What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Changes Your Name On His Phone?

Ever had that moment where you feel like your relationship is the best and that forever together statement was meant for your relationship? Everything was perfect until the unexpected happened.

So this guy of your life had always had your contact saved in the way he saved you the first day he met you and this fateful day, you picked up his phone scouring through his phone contacts only to see that your name on his phone has been changed to something else, how would you react to it?

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Changes Your Name On His Phone

To you ladies, if the scenario stated best describes you, this article would do well to douse the tension and weird thoughts you probably have floating around your head as to why your boyfriend changed your name on his phone, eventually preventing you from making a rash decision.

So let’s get down to this:

What does It mean When Your Boyfriend Changes Your Name On His Phone?

Here are a few points about what it means when your boyfriend changed your name on his phone

  1. To show his misgivings about your misunderstanding
  2. To treat you special than a friend
  3. He is being deceptive
  4. He is trying to sort out the same name on his contact
  5. To retaliate
  6. To erase a sad memory
  7. To memorize the digits in your number
  8. To cherish a memory
  9. As a way to show off
  10. His personal decision

1. To show his misgivings about your misunderstanding

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Changes Your Name On His Phone

Top among the list of reasons your boyfriend is likely to change your name on his phone is when you both have a misunderstanding.

Nothing kills a relationship faster than two unyielding couples, a situation where if you try to prove right, nobody would want to back down for the other. Hence the reason the Superior in the relationship would win.

He had asked you either for a favor, to stop doing a particular thing, or even wanted you to meet a deadline which you failed.

He speaks to you about it and you shoved it off. That my dear is enough to have your name changed on his phone( especially if you are his love interest)

It is enough to think that though he is just a boyfriend and not married to you he has no right to authorize you let alone command you.

Quite the contrary, my lady, as if you do want the relationship to work in your two favorites, it would be in your best interest to align with his point of view.

A guy who has saved your contact as his love before the incident mentioned above is likely to take a U-turn on that name and probably save it with your birth- name because of the misunderstanding that has ensued between you two.

Resolving issues like this takes the maturity of either the offended or the offender to sort. Often the lady should understand that some men have a bloated ego and would not stoop for any reason.

If the way he had saved your contact previously is something you would want to see back in his device than what is in it currently, you would do well to make the first move towards reconciliation.

2. To treat you as special

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Changes Your Name On His Phone

When a guy finds a lady charismatic, lovable, obedient, and fun to be with as a girlfriend, he is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt to change the way he saved your contact for something more endearing. This is done to show how special you mean to him.

Beyond the regular and casual talks of a boyfriend to girlfriend, your ability to keep his finance in check, how you appreciate every little effort towards his providing(even when he is outright responsible for you), and how you take utmost care to see to his grooming could earn you a spot in his heart as a very special person.

Other instances where this dude is to treat you as special could be how much you stood by him In his nadir.

During this time, how much encouragement did he receive from you to build his confidence when no one did?

If you did all of this, dear lady:

So then it should not be a surprise that the next time you pick up his phone to see that your contact name has been changed, it is something you have done that prompted his action.

3. He is trying to be deceptive

This is very particular with dudes who exhibit malicious traits when being asked why he has to change the name of the lady by her.

Some of these suspicious traits the dude is likely to portray include: restricting your access to his phone, picking on your very unimportant things, etc.

It’s a no-brainer that the reason why this dude would want to go all tetchy with you is that he has got a bag of tricks that he doesn’t want you to see.

When a guy who is your boyfriend begins to keep a more private life than usual, it means something’s wrong.

Perhaps you as the lady have snooped into his phone and discovered that the name he had once saved your contact with has changed, know for sure that you should make plans to exit the relationship.

4. To sort out identical names on his contract for renaming

It could be confusing to identify a contact in his log if they both have the same name as yours and in a bid to avoid this, he is likely to change your name on his contact page.

Imagine him having to call several contacts with the same name as you on his phone just in trying to reach you, aside from the time delay, his call credit would also be depleted.

One sign to look out for when next you pick up his phone and discovered he’s changed your name is to look out for an extension(what acronym or extra letters follows after your name)

Something romantic reveals that he treats you as special (see the second point).

This would put your mind at ease and make you see you have no problem.

5. To get back at you (retaliation)

Has he ever checked your phone and discovered that you have changed his name somewhat without him noticing? The dude is likely to want to pay you in kind.

The last thing most guys would not want to assume is that their love is being forced on you and if they think they are too pushy, it might just be the end for them and this could result in a breakup.

That he browses through your contact only to discover that his contact is saved as something ordinary, while your contact on his is saved with something romantic could make him raise an eyebrow on the relationship.

He could invite you to his house and intentionally have his phone placed beside you (opened and with his phone log displaying on the screen) you would be tempted to look through the phone for your contact. There and then you discover that your contact has been changed.

This to him isn’t only a retaliation tactic but a way to draw your attention to your mistake.

6. To erase an unpleasant memory

Maybe your name reminds him of someone who hurt him badly or of his past relationship, and to let bygones be bygones, he is likely to change your name for something less of a reminder.

Memories have a huge impact on forming people’s psychology, a wrong memory could spark up hate, depression, and suicide in worse cases.

Recently, it has been discovered that the theory that states women feel things intensely more than men might not be valid, as new studies have revealed that, men and women both feel exactly as intense or less intense an emotion.

However, a lady is more expressive than a guy when it comes to how they react to a strong emotion.

A guy on the flip side can suppress his emotions.

While this might be a strong point for them, the fact is no guy can hold his emotions for long, there is always a channel where he has to let out those emotions.

Emotions aren’t meant to be suppressed but expressed. A guy who bottles up his emotions is prone to deadly consequences for suppressing them. With suicide being the top on the list.

A guy who is trying to get over the hurt of an ex bearing the same name as his current girlfriend would find it impossible to have the contact of his current girlfriend save with the name as his previous, the reason he might change the name to erase the memories of his past.

7. To memorize the digits of your contact

This reason although petty could be why he chooses to replace your name with another, in most cases he just leaves the name bar blank.

A guy would want to memorize the number of those he loves. So my damsel, seeing your name changed or even left blank on his phone could be a pointer that he’s trying to memorize your number.

This is to enable you to call out the digits of your contact at the drop of a hat should an emergency arise and you need to make a call without his phone on him. Once this is done, the tendency to have your contact saved initially with what it was before is certain.

8. To cherish a memory

Just the same way a guy would want to change his name for another in his contact as a result of a bad past, he could choose to do something for a memory he wants to remember.

If your name reminds him of a thing that was memorable then instead of saving your contact by your natural name he’d prefer to have your contact take the name of that thing.

The dear lady is not cheating on you but only cherishing the fact that you look, and act, like someone in his past.

9. As a way to brag

A guy would change your name on his contact list if he wants to brag about how he has won your heart to his friends.

Most times friends tend to have us do daring things, like challenging you to a cold bath in the rain, running nude on a busy market, getting a girl’s contact and showing it to them, etc.

If the latter happens to one of the challenges the dude was tasked with, having beaten their expectation, he is likely to show off and change his name for a short while to show his friends that he could do what he has been challenged with.

A lady without understanding is likely to pick offense and think that the dude takes her as a commodity that was meant to be showcased.

Another could choose to ignore it and move on to making their relationship work. (which oftentimes is the best option unless the dude is being dishonest)

10. His decision

Sometimes guys while tinkering with their phones tend to change certain things about their phones.

From randomly changing the screen’s wallpaper and screensaver, his ringtone, and even his phone contact maybe to de-clutter his phone space, might in this instance change your name on his phone to something that is to his interest.

Other times for the sake of creativity and maybe being restless, in a way to ease himself could randomly open his contact and whatever number he thinks about without any forethought, and he is likely to change them.


To wrap things up, do know that a guy has a thousand reasons to change your name on his contract, and fretting him for only what you think is reason enough would be judgemental and immature.

This article has done well to elaborate on other reasons why that is likely and would expect you to make an informed judgment on how to go about it.

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