What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me His Wife?

The beauty of being in any romantic relationship is the warmth, joy, and tenderness the couple shares with each other.  As a single, watching a couple together sparks a longing for your missing rib.

This beautiful feeling is heightened when one of the couples chooses to refer to the other as though they are married by names only the married would use.

What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me His Wife

It is not surprising that some boyfriend/girlfriend relationships when intense tend to refer to themselves by the pet name of my wife or my husband.

The dude might start referring to his girlfriend as his wife and would use this name to introduce himself and her in the public.

To the naive ladies, this may pose a bit of a challenge as she only sees this guy as a boyfriend she is getting to know and not a husband yet.

What does this dude mean when he constantly refers to her as his wife, she might be wondering.

So let’s get right to it, what does it mean when my boyfriend calls me his wife?

What It Means When Your Boyfriend Calls You His Wife

Below are five possible reasons why that boyfriend of yours keeps calling you his wife:

  • He sees a future with you
  • To see how you would react
  • A way to manipulate you
  • To wad off intruders
  • To prove a point

Okay, let’s expatiate on the points

1. He sees a future with you

When a guy who you have been in a relationship with for a long time begins to address you as his wife. It simply means he sees you as suitable enough to want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Having taken his time in studying you, testing you, and probably doing things to irk you and you seem to have passed the test(even when you don’t know that you are being tested).

It would not be a surprising thing if your birth name is replaced by the name of my wife each time he calls or refers to you.

Some guys are particular with their words and would not just go about using them, for this kind of dude to call you his wife, it then means that you’ve occupied a special place in his heart that other girls before have never occupied.

When this dude finds you attractive every time that he is with you is indispensable, how you both vibe and how much you understand him even when he does not say anything.

He no longer sees you as a girlfriend but as a wife- one he would love to spend his life with. No kidding.

Maybe you’ve noticed how clingy he’s become each time you come visiting or when you both are intimate, as he opens up to tell you secrets he likely won’t share even with his mum?

Has he been calling you pet names and often refers to you as his wife? These are clear signs that this dude sees a future with you and would want to spend the rest of his life with you.

2. To see how you would react

It is said that most men are logical and tend to use logic in everything, this includes their relationships as well.

When a guy calls his girlfriend his wife, what he could probably be doing is to psyche her into bringing out a reaction.

A guy who is unsure of your personality despite how long you’ve been with him is prone to test you in many ways.

If you blow hot and cold at random with your emotions, he would want to find a core in your personality that demands to be comprehended. The reason he would want to put you to the test in many ways.

One way he could go about it is by Calling you his wife.

Is she a wife material he thinks she is, does she see the relationship in the light of it flourishing into matrimony? These thoughts run wildly in his mind each time he calls you his “wife”

Whether you respond with a gesticulation or verbal cues or even choose to not notice, one thing is certain, the dude calling you his wife is observing you.

3. To wad off intruders

This goes both ways, A guy who is interested in any lady and genuinely means his love would always address her as his wife to have other ladies know he is engaged.

On the other hand, a guy would address a lady as his wife if there’s another guy who is trying to get her attention to make the dude know she is already spoken for.

Guys could be jealous and when he notices another girl trying to steal his love interest, he would do everything to make sure that he outshines the dude competing with him for her love.

He would use everything he’s got just to wad off the threat. Sometimes going violent for his love.

Cases abound of guys having to attract the hand of the law as a result of their actions concerning the relationship.

Dear ladies, count it all joy when a guy does this, he wants you by his side.

4. A way to manipulate you

Most desperate ladies would fall to this.

A dubious guy who senses a lady’s desperation to be loved could play on her emotion to either swindle or get her laid.  This he would do by calling you his wife. (A false assurance).

You see, most guys are con artists and skilled in the act of emotional manipulation.

knowing that a lady is head over heels for them, and would greatly do anything for his love, this dude would bring up various tactics to exploit the lady in question.

This statement though deceptive would have the lady fall for it. Making her vulnerable, making the dude play mercilessly with her emotion.

Dear ladies, before you fall head over heels with that guy calling you his wife, do try to understand his motive as not all that glitter is gold.

Your innate ability to see in black and white would be needed at this point.

You definitely would not want to give your heart to someone who’s going to mess it up.

5. To prove a point

Never Tell A Guy He Can’t!

Guys tend to be competitive and sometimes domineering that even the most humble of them is massively competitive.

Why this Alpha instinct resides within the male folks isn’t clearly defined. Many attribute it to the survival ability of a man to surmount varying degrees of turmoils while trying to scale through life.

This instinct over time becomes embedded in them that they believe that they can’t do anything they’ve set their mind on is near to none.

With that belief, everything becomes a contest to conquer, hence wanting them to always prove a point.

One reason a guy would call you his wife is if he has been challenged by his friends or someone and to prove a point would do so.

This can happen when his relationship with the lady in question is just starting.

Before meeting you, his friends could have challenged him on his inability with a particular lady and dared him into making her his girlfriend ( especially if she’s been playing hard to get). A bet is set and this dude wager on it to prove that he can.

To the lady who innocently gave in to his request, she is unaware of what had transpired before meeting this guy, and whenever in the presence of these friends her boyfriend calls her his wife, she thinks something different than the actual reason behind doing so in their company.

What To Do When He Calls You His Wife?

What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me His Wife

No matter how sweet the name my wife sound in your ears whenever your boyfriend calls a lady, it is important that they take caution before they fall completely into assuming he means well.

Knowing the reason behind his calling you his wife is as crucial as knowing what to do when he begins to call you his wife.

The next section would be explaining what you need to do as a lady whenever a dude calls you his wife with the following points

  • Work on improving the relationship
  • Re-act accordingly
  • Call him out
  • Reassure him of your commitment
  • Act as though you’re unaware.

1. Work on improving the relationship

A guy who is scared of losing you at the same time goes a long way to reassure you of his intention by calling you his wife in a bid to ward off intruders creeping into the relationship deserves more from the lady he’s falling for.

Little things like personally letting him have your phone whenever you sense his insecurities would do well to assure him that you take the relationship seriously.

When you publicly show him off, his ego is restored, confidence revamped. It makes it easy for a relationship advancement (walking down the aisle)

The role of the lady to this end is to do her best in improving the relationship, this includes setting healthy boundaries between male friends and colleagues, and communicating with her boyfriend effectively in case of a rift.

A serious dude would not call a lady his wife for anything if he does not mean it. The best thing to do for him is to work on improving this budding relationship.

2. Re-act accordingly

This is true especially if the relationship is only starting. The instinct here should be your best friend in helping the lady know that the guy is only testing her and rather than take it all to the heart is advised to act accordingly.

Reacting accordingly isn’t only crucial but pertinent in handling statements from a guy who calls you his wife. What this does is prevent stories that touch the heart.

By reacting accordingly. It means that she maintains a neutral position but cautious stand whenever a guy calls her by the name of his wife.

Having discovered at what point he would call you his wife. Try to do something that would reflect an appropriate reaction at the time when he called you that and not sheepishly smile at the name or willingly consent.

When he plays logic with you, you too should play logic with him.

3. Call him out

If in his absence you had gone through his phone and found out the contact, messages, etc from a strange lady he communicates with expressing a romantic side to and yet calls you his wife, dear lady: call him out.

Let him be aware that his dirty secret has been exposed and for your mental health leave the relationship.

4. Play pretend

To play pretend is simply a lady telling her boyfriend that she knows of his shenanigans yet she chooses to let it pass for him to be the man.

It means that regardless of how many times you had called her baby amid your friends just to prove a point, she is willing to play along like she doesn’t know what is happening ( this should only apply in a relationship where the dude is really into you).

In a case where the dude is only dubious in his intent to call you his wife, it is best to quit the relationship before being corrosive enough to wreck your emotional health.


What Does It Mean When My Boyfriend Calls Me His Wife

No matter how loving a guy is, taking your time to find out why he refers to you as his wife and what you should do whenever he calls you by that cannot be overstated.

The problem with jumping into a personal and sometimes biased decision is in the event of finding out the cogent reason why an act was carried out, both parties involved might have had reasons to distrust themselves, making subsequent relationships strained

Most relationships have landed where they are as a result of ignoring this fact, so to you, my ladies, do well to understand what you’re going into.

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