What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser? (30 Best Replies)

People say things to us based on what they think they know or have seen us do. They can come up with different tags for you, with the sole aim of knocking you off balance.

Whether what they say is true or not, you have the right to defend yourself. If you don’t even try to, it might become obvious that they are not lying after all.

The question becomes; how do I stand my ground when someone calls me something as ridiculous as a poser? What should be my response, knowing full well I’m not one?

If you also have similar queries, then you’re at the right spot as this article provides you with several replies for anyone who calls you a poser.

30 Replies to When Someone Calls You A Poser

You can get called a poser in different instances, like being mistaken for someone else or appearing slightly unauthentic. Whatever the situation is, you can still reply to anyone who tries to place the ‘poser’ tag on you.

Here are replies that you can put up if the circumstance is that of mistaken identity; I’m sorry, but I think you’re mistaken. Do you even know me? I think there’s a mix-up somewhere. Are you sure you’re referring to me?

In cases of being unauthentic, you can add; You don’t look authentic yourself; I think we are all posers in some way. too. Don’t be too fast to judge, you could be guilty too. I guess no one has it all.

There are other replies, so read on to get acquainted with them.

I’m Sorry but I Think You’re Mistaken

Have you thought about notifying the speaker that they must be mistaken? Because it takes a lot of analysis to call somebody a poser.

Just because you’re wearing a skateboarder shirt doesn’t make you a poser, you might just be a newbie in the game. Posing this response to whoever calls you a poser will help make matters clearer on their side.

Do You Even Know Me?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

Most times, people just say things out of sheer assumption. Just like the case with new skateboarders which I will use as a reference, a total stranger can call you a poser without even knowing you or your motive for wearing a pair of vans sneakers and white socks with low-rise jeans.

You can use the above question as your first response in replying to the uninformed name caller.

I Think There’s a Mix-up Somewhere

If you want to clear the air before it gets tense up, you can tell the speaker that there must have been a mix-up somewhere.

Try to substantiate that the name-calling must’ve been a result of a mix-up due to misinformation or poor judgment.

I Think We Are All Posers in Some Way

Ever heard the axiom ‘everybody is a hypocrite’? If you have, cool but if you’ve not it’s also not a bad thing.

But my point is that you can capitalize on this same popular saying to reply to anyone who calls you a poser.

After all, he is not all perfect himself. This statement can make him or her drawback and examine the situation with caution of implicating him or herself.

You Don’t Look Authentic Yourself

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

It seems like the only set of people who call others posers are all authentic, but the truth is bitter and it happens that no one is that authentic.

Mentioning to the person that they don’t look authentic will send a message of ‘don’t you think we’re the same, to them.

Are you sure you’re referring to me?

You can feign absentmindedness when someone calls you a poser. Use the above question to achieve this feigning and watch the speaker either walk out in shame or pause the subject.

I’ve used this severally to show haters that I don’t care or I’m not attending to their hate utterances.

Don’t Be Too Fast to Judge, You Can Be Guilty Too

Don’t forget to mention to the speaker that they shouldn’t be too fast to judge you. Who knows, they may be guilty of the same offense they’re calling you poser.

So make sure you state this with a confirming voice and a tone that suggests you are not shaky about what you just said.

You can also pinpoint this using a biblical reference where one is instructed to desist from judging others.

Then I Guess No One Has It All

No one has it all, not even the richest man. If you’re being accused of being a poser, you can also mention this to the person as a form of defense.

You can further tell him or her that even the so-called authentic also has flaws or acts which is copied from others.

This response should be able to clear you off any checklist of posers or, better still, make the speaker drop that term as everybody gets caught up in it.

Do I Look Like I Care?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

You don’t care; I get it. Why not cement it with this reply that sounds like one derived from a sting operation?

If you offer this as a response when someone you a poser, it sends them a message of ‘this one is not buying the hate’. With this, you are sure to tell the speaker that you’re not letting the hate word get into your head.

I Don’t Want to Banter Right Now

This is a simple reply with a simple motive behind it. If you do not want to raise eyebrows or have people’s attention drawn to the teeming altercation, then you should gently tell the person that you are not in for any scuffle at the moment.

If the situation doesn’t die down, just leave after saying your piece.

You Can Say All You Want

You can also tell the person that they’re free to say anything they wish. The bottom line of the matter is that you care less.

If you are to adopt this, be rest assured that the person might let all hell loose, so be prepared to leave the scene. The better part is that you didn’t keep mute.

I’m Just a Newbie in Skateboarding, so Not a Poser

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

There’s this ideology that there are posers among skateboarders, like those who claim to be one when they’re not.

Another reason why people are called posers is when they’re perceived as those who skateboard because it looks cool and not for the love of it.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can rewrite the narration and view by telling the person that you’re just a beginner and do not deserve to be tagged a poser. This should be able to clear off the air.

I Don’t Need Your Confirmation

You can kindly state to the person who calls you a poser that you do need not validation to be anything you want.

They’re just observers and onlookers and will remain such because you don’t need their validation. This response is best targeted if you do not care about the view of others regarding your lifestyle or subculture.

You’re Free to Say anything, so No Hard Feelings Here

Giving back the power of speech to anyone who calls you a poser seems to be a reassuring act. With this above reply, you’re sure to prove to the speaker that you hold nothing against them for calling you a poser.

This way, they get the message that you do not care about what they say and as such can stop doing that anyway.

Well, I Never Saw That Coming

When someone who you don’t think would call you a poser does, you can use this response to them. It posits that you did not expect to get that remark from them or at that moment in time.

Why Do You Care So Much?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

You can ask this question as a response when someone calls you a poser. This can be a definite response if the person in question does not show any sign of prior concern.

If the person has not been caring all this while, why now? So, you can make a case and respond through this realization.

Seems like you’ve been studying me

There are a bunch of replies out there and this one here is no different. It is just a proclamation that you can use against the speaker.

Your statement suggests that they have been studying you, enough for them to conclude that you’re a poser.

You’re So Full of Drama

You can stick it to the face of anyone who calls you a poser, that they’re being overly dramatic. I mean, a normal person would not go about calling others a poser if they are not full of drama.

So you can reply to anyone who called you a poser by telling them that they’re so full of drama, so they can stop calling you the bad name after all.

I’m a Sincere Fan, Not a Poser

In the case of being called a poser because you are perceived to be a fake skateboarder, you can reinstate your stand in the argument by giving a response that places you as just a sincere fan and not a poser or faker.

At least, this helps you pick a stand and be firm by it. It also proves to the accuser that they might be wrong by saying you’re a poser.

How About You Examine Yourself First?

Based on the idea of everyone being a hypocrite, you can also direct the same energy to this response which suggests that your accuser should take the first dose at examining their self before thinking of judging you or placing some kind of a funny tag of being a poser on you.

Who knows, the person might take a step back after hearing this.

You Sound So Childish, Isn’t That the Term from 6TH Grade?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

Have you ever heard that calling someone a poser was very much prevalent during high school days? I remember how rich kids back then called those who try to appear rich posers and shame them.

Whether you had the experience or not, it wouldn’t be entirely off to use this as a response when someone calls you a poser.

Tell the person that the term is outdated and sounds too childish to be used by them. Watch them crawl back into their shell after this verbal roasting.

Do I Owe You Any Explanation?

Even if you do not owe the person any explanation, you can as well ask this question as a response when someone calls you a poser.

I’d believe that the first motive behind this name-calling is for you to come up with several reasons why you are not what he or she says.

Instead of giving them that, show them you owe them no details as to why you are or are not a poser.

You’re Not a Saint Either

Reminding the speaker that they’re no saint when it comes to faking things could be a relieving reply to throw in when someone calls you a poser.

I’m Proud of Whatever I Am

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

Are you proud of your actions and that you don’t feel intimidated by what others think or say? If yes, then hold this response dear to your heart because it will come in handy when someone calls you a poser.

Sounds like you’re Embittered by My Lifestyle

When someone calls you a poser; it is either they’re unhappy at how lavish your lifestyle is or they’re just embittered. If the latter is the case, then throw in some shade and respond to them with this above reply accordingly.

That’s Your View, Others Differ

I’ve tried doing this in other instances, and I don’t think it’s bad for you to employ the same strategy in this context.

When someone calls you a poser, don’t forget to make them understand that it’s just their view of you. It is not and doesn’t have to be the truth.

I Don’t Fake Anything

You can equally tell the person that you do not fake anything. If you choose to dress in a particular way that seems faked, then it means you chose to do it for yourself and not to impress anybody.

I Guess Keeping Quiet Will Make You Full (Fool)

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Poser

Do you need to go savage on the person? Don’t leave this reply out of your menu because it is a good one to startle anyone when somebody calls you a poser.

How’s that any of Your Concerns?

Good question, good motive, and with a great posture, I believe you will be able to send a strong message across to anyone who tries calling you a poser that it is none of their business.

I’m already used to That, Anything Else?

You can put a bit of feigning into good use here. Even if you’ve not heard anyone else call you a poser, you can use this reply to dismiss the conversation before it even starts.


This article has done justice at providing you with premium replies which can serve in both apologies, remorseful and savage capacities.

There is a long list of them to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the one which suits your situation the best. Don’t hesitate to share this post, if you find it informative.

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