Romantic Words That Start With “D”

Romantic words should never be missing in your relationship. Some partners view mere compliments as a show of love so when the cute words stop coming at them, they start to have second thoughts about how much you care for the relationship.

This doesn’t apply to everyone but one thing that applies to everyone is the appreciation of compliments from a loved partner.

Even when the reaction doesn’t look like it, your partner wants to hear you call him/her “darling” and names like that.

 Go through this list of romantic “D” words and start flattering your partner.

Romantic “D” Words

Romantic Words That Start With D


“Darling” is a common word used by partners. It may sound common and less romantic but calling your partner by this name for the first time will stun him/her.

Example: Good morning, darling. How was your night?


“Dapper” is a casual compliment that can replace “neat and stylish”. It is best for guys. Using casual compliments on your boyfriend improves your friendly bond.

Example: You make that cloth look dapper.


“Daring” refers to boldness in a quite rebuking way. However, it depends on how you use the word. Make it sound like you admire the act and you will be passing the right message.

Example: You are so daring. I wish I were like that too.


“Dear” is quite simple. However, if you use this word on some people, they seem to go crazy in the head for a second. That is because a romantic meaning is attached to this. There may be no reaction from your partner but the word is still great.

Example: Thank you for staying back, dear.


“Dazzling” is the perfect word to use when your partner does something startling. The word is capable of stunning your partner for a second, even though you were only reacting to an action that stunned you.

Example: Your performance was dazzling, Steve. Everyone had to stand up.


“Dashing” can nicely replace “daring”. It is more attractive and it shows your admiration for whatever activity you are referring to.

Example: Your approach was dashing.


“Dearest” is the uncommon version of “dear”. Since the word can’t be used as often as “dear”, it will stun your partner at first. It may even sound like you are about to cajole your partner.

Example: Hey, Dearest. Why are you sitting alone?


“Delectable” is another word for Pleasing, Delicious, and similar words. Attribute this to your partner’s figure and watch the reaction.

Example: Your waist is so delectable. I wish that was for my eyes alone.


“Delicate” refers to fragile things. However, fragile things are usually beautiful and of great worth.

Example: Your delicate heart is not something I ever want to lose.


“Daunting” replaces “scary” in virtually every context. However, you can romantically use this to flatter your partner.

Example: Her beauty is so daunting that I get scared when she walks out.


“Delightful” refers to happiness. It is cool to acknowledge your partner’s excitement and appreciate it.

Example: You’re as delightful as always.


“Delirious” is a wilder version of delight. It would be quite insensitive when you fail to acknowledge your partner’s unusual excitement.

Example: You get delirious when I’m around. The feeling is mutual.


“Desirable” is a nice compliment to use for your partner. Let your partner know you feel lucky to be in that relationship.

Example: You have a desirable figure hidden in that cloak.


“Desired”. Let your partners know you admire them. They may already know but remind them of it. Let them know your desire for them is timeless.

Example: Let it be known that you are desired on the bed.


“Devoted” refers to loyalty in your relationship. It comes up in emotional moments. Your devotion to your relationship matters and your partner wants to see your efforts in staying in the relationship.

Example: I will be devoted to keeping what we have till death do us part.


“Dirty” is closer to a naughty word but what stops you from getting naughty with your partner? Intimacy is always more lovely when it is with someone you love.

Example: would you like to get dirty?


“Disarming” works perfectly in a startling situation. You can compliment your partner’s appearance with this.

Example: Her presence is always disarming. I almost pee my pants.


“Determined” is a compliment. Use this to improve the confidence of your partner.

Example: You are the best at what you do, Jacob. Stay determined


“Divine” refers to holy things. Comparing your partner to a god-sent being will be stunning. It can refer to beauty or morals.

Example: Your beauty is divine. It’s never fading.


“Dulcet” refers to sweet melodies. You already have an idea of how to use this word for your partner. It is perfect if your wife is a singer. You can even use it while she’s just singing around the house.

Example: Your voice is dulcet. It does magic to any song.


“Dreamy” is an exaggeration for your partner. By using this word, you are comparing your partner to an unbelievable part of your imagination.

Example: Moments with her feel so dreamy.


“Dynamic” is a good compliment for your active partner. It refers to a person full of energy; someone who can perform well in various positions.

While this may not seem related to love, your compliments mean a lot to your partner and they serve as fuel for your partner’s productivity.

Example: You have always been a dynamic leader. Anyone would be lucky to have you.


“Dynamite” can refer to a dangerous object. It is famously known as a kind of explosives. It can be metaphorically used in a romantic context. Comparing your partner to a bomb can be more sensual than you think.

Example: When you come around, you’re like a stick of dynamite… but I want to hold it.

Romantic “D” Names

  1. Romantic Words That Start With D


This refers to the wife of a duke. This is a perfect nickname for your female partner. It is like calling her a queen while you are the king of your little kingdom.


Call your male partner by this name. There are no criteria for him to deserve this name as long as you want to spend a lifetime with him.


This is a kind of flower. Nothing and no one deserves this cute name more than your cute girlfriend.


Delilah has a bad reputation but nothing stops her name from being turned around. You can call your girlfriend Delilah; the only woman who is capable of being your kryptonite.

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is the title of a popular cartoon. You can call your boyfriend by this name if he is a fan of animated movies. You can also call him by this If his name is Daniel.


You can call your male partner a dreamer if you are still in the early stage where he is still wooing. You are the dream and he is the dreamer.


This is a pretty cute name for your cute girlfriend. Many girls look like dolls anyway.


You can call your partner by this heavenly name.


If your female partner calls you a dreamer for wanting a relationship with her, call her Dreamgirl… and chase your dreams.

Doll face

Instead of calling her a doll, you can use “Doll face”. Whichever one seems fairer to you.


If your girlfriend has cute dimples, you can call her by it.


Your female partner is a jewel. Call her by this name.


A dove is known to be calm. Calm girls are always cute so if your girlfriend deserves this name, she must be cute too.


Doodlebug has several literal meanings but you can always create yours. It sounds funny. Your partner may find it stunning at first. She will probably reject the name for a while but she will soon love to hear you say it.


A doughnut is a very nice snack. Call your girlfriend by your favorite snack.

Dirty Jack

Dirty Jack is gotten from the title of an adult RPG game. Call your boyfriend by this name if he appears to be a playboy.


This is a nice nickname for your boyfriend if he appears charismatic, quiet, and mysterious.


You can call your girlfriend, “deity”. No one is asking you to worship her but it is a cool nickname.


This word refers to the brightness of the morning. Get poetic while explaining this nickname to your girlfriend.


This is a nice name for scary or mysterious guys, gotten from a popular vampire movie.


This may not sound very cute to some but it is quite romantic to call your boyfriend “daddy”.


This is a nice name for female partners. Ducks are cute anyway.


If Daisy is too common and you want another flowery nickname, this is a nice one.

Dew drops

You can call your partner by this name or coin a pickup line out of it.


Danish is a kind of sweet meal. This nickname will be appreciated too.

Disco Head

This is a nice name for your partner if he/she is a lover of parties and dancing.

Double Trouble

This may sound like an insult but your partner won’t take offense. This is a nice name for a troublesome partner whose company you enjoy.


Dummy is not a nice name and not everyone would take it lightly. In relationships, partners tend to take insults lightly, depending on the tone. Know your partner first before using this nickname.

Dennis the menace

You can give your boyfriend this nickname if he is the troublesome type. If double Trouble sounds a bit offensive, this is another phrase with the same meaning.

It is the title of a popular movie. This will be perfect if your boyfriend is troublesome. It’d be even much better if his name is Dennis.


This is another weird name you can give your boyfriend. It is gotten from a popular show about a serial killer. If he asks why you call him by this name, tell him his oceanic stares kill you slowly.


This is another nice name for your boyfriend who is a technology nerd. He’ll be appreciative of the nickname even if he refuses to show it.

Doctor Strange

This is another name gotten from a popular movie. This will fit your boyfriend if he is a calm but mysterious person. He could even be a doctor and it would be perfect.

Doctor Fate

If you don’t want to go for Doctor Strange or your boyfriend is not a fan of the MCU, you call him Dr. Fate instead.

Doctor Who

Your boyfriend is probably an actual doctor or he acts like one, this is a nice name for him. It is the best one to go for if he is the mysterious type whom you’re still trying to understand.


You can give your boyfriend this name if he is a fan of Harry Potter. Dumbledore is a great character in the Harry Potter series. It will suit your male partner if he is a charismatic leader.


Django is a name gotten from the popular movie; Django unchained. You can give your boyfriend this name if he is a wild and audacious person.


It sounds like an insult, right? It’s only weird but can be quite romantic when it’s coming from a partner’s mouth.

Instead of calling her an angel, you can go unconventional and call her “demon”. Use the right time to avoid passing the wrong message.


No matter how great your relationship is going, cute nicknames can spice it up even better. Try the magic with the list of words above.

We’ve covered numerous words you can call your girlfriend to spice up your relationship instead of calling her babe every single time. I hope this article helps!

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