What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media?

After a breakup, exes normally disappear from each other as they both want nothing, not want anything linked to each other.

This is because they do not want to look weak in the eyes of their partner nor do they want to appear as a stalker or a creep.

Now the problem is that your ex has a habit of stalking your social media page and this leaves you wondering why they do that or what they could be up to.

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

It does not matter if you broke up last week, last month, or even a year ago.

The duration of the breakup doesn’t matter, what matters now is to think of a logical reason they may stalk your social media.

There are several reasons why your ex may stalk you on social media, this can feel unsettling because you are curious to know why.

We’re breaking down ten reasons why your ex is stalking you on social media.

10 reasons why your ex stalks you on social media

Below I have listed 10 reasons your ex would stalk you:

  1. Your ex cannot help himself
  2. Your ex is curious about what you are up to
  3. Your ex is jealous of you
  4. It is a normal routine
  5. You still have a hold over their emotions
  6. Your ex is considering asking you to come back
  7. They crave your attention
  8. They want to make up
  9. They are interested in knowing how you handling the breakup
  10. They want to get under your skin

1. Your ex cannot help him/herself

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

Your ex suffers from an obsessive compulsion to stalk you. They have not gotten used to the fact that your breakup is real so they impulsively do things like stalking you on your social media handle.

We can all attest to the fact that social media provides a window through which our lives can be viewed. And this is what your ex is taking advantage of.

They may try to reach you but fall short of going through with contacting you. Your ex will use your social media to know you and see how you are faring presently.

They will become anxious when they cannot satisfy the need to see you, hence stalking you on social media platforms.

The need to connect with you is strong, and your ex is not good at keeping their emotions in check. Since you are actively posting your updates on these platforms, your ex uses it to keep track of you always.

2. Your ex is curious about what you are up to

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

A common phrase goes, ‘’curiosity killed the cat’’. Your ex stalks you on social media because he/she is so curious about what you are up to.

Maybe they are not stalking you, he/she just thinks about you so much that only your social media handle can satisfy this curiosity.

Being curious is a natural thing, and your ex is no exception. Because you both were once in love, this happening shouldn’t come as a surprise. They will check your Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts to see your face.

Another possibility is that they are curious about who you are running with now, or what kind of stuff you are up to especially now that you are no longer together. Such thoughts can lead to an unhealthy stalking habit.

3. Your ex is jealous of you

This may come as a bit of a surprise but one reason your ex may stalk you on social media is that he/she is jealous of you. They are jealous to see if you are dating anyone or even just hanging out with friends.

This leads to them spending much time on your social media and scrutinizing every post, like, and comment.

Jealousy after a serious breakup is common. Two persons cannot heal at the same rate, this leaves them feeling jealous all the time wondering if you have moved on from them. A lot of information is available and on the internet today.

He/she will stalk you daily to see if any of their fears are confirmed. This would either drive them to move on with themselves or stay on by becoming more obsessed. If you notice such a habit, limiting how much access they have Is one way to deal with this.

4. It is a normal routine

One of the major reasons your ex stalks you on social media is that it is just a normal thing they do. He/she is a frequent social media user and during your relationship, you both follow and view each other.

Now that you are broken up, he/she doesn’t see any reason not to continue.

What to watch for is unsolicited comments or tagging. This is an indicator that they are not over you and are still very much stuck on your vibes.

They also find it calming when he remembers what you both had and goes to your page to remind themselves about you.

You cannot directly control the actions of others, so the best thing to do is ignore them and let them be. Take them as other contacts on your feed, and it wouldn’t bother you.

5. You still have a hold over their emotions

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

Though it may come as a surprise the reason your ex stalks you on social media is that you still have a hold over them.

When they see a notification telling them about your new post, they can’t resist checking and going through your feeds.

This is especially true if you are a very active social media user. Your frequent post and stories will make it hard for them to resist viewing them.

They will end up liking, commenting, and even messaging you directly because they can’t control themselves.

Understand that to reduce the constant stalking by your ex, reduce their access too. If they see little of you, they will have no choice but to deal with their emotions properly.

Not everyone lets go easily, and a digital connection with you fuels any stalking habit you may have noticed.

6. Your ex is considering asking you to come back.

You might be stalked by your ex simply because they want to have you back. When you post online, you can pass messages that state your emotional state of mind.

When your ex spends an unhealthy amount of time on your page, it is because they are hoping to get back together.

They are scrutinizing your stories to see which one carries a special meaning that they can interpret as you wanting he/she back. They will consider which of your new post tell them about your emotional state and how you feel.

Their feelings about getting you back fuel this new habit and you may find him regularly viewing your posts. Understand that these feelings of his may be fantasies or just dreaming, but they will still stalk your socials.

7. They crave your attention

Missing someone who used to be your partner is the first peril of heart breaks. Your ex is missing you terribly and the only way out is to stalk you on social media.

Once they miss you, they can’t call or message you since you are both broken up. What they do is move onto your social media pages and spend hours watching stories after the other. You can be responsible for this kind of action, so don’t blame yourself.

If the breakup was bad, consider other options of restricting them from seeing what you are up to. Note that what they miss is your relationship and doesn’t mean they love you or want you back.

Sometimes they may do this as an ego booster or feel connected to you for whatever reason they tell themselves they need to.

8. They Want to make up

A very good reason your ex can stalk you on social media could be that they want to put the differences aside and get back together.

Being a happy person can be attractive, which shows you have moved on and are in a better space of body and mind.

A look at your social media posts can reveal you’re happy, it can ignite a spark inside of them causing them to miss you and want to get back together.

At this point it is important to be true to yourself and make a good decision, your ex can just be watching your social media to see how you are doing, if they are true to themselves they would come out and be clear with you.

Anyone who would rather view your post on social media without stating their intentions to you even within the first week is just a stalker and should be blocked.

9. They’re interested in knowing how you are handling the breakup

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Is Stalking You On Social Media

Going through heartbreak can leave you in a mess if you don’t heal properly, your ex may just want to know how well you are taking the breakup.

They want to know if you are still shedding tears and having headaches over them. They can only do this through your social media, if you are happy it would be seen on your media post likewise if you are sad.

Your ex is on your social media because they want to see if you are broken or not, whether you are hurt.

After a breakup exes get curious and want to snoop into the lives of their ex-partner. They want to know what you have going on in your life, and if you are happy or successful without them.

Do not let your ex get at you or spike your emotion as they aim to see you crack.

10. They want to get under your skin

A sour relationship can be a really tough time for anyone, exes get toxic after a breakup and this could result from not handling the breakup well or healing properly.

Your ex may try to get at you or piss you off in some manner.

After a breakup, there is always this toxic attitude everyone puts up, the pressure to look happy or be in a better place than our exes can be alarming.

Your ex may have no one in their life and feel low, stalking you on social media is one way to get your attention. They know social media notifies you of a friend’s activity on your media.

So they do this to get your attention knowing after they have your attention it would leave you curious then they crawl back into your space, mess up your head and get under your skin.

They want to create an illusion for you and give you pies in the skies which is like false hope, remember that expectations can ruin your peace of mind and this could be a game they are trying to play.

Once you let your guard down, they would crawl back into your life, get under your skin and mess you up again.

This act of theirs should not push you out of your way to do something that is not worth it, like faking a new relationship or assuming a happy state, it is best to do it on your terms as time is the true test of time.


There could be so many reasons your ex is stalking you on social media, this act is mostly intentional as they do that all the time, there may be so many reasons for this action there could be other reasons too.

But the reasons talked about in this article could be possible reasons why your ex is stalking you on social media.

Maybe they still want you back in their life or just keep your page close as it is maybe interesting or among their top viewers.

Your social media could be interesting and visually appealing and this could be attractive as an online feed, another reason could be that they are bored and so on.

Your ex should not be a cause to worry on your social media except if they are bad and toxic, if so they should be reported to the authorities to keep them at bay.

Always remember you have the power to keep anyone you are not comfortable with in your life by simply blocking and deleting them or restricting their access to your online pages.

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