Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Mija? (7 Reasons We Know!)

Your boyfriend has dropped the word Mija during a conversation with you. Only he now uses this word to refer to you.

This might be a little confusing especially if you haven’t heard it before and you are questioning what it means.

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Mija

Don’t be alarmed because ‘’Mija’’ is a Spanish word that roughly translates to ‘’darling’’. The term is an affectionate word used by one person to a loved one, this person could be a mother, daughter, or friend.

If you hear your boyfriend calling you by this new term, smile because it is only used for those who are affectionate.

If this is a new thing, your boyfriend has started, then you should be happy you have a sweet pet name.

This may look trivial to some but having someone calling you by a special moniker, shows how dear and close you are to him.

If you are wondering why he just started calling you by this term, then stick with me as we explore possible reasons why your boyfriend would call you Mija.

7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Calls You Mija

Love is a major factor in why your boyfriend would call you Mija. Don’t go fretting about it because the word might sound strange.

Apart from how much he cares, we will list out and explain 7 reasons why this is happening.

The reasons include; he loves you immensely; he wants to spice things up, it’s your new pet name, he wants others to know you are special; he wants to flatter you; it is a routine for him; he is practicing.

1. He loves you immensely

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Mija

Your boyfriend calls you Mija because he loves you immensely. You should be best assured he has unlocked another level of love in your relationship.

One good thing about having a boyfriend or being in a relationship is how beautiful love can grow.

Maybe you have only dated for a few months, and now he sees himself spending more time and imagines a more secure future with you.

Once a guy feels more emotionally invested in you and the relationship you share, don’t be surprised if he gives you a pet name.

In doing this he hopes to tell you he is one hundred percent yours. Calling you this is a sort of affirmation of his love, so I implore you to cherish this.

He will surely add more compliments once he discovers you are a smitten baby this term, it tells him he is doing the right thing by calling you Mija.

2. He wants to spice things up

A good reason that your boyfriend calls you Mija, is because he wants to spice things up in your relationship.

If your boyfriend calls you by this term, expect that he wants things to differ from it usually are.

New dynamics are appreciated when they are introduced in a relationship, and it works.

This is one way to add spice and excitement to a relationship.

Pet names are grossly underrated in a relationship, and I know many women enjoy their partners calling them affectionate pet names. It has a way of bringing a new spark to the mundane aspects of the relationship.

When he calls you Mija, he expects to see you react positively. From the glint in your eye to how you smile, tell him he is doing the right thing.

Now that you know what this means, take a breather and allow yourself to be loved.

3. It’s your new pet name

One popular reason that your boyfriend would call you Mija is because it’s your new pet name.

He understands that a pet name is special, especially coming from someone you love and trust.

Yes, Mija can pass as a pet name. Its meaning is broad, and all apply to words that depict affection.

So, he gives you this pet name to tell you how special you are.

A pet name is a subtle way to tell someone that they mean a lot to you. I am sure your boyfriend doesn’t go around calling other people Mija.

This should reinforce the feelings you have for him, he wants to ensure he appears dependable and worthy in your eyes always.

If you own any pets, I am certain they have a name. Your boyfriend sees you as his pet, someone he needs to take care of and love unconditionally.

This is a huge step in your relationship and you should take this as a sign that you are heading in the right direction.

4. He wants to tell others you are special

Your boyfriend calling you a sweet name like Mija, especially in the presence of family, friends, or co-workers is a sign that he wants to show others how special you are to him

If you are hanging out with friends and he calls you this, take this as a compliment because he is saying you are special to him.

Other men and women alike would hear this term and immediately understand that he has marked you as his.

Know that unless a man loves you entirely he will hardly show a significant display of his affection towards you in public.

What this translates to is that he is not ashamed to be associated with you and he has only eyes for you. Now you will see him calling you this way both in private and public, he does so because you are beautiful.

5. He wants to flatter you

The reason your boyfriend started calling you Mija, is because he wants to flatter you.

Your boyfriend might just be a good tease. I find it comforting when my partner does not call me by my name. Soothing pet names like Mija offer comfort and some reassurance.

Flattery Is good, it helps you to keep your toes twisted and butterflies in your tummy. You would always want to hear him call you by this sweet name.

Anytime he stops, it usually means he is angry or something is seriously wrong.

I implore you to relish this flattery from your boyfriend. When he sees how much you love this, he’s bound to shower you with more loving fun and kisses.

In no time, you too would find a suitable pet name for your boyfriend.

6. It is a routine for him

Your boyfriend’s reason for calling you Mija is because he does so out of habit.

This is a less popular reason your boyfriend calls you Mija. I have seen many guys who call their girlfriends’ sweet pet names, but also do the same for everyone else.

This kind of person often showers sweet names to almost anyone they meet.

Terms like daring, baby, hon, and many others are used interchangeably from person to person.

Now, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t take you seriously, it just means there is no special attachment when he calls you the same.

Deal with the fact that he calls other ladies Mija, and when he calls you it is because it’s routine for him.

You can prove this point by confirming and noting how many others he calls by this term.

Doing this would put things into perspective, you would be certain if you are special or if it’s only a habit for him.

7. He is practicing

The reason your boyfriend calls you Mija is because he is practicing something he learned.

He practices calling you this special way because he has learned from a source that it is bound to plaster a smile on your face

In what way can your boyfriend make you feel special? If not, craft out a special title or moniker reserved for only you.

The relationship reaches a new height every day and a boyfriend in love with you would always want to make you feel special.

This includes him seeking new ways of showing you love, and what better way than giving you a special name only you deserve?

That he goes the extra length to call you a Spanish term shows how much of a romantic your boyfriend is.

He is intentional about you, which leads him to seek new ways to please you. It’s common knowledge that women smile wide when you call them sweet names.

So when he practices this and you smile he is assured that he is doing the right thing.

Also, this is a great way for him to always grab your attention. Your response to this would tell him if he should continue or stop it altogether.

How Do You Respond when your boyfriend calls you Mija?

I understand it can be confusing or awkward at first when he calls you Mija. It can mean so many things and thoughts would conflict with why he is suddenly doing this.

Know that in most case scenarios he does this out of love for you, so ensure you respond smoothly, confidently, and with a smile that reaches the eyes

You can respond by replying with a pet name, respond with actions, tell him how much you like it, and whatever way you respond don’t stutter or disgust.

Reply with a pet name of your own

If your boyfriend calls you Mija, you can easily respond with a compliment of your own.

It doesn’t have to be something in Spanish, anything from baby, my love, too handsome, and cute could suffice. This would affect how he feels about you.

Some examples of responses include:

” Baby, thanks so much”

“Thank you, my handsome prince”

2. Respond with actions

Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me Mija

You can respond to your boyfriend calling you Mija, by showing him affection through your actions. He can’t always read your mind, so show him your actions.

Your gesture would also encourage him to do more for you. Give him a hug, kiss, and laugh. This physical communication goes a long way to assure him he did the right thing.

Simple gestures like a back rub, smooches, and elongated hugs can do a lot.

3. Tell him how much you like it

You can respond to your boyfriend by telling him how much you like being called Mija.

This is a lovely way to respond positively. When you voice out your feelings and emotions, they become more than words. They now hold a place in his heart and he will be glad that he can make you happy.

Some examples of responses include:

“Thanks, mi Amor, I love you dubbing me Mija”

“This means a lot to my sugar, thank you”

4. Don’t stutter or show disgust

When he calls you by a pet name, you must respond without showing disgust or stuttering.

Doing This can be detrimental to your relationship. If your boyfriend sees that your response to him calling you Mija is unfavorable, he will recoil and hate himself for this.

He will be put off if you frown or suddenly act like you don’t like the name, which will stop him from doing so in the future.


Mija is a Spanish term with a direct translation meaning darling. If your boyfriend calls you this, it can make you feel like a princess and more. Besides, Spanish is a romantic language.

It is not strange if you are confused by him calling you Mija. The word Mija is strange to you and your boyfriend also surprised you with this new habit.

Take such gestures as a positive sign. This is because only a lover or close friend uses such an affectionate term to describe another.

We have stated possible reasons why your boyfriend would call you Mija.

Once you accept such, you realize that your relationship bond has gone to a new level that you love. It’s also important that you respond positively to this, a smile would be more than fine.

Another thing you can do is to call him by a special name you crafted for him. This is bound to make him feel very special.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the reasons why your boyfriend calls you Mija, and also appropriate responses. Cheers.

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