Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Doll?

Your boyfriend calling you a doll may take you by surprise, and you may have wondered what this means.

Does he mean I am a doll or do I have doll-like features? Fret not because when it’s your boyfriend calling you a doll and not a stranger, it is a sign he loves you.

Terms of endearment in the present relationship landscape have changed.

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Doll

Many terms have changed over the past decades. It is not strange to hear lovers, friends, and family call each other fondly using words that are not familiar.

Dolls are lovely, beautiful, perfect, and well-crafted items.

They have transitioned from just being toys, if your boyfriend calls you a doll, chances are he thinks you are cute like one.

It is used as a compliment referring to an exquisite woman. The term was more popular in the old days.

10 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Calls You Doll?

Has your boyfriend called you a doll recently? Or he has used it in the past and you are just curious about what It means.

Stay glued to this post, because I am going to tell you 10 reasons why your boyfriend calls you a doll.

Your boyfriend calls you doll because he is trying to impress you, he is an older guy, it’s a pet name for you, he thinks you look like a doll; he is captivated by you, it’s a love language, he calls every woman doll; he wants to make you angry; he wants PDA.

1. He is trying to impress you

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Doll

There is a high chance that your boyfriend is trying to impress you, that is why he calls you a doll.

Movies in the early ’90s were full of heroes calling beautiful damsels in distress dolls. It’s an old term that he hopes to use to impress you.

He has been influenced by the past and calls you a doll hoping you will catch the drift.

In every relationship, simple acts such as this help to keep things interesting always. By doing this, your boyfriend has made you smile and also feel loved.

If this term is used for beautiful ladies, then he regards you as beautiful. Calling you a doll is his way of telling you how he feels about you.

Also, any man who keeps trying to impress you is worthy of keeping in my books.

2. He is an older guy

What you may deal with is that your boyfriend is just from a different period.

This doesn’t mean he is a dinosaur, but it shows that he was born in an era where calling a woman a doll was the norm. If you are certain of his age, then this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If your boyfriend was born some few decades back, he will use terms he is more familiar with.

This means he sees nothing by it when he calls you a doll. If you feel he should change, then let him know his acting like a grandpa and call with modern pet names.

3. It’s a pet name for you

He calls you doll face because it’s a pet name for you.

This has been a common practice since people fell in love. It bonds those in a relationship by making each person feel special and loved.

When he calls you a doll, he means this is a pet name. Affectionate and cute words have a way to soften the heart, telling your partner that you are for them alone.

This would only sound strange to you because you are not familiar with being called a doll.

Understand that terms of endearment are more sentimental in value. It’s the sentiment attached to the name that often matters and not what it looks like.

Tell him to explain why he chose the word doll, this would show you how much care and love was put behind the name.

4. He wants to observe your reaction

Your boyfriend seeks to introduce a new dynamic in your relationship, so he calls you strange names to see how you will react.

Being called a doll is new to you. The reference is not familiar, and he knows this about you.

By calling you a doll he hopes to see if you understand the term or would find it likable.

This will tell him whether to continue calling you or switch to another name. If you understand he means to be affectionate, there is more joy in reciprocating his feelings.

5. He thinks you look like a doll

Don’t be surprised that the reason your boyfriend calls you a doll is that you remind him of one. Dolls come in almost all shapes and sizes and have similar peculiar properties and features.

They are beautiful, smooth, and cute human-shaped items.

Your boyfriend is being quite literal in this case because your physique may be very similar to a doll’s.

He fancies it to get a laugh or joke from you if he refers to you as one. Sometimes it’s a harmless joke, but if you feel a bad vibe, tell him.

6. He is captivated by you

Your boyfriend is captivated by you, so he calls you a doll face. Some of us still hold sentimental feelings about dolls we have as children, even giving some names.

This is the same effect you have on your boyfriend, and he expresses this by calling you a doll.

This is a sign that he loves you immensely and is not willing to let you go. He doesn’t go around calling other women dolls, and doing this for you is special treatment.

7. It’s a love language

The choice of him calling you a doll and a love language, he means to tell you he loves you fiercely.

There are many forms of love language, different ways exist through which one person can let others know how they feel.

Selecting beautiful sentimental names for a lover or partner is a common love language.

The good thing about having this knowledge is that you can now reciprocate this feeling. Speak the language of love by telling him how much you love him too.

8. He calls every woman doll

Your boyfriend uses dolls to refer to women, that’s why he calls you a doll.

This doesn’t have to be s^xist, many men especially older folks used the term when referring to the female gender.

If you are a kind and lovable person, chances are you will get called a doll a lot.

Your boyfriend uses this term with female friends and co-workers alike.

So when he calls you a doll, it has no deep meaning. This is just another habit for him. However, if you dislike the term, tell him and have a conversation about this.

9. He wants to get you angry

He knows you are a feminist and calls you a doll to get you angry.

Modern women and feminists detest men calling any woman doll. They claim are; it sells misogyny and puts down anyone who calls them a doll.

Observe the circumstance in which he calls you a doll, is it after a fight? Or an argument?

When your boyfriend knows your triggers, he will use this opportunity to get your emotions hot.

What you can do is sort out your differences by having a calm discussion. Attempts to get revenge only make things worse.

10. He wants a public display of affection

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Doll

Don’t be surprised to know that he calls you a doll because he wants to let others see you display affection in public.

PDAs are not only characterized by physical touching; it involves verbal display too. When he calls you a doll in the presence of your family, friends, neighbors, etc. he is displaying his love for you openly.

This action is also a clear message to other men to stay clear of you. It is how he shows possession of you without the traditional hugs and kisses.

Check out his response when you reciprocate such a display of affection. He will visibly shower you with more pet names.


Being called a doll by your boyfriend is a cute gesture. Dolls are associated with love, beauty, loyalty, and care.

So, when he calls you a doll, this emotion and many others like it are what he feels and they are all channeled towards you.

They are reasons why he would do this which we have discussed above and any of the ten would be reason enough.

Pet names are usually the most common reason because we attach special names to people we love.

If you have been confused about why this has happened, I hope this post has cleared any of your confusion.

However, if you feel offended by this term, understand that perspective is everything. If you choose to see this action from him as a positive thing, it will be a positive thing for your relationship.

Don’t respond to random strangers calling you a doll. This is because the term is only reserved for those special to you.

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