Romantic Words That Start With F

Love goes a pretty long way in every relationship. However, we tend to not see it when it’s not shown the right way. Simple words can remind your partner of the love you have for each other.

 Even though actions speak louder, words tend to work deeper when actions can’t. Check out the words below and start using the right words.

Romantic “F” Words

Romantic Words That Start With F


Fabulous” is a nice compliment. Say this when your partner impresses you with appearances or actions. 

Example: “You look fabulous, Jenna. Where’s the party at”?


Fantastic” is another compliment to say to your partner. This can refer to a raised idea, an action, or your partner’s appearance. It is a simple word but it can flatter your partner.

Example: “How did you pull that off? It’s fantastic”.


Favorable” doesn’t refer to people directly but you can use this word in a romantic context. Tell your partner of the favorable actions and steps they take. Your few words can show how much you appreciate their efforts.

Example: Thanks for your help, Jenna. It was favorable.


Feel-good” can be directly used to refer to your partner who makes you feel happy all the time. By saying this, you are telling your lover how much you appreciate his/her presence.

Example: “You’re like my feel-good plaything when I’m down”.


Feisty” can be an insult so you have to put it in the right context and control your tone. It can be used to mean “energetic” and “stubborn

Example: “I love it when you’re playful and feisty“.


Fervent” can be used to replace “serious”. Speak about your partner’s seriousness in your relationship and appreciate it. You can also use it in a different context.

Example: “You seem so fervent when we talk. It’s sweet”.


“Feverish” is not romantic but there are so many similarly bad words that fit perfectly in romantic contexts. The sweetest part is they are exaggerative and may be more appreciated.

Example:I get feverish when you blow a kiss”.


Fiery” is similar to “Feverish”. It is not romantic in its literal denotation but it can sound more intense than literal compliments.

Example: “You’re fiery hot in that dress”.


Feminine” does not have an exactly romantic meaning but it is used to refer to voluptuous curves in a female. You can address your partner with this if she has the curves you like.

Example: “Baggy jeans hide your super feminine look”.


Fetching” is a unique word to use for your attractive partner. It is not a common word so you can stun your partner with this compliment.

Example: “I am buried in your fetching eyes”.


Fine” is a simple word that can refer to beauty. However, it is so common and can be considered less romantic. Using this word in a romantic context may require an extra adjective for exaggeration so your emotion is shown.

Example: “You look too fine to require a make-up kit”.


Firm” refers to an object or anything that stands strong and straight. You can also use this for a determined person. It can refer directly to the physique of a person. You can also qualify your partner’s unshaken stance with this word.

Example: “You remained firm on keeping us together, even when I faltered”.


Flawless” is a positive word that is also hyperbolic in its literal meaning. It denotes perfection.

Even while your partner may have obvious flaws, you can tolerate them naturally and ignore them. Let your partner know how perfect he/she is to you.

Example: “You are a flawless embodiment of who I’ve always wished to be with”.


Flavored” literally means “sweetened”. It is a positive word but it’s not meant to refer to humans. Referring to your partner with this will sound like an exaggeration.

Example: “To be down-to-earth honest, your voice is sensually flavored”.


Flirty” can sound like a rebuke if you use the wrong tone. Use this word in the right tone and let your partner know how much you enjoy your flirty conversations.

Example: “Hello, where did you keep your flirty eyes? You seem down today”.


Flexible” is not romantic in its literal meaning. It is a trait that you can positively address in your partner. 

Example: “You are so flexible, Jenna. What’s your secret”?


First-class” can mean the highest level of something. You can attribute this to your partner in various ways ranging from her looks to her actions.

Example: “Your curves are first-class. We can’t get them on Amazon”.


Flushed” can refer to your reaction or that of your partner. You can add this word when saying a compliment to your partner.

Example: “You look fabulous, Jenna. I’m so flushed”.


Flirtatious” is another word for flirty so you can use them interchangeably in virtually any context. Just remember to keep your tone light and romantic so you don’t sound discouraging.

Example: “Go flirtatious with me but don’t take it out there”.


Flowing” refers to progress or sleekness. You can address your relationship or an attribute of your partner with this word.

Example: “We started flowing from the first day”.


Forbearing” is a trait that should be appreciated. Even if your partner doesn’t address how tolerant he/she has been with you and your flaws, you can address it and appreciate your partner’s tolerance with you.

Example: “You have been forbearing with me, Jenna. I don’t deserve you”.


Forgiving” is another trait. It is quite similar to “forbearing” but this word is a bit more intense. Appreciate your partner’s level of tolerance for you.

Example: “You have been forgiving with me, Jenna. I don’t deserve you”.


Fortunate” is a positive word. You can put the literal meaning of this word in a romantic context and get your partner flattered.

Example:I am fortunate to have you”.


Foxy” can be used to mean “tricky”. It can also refer to a very attractive woman. You can use both meanings romantically.

Example: “Your foxy silhouette turns me on”.


Find” can refer to an excellent discovery. Compare your partner to the desired treasure and watch him/her get flattered.

Example: “You are an exceptional find”.


Fragrant” refers to a beautiful smell. You can address the beautiful scent of your partner with this word.

Example: “I love your fragrant hair”.


Frolicsome” refers to playfulness. You can use this in several ways. You can choose to attribute this word to yourself as an influence of your partner.

You can also address the act in your partner in an admiring way. Whichever way you choose to use the word, keep your tone in check so you don’t sound like you are rebuking.

Example: “I only get frolicsome when you come around”.


Frisky” is similar to Frolicsome but is a bit more intense. The word can be used to refer to sensual arousal. It is naturally romantic but a wrong tone can also pass the wrong message.

Example: “Your foxy silhouette gets me frisky”.


Fresh” is a very simple compliment. It is similar to “Fine” and may not sound very romantic. Adding an extra adjective to exaggerate the word will help. Maintain the right time and it will sound as romantic as ever.

Example: “You are too fresh to hide behind a cloak”.


Fulfilling” is a simple word that implies satisfaction. You can use this word in several ways to pass a romantic message to your partner.

You will be carving a sincere smile on your partner’s face by attributing the reason for your satisfaction to him/her.

Example: “You give me the most fulfilling intimacy I have ever had”.


“Funny” is a trait. Your partner probably thinks so already but that doesn’t stop you from affirming it. You can even add emotions to it to make your partner believe it.

When you use the word, you can wear a serious and sincere face or you can laugh. That way, you are showing your partner that he/she is capable of making you happy.

Example: “You are funny, Jenna. One more word from you may rip my ribs out“.


Full” is a simple adjective that can refer to a lot of things. Your partner can be full of a lot of things. When you are being romantic, make sure you are addressing the positive ones.

When you are trying to address a negative trait of your partner, you may want to avoid this word and go lightly on your partner.

Example: “You are full of beautiful things. It feels brand new, every day“.


Fulgent” is an adjective that refers to physical attraction. You can also attribute this to your partner’s work or action. It refers to a radiant shine. Appreciate your partner’s beauty with this word. It is strange and romantic too.

Example: “Nothing gives you a more fulgent look than your natural smile does“.

Romantic “F” Names

Romantic Words That Start With F

 Using romantic words may not fit into some situations you find yourself. You may even get confused when thinking of which one to use at the right time.

Below is a list of romantic nicknames to call your partner. With these, you don’t get to wait for the right time to use them.


This is a common but nice name. Using “Favorite” as your partner’s nickname can get him/her flattered. It can also serve as an assurance that your heart is won.

 Fuzzy bear

This is a nice name to give a male partner. It is perfect for male partners that are bigger or for a male partner you like to cuddle.

 Fav boy

This name sounds a bit lame but it will seem very cute when your male partner hears you say it for the umpteenth time. Instead of using favorite, you can call him “Fav boy


This is a nice nickname for your cat-loving partner. It can also refer to your female partner who you consider to be foxy.


This nickname can be used instead of “Feline”. Use this name if your girlfriend is a mischievous type or a very attractive person.


This is a name for a fitness freak. Use this for your male or female partner who loves to work out.


Firefox” can be used if your partner is a computer expert. This can also be used for your very attractive girlfriend, instead of using “Fox” or “Feline”.


This is more suitable for a female partner with very attractive dimples. This will get her flattered.


Do you want to tell your girlfriend she is hot? You can call her “Firefly” instead. 


This name is suitable for a male partner but nothing stops you from calling your girlfriend by this name.  If he/she is brave and confident, this name will fit in perfectly.


The weirdest nicknames can be the most romantic. This promotes wild and open communication between you and your partner. While many people may not understand this, you and your partner will be doing great.


This nickname is cool and inoffensive for your partner who likes eating a lot.


This name is perfect for your male partner when you are still in the early stage of your relationship. You can call him the fanboy while he is still chasing you around like a celebrity.


This is a very nice nickname for your attractive female partner. Fairies are cute.


This nickname is weird but it works fine for female partners.

 Freckle face

If you don’t want to use “Freckles”, you can call her “Freckle Face”. You will surely put a smile on her face.


This is a perfect nickname and it sounds much better when it’s coming from a male partner to a female partner. By calling her “frostbite”, you mean she leaves a stunning impression on you.


Communication is the key to peace in every relationship. Flatter each other with the right romantic words and have the best of each other.

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