What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You To Text Him When You Get Home?

When a guy tells you to text him when you get home, could it be because he likes you? Or is it just a normal thing guys spontaneously do out of courtesy? Or does the meaning express a general protective and caring impression that everyone should exude?

It is expected to be curious about his actual intention when he told you to send him a message when you get home.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You To Text Him When You Get Home

Some guys tell you to text them when you get home because they are concerned about your safety.

Some are asking because they like you (they most likely won’t ask you to text if they don’t like you), and to some, the meaning is to express a protective instinct that anyone – including family and friends – could have done.

It all boils down to the person in question and your relationship with him. However, you should have in the back of your mind that when people ask you to text them when you get home, it means they do care about you, whether there are romantic feelings or not.

3 Possible Meanings To Why A Guy Asked You To Text Him When You Get Home

In the end, you may realize whether romantic feelings are attached or not, this is something you can expect ct anyone who cares about you to ask.

However, if it is coming from a guy, here are three possible meanings to why he asked you to text him when you get home:

1. He’s concerned about your safety

The most possible reason why a guy would ask you to text him (or even call him on phone) when you get home is that he is concerned about your safety.

If you go out with someone, whether you both have feelings for each other or not, if the person is concerned about your safety, you can expect the person to make this kind of request.

It is a caring request. It shows that he won’t stand a chance to let anything happen to you.

Meanwhile, when guys ask you to text them when you get home, and the intention behind this is because they are concerned about your safety, it is usually because they are the ones who asked you out and feel responsible for your safety till you get home that day.

You should also consider other circumstances that might have caused him to ask you to do such.

For instance, if you had shared with him that your area is not friendly at night, or traffic is always a constraint when going home, or there is a grid on your way home, he is likely to ask you to text him when you get home to confirm you are safe and sound.

2. He likes you and might not ask you to text him if he doesn’t

Another possible reason why a guy will ask you to text him when you get home from a date or meeting could be that he likes you as a person. In other words, if it was someone else he did not like, he would most likely not ask them to do such.

Being concerned with someone’s safety is a sign of care. For a guy to express that he cares for you, means he has a feeling for you that he does not share in the same measure with other girls.

So when he asks you to text him when you get home, it may mean that he is into you. You should consider it a green light if you are equally interested in him.

This possibility tallies with the first point because think about it, will you be so concerned about the safety of someone you do not like? If yes, I bet that the level will not be as previously high as with the person you develop feelings for.

3. For you to feel a measure of protectiveness

Asking you to text him when you get home may just mean that he is being spontaneous as it could be one of the protective impressions guys try to make especially after going on a date with a lady.

If your instinct tells you that this is the meaning behind his request, then you should not read much meaning to it.

When he tells you to text him upon your arrival at home, it also creates an opportunity for you both to discuss how the date went and perhaps pan out for the next date.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You To Text Him When You Get Home

Is Texting Him When You Get Home Bad?

It is a golden rule for ladies that when you go for your first date or any outing with a guy, you should text him within 24 hours after that date.

Aside from obliging his request to send a text message when you get home, doing the latter is also a way to show appreciation for the person’s time, an indication that you enjoyed their company and a confirmation that you are safely home.

Now that you understand the possible meaning behind why he asked you to text him when you get home, as explained earlier, then you should see no reason to say you won’t text him. It gives him peace of mind that you are safe and you enjoyed the meeting.

The only exception, that is, the only situation where I won’t recommend you send him a text when you get home is when something else that is a milestone is happening later that day, which means you won’t be going home directly. (You can even refer to this while texting him later on.)

Of course, you may feel like you shouldn’t be the one doing the text immediately after the first date, but if he had requested it, sending him a message, no matter how brief it is, takes the pressure off of you.

Also, if you are interested in pushing things further between you and the guy, then your response time is also important.

On the reverse, after you both must have departed, he may be the one to later text you to still ask if you have gotten him.

Answering on the same day is quite necessary so you don’t send the impression to the guy that you are not interested when you truly are and vice versa.

Do You Have To Text Him When You Get Home?

From my experience, it is quite necessary to text him when you get home if he requested it. He has played a part in being a gentleman and it is not peculiar to the guy alone.

Many guys who go on dates with ladies will most likely check in later in the day to make sure the lady is home safe. It is, in fact, an indication that there are high chances he will stick around for a while compared to others.

Sending a got-home-safe text to him is ideal. It can accompany other information such as if you had a great time or double as a good night message after the date or outing.

However, what you don’t necessarily have to do as the lady is to send him a good morning text the next day after the date.

It may surprise you to know that it is sometimes based on your response or text after a date that the guy can gauge your interest and get to planning out a second date.

This is because whatever you send when you get home after the outing is considered as one inspired by your initial feelings about the date, and not just to say you are home safe.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Tells You To Text Him When You Get Home

What To Say When You Text Him After You Get Home

It is easier to know what to text him after you get home when you do it as soon as you can so that you don’t run out of ideas and you can recall your experience on the date.

What to say when you text him after you get home depends on your impression about the date, and what you envisage for the relationship. Ultimately, whether or not you are interested would shape your tone and response in your text.

Texting him that you’ve gotten home is also an opportunity to genuinely express how your experience was with the guy. Generally, you can think of a fun and memorable moment from your date and bring it up in your message while telling him you’ve gotten home.

You can model these ideas in your texts

  1. Texting as promised to let you know I’ve gotten home. Dinner tonight was great. The jokes you told got me smiling all through the time


  1. Alternatively, you could refer to the peak highlight of the date while informing that you’ve gotten home. Such as this way: “I’ve just arrived home safely. Today was such a blast. I can’t believe you beat me at the dart-throwing final. Thanks for the fun experience!”


  1. If you don’t want to leave any impression, you can keep it brief and simple by saying, “Hi again! I just got home. Thanks for a great time. I had fun tonight.”


  1. Another way you can say something when texting him upon your arrival at home could be to throw the request back as well: “Had fun tonight! Just go home. Will you text me when you get home so I know you made it safely as well?”

If you are interested in him…

If you are interested in the guy and would love to go out with him again, there is a way you can incorporate that into your gotten-home-safe text without sounding too forward. Model these ideas:

  1. HI. <insert name>I just got home and want to let you know I had such a good time. I was wondering if you wanted to get together again for drinks this weekend?”


  1. I’m safely home now. It was so nice meeting you today and I’d love to get to know you more. I know this bar downtown if you’d like to grab a drink on Friday?”

If you are not interested in him

If you are not interested in the person, or the date was an awful one, but you just want to do him the courtesy of texting him when you get home because he asked, there are ways you could say such in text:

  1. Got home safely. It was great to meet with you today, but I don’t think we’re the best match. I appreciate your understanding.”


  1. Alternatively, you could use the sandwich approach: “Hey, gotten home already. Today made me realize such a great person you are, but it feels like we’d be better as friends. Thanks for understanding.”


Whenever you just got home from a date, meeting, or outing with a guy, it is a little nerve-wracking to figure out what and when to send a text, especially if it was the first date.

If the guy has asked you to send him a text when you get home and you are wondering why, then your instinct must have probably told you the answers, but you want to know if it is true.

A guy would tell you to text him when you get home because it expresses a protective instinct (which can come from any other person – male or female), he cares about you or is concerned about your safety – possibly nothing more.

If he had asked you to text him when you get home, and you’re waiting for the guy to still message you before you do that, chances are you will feel a whole mix of emotions.

At the end of the day, there are no straightjacket rules on what and when to send a text to a guy after you’ve gotten home from a date or meeting with him.

Regardless of how the day went, if he had asked you to send him a text when you get home, you want to consider doing that.

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