What To Say When Someone Calls You a Jerk? (30 Best Replies)

There’s this thing about getting tagged with a certain term. While some people see it as a normal thing to place glaring tags on people, others tend to read a deeper meaning into it.

I know you might have been called names in one way or the other, but being called a jerk can make you question yourself. What was your response to such an annoying and bold remark?

Did you react furiously or did you become sober? Either way, you have to know what to say and how to say it when someone calls you a jerk.

Your response either reflects your remorse or expounds on your carefree attitude. This article will walk you through various responses which fit the circumstance when someone calls you a jerk.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You A Jerk

Being called a jerk suggests that you exhibit characteristics that can be likened to rudeness, being mean, selfish, manipulative, or even arrogant.

You can adopt any of the following responses if you feel unmoved about your actions; I’m unapologetically me. I don’t think loving myself is a crime. I am not a jerk. I’m just disciplined.

Is that your new term for a masculine man? Unbelievable! You cracked me up; it’s impressive how you try to figure me out.

If you’re looking for replies to caution the speaker, then you are also in for a treat. Some of these replies include; don’t you have better things to say? It takes a jerk to know another. I deserve better recognition.

On the other hand, you can choose to sound remorseful using any of these replies… I didn’t know I was this bad, is that how bad I’ve turned out to be?

I know, but how do I stop it? etc. Many more replies await you as you read through this post.

I Am Not a Jerk!

How about you adopt an instant denial as a quick response when someone calls you a jerk? Being called a jerk might be a misconception about your character on the side of the speaker, and denying that notion will help correct it.

It is also a good start point for the speaker to know that you’re not what he or she projects you to be.

Unbelievable! You Cracked Me Open

There is a group of people whose best work and game are in cracking up other people’s lives. They’re not good at figuring out their own lives because they are already busy doing that for others.

You can use this reply to remind the speaker that you are pretty much awed by their expertise in cracking you up.

I Deserve a Better Recognition

Why don’t we set the record straight with this response? As bold as it sounds, it is going to be a highly dignified point to make when you tell anyone who calls you a jerk that you deserve a better title.

Things like, don’t you have a better title? I don’t think that’s all you’ve got for a brave guy like me; these are all examples of how to rub in this reply, especially if the name-calling is coming from a girl you tried to woo.

Why Don’t You Stop Coming at Me?

I get it. They’re Angry, that’s why your friend keeps using that word on you. How about you ask them why they still do that when you might’ve ended the ill act that brought it up again?

This reply will lead to a discussion and don’t be afraid to talk it over.

Is That How Bad I’ve turned out?

You know, people often get so bad at something that they no longer see it. Your pickup lines for wooing a girl might have gone so dry that you don’t notice.

To this end, you might get called a jerk for trying too hard to get a girl with your now-lame lines. Simply asking the girl if that is how bad you’ve turned can be your first response, which can be followed by a smooth convo.

Don’t You Have Better Things To Say?

Yes, asking the speaker if that’s all they can say without being a bit sweet is another premium response worthy of adoption.

This question will supposedly make the person doing the name-calling rethink, and it’s the best opportunity to leave the premise to avoid a brawl.

I Am Not a Jerk, I’m Just Disciplined

Still on the denial part of the replies… what if you added a short note of what you are after denying being a jerk?

Several guys have been called jerks more than women, and I understand that these groups of men are mostly no-nonsense men who may not be into the regular scheme of things.

If you body this description, then you can use the above response to set things right.

Please, Don’t Call Me That

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Jerk

A gentle request that you’re in opposition to being called a jerk is not bad for a reply to give. After all, no one enjoys being called a jerk and I believe you concur, too.

I Didn’t Know I Was This Bad

Sometimes, denial affords you a fresh and clean starting point in any argument or conversation.

You can tell the person who calls you a jerk that you’ve been so busy doing other things that you did not even realize that you’ve gone so badly.

The bad virtue in this context could be arrogance or selfishness.

I’m Unapologetically Me

I don’t think you have to show any remorse when someone wrongfully calls you a jerk. See it as a remark coming from an embittered person, who is simply out to make you feel bad about yourself.

You may have those flaws, but don’t allow them to define you. Using the above response is a brilliant idea for doing this.

It’s Impressive How You Try to Figure Me Out

If someone calls me a jerk, probably a person with whom I’m not familiar; I will use the above response to give it to them for trying to figure me out.

Telling them how impressive they’ve tried is not a bad idea, but do not forget to also add that they’re wrong.

I Don’t Think Loving Myself Is a Crime

A lot of people have mistaken self-love for being selfish. While they are not far from being the same, it is not a good reason to call one a jerk.

But should in case this happens, you can still correct the speaker by telling them that they’re possibly on the wrong train. You’re just self-conscious and it has nothing to do with being selfish or worse, a jerk.

Would You Mind Saving Me the Swearing?

I wouldn’t mind requesting that the speaker should save you the swearing, and you should do the same. I don’t advocate keeping quiet and this response is way better than being mute.

It Takes a Jerk to Know Another

Do you have the intention of getting the person who calls you a jerk roasted? Look no further because this here is your blockbuster reply.

Only a greater number of jerks identify themselves, and it is not different from what he or she has just done by calling you a jerk.

Well, I Don’t Care

Do you care about being called a jerk? If not, why say anything else if not this? Once you’re done spitting it out, feign a grin and boldly walk off. They do not deserve to hear any other thing from you and you don’t owe them any explanation.

It’s My Life, Not Yours

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Jerk

Want to make the person that called you a jerk mind their business? Please do not forget to remind them that this is your life and not in any way theirs to interfere.

The good thing about this response is that you have no further explanations to drop, just say it and smirk.

It Seems You Have a Knack for Studying Me, Don’t Stop

If you’re dealing with a poker-nose-kinda person, you can briefly tell them that you’ve noticed their urge to study your life.

Adding the ‘don’t stop encouragement at the end of your speech is savage on its own.

Is That Your New Term for a Masculine Man?

I know many highly masculine men who have been allegedly called jerks by some feminist women and proverbial ‘simps’. If you fall into their description of ‘alpha’ male, your chance of being called a jerk due to your strict rules with women is high.

In response, you can ask the above question as a zip-up reply to anyone who calls you a jerk.

You Mistook My Bluntness for Rudeness

Have you been so frank with your thoughts and words that someone around takes it as rudeness and calls you a jerk? Don’t worry about it, it’s a misunderstanding on their part.

The only thing left to do now is to tell the person that you’re just being candid and didn’t mean to be rude, hence undeserving of being called a jerk. That should be able to carpet any looming argument due to the name-calling.

You’re not Even Better

Those who often criticize and look at the flaws of others are not clean themselves. You should be able to make anyone who calls you a jerk. Understand this.

Your speech should be bold and straight to the point. ‘You’re not even better or you’re not so good yourself’ are two good statements to drive this message home.

Stop Making Me Feel Bad

Do you want to play cool and nice? You don’t want any form of further misunderstanding to creep in. Then I guess this should be your response to anyone who calls you a jerk.

This is meant to be fashioned for the ladies, who would not trade their happiness over a little argument.

Am I Supposed To Be Sorry About That?

This question cracks me up easily because it is rhetoric and also puzzling. If you ask anyone who calls you a jerk, this question as a response, they’ll leave you.

First, it makes them look Ridiculous, and second, they’ll become Ridiculous to answer that question.

I’m Sorry for Not Being What You Expect

I don’t know how you’ll feel about offering an apology to the person who calls you a jerk. It can be your girlfriend who thought you were acting in the opposite of what she thought.

You can reply with this response, explaining that you never meant to fall short of her expectation.

Best Watch Your Tongue!

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Jerk

My intention with this response is not meant to make you look like a bad boy or rude girl, but if you want a pester to stop calling you a jerk, you should adopt this.

It is both commanding and concise, so the person knows you’re not taking any of their bad energy.

I’m Sorry, I Never Knew You Would Take It That Way

Still on the apologies… it is never a sign of weakness to say ‘sorry’, especially when you’re at fault. It is rather a sign that you are conscious of your mistake. So you can reply in this way to show your remorse.

How Best Can I Apologize?

On some rare occasions, saying sorry is not enough. You will need a more gratifying response to appease someone who calls you a jerk on the basis that you wronged them.

Asking for a better way of apologizing can fit in as what you can say when you are called a jerk.

I’m Trying Not to Be One, Any Clues on How To?

Another thing you need to understand as someone who has been called a hurtful name due to an ill act is that asking for pointers from the speaker can make things a bit relieving for you.

Use the response above and ask for clues on how to avoid being called a jerk next time.

I’m Sorry, I Wasn’t Raised Like This?

Apologies! Apologies!! You should not run dry of them if you’re the one at fault or you’re guilty of being called a jerk.

Why Would You Call Me That?

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Jerk

Asking questions on why the speaker picks a jerk’ as the best term to use on you could be your reply. You should not relent until you get to the bottom of it.

Can You Get Straight to the Point, I Don’t Like Name Calling

I’ve heard friends joke around with name-calling, only to tell you the main deal. If you’re dealing with such a person, I’d best advise you to tell them to get right to the point of striking up a conversation and leave out the name-calling.


You would be in a big mess if you kept mute while being demoralized by getting called a jerk. Onlookers will shudder at why you didn’t pick a stand.

But if you adopt any of these things to say and become firm in what you think, they’ll certainly respect you for it. If you are at fault, there are replies for you; as well as for those who are wrongly accused.

You should not forget to share with your friends and family if you find this post helpful.

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