What to Say When Someone Calls You Trash?

If you’ve been a victim of swear words and didn’t know what to say… don’t skip this. If you also want to arm yourself for the unforeseen days of receiving insults from others, also come closer to your screen and read through.

This is because I have a good list of premium comebacks for you. In case you’re wondering what to say when someone calls you trash, this is the right post for you.

Because I’ll be providing details about what you should say as a response when someone calls you trash.

We all know that there are people that are naturally annoying and they will go to any length to Set you off. But before you give in to their hurtful words, give them a response.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Trash

What to Say When Someone Calls You Trash?

The circumstances which can lead to someone calling you trash can be either your fault or it might be them trying to Set you off. Either way, I’ve got just the right response to serve them.

In case you’re dealing with an annoying person, I believe these hot comebacks will do the work… “I wonder why you keep hitting on yourself”,

“If I’m trash, guess who’s the trash can… you of course, Who knows, you might even be the trash truck”, “Who takes off the trash? Trashman. What’s the difference between n you and him? Nothing”. 

You can spice things up by saying things like “You don’t look so good yourself”, or “That sounds like a minority opinion, so back off”.

If you wish to sound considerate, you can say things like “Can you stop the hate already? “You don’t define me, I do!” or even a line as sublime as “If I was wrong, I’m sorry” or “Stop being silly, will you”? Let’s get right into the details.

That Sounds Like a Minority Opinion, so Back Off!

Why would you get Set off by someone that is clearly after your happiness? The best step is to inform them that their opinion is a minority, hence it doesn’t matter.

This is also a start of a potential roasting of the person. This first step is very resounding and clear. The last line advises the person to back off or face whatever comes next.

Since I do not condone violence, I suggest you operate within the auspice of verbal conflict to get back at the person for insulting you.

You Don’t Define Me, I Do!

You’re getting intentional with this reply as you make an effort to remind the person who called you to trash that they don’t define you.

You are also trying to posit that you are only in the position to define yourself and not anybody else. If the person understands your point, her or she will back off and not disturb you.

This response also means that you know yourself too well, to be called trash by another person.

You Don’t Look So Good Yourself

What to Say When Someone Calls You Trash?

If you’re wondering what to say to a person who calls you trash yet claims to be better, you can use this line as a reply.

With this line, you’re trying to remind the person that they don’t look so good themselves, yet they chose to belittle you by calling you trash.

If you back up this statement with the right body language or expression, I’m sure your message will be so laudable that the decoder will back off from calling you trash.

Can You End the Hate Already?

This reply sounds like both a question and a plea at the same time. In the first instance, you’re trying to talk the person out of using such words on you.

How can you condone such an insult? If you keep asking yourself this question, then you need to adopt this response.

I wonder why you keep hitting on yourself

If you’re looking for one of the best comebacks there is, to set the record straight between you and someone who calls you trash. You can use this response to that.

This means that you’re indirectly insinuating that the person who calls you trash, is also trash. You’re asking the person why he or she is hitting on themself, thinking they are hitting on you. 

Are We Really Doing This Now?

I’m a fan of using questions as responses because I’m an inquisitive person. If you enjoy getting your questions clarified, you can join me with this initiative. You can use this line as a response 

Put Some Respect on My Name

If you want to maintain your prestige as a person, even when someone calls you trash then you must be ready to command some respect. You can do it with this line, but not only that.

You can also use this as an immediate response when someone calls you trash. You should be prepared to effect a facial expression that matches the intent of the statement, to drive the effect you want.

You Don’t Look Sparkling Clean Either

When someone calls you trash, it could that they see you as a dirty person. How about you remind them that they neither sparkle nor clean themselves? This statement is a premium comeback that you should hold dear, in the wake of circumstances like this one. 

If I’m Trash, Guess who’s the Trash Can…You of Course

What to Say When Someone Calls You Trash?

If you’re in the business of trashing with words or roasting a rude person, then this party is for you. The following replies are crafted with the intent to get back at the person who calls you trash.

You’re not meant to sound nice with this, because it is purely a comeback. This line depicts the person as a trash can, as he or she has already called him trash. I know this statement cuts deep but wait for the preceding ones.

Who Knows, You Might Even Be the Trash Truck

We are still roasting an annoying person, and this particular response posits the person as a trash truck since he or she called you trash. Lol, quite laughable and disgraceful… don’t you think? I’m sure the person at the receiving end will surely flare up in self-pity.

Who takes off the Trash? Trash Man. what’s the Difference between You and Him? Nothing

You’re further worsening the cases with more comebacks. I don’t mean to sound unpleasant, but if that’s what the situation calls for, I won’t help you less.

This is also in connection with the two previous ones, but what you personify the person as, is different.

This time around, the person is neither a trash can nor a truck, but now the trash man. This is kinda their evolution in being “trashful“. I want to believe the person won’t be ashamed of themself because it’s almost inevitable.

Somebody with a Higher IQ Said I’m Superb, but You Think

Otherwise; Hope you’re Not Deterred

I reinvented roasting with this line and I think It just got better. The point here is that someone of a higher Intelligent Quotient (IQ) said you’re superb and this person is now labeling you as trash.

It is either he has a higher IQ which is not the case or he is deterred. If you said this line in public, be prepared to receive hails because you entirely roasted the person.

I See You Enjoy Talking Down on People

Aside from constructive criticism, I don’t see any other reason why someone will call you trash if not talk down on you.

It is very obvious that the person wants to get you upset, or at best, he or she wants to make you feel less of yourself which is bad. With this line as a response, I’m sure that you’re throwing their intentions to their face because it is ridiculous. 

I Know I’m Wrong, and I’m Sorry

What to Say When Someone Calls You Trash?

Using an apology as a response is not a bad idea, but it should be when you’re at fault. Otherwise, anyone who calls you trash does not deserve your apology.

The reply above indicates that you know you’re wrong, which prompted the apology. What else would you apologize for if not your misdeed? So, you can consider this as a viable response to deliver.

Are You Not Also Trash, Since You Still Hang Out With Me?

If you asked for more roasting comebacks, here you have it. If the person who calls you trash is a friend of yours who hangs around and out with you, you can use this line.

This line might sound funny as the person may laugh it off, but the better part is that you replied, at least. This means he or she is also trash, for hanging out with you who was called trash, get it?

Stop Being Silly, Will You?

Like I’ve always said in some of my posts, I love it when questions are used as responses because it opens the door to endless discoveries. But this is rhetoric and it is straightforward in its form.

You’re simply asking the person to stop being ridiculous because it is entirely ridiculous for them to call you trash. It may be a pretty harsh line, but the situation sure calls for it.

It’s Clear That You’re Full of Contempt

Another reason that could be responsible for someone calling you trash is jealousy. Now, how about you rub it on their face that their words and actions reflect that? If you are in, then this line of response is the main deal. 

After All, We All a’int Going to Be Perfect

This is a bitter truth that eluded the person who called you trash. Because, how can a person call you trash, when they know that not everybody is or will person will be perfect.

It is a simple realization that you can modify into a response and put up when someone calls you trash.

Deal With Your Piece, Leave Me Out of It

I’m trying to tone down the tempo with this line because it is a plea to a person. You’re asking him or her to leave you out of their little frustration which could’ve caused the name-calling in the first place. If the person doesn’t buy into this plea, switch to any of the comebacks in this post.

Are You Saying Dad Is Trash Too Because I Took After Him?

This response could be used if the person that called you trash is your sibling. This response is some intelligent mind twist that you can infuse to make the person stop calling you that.

C’Mon, That’s Not the Way to Accept Defeat

Those who fail at some things tend to shift their failure and angst to the victors, and it often ends in the battle of words. But you can redirect the person who calls you trash because you’re a victor, by using this line. 

Don’t Call Me That Again

With this line, you’re being much more intentional than you’ve been before. You’re simply telling the person not to call you that again. It is as simple as that after all you weren’t called trash at birth. 

Just Apologize, I Won’t Tell On You

I know y’all are thinking, “a blackmail?” But it is not bad to throw in at some point, especially if you have a crucial secret about the person which you don’t want to let out.

To stop the person from calling you trash, you can bargain their secret for your dignity and see them become reclusive about the name-calling.

Is that all you’ve Got To Say?

This is a simple rhetorical question that can make any bully or annoying person shut up for some minutes. You’re free to use this response if the person who calls you trash has a degree in running their mouth without control.

Don’t Let the Angst to Get the Best of You

I brought in a lot of angles into this post, and now you’re advising the person? Well, yeah… anything is possible and you can prove it with this.

Instead of flaring up because someone called you trash, you can advise them to control their anger, which is clearly what is pushing them.

Be Grateful It’s My Happy Day, You Would’ve Gotten a Punch to the Face

If you’re a huge and strong person, receiving insults like this from a small person can hit you differently. But you can pass by with this response because violence does not always solve the matter.

Coming From the Supposed “Saint”

You know how church-goers and highly religious folks claim not to utter swear words, you can use this line if one of them calls you trash. I promise you, the person will run down to the church for confession if they’re true to their faith.

You and I Know That’s a Cap

It is a big cap (falsehood) if someone who knows you better calls you trash. Instead of arguing endlessly about it, you can simply tell the person “you and I know that’s a cap”. 

Oh! I Didn’t Realize That

You can feign that you do not know what the person just said. Saying this can make the person look Silly and unknowledgeable.


This is where we call it an end in this post. But before I head on, ill like to remind y’all of my advice, which is to examine the situation before using any of the replies.

A comeback should be used accordingly, and the same as a question or plea. Don’t forget to share this post with anyone who would find it interesting just like you did.

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