What Does It Mean When A Guy Sighs Around You? Here’s What We Know!

Guys often talk about how girls confuse them to no end. But the truth of the matter is that girls find some things that guys do confuse as well and would love to have help reading what guys do.

In this article, we take a look at the peculiar and dynamic situation where a guy sighs around you, a girl. If you are experiencing this now, you likely wonder what it means.

A guy sighs around you maybe because he is stressed out, overworked, wants your attention, is in love, is sick, or will simply miss you when you leave soon.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Sighs Around You

Read on to find out which of these 10 meanings stated below applies to your special circumstances.

1. Dealing With You Stresses Him Out

What Does It Mean When A Guy Sighs Around You

This meaning is applicable if the guy could be anyone from someone in your class, is involved in a group thing with you, or is your coworker.

If this phenomenon happens only with you, only when you show up then it is very likely that he is not so cool being around you. He finds relating with you stressful.

One of the pointers for this is if he says less after sighing or keeps mum and wouldn’t share his ideas in the group. If he keeps you at arm’s length after sighing then this is your answer.

Likely Circumstances:

Watch out for situations like when you are in a group and he appears or you do. If you’ve had an altercation in the past. If he’s your coworker, watch to see if he does this with other colleagues.

2. You Overwork Him

So he’s your colleague at work and has been working long hours. Or more appropriately you are his superior, or the head of his team and you have saddled him with so much work recently and he sighs when he’s around you without even being aware of it.

In this case, you’d have to discuss the matter with him or simply reduce how much you require him to do. Most of us don’t like work and would love to lounge and watch TV all day.

For him, it’s just a reaction and has nothing to do about how he perceives you.

Likely Circumstances:

Do you work in the same office? Are you his superior? Have you been loading him up with projects? He’s probably trying to let you know he needs some pressure taken off his shoulders.

3. It Is Personal

Maybe you should just mind your business and let this guy be because it’s got nothing to do with you. People sigh for a million reasons, even you.

This may mean a simple reaction to something totally unrelated to you or your relationship with him. The only clause here is if he’s your boyfriend in which case you are probably why he sighs.

You can either approach the guy and ask if it happens several times or in such a manner that makes you feel like it might be the reason. At any rate, it is possible to read his body language and find out half the reasons.

Does he look away but not with malice in his manner? Does he realize he sighs around you? Usually, a lot can be cleared through effective communication.

Likely Circumstances:

The circumstances can be just about any place where you have to be around the guy. It could be a friend at school, at work or even someone in a group you hang out with.

4. He Wants Your Attention

Have you ever wanted something so bad but can’t get it? If it’s someone’s affection, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and you sigh. If a guy sighs around you he may want you to know how much it hurts him that you ignore him.

Now note that attention is a subjective thing. This means, the attention he wants, the one you think you are giving him, may not be the type he wants. Or it may not be enough.

A guy would sigh around you if, for example, you give this attention to someone else. One test is to find out if this sighing happens when you are both with someone you like.

Likely Circumstances:

This happens when you have both been friends for a period of time. The dynamics are endless and the feeling does not necessarily have to be totally defined. This is why he sighs rather than flat out tell you what he wants.

5. He Is In Love With You

What Does It Mean When A Guy Sighs Around You

Girls usually know it first if a guy likes them first. So if you are asking this question it has to be he doesn’t. Still, you should consider whether this is why he sighs around you.

If a guy is shy and is not a very expressive person, he will probably sigh a lot on account of the sheer weight of his feelings for you.

There are dynamics to this too as you will further see in this list. Suffix to say that you should ask him if you have feelings for him too.

You will have to be certain this is likely the reason he sighs by checking his facial expressions after he sighs. Does he give you mooning glances after? Or does he just sit back and stare at you with a blank expression?

Likely Circumstances:

You both have reasons to be around each other all the time which precipitates this romantic feeling that the guy now battles.

6. He Doesn’t Believe You Will Say Yes

A follow-up meaning if a guy sighs around you is that he likes you but doesn’t have the confidence to say it because he believes he doesn’t stand a chance.

You may have helped this conclusion perhaps in words or in action. You may even have said it to him unknowingly. Not many guys do well in the confidence department. Many just manifest their thoughts or desire for you by other non-verbal means.

Sighing is a convenient non-verbal option. You can hardly miss a deep sigh. He hopes that you’d understand how he feels when you hear it. You can help the situation if you like him too by asking him about the sighs.

Likely Circumstances:

This can occur as long as you and a guy are always in constant communication or involved in activities that requires close contact. This can happen in the workplace or school environment.

7. He Has Misgivings About Your Would-be Boyfriend

So your boyfriend displays his affection for you openly. He is a great guy that every girl would love to be with. What many girls don’t know is, that there are other guys who want the place of your guy.

All guys want a great girl. If this guy is always around you or he sees you all the time, let us say he has imagined himself being your boyfriend. A guy may sigh in your present if he perceives that your boyfriend doesn’t treat you well.

Or, if the other guy is a contender for your heart and this other guy doesn’t think he’s worth it, if he thinks you are about to make a bad relationship decision he may sigh to let you know this.

Sighing in this case carries a sense of foreboding. Admittedly, this meaning may seem far-fetched but it is also worth exploring.

Likely Circumstances:

It would seem like a love triangle type of situation where there is you, a guy who likes you, and you probably like too. And then there’s the guy who sighs every time he sees you and the other guy together. He makes his objections or misgivings known by sighing.

8. He Is In Love With Someone Not You

Heartbreaking? Not necessarily. Since it isn’t you. But you don’t know that, right? At the beginning of this article, I let on that the answer to this question is a dynamic and peculiar one so expect a plethora of answers, even the most unlikely ones.

This meaning here further explores the foreboding nature of sighs. This dude is in love with a girl in the office but doesn’t know how or what to do about it.

Or, it could also be in the class or any group. But he suspects you are probably the last person to tell you about it. Certainly, there’s someone out there who can relate to this situation.

Likely Circumstances:

School or workplace setting. Also a sort of love triangle where the guy is burdened by his feelings for a girl and would love to talk about it with another girl he’s not sure about.

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9. The Guy Is Sick

You read that right. People go to the hospital and are told they have just two months to live, what do you expect? Cheering laughter? Sighs, of course. So that’s probably why the guy sighs around you.

He is likely caught in between sharing this bad news and just keeping it to himself. Not everyone knows how to handle shocking news about their own last days.

Likely Circumstances:

A simple setting here: workplace or school relationships with friends. Best buds and other people can be involved. You’d have to ask him.

10. He Will Miss You

You told the guy last week you’d be leaving for Oregon, remember? Your job is transferring you out of the branch here in Detroit, so now he would miss his best friend or a girl he was hoping to go to a Christmas party within a week because he can’t stand his parents questioning him about when he’d bring home a girl. You get the picture.

Likely Circumstances:

Pretty much most of the aforementioned settings would apply here. It’s a simple sad-goodbye situation where you’ve told him early enough but doesn’t know how the news is impacting him.

Final Thoughts

What Does It Mean When A Guy Sighs Around You

Some situations with a guy sighing around you are easier to decipher than others. It depends on your relationship with the guy. It also depends on how much control you have in the circumstances.

Finally, you will never know if you never try, so ask him. It’s the best way to find out what the answer is. But if you’d rather apply some psychology, then this list is all you need.

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