What to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease?

Some people say things to us out of disappointment or just some feeling of disgust. The thing is; they know these foul words or phrases will get to us which is why they do it at first instance.

I know a couple of persons who would go dumbfounded or short of words, as to what to say in response and this post is specifically for them.

This post centers on the response to being called a tease which is hurtful if used in some context. But for whatever reason, I think you should know what to say in response, at least to clear the air.

If you’re like any of these my friends and not knowing what to reply when someone says an annoying thing like calling you a tease, just stick to the letters of this article and you’ll find your voice. 

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease

I’m sure you know that there are a bunch of things that you can say to anyone who calls you a tease.

The best part of replying to shades like this understands your position and the situation itself.

I’d go for a rebuke at first instance, as you can say things like, “Stop calling me that “, “Hey pride peacock, slow down”, You’ve got nothing on me” or lines like “Don’t play yourself, trying to flatter me”.

You can get all messy and throw in some comebacks if the circumstance calls for it. Some of the lines include “I really liked you, but for 24hrs”, “you’re just not my type, I’m sorry“, and “Your ego is not worth feeling pity for“.

In like mind, I like imploying the use of questions in some cases. Such lines can include, “Why all this self-pity?“, “Is that your way of flirting?”, “I thought you were understandable, where did that go?”.

Well, I think that’s enough for a briefing which is why we should explore more of these replies one after the other.

Why Did You Call Me That?

I feel like you should ask for the reason why someone would label you a tease. Although it’s pretty clear that they’re trying to switch up on you because you didn’t meet their expectations; it could be the person’s little way of flirting.

Girls get a lot of this “you’re a tease thing”, and a guy who has an interest in you might use the phrase to get your attention.

So, it would be important that you get to the main reason you got called a tease, as it will help model your further responses.

What Do You Mean by That?

Just as in the previous response, this line also exposits on getting to the root of the matter. Like you’re trying to understand what the phrase means, in the context, it was used.

Now, you can easily do this from the tone, but hearing from the person says a lot more. Even if the person doesn’t reply or provide an answer, the good thing is; that you spoke up.

You didn’t sit back and watch a guy or girl roast you up because you didn’t give in to their demands. You can use this line to give yourself a voice and show the speaker that you’re not shutting up for them to talk sideways about you.

Is That Your Way of Flirting?

Ain’t nothing wrong with asking questions. It’s a good sign that you’re not waiting on somebody to talk down on you. Whether boy or girl, you can ask the person if that’s the little way of flirting with you.

Because, it’s quite wise to think that it could mean two or more things when someone calls you a tease, and flirting might just be one of such reasons. But examine the situation before concluding.

Hey Pride Peacock, Slow Down

This is one of those comebacks that can make a person despise you the more. Unfortunately, you don’t care and it doesn’t change anything. I noticed that those who end up calling others a tease might’ve had their pride trashed.

Say a hard guy became weak at the sight of you and all you did was switch up on him and leave. He’ll think of you as a tease and can even voice it out. Luckily, you just found a nice response.

This line tackles his ego and pride, as you metaphorically present it. The last two words say “slow down”, and that is your advice to the young man.

Get Your Things Together

As much as you would want to stay mute, please don’t forget to tell the person to get their stuff together.

Whether a guy or a girl, they should do you the favor of staying sane without ranting about how you turned them down. That way, nobody gets insulted or has a strong word shoved down their throat. 

Stop Calling Me That!

This is inarguably one of the best things to say when someone calls you a tease. You should have the right expression to stress the need for this statement. Simply telling this with the right body language, will deliver the message. 

You’re Just Not My Type, I’m Sorry

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease?

Have you ever apologized as if it never happened? If yes, you’re going to be good with this. If not, nothing to worry about as this will be your first.

You’re stating the reason you either left or cut short of the person’s expectations which led to the name calling. You end the line with an apology which sounds like, “thanks, but no thanks”.

I Guess I Kept That Ego in Check

I’ll keep reemphasizing that ego could be the reason someone would call you a tease. They feel they’re too reserved to be treated the way you did to them.

Whether it is a failed coital meeting or date, you made the person feel vulnerable. So if we’re dealing with an egomaniac dude or girl, I’m sure this line will do the job perfectly.

You’ve Got Nothing on Me

Giving the person a clear and simple proclamation will help get them in check or even stop the name-calling from them.

Using this line implies that you’re unshaken by all their hurtful words that are fashioned to make you flare up. Instead, you’re telling them that the reaction on you is almost nothing and they should prolly back off.

I Liked You, but for Only 24hrs

This line sounds hard like a bar in a rap song, but it’s not a comeback if it’s not hard enough. So, now you’re telling the person that whatever you guys had was real, but you meant it to last for 24hrs.

Hence, whatever they think now is way past the programmed time frame. This should help give direction to the circumstance. I mean, since you’re telling the person what went down, then they should understand and spare you from the name-calling.

Is That What You Call Intentional Women?

I’ve heard of situations where some girls were called a tease because they didn’t give into a coital engagement with some random guy at a house party.

This is pure because they were intentional about keeping the limits. If you were to find yourself in such a situation, this reply is suitable to salvage the moment.

I’m convinced that whoever called you a tease, will have to rethink that decision since it is not recorded that women that are intentional about who they make out with should be labeled “a tease “.

If That’s What Makes You Feel More Manly, Don’t Stop

I would recommend this response to the ladies who have been called a tease at some point. Just strap up with this response and be ready to give an attitude to anybody who calls you a tease.

You’re telling the person to continue calling you a tease if that makes them feel masculine. But all know that’s a bit sarcastic, just so you know.

Don’t Play Yourself, Trying to Flatter Me

There you go… spit it out. Say it with your chest out, because the person could be seriously trying to flatter you. You can use this line if you’re not feeling either the vibes or the person. It’s more or less, a discharge sentence.

My Decline Didn’t Mean Any Harm

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease?

I mentioned earlier that most cases of a person being called a tease, happen majorly to girls. This is because some guys feel like a girl who wouldn’t want to finish what they started shouldn’t lead them on.

But when this happens, name-calling comes in. If you’re a girl in this situation, you can kindly explain to the person that you didn’t mean to make them feel bad or hurt them. This line will make the person understand your true intentions.

Why All These Self-Pity?

There’s more you can do with questions, especially rhetorical questions. This is because I know this very line won’t get you any information, rather you can get the person to keep mute for some time.

No sane person will answer this question, but if the person does, then it validates the more why you left. But on the contrary, you’ll be getting a dead silence as a response.

Trust Me, This Is Not So Getting to Me

I like it when you tell an oppressor that they’re wasting their time trying to make you feel hurt. Most times, it shuts the person off from continuing their effort to make you feel bad because it’s not working. If you’re looking for the right statement, this line got you covered.

I Thought You Were Understandable, Where Did That Go?

U can continue the roasting party with this line. Although a question, it is rhetorical and will make the person keep mute for some time. 

I’m sorry, but I Can’t Apologize

LoL, I almost choked with laughter while writing this and it is because you just said sorry which is an apology, and also insists that you won’t apologize.

If you’re seeing the irony, then you’re smart and should bag this, to prepare for when someone calls you a tease.

You Stress Too Much, That’s Your Loss

The person who might call you a tease is probably angry, and it’s a stress for them to cook up names for you. You tell them straight up that they’re stressed, and it’s their loss.

Save your Strength for Something Else

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease?

Just as you’re telling the person that they’re stressing, also remind them to save up their energy for something or somebody else.

This way, you’re advising the person instead of picking offense with it. It’s another way of shutting the person up without going violent.

I Was Never Wrong With My Decision

One of the best things you can do in situations like this is to reaffirm your resolve or decision. Using this line is one of such ways which you can imploy to clarify that you stand by whatever decision you took.

You Can Call Me a Tease, I’m Not Coming Back

Telling the person this shows your resolve to stay unshaken and unperturbed about their name-calling. This means that you’re not getting back to the person even if he or she calls you a tease to ridicule you for doing that.

Your Ego Is Not Worth Feeling Pity For

This is another response that is befitting if you’re dealing with an egomaniac person. Simply tell them that their ego is not worth your pity and watch them crawl back into their “whole self”.

If We’re Being Honest, You Don’t Deserve Me

State the facts and set the records with this line. Make the person understand it would never work out between you two so the name-calling is unnecessary. And your reason is that they don’t deserve you.

I’m Sorry, but You Won’t Get the Audience You Seek

Whoever calls you a tease is looking forward to an argument or at best an explanation How about you inform the person that you won’t grant them the audience they seek for? That’s a big statement, so add it to your list.

You Shouldn’t Blame Me for Letting down Your Guard

You can equally clarify things with this line. Why should you be blamed for their inability to stay on guard? Absolutely nothing!

I’m Sure You Enjoyed It While It Lasted, What’s With the Hate?

If we’re considering a situation of a failed coital engagement, you can use this line as both a response and a defense. 

Now you’re Being Unreasonable

What to Say When Someone Calls You a Tease?

It’s clear that whoever calls you a tease is being unreasonable. You cook up names just to get back at a person for turning you down in something. That’s unreasonable and childish to do, so put it to the person’s face.

Take a Break from Life, You’re Just Angry

Yea, anyone that calls you a tease is Angry and should take a break. Now, you suggesting they should take a break from life is sarcastic, as it might imply committing suicide or dying off so mind how you present this line.

Last I Checked, Having Limits Was Never an Offence

If we’re being honest, most girls who have been called a tease by guys or their fellow girls had some limits they wanted to maintain. And this is not an offense. You can build a response like the one above or use this one instead to reply to anyone who calls you a tease.


I will be wrapping up this post in this section, but I’ll drop my final thoughts. Like I’ve always advocated, try to study the situation and understand what it needs before using any of these replies.

It will help boycott further altercations and also keep your civility in check. Do well to share this post with anybody that will need to strap up with replies such as these.

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