometimes you have to be the blunt, straightforward person ever. That’s the energy I need you to incorporate in this line of response.

This is because it’s plain that bemoan the speaker’s statement. It also means you don’t see yourself falling for such a lame line.

Stay away, You Unintelligent person

Clearly, this line of response is meant for you to use against those guys who are bent on being creepy on a woman. From the context of this line, you can suggest that it is meant to be wielded by women.

So, you’re telling the person to stay off and spare you the gospel of love. This is pretty much a quick way to make someone cut the long talk about being all yours.

I Wish I Can Say the Same to You

I guess you’ve heard about unrequited love, well this line is packed with an unrequited gesture. If you’re not feeling the person who is saying they’re all yours, you can count on this line to let them know.

This line is an even polite way of passing this ‘would-be’ a rather painful message of unrequited gesture.

I’ll give a Thought at Doubt About That

You have your life to live and there’s always room to doubt when someone makes a huge proclamation saying they are all yours.

It is just a healthy measure to make sure you’re compatible enough to give the speaker a chance, over what is technically a loving gesture.

I’ve been told the same by Better. What Makes Yours Genuine?

Just like you can doubt it when someone says they’re all yours; you can also question the statement.

Using this line, you bring the question to the fore and seek a convincing explanation from the speaker on why their statement is genuine.

Hopefully, he explains but if he doesn’t it shows the validity of your question.


This is the relapse of this post, which exposits on what you can say when someone says ‘I’m all yours’.

Like always, the answers are not parallel so that’s why I gave you two categories of responses solely based on your plausible cognitive response.

I believe you can now have something to say when someone says I’m all yours, so do not forget to hit the share icon and drop your comments below.

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