My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

I understand how you might feel if you think your boyfriend is too skinny for you. It is okay to think that way but, you should know that there’s little you can do about that. 

There’s just one tool to help the situation and that’s good communication. Before I dive into that, I’ll share with you what is considered too skinny for a guy and if it’s okay to keep dating him. 

Is It Ok If My Boyfriend Is Skinnier Than Me?

My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

It depends on what you call skinny. How skinny are you and how skinnier is your boyfriend? If you consider yourself extremely skinny, then you wouldn’t want to be with a boyfriend skinnier than you. 

On the other hand, if your boyfriend is healthy even if he’s skinny, then it’s okay. Regardless of how skinny you are, as long as your boyfriend is keeping fit and eats healthy, then you shouldn’t make an issue out of that. 

But then, there comes attraction. Are you attracted to your boyfriend even in his skinny frame? If yes, then it’s absolutely okay if he’s skinnier than you. 

The problem will be when you are no longer attracted to him. It’s totally fine to worry about his weight if you don’t think he is attractive. Attraction is really important in relationships. 

Another thing you need to consider is if that is his natural body. If he’s shown you his photo album and you’ve seen that he’s been that way all along, then it’s ok if he is skinnier than you. 

In all human reasoning, it is totally ok if your boyfriend is skinnier than you because it is his body and only he can do something about it. You might have to reconsider being in the relationship if you can’t take him that way. 

What Is Considered Too Skinny For A Guy?

Before you go ahead to take any action on your supposition, let’s find out what weight is actually considered too skinny for a grown up guy. 

First off, if your boyfriend has less than 5% body fat, then he is really skinny. So, you need to find this out first before you worry further about his weight. 

Let’s say your boyfriend is 6’1, 140 then, he is considered skinny. He should probably do something about his weight if he doesn’t like it that way. 

There are guys who weigh less than that but they love their weight. It all depends on what you personally consider too skinny for a guy. 

Your boyfriend might be really healthy even with his skinny body but you still think he is too skinny for you. So, this question is turned back to you, what weight would you like your boyfriend to have? 

It is ok to have preference in body weight but, it is not okay to force the other person to fit into the image you have. But, that’s not actually the end of the road for your relationship. You can still do something about it as a concerned girlfriend. 

What Should I Do?

My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

This is a perfect question. It shows that you still love your boyfriend and you’re willing to stay with him if something could be done about his weight. 

There’s absolutely something you can do about it and I’m gonna share with you in this article. 

Talk To Him About It

My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

Remember when I said that communication is the best part of a healthy relationship? This is actually the perfect time to engage your good communication skills in your relationship. 

It is very okay to talk to him about his weight. Tell him how you find it unattractive and how you want him to do something about it. 

If he loves you and cares about what you say, he’s most likely gonna listen to you and try the options you have available for him. You should be prepared to suggest some things you’d like him to do. 

In the next subheading, I’m going to share with you the proper ways to talk to your boyfriend concerning his weight. For now, just know that talking to him is the best option for you to do. 

Give Him Options Of What To Do

Most men will likely listen to you and do what you want them to do if you present favorable options and you do that well. Let your options be something he can do. 

You can suggest to him to take more calories in his diet. This is actually a very stress free way of adding weight. If he is already doing that and it’s not working, suggest another option. 

Advising him to visit the gym often is a very good way of putting the calories he’s been taking into good use. You can book gym sessions for him if he’s agreed to take that option. 

And then, if he’s tried these other options and it’s resulting in nothing, it’s probably time he visited the doctor. Advise him to visit a doctor and seek professional medical care. 

Find Out If He Has A Medical Condition He’s Living With

You should have probably done this before suggesting any treatment option to him. Let him tell you if he has any medical condition that may warrant his skinny weight. 

Some skinny guys will not grow weighty if there’s a medical condition they are living with and in that case, there’s not much you can do about that. 

If he has a medical condition, talk to him to endeavor to see his doctor often without missing appointments and to take his medications if any. He might be anorexic, you just need to find out. 

This also implies that you will be willing to accept him just as he is. At this point, there is nothing he himself can do about his weight and you should be ready to live with that. 

One More Option

There’s just one more thing you can do if your boyfriend is skinnier than you. You can decide to leave him if you no longer find him attractive. 

Also, if after you have talked to him and suggested the above options to him and he is not willing to do anything about his weight, then you know that you can’t keep being with someone you are not attracted to. 

You can decide to take a break from the relationship and really ascertain if you still want to be with him. Note that when thinking on what to do, don’t only consider his weight. 

Put all other things into consideration before you make a decision. Even if you’re gonna decide to stay with him, consider all other things in that relationship. 

How To Talk To Your Partner About His Weight

Be Patient With Him

My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

I am putting this first because no matter how much respect you put to talk to him, he may not be quickly motivated to do what you want him to do. 

In that case, there is a need for patience. He might be battling with emotional issues and he will need some time to figure that out. If you are not patient enough with him, that might worsen the case. 

If you have encouraged him to eat more and he’s reluctant, you need patience to keep pushing your suggestion to his face until he eventually sees reason with you to do that. 

Whatever you are going to do, he deserves your patience and you should give him that no matter how short it is. 

Encourage Him To Try Other Weight Adding Methods

Exercise like swimming is a very good and effective method he can use to add more weight. That way, he wouldn’t have to stress a lot in the gym if he doesn’t like the gym exercises. 

This means that, while talking to him and presenting obvious options, don’t be tired of suggesting more options that can help him. When talking to him, consider the end result above his present reaction. 

Don’t forget to respectfully do so without body shaming him. If you start with body shaming him, you will end up causing greater damage than repair. 

Don’t Try To Change Him

My Boyfriend Is Too Skinny For Me

This is the greatest mistake you will make in a relationship. As much as you do not like his skinny weight, don’t try to change him. Let him be the one to choose to change. 

All the options above cannot be done against his wishes and will. You cannot force him to the gym if he doesn’t want to. You can’t actually do anything about his weight if he has not decided to add up. 

So, while talking to him, have it in your mind that it’s totally up to him and that you are only doing your part as a good and concerned girlfriend. 


It is ok if your boyfriend is skinnier than you, that’s if you still find him attractive. The major thing to consider here is attraction. It doesn’t really matter what he weighs, if you like him that way, it is very ok. 

But, you might want to advise your boyfriend to do something about his weight if he has less than 5% body fat. Remember, he needs to want to add up. Don’t force him. 

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