Romantic Words That Start With G

G” may not seem to have many romantic words if you think about it but there are a lot of romantic words to check out.

Some are not exactly romantic but you have to put them in the correct manner and tone so you can pass a romantic message.

Check out the list of words below for the right romantic words for your relationship.

Romantic “G” Words

Romantic Words That Start With G


Guys want to know that they are gallant. Even some girls want to know they are looking firm.

Whether true or not, you can tell your partner that he/she looks gallant and get a sincere smile in return, unless it’s the opposite.

Example: “You throw me off balance with your gallant stance”.


Some girls want to hear you call them “Wife” or “Girlfriend”. It serves as a reassurance that they still matter to you. They will smile at the thought of you being able to boast of them as your girlfriend.

Example: “Hello, Girlfriend. Let’s get out of here”.


Game” can be used to mean several things different from its well-known meaning. You can use this word to ask for your partner’s approval or support.

You will be putting a smile on their faces by showing them their opinions matter.

Example:I want us to get a car. Are you game”?


This refers to playfulness. While this trait can be addressed rudely, it is only right to use the right words and appreciate your partner’s vibrance around you.

By telling your partners you like how they play, you are informing them that you care about how they feel and that you are happy to see them happy.

Example: “Come on. I always love to see you gamesome”.


This is a good trait. It is sweet to acknowledge your partner’s good deeds and appreciate them. It will make your partner smile, remind them that you care, and serve as an encouragement to do more.

Example: “If everyone were generous like you, our world would be better”.


This can be an insult but you have to make sure your tone is controlled so it sounds like you are encouraging it.

First, if you love your partner, you shouldn’t care if they talk too much. Rather, you would enjoy it. You can address your partner’s level of talking with this word without offending.

Example: “I’m never bored when you get garrulous”.


Genial can refer to something done by a genius or an idea formed by a genius. It could also mean “friendly” and “cheerful”. Address your partner’s good mood with this word and appreciate it.

Example: “You have a genial smile fixed on your face”.


Your partner wants to be encouraged. Call him/her a genius for every good idea or nice work done.

That will put a smile on their face, as long as you are putting in the right emotion and not sounding sarcastic. It will also build your partner’s confidence.

Example: “You are such a genius, my friend”.


Some people like gentle people while some people don’t. However, if you are going to be addressing that trait, you must use it politely.

If you like gentle people, show it. If you don’t enjoy gentleness, you can simply mention the word and say how much you would love it if your partner got less gentle.

Example: “You are so gentle. Let’s play”.


This word is quite different from “gentle”. It refers to responsible and respectful men.

By calling your male partner a gentleman, you are telling him he is admirable and responsible.

Example: “You are so gentlemanly and mature”.


You can say a lot of compliments and attribute a lot of good qualities to your partner but it won’t have much effect if your partner doesn’t believe you.

By adding this adjective, you are emphasizing the compliment and you may get a genuine reaction.

Example: “You are the best woman I’ve been with and I’m being genuine”.


This word is a synonym for generous. The two words can be interchanged in almost all contexts.

Example:if everyone were giving like you, our world would be better”.


You don’t have to wait for special days to compliment your partner’s beauty. You can just wake up in the morning and choose to go naughty. Say a compliment and play around for a while.

Example: “Your face is gleaming”.


Complimenting your partner’s fashion sense will also be appreciated. “Glamorous” means stylish. Your partner will appreciate it if you consider them stylish and presentable.

Example: “That horrible wig looks glamorous on you. I hated it till now”.


This refers to your reaction to your partner’s actions or appearance. By using this word in compliments, your partner appreciates the happiness you show towards him/her.

Example: “I’m glad you worked it out”.


This is a synonym for “Gleaming.” Both terms can fit interchangeably in the same contexts.

Example: “Your face is glistening”.


This has a positive literal meaning. Acknowledging your partners’ gifts will not only make them smile but also give them the confidence to use their gifts.

Example: “You are gifted with a surreal voice”.


This is another word you can use in place of “Gleaming” and “Glistening”. It is a simpler word and may be easier to understand by your partner than the other words.

Example: “Your face is glowing”.


Comparing your partner to gold will seem hyperbolic but it will be appreciated. It is advisable to repeat this compliment often.

When you do that, they will realize that is truly how you feel about them and you will be getting a sincere reaction.

Example: “You have a golden state. It never fails to penetrate”.


This is a commendable trait in anyone. Remind your partner of his/her good heart often. It will not only put a smile on your partner’s face but also set an automatic goal in his or her head not to let you down. 

Example: “You have always been good-hearted, Jenna. It’s a part of you”.


This is a compliment on your partner’s looks. It is milder than words like “beautiful” and “gorgeous” and may be less appreciated.

However, it depends on the tone you use. You can also add some emphasis till a smile is forced on your partner’s face.

Example: “You are so good-looking. I could eat you up right now”.


Gracile refers to slimness but in a complimentary manner. The word translates to “gracefully slender” so you can use this in place of “Elegant”.

If your partner seems unhappy with his/her slimness, saying this compliment can change how she feels about herself.

Example: “Anyone would be lucky to take hold of your Gracile figure”.


This word can replace “funny”. If you think of using “crazy” in a conversation with your partner but you think he/she will be offended, “good-humored” can replace it perfectly.

Example: “You are so good-humored”. 


Graceful is used for charming people, things, or actions. By using this word, you are telling your partner how enthralled you are with him or her.

If this won’t put a smile on your partner’s face, then something must be wrong somewhere.

Example: “Your graceful eyes dig into my head and I’m lost”.


This is a perfect compliment on the appearance of your partner. You can use this word instead of “Glamorous”. It even sounds more exciting than “attractive” when you exclaim the word.

Your partner wants to hear your compliments on his/her appearance. It will not only make your partner smile but also improve his/her confidence.

Example: “You look so gorgeous, Jenna. Let’s take a picture”.


You can use this word to describe your reaction when you think your partner is trying to flatter you. When your partner is trying to make you happier or trying to make you smile, your sincere reaction will be appreciated.

Using this word to describe reaction can prove to them that they succeeded in impressing you. Just remember to mean what you say and be sincere in your reaction.

Example: “Your smile gets me goosebumpy”.


Gripping is hyperbolic in how it sounds. It can refer to your reaction to your partner’s action or appearance. You can use this word instead of “stunning” and you will be passing the same romantic message.

Example: Your dance moves are gripping.


Your partner wants you to be happy to be in your relationship. They want to know that they can satisfy you in possible ways and using this word will tell that to your partner.

Example: “Your grin after intimacy is so gratifying”.


This is another adjective you can use to hype your partner. It may feel hyperbolic but when you repeat it to your partner, he/she starts to believe you and give a genuine reaction.

Example: “You are great at satisfying me better than anyone else”.


This is a word with two contrasting meanings so you may have to be careful when saying this to your partner. Instead of just saying the word, you can add what you mean after it. In this context, it means “excellent” or “attractive”.

Example: “Oh, Jenna. You are so gnarly”.

Romantic “G” Names

Romantic Words That Start With G


It doesn’t sound romantic, does it? You can use this nickname for your partner if he/she once ghosted you. It can also translate to “Ghost rider” (a character in the gnarly) if your partner is male and also a fan of the MCU.


Many people like ginger but not everyone does so this nickname may not work for everyone. You can use this for your partner if you like ginger. If your partner doesn’t like it, he/she will probably reject it.


This is another superb nickname for your partner if he/she likes to appear badass. It is a wild and cute name to use. It may seem weird at first but the fact that you thought using a pet name for your partner will amuse him/her.


This is much better if you are referring to a female partner. You can use this for your male partner if you are trying to crack a joke. It will surely amuse. However, using this for a female partner works perfectly well.


You can choose to call your partner, “Good-looking” which is much easier to understand, or make him/her have to search for the meaning of “Guapo” to understand the nickname. It will amuse them much better after seeing the meaning of the name.


If you don’t want to stress your partner, you can use “Good-looking” instead of “Guapo” but it may be less interesting.

There are more intense words than “Good-looking” but when you use it as a nickname, rather than just a word, you will be getting the same reaction.

G-Man (Gorgeous Man)

This is a funny name for a male partner. You can call him “G-Man” for a while and make him beg to know the meaning.

He may not get the correct answer on the net so he would have to ask you eventually. Then you can tease him before flattering him with the meaning.

Guardian angel

This is more suitable for a male partner but you can use it for a female partner too. Instead of just calling your partner an Angel, you can call him/her your guardian angel.


This is a funny name for a male partner. It refers to a massive creature in the MCU. It will amuse him much better if your partner is a fan of the MCU.

G Sp*t

This name is perfect for a male partner who satisfies you well in intimacy. By using this word as his nickname, you are implying that he does it better than anyone else.


This is a funny name and may not be nice. You can use this for your inexperienced partner and it will be taken lightly. After calling your partner by this for a while, it will be adapted as a nickname.


This is the name of a popular character in an old play, “Faust”. Your partner may not know the play so you can use the actual meaning of the word which is “Pearl.”


 From “Gallant” to “Gripping” and “Ginger” to “G Sp*t”, you must have found desired nicknames and complimentary words for your partner.

 If this isn’t good enough for you, check out the other articles on romantic words with other letters of the alphabet. 


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