What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Deletes Pictures Of You?

We all don’t fancy being ignored. Nobody does, and when that happens, we strive to know the root cause of why that is.

What happens when answers seem not forthcoming? Do we go on assuming the worst or stay patient until an answer shows up?

The illustration above can be akin to two adults in a relationship. A situation where one person carries out an action that gets the other wondering why such action was carried out.

Of all controversial relationship issues, one that remains evergreen is an instance when a boy deletes the picture of his girlfriend.

Our focus on this article would be possible reasons why a guy would delete his girlfriend’s pictures from his phone clearly explained with a hope that our ladies don’t go passing judgment unfairly.

What It Means When He Deletes Pictures Of You 

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Deletes Pictures Of You

A Picture tells a lot more than words written, not forgetting the memories it can invoke.

Whether good or bad memories, we would delve into ten possible reasons why a lady would have her picture deleted by her boyfriend. Here we go:

  • To free up space in his device
  • When you request it so
  • To get rid of bad memories
  • If there is a crisis in the relationship
  • He is angry at you
  • Accidentally formatted his phone
  • When he is deceptive
  • If the pictures aren’t attractive
  • To get back at you.
  • Has an alternative object to remember you with.

1. To save space on his device

Recent applications, games, movies, and wallpaper keep screaming on our smartphones, laptops, computers, etc and while we want to have all of this, one basic limitation common to every computer gadget user is our computer storage space.

The thought of deleting files, pictures, music, and videos we cherish makes us cringe each time we have to do so.

This singular reason can account for why a guy would delete a lady’s picture.

Dear ladies, if your boyfriend is a techie or just an enthusiast he is likely to have your pictures deleted for other files.

This does not go to show that he is insensitive or unlovable, as it could be for work-related purposes, a link to something that would bring you both wealth, but with low storage, it is impossible to achieve that.

2. When you request it so

A guy would not go about deleting his girlfriend’s contact for no reason and even when he does so, he does not feel pleased by that. But what if the lady demands it?

A lady may request to have her guy delete her picture on his phone if she feels that it poses a problem or she does want to maintain secrecy.

Some females don’t like the spotlight and to the guy to whom they are emotionally attached to m, they would want him to keep this discretion.

If she finds out that he flaunts her picture, she Is likely to have him stop doing so by letting him delete her picture.

To this end, it Is not a fault or decision made by the guy but the lady herself.

3. To get rid of bad memories

Pictures speak volumes and for a guy to delete a lady’s contact, it is possible that the memory her picture brings Isn’t something he can bear.

Maybe the picture reminds him of the days she worked her life out to see him become wealthy, or the day she had an accident that almost claimed her life. Memories like this are not what he would want to have on his phone.

Dear lady, your boyfriend sure has feelings, and seeing him sad because of a picture that hunts him isn’t something you would want for him, would you?

4. If there’s a crisis in the relationship

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Deletes Pictures Of You

Like it or not, misunderstandings are bound to happen and how couples go about it is what would tell if the relationship would last or not.

A guy would not go to the extreme of deleting your picture if during a misunderstanding you apologize. Your adamance or even his pride could account for why he had to delete your picture.

Say, he had warned you about a certain way of dressing he does not like in you and instead of finding a way to make adjustments, you disregard the warning and go on dressing as you please.

After warning you severally with you choosing to ignore, he would be left with no option but to delete your contact.

Heeding the warning would save you the stress of trying to salvage an already wrecked relationship that would have been curtailed in the very beginning.

5. He is angry at you

Sequel to the fourth point (although this is a temporary thing he would do if you listen to him) a guy who is angry at you is likely to delete your contact to make you know how pissed he is about your attitude.

Your ability to meet with him and apologize would have him placated and requesting your recent photos as well as taking a burst of photos with you.

6. Accidentally formatted his phone

In the heat of the moment, mistakes could be made, and once made are usually tough to correct.

A guy could accidentally delete your picture if his computer gadget is faulty,  in a haste with something or his phone is virus-infected.

If a virus is infected and downloading antivirus software does not sort it out, the only way he may likely get his phone back is to format it, sadly if your picture happens to be one of the files that would be affected by the formatting, then it has to go.

The good news to this is, upon the restoration of his device, and if he has cloud storage, the pictures are going to be restored hence giving him room to save them on his phone again.

Nobody wishes for their device to break down due to an antivirus or anything relating to a technical issue and so my lady, seeing from this perspective would let you know that his reasons for deleting your picture aren’t what you’ve thought about for a long time.

Try to inquire of him before jumping to any conclusion, you’d be surprised to discover that aside from just formatting his phone, he probably might have got your number erased in the process as well.

7. When he is deceptive

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Deletes Pictures Of You

Some guys are sly and like it or not would still delete your picture if they want to be deceptive.

A deceptive man will verbose you with sweet words and make you think that you are his everything only to go behind your back and hang out with a strange lady you’ve never met.

To cover his tracks both to the lady in question and to you as his girlfriend, he would delete your picture from his phone so that each time he goes to see her, she’s oblivious to the fact that he’s got a lady whenever she checks his picture.

To also put you in the dark, the dude would constantly change his password every time he retrieves his phone from you or is likely to prevent you from accessing some certain area of his phone that normally you had access to.

Perchance you discover that your picture isn’t in his gallery and that his SMS and phone log app isn’t without a password and when you ask him why your picture is absent, he shoves aside the question and talks about something else.

There’s something fishy about that dude that he doesn’t want you to know.

8. If the pictures aren’t attractive

There’s nothing you can do to dissuade a dude who is moved by sight not to take out the photos of his girlfriend if they’re not attractive in his gallery.

For him, beauty is everything. His desire to surround himself with beautiful things can only get better, not worse and if he sees something, not to his taste anywhere around him he would want to take it out.

This fact holds to ladies who are left wondering why their boyfriend deleted photos of them they have on their phone, dear ladies, if your boyfriend falls amongst the category of men mentioned, do well to send a better photo.

Photos of you under low light and probably grains surrounding such photos are a no for him.

He’d rather you take photos in a studio than with a camera with poor image quality.

In the event you sent him a poor-quality image and expect to see it on his device when you check his phone, be sure to meet a shocker as such photos would be long gone. Deleted that is.

9. To get back at you

Nothing displeases a guy than finding out that his love isn’t reciprocated. An unreciprocated love is the Genesis of relationship infidelity.

A good turn in a relationship not only deserves another but is maintained forever. A guy who finds out that his love interest barely has any photos of him on her phone but has got tons of her photos on his would feel cheated.

The law of reciprocation is one vital ingredient in any relationship and failure to work with the law only breeds discontent.

A lady guilty of this has got no reason to wonder why pictures of her she’s used to seeing on her boyfriend’s phone suddenly seem to have vanished each time she holds his phone. The dude smelled the coffee.

Dear Ladies, your guy deserves the same attention he gives you, like every bit of it. If he saved your contact, you should do so, if your photo is his wallpaper, then save his as your wallpaper. Tit for tat and tat for tit.

10. Has an alternative object he could remember you with

Who said it has to be just pictures?

Often the concept of love is mistaken and where a particular standard is not followed it becomes taboo.

When a lady decides to propose as against the usual norm where the guy proposes, such a lady is seen as desperate, and regardless of the genuineness of the guy’s love for her, it is considered taboo.

That you discover he deleted photos of you on his phone doesn’t mean he’s reneged on his love for you, it could be that he values something far better than you’d give him the pictures of you on his phone.

Maybe that locket you had given to him that belonged to your mother who before her demise had given to you means more than the pictures you’re demanding to see on his phone.

Going on to press him on why he had deleted the photos would only make him feel like you’re more of a self-centered lady who cares less for the value of others’ gifts.

Dear ladies, when a dude deletes pictures of you on his phone and feels comfortable about it, know for sure that something way beyond what is on his device is valuable and highly cherished.

That also is another reason why he’s deleted your picture on his phone.


There are far more reasons why a guy would delete photos of you on his device than this article can cover.

This article only provides a basis for these reasons as well as to influence your action when such happens.

While not an exhaustive list, the following in summary could be a reason why your boyfriend deleted your photos on his phone:

  • When he wants to allow more room for his storage device.
  • When you decide to have it done.
  • To erase any unpleasant experience his keeping your photos would invoke.
  • When the relationship turns sour.
  • He has a personal grievance with you.
  • His phone was accidentally packed up.
  • When he is Sly.
  • Sometimes your picture doesn’t match his taste.
  • To retaliate or get back at you.
  • Has an alternative object or a memory to remember you with.
  • Knowing this, it is pertinent you make an informed decision.


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