What To Say When Someone Calls You Shorty

Being called a shorty bothers on bullying and we find this happens in almost all walks of life. Whether at work, school, or home. For a short person, this can be a cause for concern as you are frequently called shorty.

A short person deals with this very often from friends, family, and strangers all calling you a shorty. As a short person, you shouldn’t allow such intimidation and should have a witty comeback every time you are being called shorty.

What To Say When Someone Calls You Shorty

When you have a quick comeback for all these categories of persons who calls your shorty, they will have a rethink before repeating the same.

You have no control in determining your height and no one should make you feel less because of it. Here in this article, I have prepared a list of comebacks that you will appreciate when you are called a shorty.

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25 Things To Say When You Are Called Shorty

What To Say When Someone Calls You Shorty

If you are still a student, you will feel the full brunt assault of being called a shorty almost all the time, knowing that you are not alone in this.

Here are some comebacks that can get you through.

1. I can fix my height with some high heels, but how do you fix that ugly face nature blessed you with?

Say no to bullying. This reply is ideal when you are pissed and what the bully to feel insulted. You target their looks and ask them how they can change how ugly they are.

This comeback puts you ahead, highlighting a point that makes your shortness a problem that can be dealt with, while their ugly face and character can never be fixed or changed.

2. “God allows good things to grow into perfection. Other people take a longer time to achieve this”

This response is classy, especially when taking the high road allowing you to still throw some shade at your bully. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

This reply means you cherish yourself as you are, and exactly how you are created to be.

3. “I’m closer to misery, and I will not delay in bringing the wrath from there. Please remove yourself from my presence”

This comeback is good when you want to pass a clear message that says stay off. The message tells your bully that you are not messing around and that you are not happy with their comment.

This reply tells the bully that further action will be regrettable.

4. “I can’t seem to hear you down here. can you bring a ladder so I can hear the nonsense your mouth Is spewing?”

This response is a comical response when you are trying to be funny and in a good mood. The person who calls you shorty will look funny.

This comeback is a way to remove yourself from the short comment by making a joke out of it. It will take the caller off guard and dissuade them from future retorts.

5. “You are clear evidence that being tall is not a guarantee for more brain cells”

This is a wonderful way to tell this person calling you shorty, that being tall doesn’t mean they are better than others or you.

No one gets extra points for standing a head over others, this response from you is a perfect way to embarrass them into staying away from you. You don’t look appealing for anyone to call you names with this kind of comeback.

6. “Ever heard of big and stupid? the taller they are, the harder they fall.”

This is a reference to a common myth that big folks are usually dumb, this is a direct comeback for anyone that calls you shortly.

It also adds to the fact that their tall nature is a disadvantage to them. This lets anyone calling you shorty know you are not scared to give them a sharp reply. They will walk and talk with caution around you.

7. “Yeah, what does the weather prediction for today?”

This is a comment that pokes fun at a tall person. It is a good way to discourage a bully by making fun of their height because they are picking on you.

Bullies don’t respond well to being made fun off and will stop calling you shortly. This response means for a tall person, should be useful in the least and tell us what the weather says.

8. “Oh my, tell me something I didn’t know? did you die and woke up?”

This comeback is sarcastic and will cause some laughs. It will also make the person calling you shorty laugh too.

Sarcasm helps because It waters down any seriousness of the situation, telling them they don’t matter to you. When you deflect such insults with statements like this, being called shorty loses its power.

9. “The sweetest things in life come in small sizes”

This phrase is popular, and many folks get this. It is a good way to dissuade anyone from calling you shorty twice. The phrase speaks to the fact that being short means you are ready.

With this reply, you are telling the bully that you appreciate your small size and won’t trade it for being tall. You are letting them know it is preferable to be short than tall.

10. “I’m not short; I’m concentrated happiness.”

This is a wonderful response, it tells that you are short and an outstanding person. It’s a strong way of saying your height doesn’t define you.

People who call you shorty do this to demean you, but with a reply like this you will be unfazed and prevent future name calling.

11. “You say short but I am down-to-earth.”

This comment is funny because you are telling this person who is called shorty rolls off you like water to a duck feather. When you are down-to-earth it means you are a humble fellow.

The comeback is also a pun because you refer to yourself as closer to the ground in reality. Using this strategy, no bully’s insult would pierce your thick skin, denying them any satisfaction of seeing you sad.

12. “Yes, can you tell that my head is held high while yours is downcasted?”

If you are in the mood to have a go at anyone calling you shorty, this comeback is a wonderful choice. Looking up means you have high esteem for yourself and confidence while looking down represents insecurity and guilt.

Your bully would be ashamed of further attacks on you.

13. “At least I don’t suffer from brain damage from banging my head into things. I can perceive you are suffering from this predicament.”

This is a direct and funny comment to be called shorty. It is an insult to the bully because it suggests that they are defective from hitting their head all the time because of their tall nature. This is a perspective that would stun any bully into silence.

By saying this, you suggest they suffer from some kind of brain injury.

14. “Thank you for letting me know, I never knew until you said it.”

Sarcasm takes the lead again with this comeback. It is a perfect comeback to use when someone wants you to feel less of yourself or shame you to feel different from others. Usually, it’s their insecurities that push them to do this.

By saying thank you sarcastically, you make their insult sound stupid even to them. They will feel discouraged from sending more insults in your direction.

15. “You should see me when I stand on my bank account.”

This response is a knife in the heart, especially when you are more wealthy than them. They will instantly recoil and stay away from you because they know they can’t match you in terms of money.

This response is a direct jab at their life and would warn them to steer clear of you.

16. “Everyone, a standing ovation for captain obvious.”

If you say this with a bit of drama and finesse, you have crippled anyone from calling you silly names. It is perfect for calling them out in a public setting.

They become ashamed and leave you alone. Because people do name-calling, they don’t also like it being done to them.

17. “Yes, anything else?”

This is a response that weakens the knees of anyone calling you shorty. It’s like you are asking them ‘’what’s your point?’’ they feel dumb and stupid immediately, regretting having called you shorty in the first place.

18. “Did you say short? people say I am fun-sized”

When you hear a total stranger calling you shorty, this response is a good way to get back at them. It shows them you are confident in yourself and build.

Anyone saying this would regret having said this in your direction.

19. “You should tell me your second favorite thing about me because I can tell you are a fan.”

This comeback packs the correct amount of punch power. You have made yourself a celebrity and likened this person to exhibiting ‘’fan behavior. ‘’

This is true because for a stranger to comment about your height that way, you deserve to be their fan. Saying this will immediately put them off and face the opposite direction.

20. “Yes, how can I help you? you seem to require urgent help.”

This is a roundabout comeback, as you twist the situation in your favor smoothly. They become mute because they would not have expected you to own up to being called a shorty.

Also, you take a jab at them by insinuating that they need urgent help by seeking your attention.

21. “You are so observant; do you want a pat on the head?”

This sarcastic response will put off anyone who calls you shorty by making them look stupid. They will have no choice but to remain silent from shame.

Saying this establishes you as more mature, and smart than they are.

22. “Is this how you flirt? because you are not my type.”

This direct comeback tells them you are aware of their sinister motives and won’t hesitate to turn them down.

Anyone calling you shorty will feel embarrassed because you made them feel rejected, leaving your presence immediately.

23. “I think it’s best if your mouth remains closed.”

This is a powerful comeback that establishes your resolve and distaste for being called a shorty. The person sees and understands a clear message that shows you are not tolerating such names being thrown your way.

24. “Do you have a problem keeping your opinions to yourself?”

Here, you are asking them if they can’t mind tier business. By saying this, you are calling them out and ensuring they do not repeat the same thing.

Some bullies don’t back down easily, and only a confrontation would yield a result.

25. “I can see that being tall isn’t an advantage.”

This last comeback is when you are down to lay some heavy fire. It’s a direct hit at whoever’s calling you shorty, it tells them that though they are tall, they still have no sense.


Comments about your height should not be tolerated, especially when it is negative. When someone calls you short, take a second and read the situation so you deliver the best response to them.

It could be that the person calling you shorty is just trying to be friendly and cute, or they could be making an innocent mistake. If the person is your friend, then there’s no need to get upset – just laugh it off and enjoy their company.

However, if you find that someone is calling you shorty in a mean-spirited way, then it might be time to have a conversation with them about why that term bothers you.

Let them know that it feels disrespectful and makes you feel small – after all, nobody likes to feel like they’re being insulted!

Hopefully, they’ll understand where you’re coming from and will stop using that nickname for you.

Remember to report incidents like this to the designated authority.

Understand it’s rare for someone to call you short out of respect for you. Bullying too is not an option in any form.

Arm yourself with the wittiest comeback and responses so that anyone calling your name knows what they are in for.

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