Romantic Words That Start With “E”

Simple four-letter words can do a great deal in your relationship. You never know till you start using those words.

You could use the wrong words and end up with a negative result. However, there are so many right words to use so you have no excuse not to put your relationship right by using the right words.

 You don’t have to go around surfing the dictionary. Here is a list of romantic words that start with “E

Romantic “E” Words

Romantic Words That Start With “E”


Enamored” simply means love. If you haven’t told your partner how much you love him/her in a while, you can do it now with an even stranger word.

Example:I am enamored with you, Jenna. It’s unexplainable”.


Endearing” also connotes love but in a much cuter or more childish way. You need childish plays in your relationship. These words should be there too.

Example: “His embrace is so endearing”.


Encourage” is not a romantic word. However, it is a positive word that can be used to acknowledge your partner’s effort.

Example:I only got this good when you encouraged me”.


Eager” can also be used romantically. The goal is not to use the meaning of words but to pass a message to your partner.

Example: “When it comes to keeping us together, I’m always eager”.


Earnest” can be used in various contexts. You can use this word to qualify your partner’s efforts in your relationship.

Example: “She makes earnest efforts in our relationship”.


Easygoing” refers to calmness. There are so many impolite words referring to the same thing. If you don’t like the calmness of your partner, you can still use this polite word to refer to it.

Example: “You are so easygoing and cute. I wish you would just go wild on me for once”.


Ecstatic” refers to happiness. It is good to acknowledge your partner’s joy. It shows how much attention you pay to them and how they feel.

Example: “Your ecstatic gaze throws me off balance”.


Effervescent” refers to enthusiasm. Compliment your partner’s show of interest. He/she will want to do more.

Example: “You are always effervescent to go out or is it just with me”?


Effulgent” has to do with attractive looks. Never stop saying compliments on the beauty of your partner.

Example: “Your effulgent beauty can be covered even in the dark”.


“Electric” is used metaphorically in a romantic context. It will sound hyperbolic but your partner still loves to hear it again and again.

Example: “Your touch is electric. I can barely breathe”.


Effusive” refers to an unrestrained action or reaction. You can also give this word a romantic meaning in the right context.

Example: “You get effusive when you talk about me”.


Elating” can be used to qualify an action, speech, or appearance of your partner. By using this word, you are telling your partner how happy you are with him/her.

Example: “Your work is so Elating. This is genius”.


Electrifying” is a great qualifier for virtually anything. It sounds quite exaggerated but that is how passionate it should sound to your partner.

Example: “Your performance was electrifying”.


Elegant” is used to describe the appearance of your partner. You don’t have to use beauty again and again. “Elegant” sounds a bit more romantic.

Example: “You look elegant in that dress”.


Elope” is not meant to be a romantic word but it is quite romantic. When you tell your partner you want to elope, you are planning to flee to get married.

Example: “If the world won’t let us be, then we will elope out of it”.


Empyrean” refers to heavenly things. Comparing your partner to divine entities is more romantic than anything.

Example: “From your hair to your toes, all I see is empyrean beauty”.


Enchanted” can be used as an exaggeration of how you feel for your partner. This is one of the best ways to put a smile on your face. A repetition of this will mean a lot to your partner as time goes on.

Example: “You enchanted me with the first stare and it’s never wearing off”.


Endowed” is a compliment that mostly refers to curvaceous females. However, it can be used to refer to all special features of a person. You can use this for your partner.

Example: “You are endowed with a beautiful voice. The world needs to hear this”.


Energizing” is a good word to qualify my partners. It sounds exaggerated too.

Example: “Her presence has been energizing”.


Enjoyable” is not built to qualify a person. However, you can get metaphoric with words.

Example: “Your presence was enjoyable when I had your full attention”.


Enrapture” refers to the level of excitement and satisfaction you receive from your partner.

Example: “Your final moves enraptured me. I knew you could do it”.


Engrossing” is the perfect compliment for something that pulls attention for a long while.

Example: “You were always engrossing”.


Enlivened” refers to someone or something that is brought back to life. You can use it to refer to someone that is brought to the right mood.

Example: “Her wry smile gets me enlivened”.


Enthralling” can be used instead of “engrossing”. 

Example: “You have enthralling dance moves in your legs”.


Entrancing” refers to hypnosis. It serves as a synonym for charming. It may be hyperbolic but it is a perfect compliment to the love you have for your partner.

Example: “Your entrancing eyes probably brought us together. You haven’t lost your touch”.


Enticed” is a word you can use when your partner pulls your attention. Only something desired can entice a person.

Example: “I got enticed from the first day we met”.


Epic” is an exaggerated word for an experience or a person. You can use this for your partner often.

Example: “You are an epic creation of God”.


Euphonious” refers to a beautiful sound. This is great if your partner is a singer. You can also get creative with the word.

Example: “Your euphonious moans keep me going”.


Euphoric” refers to an unusual excitement. Your reaction to your partner’s excitement matters.

Example: “Your euphoric reactions amuse me”.


Exotic” can be used to mean “exciting and new”. It can also refer to a stripper. Strippers tend to be attractive anyway.

Example: “You have an exotic waist. Everybody wants that”.


Exquisite” refers to a rare and beautiful object. Use this for your partners and tell them how much they are worth to you.

Example: “You are an exquisite entity. A million people are waiting for me to let you go. I’ll never do that”.


Extraordinary” can be used instead of “exquisite”. It is an exaggeration but when you put the right emotion, you will be passing a romantic message.

Example: “Your beauty is extraordinary. I just can’t look past it”.


Exceptional” can also be used to replace “exquisite” and “extraordinary”.

Example: “I have seen dancers, Jenna, but you are exceptional”.


Expressive” refers to the openness of your partner. It should be cherished and encouraged.

Example: “You are always expressive while I can’t get myself to say the simplest words”.


Eye-catching” can be used instead of “attractive”. Saying this for the first time can make your partner look in the mirror.

Example: “Your looks are eye-catching”.

Romantic “E” Names

Romantic Words That Start With “E”


A romantic nickname to give your girlfriend. This is the title of a female ruler of an Empire. 


You can call your male partner the ruler of your Empire. Using this name can denote submission to him. Nothing is more romantic than that.


Elektra is the name of a female character in the MCU. Give this name to your girl if she is a badass kind.


Electress is coined from the female superhero name, “Elektra”. 


If you are looking for a nice “jewel” name to call your girlfriend, an emerald will work fine.

Elizabeth The First

You can also name your girlfriend after the Queen of England.


Elijah can refer to the popular vampire in the “Vampire’s Diary” TV show. It can also refer to the biblical character. You can use this name if your boyfriend is a badass or religious person.


This is a romantic name for your girl if she has tempting curves.


Engel is another way to spell, “Angel”. Naming your girlfriend after a divine creature will blow her mind.


You can also call your partner, “Everything”. It is romantic even though it doesn’t sound like it.


This is a great name for your partner who loves hugging. You will be getting more hugs.

Eye candy

You can give your girl this cute name if she has beautiful ocean eyes


This is a magical item that heals and extends life. Call your partner by this name if you see her as your relief and joy-giver.


If you don’t want to use Adam or Eve, you can call your partner Eden, denoting “the beginning


If you love your partner’s eyes but “Eye Candy” is too long for you, call him/her eyes. 


Communication is important in every relationship. It is almost unavoidable. However, the right communication sometimes fails to happen. Using the right words is necessary.

 Is your relationship going great at the moment? You can make it even better by using simple words.

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