Romantic Words That Start With B

Thanks to the dictionary, we have a lot of words to express how deep our feelings are. Some words sound so weird that they seem to mean more than they are intended to mean.

Putting the meaning of words aside, some relationships are only failing because a touch of romance is left out.

Simple compliments can go a long way in fixing a relationship. Check out the perfect romantic “B” words and how to use them in the list below.

25 Romantic B Words

Romantic Words That Start With B


“Beaming” sounds like what it means. It might not be literally romantic but you can put it in the right context and arouse a smile on your partner’s face.

Example: Your figure’s quite beaming, Honey. What sorcery?!


“Beautiful” might be common but you lose nothing when you remind your partner of that fact. Let your partner know what you think about their beauty.

Example: You remain as beautiful as ever, even in your late fifties


“Bold” may not seem romantic but what is more romantic than massaging the ego of your partner? Very simple compliments can do more than you think.

Example: You’re so bold, Joe. So bold!


“Beauteous” is another word for beautiful. Thanks to the dictionary, we can confuse our partners for a moment. Once they understand the compliment, they come back and hug us.

Example:- You remain beauteous as ever, even at your old age


“Becoming” is another word for beautiful but can be used to mean different things. The goal is to stun your partner with a compliment.

Example:- You already have a becoming pair of jeans on for the party


“Bedazzling” is the stunning version of beautiful. If beautiful is becoming too common, use “Bedazzling”. It’s not just new but it sounds like a climax.

Example: Your bedazzling looks never cease to turn me on but you have to go out.


“Beefy” is another perfect word for male partners. Massage that ego till he explodes in love. Keep the romance alive.

Example: Hello, Beefy. Let’s work these muscles out.


“Beguiling” is another word for “stunning”. Imagine telling your partner he/she charmed you. That is telling them how supernatural your love is for them.

Example: I have never seen one so beguiling as you are right now.


“Beloved” is a pretty simple word but it works wonders in the head of your partner. You should remind your partner of how much you love him/her. Repeat it all day and it will never be too much.

Example; Hello, beloved. Are you busy?


“Besotted” is another quite strange word that simply means “infatuation”. Who says infatuation is a bad thing? Saying the word can express more passion than love.

Example: I feel so Besotted. I can’t explain, Jenna


“Best” is a simple word. Throw compliments on your partner in every area. That helps to improve confidence and you will be appreciated better.

Example: You’re the best person I have ever known


“Bewitching” is another word close to infatuation. It can be used in a lustful or passionate context. Saying this tells your partner that he/she is desired. That’s quite assuring.

Example:- Your voluptuous curves bewitch me to stare in public. Unfortunately, I can’t touch it.


“Benevolent” is a complimentary word. You use this in a calm moment. It is more emotional than romantic. Your partner cares more about hearing you say it.

Example: You are so benevolent, Jamie. You’ll get it back


“Brave” is another complimentary word that is only used in the right moments. You can’t just call anyone brave but say it to your partner when they do something daring. It connects you both.

Example: That’s a brave move. I’d never do that

Beyond Compare

“Beyond Compare” sounds lame. It sounds like a phrase for wooing. However, the lamest pick-up lines still sound cute to a partner that loves you.

A repetition of this phrase will also work perfectly well in an emotional moment.

Example: You are beyond compare. Everything about you speaks of perfection


“Blissful” is a simple word that means “happy”. There is almost nothing romantic about it. However, simple compliments are always romantic when you use them with your partner.

Example: You’re always blissful around me. I want more of that


“Blazing” is a word that denotes passion. You either call your partner “hot” or “blazing”. You could even say “blazing hot”. Just say the compliment and stun your partner for a second.

Example: You look blazing in that dress. All eyes will be on you


“Blooming” can be used in several ways. It can be in a simple context. You can even get creative and dirty with the word. It’s your partner anyway. Dirty romantic words will keep intimacy beautiful in your relationship.

Example: You look fresh and blooming as ever


“Bodacious” refers to audacity on a lighter but encouraging note. You can use this when your partner has performed a daring act.

Remember; the word may not seem romantic but encouraging your partner keeps the love alive and the words stay in their heads longer than you think.

Example: How did you do that? That’s bodacious!


“Breathless” has a literal meaning that is not romantic in any way. Put this in the right context. It will not only stun your partner but also sound like an exaggeration. It will also stay in the head of your partner for a while.

Example: Your presence always gets me breathless


“Brawny” is a synonym for beefy and muscular. This is perfect for muscular partners. Tell them how much you enjoy their muscles. They will care more about that statement than the muscles.

Example: You are so brawny and strong.


“Bonny” is a not-so-common synonym for beautiful. Your female partner will have to search for the meaning of this. However, it sounds cute already.

Example: You have a bonny face that stuns everyone


“Bright” is simple in meaning. It is not very romantic but the compliment still works romantic wonders.

You can use this word to acknowledge your partner’s mood. It shows them you pay attention and you care. That way, you can share emotions.

Example: You look brighter than the morning. What happened?


“Breathtaking” can replace “breathless”, in case you have used the word too many times already.

However, compliments are never too much for your partner. This word sounds like an exaggeration when you use it in a romantic context but your partner wants to hear you say it. 

Example: Staring into your eyes alone. That’s breathtaking


“Burning” can replace blazing and hot. It can also be used in a different way that is equally romantic. You need to remind your partner of how much you love him/her.

Let him/her know the love is there and it is never fading. Simple compliments can get your partner thinking about you for a long period.

Example: That pose, Jenna. I’m burning for you!

4 Romantic “B” Names

Romantic Words That Start With B


“Blondie” is considered an offensive word sometimes. However, it’s your partner. You can adapt the silliest nicknames and neither of you would care.

The word refers to a person with blond hair so it’s more appropriate if your partner has blond hair. It can be silly but in a relationship, “silly” can be “romantic”.


“Batman” doesn’t sound romantic as a name but, as mentioned earlier, silly names can be romantic. You can adopt this name for your boyfriend if he emits batman vibes.

You probably see him as your hero or he is the type of guy that talks less and is full of action. Batman is the right nickname for him. He will be stunned at first but he will get used to it.


We all know what “Bunny” means. Asides from the cuteness of actual bunnies, the name sounds very cute.

You can use this for your extremely cute girlfriend. This can also be used for a guy. A bunny is a bear so this can also refer to a big and cuddly male partner.


This is one of the most common nicknames on the list. This may not sound exciting enough to you but it works perfectly fine. It is even a unisex nickname. You can use this for your female partner. It also works perfectly for a male partner.


We can all agree that “B” has got a lot of romantic words to spice up your relationship. You can save yourself the stress of sliding down the Alphabet. 

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