What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Bites Your Ears?

Physical affection is the expression of likeness and love through bodily mediums such as gesticulation, touch, caress,  and hugs.  It should be noted that physical affection is also one of the love languages.

Ear biting as a love language is simply physical affection that involves stimulating the ear lobe to communicate a specific message to the recipient.

While some ladies may cringe at this display of this action by a guy, other ladies enjoy the trickling feel of their guy’s tongue on their ears and the sensuous feeling of their mouth on their ears.

One thing however they fail to realize is the reason behind this physical expression, and because they fail to understand this, they mostly fail to read the message their boyfriend is signaling.

This article would uncover the reasons behind a guy biting female ears and how you should go about it.

What It Means When Your Boyfriend Bites Your Ears

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Bites Your Ears?

The following reasons outlined below are why a  guy would bite your ears and a detailed explanation of these points after the outlines:

  • Invitation to have you to himself.
  • Just to flirt
  • To express displeasure
  • To relieve stress
  • As a message to intruders
  • When he is excited
  • To show empathy
  • As a habit
  • To get an attention
  • Know how hygienic you are

1. Invitation to have you to himself

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Bites Your Ears?

As stated in the introduction, physical affection is one way to communicate feelings, and one of those feelings is to express the need for intimacy.

Intimacy in this context goes beyond just being around you as his girlfriend but even under the sheet.

Maybe it’s been a long time since this closeness occurred and for your boyfriend to openly voice out his need might sound embarrassing, hence the best way to go about his expression is to bite your ears.

One pointer to the fact that he craves this closeness is in his advances.

Does he seem to lean unto you often, are his words heavy on romantic statements, and is he way too physical in his association with you?

If the signs seem more pronounced and capped with a slight light bite on your ears, be sure to know that your boyfriend is aroused and would want you to go under the sheet with him.

2. Just to flirt

If your boyfriend is the playful type with a high dosage of childlike tendency and is as well very sensual, dear ladies know that the reason he bites your ears might mean he just wants to flirt with you.

A romantic relationship heavy on flirting eludes the room for cheating. Most times, couples even after getting physical with one another want to feel that initial coaxing before the coitus to gain assurance and comfort.

A dude with a childlike personality tends to be carefree with almost everything and even occasions that call for seriousness are often treated as jovial.

People like him know how to make light of any situation, and when it comes to flirting after intimacy, the bedroom is his playground.

This is not to say that he is not mature nor is he always unserious with issues. The fact is your boyfriend does know how to balance work and play perfectly well.

It should not be a thing of surprise when in a light mood(after copulation), you two could be together on a couch eating a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie and he initiates a gesture.

He pushes himself towards you as if to whisper into those ears and then his tongue slowly runs through your neck.

In a bid to shove him aside, his tongue reaches for your earlobe only to realize that he’s bitten them. Just know that he’s flirting.

What other reasons would you say is responsible for him having to flirt with you?

Your boyfriend is likely to flirt if you have pleased him in a way. Maybe you granted him access to a thing he’s been longing for, go out to a movie with him. Things like that would make him excited and have him nibble at your ear.

3. To express displeasure

Get this clear girlfriend, the same way your boyfriend would cease talking to you, picking up your calls, or even calling you by a pet name when you’ve done something wrong is the same way he would bite your ears to express displeasure.

Guys disdain ladies who constantly irk them, they either avoid these ladies or confront them.

If this lady happened to be his girlfriend, he would choose to approach her and warn her about her pissing him off.

One way they do this is by biting their ears.

How this work is often coupled with a snob, an unresponsive attitude to your questions when asked, or just something uncommon he would do to call your attention.

In the process you fail to see the warning signs, he is likely to walk up to you and press his head over yours and his mouth reaching for your neck to give you a firm but light bite on the ears to call your attention to your errors.

When this happens, know my lady that he isn’t pleased with your action in any way.

4. To relieve stress

Every human has a way to unwind and this method differs from person to person.

To some, listening to soothing music helps them regain balance. To others, it could be meditation (yoga), hiking, etc.

Each person has a different way to ease stress.

If you discover that after a long day at work, your boyfriend shows up looking all exhausted

Then he goes on to have a shower, eat his dinner and hit the bed with you beside him.

When he gently reaches for your ears and nibbles on them, please allow him the liberty of this act as it may be his way of easing the stress of the day.

In a few minutes, you may find him snoring on your shoulder.

5. As a message to intruders

No dude loves it when their girlfriend is the object of another guy’s over-admiration or worse when he makes advances toward her.

When he sees this, his initial instinct is to try to take control of the situation by pushing the guy, yelling at him to stop, or, if he wants to be a gentleman, making a delicate pass on her by chewing her ears in his presence.

He may move extremely near to his girlfriend, put his arms around her waist, place his head on her neck, and then lightly nibble her lobe if he thinks the other guy is maybe pursuing his girlfriend during a social event.

Right after this, the dude could go on to kiss her without the cheek or the forehead and then a handshake from him to the guy trying to flirt with her. That tells the dude that knows his place and looks for a lady elsewhere.

6. When he is excited

Have you ever been so excited that it seemed as though the world stood still while everyone watched you express excitement?

Describing excitement might be tough to do but seeing it being displayed is something everyone can relate to.

Being unable to control yourself, saying many things in one breath, and even doing something weird you wouldn’t naturally do are a few ways to exhibit your excitement.

A guy who recently received a promotion, won a lucrative contract, or even had his marriage proposal accepted is not only going to be happy about the accomplishment but also likely to become overly excited and do things that he ordinarily wouldn’t do when calm.

This is especially true if he is an expressive type.

One of these outrageous things he may do is go to his girlfriend’s house, if she’s there, lifts her off the ground while intermittently kissing her, and then bite her ears out of enthusiasm.

Nothing is amiss, it’s just excitement.

Ladies, don’t worry so much; your guy is merely happy.

7. As a habit

Guys who nibbled and hugged their mother’s, sisters’, or anybody else’s ears when they were children are likely to continue this behavior into adulthood and even in their romantic relationships.

If you do something nice for him every time as a woman, no matter how large or tiny the deed, you’ll observe that the guy proceeds to kiss you till he bites your ears as a method of expressing his gratitude.

Have you ever questioned why he maintains acting in that way?

You only need to deal with an old habit from him, so don’t be afraid.

8. To show empathy

This is true for women.

Have you ever needed to dwell on a loss or felt so depressed that all you wanted from your lover to get you through it was his loving hugs and cuddles?

When your partner sees you in this situation, he will want to do all in his power to provide you with the emotional support you need at the time, so it won’t surprise you to see him doing some simple things.

Simple things like bringing you close to him, putting your head on his chest, brushing your hair, and even giving you small kisses while comforting you.

Not because he is being insensitive, but rather because he is unaware of any way to get you out of your depressed state than to bite your ears.

So when next you notice that his lip is trailed up to your head and his tongue settled for your ears at the same time rubbing your back, know that he is trying to empathize with you on whatever is bothering you.

9. To get your attention

To draw your attention to anything about him, a male could bite your ear. This does not necessarily signify that he wants to lie with you or even to demonstrate his authority over an invader.

The likelihood is that he recently received a haircut and has been trying to find a way to show you his new hairdo; perhaps you weren’t aware of it.

Because he can’t seem to grab your attention no matter how hard he tries, he feels obligated to try the only thing that could work.

The guy will undoubtedly come up behind you while you are cleaning the dishes after several failed attempts to get your attention. He will then quickly chew at your ears that the bite would force you to blockhead , and upon looking behind you get to notice him.

While other ways to have him get your attention may have failed, swiftly nibbling at your ears to him is one sure way to have you notice him.

Never underestimate the power of a boyfriend’s bite.

10. To know how hygienic you are

As odd as this point tends to sound, guys often bite the ears of their girlfriends to check out how hygienic they are. This action is usually the toughest to do.

A lady who cares less about how she looks or smells might meet the sharp criticism of her boyfriend if he finds out how unhygienic she is.

When a guy notices how his girlfriend hit the bed after being done with the house chores for the day and is unsure if she has freshened up, he is likely to do the following to verify:

He would try to play pretend in making love to you and while caressing you is likely to kiss you through up to your neck where he gets to bite your ears.

If your ears feel sweaty with little droplets and at the same time smell of all that you do during the day, he is sure to lambaste you and make you have your bath before you sleep for the night. It‘s just his way of knowing how hygienic you are.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Bites Your Ears?

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