What To Say When Someone Says You Can Do Better?

When someone says you can do better, reply to their statement with a response you deem appropriate for them. Such statements should come from someone who you view as a mentor or, reply boss in a workplace.

Anyone else who says this to you is often from a derogatory point of view. It is often meant as a smear campaign targeted at your ego or life. You might have been in such a situation and can’t seem to get a reply quickly.

Look no further, here in this post I have compiled 20 ways you can reply to anyone who makes such a remark to you.

20 Replies When Someone Says You Can Do Better

What To Say When Someone Says You Can Do Better?

When someone says you can do better, don’t get lip tied by thinking too much for a comeback. Here are 20 unique ways you can reply to someone who says you can do better.

1. Okay thanks for the observation

A good reply when someone says you can do better is to tell them ‘’okay, thanks for the observation’’. This is a simple and well-proven response. Here you are simply going with the flow and not the intentions of what was said to you.

By saying ‘’thank you’’ for their observation you both are appreciating them and telling them to back off from you. Maybe you don’t feel okay with the way they said it and it has gotten on your nerves, this reply is spot on.

2. Do you really mean it?

You can reply to someone saying you can do better by asking them if they mean it. This response holds if you are curious about doing something about what was said to you. By asking them this question there are two things you hope to achieve.

First, you will get to an understanding of what the person means by saying that. Second, this tells you if the person means to be abusive or not. If they don’t mean this as abuse, then they answer your question meaningfully.

3. Yes I can

One reply when someone says you can do better is to tell them ‘’yes I can’’. This affirms what they have just said to you. It means that you agree with them whether they meant it negatively or as a positive endearment.

You can use this to sarcastically rebuff any ill intent hidden in a such statement from someone or anyone.

4. You can do better yourself

 When someone tells you ‘’you can do better’’ a swift reply they deserve is to let them know they can do better themselves.

This is a classic way of replying to someone with the same remark thrown at you. It puts them off and they will refrain from telling you such in the future.

This reply is well tested and trusted, most folks are bound to withdraw suddenly and visibly regret saying such things to you. People who have no right to your life, should not be given grounds to talk down on you.

5. Please stay off my case

 You can reply to anyone who says you can do better by telling them to please stay off your case. This reply is like a warning and rebuttal to their initial statement.

Usually, when someone uses such a statement towards you, it means they feel some right to peer into your affairs.

By telling them to please stay off your case, you have strongly suggested to them you don’t appreciate any sort of interference in your private life. They will back off and promptly apologize for their intrusion.

6. Please remove yourself from my presence 

When someone says you can do better, you can reply to them by telling them to remove please remove themselves from your presence.

This way reply from you is a very direct response, you will have them shrink back from any form of witty comebacks.

Telling to leave your presence stamps your authority and let them know you don’t appreciate being spoken to in that manner.

Not setting your foot down and clearly outlining the problem is one way to allow disrespect around you. As you know when someone stops being around your presence they cannot say anything to you.

7. I have been better 

 A good reply to someone when they say you can do better is to tell them you have been better.

This way, you are owning up to whatever meaning they have plotted, by saying such to you. This reply translates to you being comfortable with your present circumstances.

It both serves as a sarcastic reply and a way you can own whatever they meant by their reply.

This will make them feel uncertain about your feelings and dissuade them from ever using such remarks on you anymore. Persons who don’t know what goes on in their life, should not make assumptions about their stations.

8. Why haven’t you

 A good retort when someone says you can do better is to ask them why they haven’t. This is a classical move of answering a statement with a question of your own. It’s a simple tactic of posing their remarks like a question and putting them in their place.

I have this reply work well and experienced its benefits. They will visibly become uncomfortable and immediately regret saying that to you. Why haven’t you?

Is a reply that gets them to answer the same question they have posed to you. No one should feel higher by making you feel they live better than you.

9. Are you okay?

 When replying to someone who says you can do better with questions like are you okay? They become dumbfounded and immediately seek to leave your presence. Such a reply from you shows that an offense has been taken by you.

Anger is also a clear sign you want them to feel from you when you use such a reply. Your question goes deep and questions the root reason why they should tell you much.

This reply is most suited for persons who have seriously crossed their boundaries by telling you such.

10. Don’t meddle in my business

You can reply to them by telling them not to meddle in your business. This is an appropriate response when you feel such a remark should never be directed toward you by anyone. It’s direct and tells them that meddling in your business is a no from you.

Sometimes we hear this from persons who think they are trying to help because they feel entitled to some knowledge of how you live your life.

This reply lets them know you don’t appreciate anyone telling you you can be better. They don’t live your life, so they shouldn’t tell you how to be better.

11. And you have crossed a line

When someone says you can do better, a good reply is to tell them they have crossed a line. If this person is your friend or work friend, they will immediately apologize for making such utterances about you.

Close friends are supposed to be supportive and not judgmental about your situation.

It’s important that those closest to you fully understand your opinions on such delicate matters. If you don’t barge into someone’s life and makeup assumptions, courtesy demand that they do the same to you.

12. I know, but what is it to you?

What To Say When Someone Says You Can Do Better?

When someone says you can do better, a good reply is to ask them what is it to them after affirmations. You are most aware of your life and present situation because it is you who live it. When someone makes remarks like this, letting them off easy may be detrimental.

A good question like this point here would portray the absurdity of their remarks in their faces. It is a good way to reply to those who feel they are more righteous than you.

People who want to give advice do it politely, and not by using witty or offensive retorts.

13. You don’t know how much I am trying

 You should reply to anyone who says you can do better by telling them they don’t know how much effort you are putting in. this is a good way to sell yourself in a positive light, especially when your efforts in a particular situation aren’t noticed or appreciated.

Your reply would solidify your standing and ensure that they understand your awareness of your circumstances. They will soft-pedal any undue pressure they have been mounting and see more towards your reasoning.

14. Do you think you can do better than me?

An interesting reply when someone says you can do better is to ask them if they think they can do better than you. This is a challenge directed at them. It means that you take full responsibility for your actions.

In return, your reply asks them why they think you can do well. This is because often they don’t tell you much from the goodness of their heart. Such comments demean your demeanor and make you look incompetent in what you are doing.

15. Anything else you want to add?

 One swift witty and sarcastic reply for anyone who says you are you can do better is to ask them if there is anything they may want to add to their comment. This reply is a witty comeback, it is brazen and makes you appear confident.

By telling them if they want to add anything else to their comment, you have simply made a mockery of their initial attempt and thrown such remarks your way.

It’s a way you can shrug off such comments from anyone. It passes a message that says, their remarks do not affect you.

16. You can talk to God about it

This is a very sarcastic response when someone says that you can be better. You have sent them a message that says you are not down to deal with such retorts or replies. This is an abrupt way to end any of such statements in the future.

 By telling them to talk to God about it, they understand their comment doesn’t faze you. 

17. Tips from you would be appreciated

A good reply to anyone who says that you can do better is to tell them you will appreciate tips from them.

When you say this to them, you are sincerely conveying your feelings about their comment. You understand what they feel from their statement and want them to tell you how to be better.

Such a reply is meant for persons who you work with or who are mentors to you. As a sign of trust and respect, getting tips from them is much appreciated.

18. Walk a mile in my shoes first

When someone says that you can do better, a classic reply is to tell them to walk a mile in your shoes first.

This is a smart and self-explained response. They will get the message that they shouldn’t judge you by what they are simply seeing.

19. Wow, that’s rich coming from you

 If someone says that you can do better, reply to them by saying ‘’wow, that is rich coming from you’’.

This response means that you don’t expect such a response from someone that you know well. Also, it can mean that you know them and their lives are not any better off than theirs.

20. Don’t we all?

 If someone says you can do better, a good reply is telling them don’t we all? This means that being better is a general issue for everyone and not just you.

It will put them in their place for singling you out with such a statement. When you give such people this kind of reply, they focus more on their problems instead of trying to solve yours. 


When someone says you can do better, you may feel the urge to become angry immediately or upset. It is important to remain level-headed so you can access the situation properly.

If it is work-related, then it is most likely a note to get you to improve. Any other factor or circumstances aren’t usually because of positive reasons.

However, with a witty comeback, you can easily change the narrative for anyone seeking to do this to you.


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