What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty?

Having social virtues is a good thing, especially when it has to do with being fearless. The allure gets stronger and more pronounced when people start to appreciate, or rather recognize, this virtue of yours.

How should I react if I am called feisty? What should be my response? I’ve heard people say all this when the word ‘feisty’ is used to acknowledge their resilience of not giving in to pressure.

Your ability to stand anybody is a great thing and you should be somewhat grateful and also try to encourage others to follow in the same footprints.

However, in the light of having nothing to say when somebody calls you feisty; I will be giving you some clues on how to reply to anybody who calls you feisty.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

There are a couple of responses that you can throw in when somebody calls you feisty. The word itself embodies your determination not to give up in heated circumstances like an argument.

You can start by saying thank you and I appreciate your compliment. You can go extra by saying; you’re observant, I like that, Are you always this sensitive? Or you can even say things like, please don’t flatter me; you seem to know a lot about people.

If you want to be more indulged, you can say, who told you that? Other replies like why do you say so? What does being feisty mean? Hope I’m not too hard with words.

I guess that’s what being resilient means, isn’t it? Hope you know it can help you defeat low esteem. I guess that’s enough for a piece of an iceberg. Why don’t you continue reading to discover other interesting replies?

I Guess I Should Say Thank You

This is naturally a first respondent reply that you can utter when someone calls you feisty. It is a calculated response, which means you think you should say thank you but don’t know if it’s entirely cool to do so.

The reason for this is that being feisty means a lot of things to a lot of people. It could mean that you can tease to some and others might take it that you’re mildly stubborn and unyielding.

So to clear the air, without actually uttering a wrong appreciative statement, the above reply is the best fit for the situation.

Appreciate Your Compliment

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

You can say this response if you’re sure that the ‘feisty’ term was used positively by the speaker. Probably to capture your resilience and undying spirit as a man or woman.

I discovered the feisty tag is usually used for women who know how to stand up for themself without being rude or withdrawn.

If you fit into the aforementioned description, then saying ‘I appreciate your compliment’ is a good way to show gratitude for the recognition.

What Does Being Feisty Mean?

I believe that not everyone is conversant with the word feisty. Even if you’ve heard of it before, you may not know its contextual meaning.

So when someone calls you feisty and you happen not to know what it means, you can ask the person about the meaning of being feisty. It doesn’t degrade you in any form. After all, nobody knows it all.

You’re Observant, I Like That

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

Mentioning that the speaker is quite an observant person is not a bad reply after all. It shows that you’re also trying to hand over some accolades to him or her for figuring you out with the word ‘feisty’.

You are also adding to their portfolio of figuring things out…lol. You should also say this reply to prove that you’re impressed.

Are You Always This Sensitive?

Asking the above question as a reply is a good start on responding to someone who calls you feisty. This is because it is almost hard to distinguish between a rude person and someone who is go-getting.

Since being feisty is mostly associated with being aggressive, the person’s ability to draw a thin line should prompt her to ask as a reply.

You Seem To Know a Lot about People?

I bet by now, you’re already wondering why most replies to being called feisty are all in the form of questions. The reason is that the subject of being feisty is not your regular case of deliberation.

So when somebody says that to you, you tend to query how much he or she knows about humans to have come up with such a term for you.

Giving this type of reply to the person can prompt a proper discussion that can lead to deeper revelations.

Are You Serious Right Now?

Some people tend to like joking around with words, and such people can come up with the initiative that you’re feisty.

Asking if they’re really serious might be your way of knowing the joke from the real deal. So, do not hesitate to ask the commentator if they’re being serious when they called you feisty. This call you will decipher.

Please, Don’t Flatter Me

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

Do you know a lot of guys find feisty girls or ladies attractive? This is because this group of women are bossed up and know how to stand their ground.

If you are a woman and you’re called feisty by a guy, it could be that he’s showing interest in you through that proclamation. Therefore, as a swift response, you can tell him not to flatter you. You should use the word ‘please’ to show your mildness and gentle approach.

I Do not Agree with You, It’s Not a Character I Possess

A quick and concise denial can help out in this case, especially if you know yourself too well. Someone might call you based on the attitude you exhibited at the moment.

If this is not who you are, then there is no harm in addressing the case altogether. Saying I do not agree with you, is a smooth statement to disagree with the ‘feisty’ compliment.

While saying ‘it is not a character I possess’ is also a good way of denying the fact of you being feisty.

Hope I’m not too hard With Words

There is an uncommon idea and view that those who are referred to as feisty are a bit aggressive. So you can reply by asking the speaker if you’re too hard with your words.

This is especially if the person picked up this trait of you being feisty from your choice of words. You can ask if you’re sounding too harsh because that’s what most people think when you’re called feisty.

Asking this question doesn’t make you any bad or unsure of yourself, it’s an attempt to hear what others have to say about you.

Hope You Know This Can Help You Defeat Low Esteem?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

I don’t know how true this is, but there is a flying story that those tagged feisty barely have issues of low self-esteem.

I’ve discovered that their reason for acting upon the form which earns them the feisty tag, is because they do not want to appear weak or lowly motivated.

You can use this as your response to your commentator, to emphasize the good accompanied by being feisty.

Why Do You Say So?

Furthermore, you can ask why they said so, as a response to someone who calls you feisty. The reply is meant to derive the reason why the person calls you so.

Who Told You That?

There are other replies which you can use as a response to the said subject matter. I presume that in some cases, the person who calls you feisty could be a person who you just met.

In awe, you can ask, who told you that? First, you’re showing your bewilderment at how he or she figured out that you’re feisty even though they have little knowledge about you. And secondly, you’re trying to find out if someone told them about you.

I Guess You Are Too

It often takes a conman to detect a conman, as it can also take a feisty person to detect that another person is feisty.

This can be your response when someone calls you feisty and you think he or she also fits into the term.

Isn’t That Also What Strong-willed People Are Called?

Feisty individuals are known for their strong will, resilience, and stubbornness in a good way. Although some might do this to avoid being intimidated, others simply want to make a point and stand by it.

The above reply is in solidarity with the strong will of those who are known as feisty.

Am I Supposed To Be Happy About It?

I understand that some people despise name-calling, no matter the intent behind it. If you fall under this category, you can adopt this response as a quick intervention to question the goodness of the statement when someone calls you feisty.

You Could Be Too

The suspicion in the tone of this reply shows that you are insinuating that the person who called you feisty could also be one. This can be true, as it can take a feisty person to know truly if another man is feisty.

I Hope That Is Not Derogatory?

If you’re unsure of the meaning of feisty, like most people claim to be, then this reply is your best response when someone calls you feisty. This response aims to get them to walk you through what it means to be feisty.

Oh, I Thought the Same

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

Have you been thinking about your actions lately? If you suspect that you’re acting feisty, then you can reply with this when faced with the subject matter. It is a kind of clarification to hear from someone else that you are feisty.

I Just Hope You Are Anything Better?

Have you ever been in a situation with a critic who has something good or bad to say about everything? However, if this is the type of person that called you feisty, you can use the above question as a befitting reply.

I Have Been Getting That a Lot Lately

This response is going to be fitting if you’ve been called feisty recently. You’re meant to inform the speaker that he or she is not the first to say it, so there’s no amazement in it.

You Don’t Seem Far From That Too

This is a far better reply if you suspect that the speaker might also be feisty. As I’ve mentioned severally in this post; it takes a feisty person to discover another.

I Knew You Would Say That

If you have been having a nudge that someone, in particular, might make a such remark about you. Then, I think these responses suit best when he or she eventually calls you feisty.

Don’t You Think Courageous Would Be the Right Word?

I know a couple of my friends who would use feisty to qualify a courageous person. If you share in this school of thought, I don’t find anything wrong with using the above question as your response.

My Arguments Are Valid Though

The term ‘feisty’ has been severally used in the context of arguments, to prove the relentless contender who would rather continue arguing than accept defeat.

If you were called feisty in this type of situation, you can as well reply with ‘my arguments are valid though’… to prove your stand.

What Are You Trying To Prove With This?

Asking questions is one of the best ways of discovery. If you reply to the person’s statement with this question, you’re certainly in to get answers. If there’s a motive for the use of the ‘feisty’ term, the person will not hesitate to let you know.

Funnily, How You Can Figure Me Out, but Not Yourself

Do you want to get a bit unfriendly? Then I suggest you hold this reply dear to you. This is because it is a pure savage and might spark further uproar if care is not taken. But if you do not care for the outcome, do reply with this.

Calling Me Sweet Names Won’t Bite, Would It?

I have this friend who would mention how he loves the ‘boss lady’ type of woman. He meant it with all seriousness and such women are often tagged feisty.

Hence, if you got called feisty by a guy with a love interest, you can as him the above question as a response. He will smile and attempt to appease you with a better sweet name.

When will You Stop Using That Word on People?

Some people wouldn’t stop using a particular word or term on others until they exhaust the word. This happens mostly in a situation where the word was newly learned.

Feisty is not such a rampant word and people tend to start using it regularly when they know about it. You can use this as a response to anybody who called you feisty and also falls in this category.

I Would Rather Have You Call Me Something Else

What To Say When Someone Calls You Feisty

This is a simple and mild response that places you in the situation of requesting for a better word to be used on you. You can’t just take everything thrown at you, sometimes you can ask for more.


Feisty, courageous, fearless, resilient, etc… these are words that correlate and you can choose to react anyhow you wish when called any of these.

I drew the replies in this article from different angles and perspectives, so you can have a long list of options to pick from. I am certain you will find a response that matches the intent of its use.

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