What to Say When Someone Flips You Off?

I’m sure you’re reading this post because you’ve encountered the hurtful gesture which left you speechless. And you wished you had the exact words or line to reply with.

You so much wanted to do more than throw a clueless wave or smile at the person. If you’ve ever been flipped off by someone, and you need to reply to the gesture next time then this article is your best bet.

Whether it happened in the busy traffic or went down at your favorite library, the point remains that a response will serve the best.

I wouldn’t to keep you in suspense for far too long, so let’s get into the suitable replies that tip you on what to say when someone flips you off.

30 Things to Say When Someone Flips You Off

What to Say When Someone Flips You Off

This article houses several replies to the tune of 30, which you can arm yourself with in any case of being flipped off by someone.

Like the normal culture, you can say “I’m sorry” if you’re on the wrong side of the issue. Contrarily, you have to question the person’s actions with lines like, “Why did you do that?” or “Did I deserve that?“.

You can go further by asking “What are you teaching your kids? Or “How about we settle scores without bants?”.

But if the person is unresponsive to your calm approach, I’d suggest you switch things up. Replying with premium comebacks doesn’t sound bad after all.

You can say things like, “I wish I had anti-anger pills for you”, “You’re acting so immature“, or “I smell hatred, if you don’t then you should check into a hospital”.

You can also add, “I thought you were matured?“, “I don’t blame you; I blame your poor reasoning“. Before we exhaust all the goodies, read on to discover more befitting things to say when someone flips you off.

I’m Sorry

What to Say When Someone Flips You Off

I’d always advise you to quench the fire before it bellows itself and escalates. What this means is that you should try to apologize first when someone flips you off, especially if you’re at fault.

You don’t have to drag the issue along since you know you were wrong. Plus, it shows a level of civility to tender an apology when you’re wrong.

If the person flipped you off due to anger, he might take it back and also apologize, because you already showed maturity by doing that first.

I Pray You Don’t Get Stuck in Angst

Have you ever prayed for an angry person? If not, then there is a first time for everything I guess. You can say this line to anyone who flips you off.

It’s a short prayer that can make the coolest person flare up. The intent is not to make the person angry the more, you just want to make them feel the pain of being flipped off. It’s a draw situation as the pain is shared between you guys.

Let’s Face Facts, You’re so Full of Anger

It would be a relieving experience and feeling, to rub the person’s flaw on their face. It’s one part I like to play in a soft brawl like being flipped off by someone.

Just tell them they’re full of anger and see the awful reaction on their face. They’ll be pissed, but if the person understands, he or she will back out and get his or her self checked for anger issues.

C’mon, You Can Be Nicer

What to Say When Someone Flips You Off

I don’t know how you view a cool admonishment, but I’m sure it is a good response to give anyone who flips you off. The line above suggests that you are advising the folk to e nicer than he or she already.

It shouldn’t be that hard to do unless they’re angry birds. So, when someone throws a bird at you or flips you off; don’t hesitate to admonish them. 

Reserve That for Miscreants like You

Here I come, with one of the hottest comebacks on this list. Indirectly telling the person that they’re miscreants or troublesome might work as a good comeback in this case.

The line above is the perfect way to do this. I bet the person at the receiving end will either shut up and accept defeat or rant all they want. Your piece is served and you owe him or her no further talks. 

Why Did You Do That?

Nothing stops you from using a question as your response when someone flips you off. The line above is a great way to do that. You should be able to ask the person why they flipped you off.

This is viable if you do not know why they did that and also have no clue at all. Asking this question doesn’t make you a nerd like most people will think, rather it shows you’re concerned about why you were flipped off. 

Did I Deserve That?

Asking further questions means no harm at all. Nobody gets lost with asking questions. But this time, you are inquiring if you deserved to be shoved like that. Asking “did I deserve that”, is a good way to enquire why you were flipped off.

You Know What? I Think You Need Some of That for Yourself

Recommending that the person gets flipped sounds funny as an idea, but you have nothing to lose.

Not all replies need to be diplomatic and heavily built; sometimes you need little replies like this to pull the person’s legs a bit.

Since they’re so good with flipping others off, why don’t they get a taste of their poison and see how bitter it tastes?

How About We Settle Scores Without Bants?

You can make a deal with the person, who’s trying to flare you up.

This line appears to be a good deal breaker, as you are trying to settle whatever scores you have with the person, without having to resort to banters and war of words.

So you don’t need to stress much. If the person rejects the gesture, just move on.

I Wish I Had Anti-anger Pills for You

If you’re still interested in roasting the person, don’t skip this line from your memo. It is one of those replies that can leave a person wondering where they went wrong.

Even though the person is the one who lipped you off, you can use this response to make them feel the disgust that you felt with what they did to you.

You Won’t Get a Reaction from Me

Simply tell the person that he or she won’t get whatever ill-driven reaction they expect from you. Since you’re too intelligent and civilized to act up, just throw in this response and let the issue die down. If the person insists, kindly leave the environment.

Don’t Tell Me You’re Trying to Piss Me Off

While this is clearly what the person is trying to achieve, you can make him or her understand they won’t succeed.

This is because you have your guard up and won’t let it down for anything; not even their efforts. You should make sure your facial expression reflects this too with this line. 

If You Planned to wreak havoc, You Just Failed

Please don’t forget to remind the person that even if they try to wreak havoc, they won’t succeed.

This will serve as a prompt for the person to know that you’re not yielding to their attempts to disrupt your day. I expect your response to inform them that their efforts are futile.

You Should Get Your Lane off the Road for Your Insolence

I fashioned this line for our dear motorists, who would stop at nothing to air their disgust. So if someone flips you off in traffic just use this line above as a response and speed off.

Besides, nothing beneficial will come out of that so leaving the scene could be the best decision to make.

Your Hands Won’t Wither if You Kept Them Still

Some comebacks are heavy while others are subtle and striking. This response is one of such comebacks and should only be used when the situation calls for it.

You’re telling the person that keeping their hands at ease is better than flipping you off with them. 

What Are You Teaching Your Kids?

More questions to ask and seek answers or make the person shut up. I don’t know how well you view this question, but it stops the person from flipping you off again.

This will be most efficient if the person has their kids on the scene when the issue erupted. I’m sure they’ll let things slide and eventually leave the place because it looks ill to act up in front of their children.

You Need Some Love My Dear

What to Say When Someone Flips You Off

I would want to believe that anyone who flips you off, has a lot of contempt up their sleeves.

And this handles why they act the way they do, even to the point of doing something as childish and silly as flipping you off. Just tell the person who he or she needs some love and make your way.

I guess that’s What You Do for a Living

This would’ve been a hard comeback, but I took my time with it to make sure it doesn’t appear quite offensive.

However, telling anyone who flips you over that it could be what they do for a living, is a cool way of getting back at that, especially in public.

Can You Go a Second Without That?

You can use this line on a friend who takes flipping people off as a regular act. If they extend the awful gesture to you, do well to ask the person this question as a response.

I’m convinced they might back off or laugh it off; either way, you’ve spoken.

I Smell Hatred if You Don’t Then You Should Check Into a Hospital

Just like I mentioned earlier, hatred is a viable fuel that might ignite someone to flip you off. Even if you didn’t cause it, people pass their aggression to others. You can throw in this response, as it cajoles their mind full of hatred.

You’re Acting So Immature

What to Say When Someone Flips You Off

If you’ve not heard, flipping somebody off is kinda a childish act because mature people trash things out with words instead. Anyone who flips you off is acting immature and you can use that on them.

This Is Funny to See

It is funny to see grown-ups act like kids, by flipping you off. Instead of just laughing at the person’s immaturity, you can also add this line to your list of reactions.

I Don’t Give a Caring Face at All

Why would you care if someone flips you off, especially in traffic? C’mon, it’s the traffic and such things happen. Remind the person who flipped you off, that you don’t give a hoot about what they just did.

I see you’re Angry, Some Chocolates Might Help

I don’t know how to view this, but I think tasting something sweet can help you reduce anger. If you agree with me on this, I don’t know what is stopping you from telling the angry bird that flipped you off, that they should grab a box of chocolates. 

I Didn’t Cause Your Rage, so Sulk It Up

If you got flipped off by someone for clearly doing nothing, you can call them back to another, by using any of the questions here as an immediate response. Once this is done, back it up with this line and seal everything up.

I Don’t Blame You; I Blame Your Poor Reasoning

I would also want to believe that a person’s reasoning might differ from their personality. While we could argue this, you can build a response from it.

This line helps the person by shifting the blame to their poor reasoning and not their cool personality.

Where Were You When Maturity Reached Your Door Post?

We’ve heard severally that flipping somebody off looks childish. What if you use this question to make it clearer? Because maturity walked past their door post and they didn’t get any of it, which led them into flipping you off.

Karma Still Pays Bud

Yea, karma pays and if you flip someone, you will get flipped by someone else someday. Whether or not the person believes this, you’ve said your lot and their disbelief changes nothing.

I Thought You Were More Civilized Than This

It is almost impossible for a civilized and well-cultured person to flip you off. Even at the highest point of anger, these types of people do not do silly things like flipping things off. A person who flips you off could be uncivilized, which is clear about why they flipped you off.

You look better than You Act

This is the last reply on this list and it’s definitely worth the wait. This response is good if the person who flipped you off looks mature and civilized but doesn’t act accordingly. Do well to add this to your list of replies, because the need may arise someday.


At this juncture, I will end the list of replies in this segment of what to say. I’m convinced you found one or two replies which suit your taste and meet your need.

I will also add; that please evaluate your circumstance before imploying any of these replies. Don’t forget to share this post and drop your comments under it.

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