What Does It Mean When A Girl Playfully Scares You?

It is usually easy to tell when someone likes you, at other times you are thrown a curve ball and you are left confused by the other person’s intentions.

This happens especially when their actions can be considered strange and unusual. Furthermore, boys and girls have different ways they interact.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Playfully Scares You

For example, a boy may consider it strange for a girl to playfully scare him and wonder what this means. The focus here is on how the girl does it, playfully.

Even then it can be really confusing and leave you curious. There are a million reasons why a girl would scare you playfully. This article examines 10 of the meanings.

1. She Mimics A Character From A Movie

What Does It Mean When A Girl Playfully Scares You

These are the most likely reasons that will come to your mind from the get-go. You’d have to catch her in the act though to see exactly how she does it.

If she’s just being goofy as opposed to copying a character from a horror movie you may be able to see it without help.

You’d be surprised that girls can make great mimics. And if this is the case you should be happy as this adds some fun to your association with the girl, especially if she’s the girl you like especially.

Before you jump to a conclusion make sure to ask her directly if she’s mimicking anyone. You’d be surprised it may be you or her cat she mimics.

Likely Circumstances:

After you have both watched a horror movie or a thriller. This may happen when you have been at the movies and you are probably walking back home together. Think of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller video for inspiration here.

2. She Mimics What She Likes In You

The second meaning is, that you are seeing someone mirroring what she likes about you. Cast your mind back to the times when you scared her Playfully too.

Guys do this well, playfully scaring girls. For some reason or the other, guys love to hear ladies yell and scream. A scared girl is beautiful to see if you ask me.

If your girl is used to you doing this, maybe she’s paying you back in your own coin now. And if she does it perfectly, even better. This meaning combines elements from the first one.

In copying you, she would probably use a character from a movie you both saw. While watching the movie if she caught you reacting scared to a scene, you have just provided her with material for later acts.

Likely Circumstances:

This meaning applies very well when it happens after you’ve both been sitting together all day and are both feeling mushy. If you’ve been nice to her earlier.

3. She Just Thinks It’s A Cool Thing

What Does It Mean When A Girl Playfully Scares You

If she is your girlfriend, she scares you playfully because she thinks it’s a cool thing a girl does to her boyfriend. For her, there is no deep motive. Just pure vibe and acting.

Of course, to be certain this is the meaning, you have to consider more than one factor. Does she wear elaborate makeup to achieve the scare? Does she prepare props and cameras for a TikTok video?

If she does all these then she does this as a matter of fun. Expect more scares. It is also expected that you would go along with the act, girls like that a lot.

It also means she thinks it’s cool if she does it without elaborate props. Especially if she launches into a long spell of laughter after catching you scared.

Likely Circumstances:

This meaning is true if the playful scare happens in her place with hidden cameras placed carefully around. Or in your own place. It can also happen in public.

4. It’s A Chance To Feel In Control

Depending on the frequency and situation, this could also be the meaning a girl would playfully scare you.

It is difficult to escape the gender tussle of our century. More and more women are asserting themselves in the workplace, and in relationships.

If the girl in question is your girlfriend and subscribes to the teachings of feminism, then you are in for many scares.

It is possible she wants to see just how much of your masculinity she can take from you. Watch out for remarks as to how unmanly it is for you to shriek in fear.

Basically, her reactions would allow you to spot this meaning. Also, an understanding of what your relationship with her is will help too. Is there a power play going on between you and the girl?

Likely Circumstances:

This can happen anywhere but especially in public where other guys or girls can see your reaction from being scared.

Also, she can go through a lot to expose how scared you got. Watch out for hidden cameras. Check her TikTok to see if you have gone viral.

5. She Enjoys Making You Uncomfortable

Sorry but maybe your girl or this girl just enjoys making you scared. She’s feral and she has smelled how easy you are to be scared. She enjoys the hunt. You are her prey.

This is a rare meaning of the act but you can’t eliminate it until you are sure. The frequency and elaborateness of the act will help you determine just how much of a feral predator you have on your hands. If you consider this a red flag, well, there you have your flag. Wave it.

Girls are hardly this predatory so rest assured your friend is not trying to get you killed. Still, you have to be careful around her, and the reason why is if she doesn’t discriminate between situations that are likely to result in bodily harm.

If she scares you by pushing you off the top of a hill, bruh, run.

Likely Circumstances:

This is the meaning especially if it happens in public. It can also happen in the privacy of your home or hers. She also scares you in the most unlikely situations. You will get more from her if you are easily scared.

6. She Enjoys Being Around You

A girl would hardly scare a guy she doesn’t know well or is comfortable with. Remember, she does it playfully. Girls play with a guy when they are relaxed around him.

They will adopt some of your attitudes too. If you are fond of scaring her playfully, and she likes it, she will feel comfortable enough to do the same to you.

Likely Circumstances:

If this happens anywhere and any time then it means the above. Note that she would do it without making you feel less of yourself, or being disrespectful.

7. She Feels Your Relationship Needs Some Spicing Up

You may not believe this but if a girl playfully scares you, she probably feels it’s been a minute since you and she had some laugh.

Every relationship hits that peak where they have exhausted every interesting thing to say and do. They either find a way to shake things up or begin to lose attraction to each other.

A discerning girl may believe shocking you a little may be the best way she can get things hot again.

Every relationship must come up with creative ways to make it interesting, especially long-term ones. For this meaning to be true it has to be that the girl in question is your bae.

She would yell and jump on your body from behind, she would probably get a scary Halloween mask for this purpose and employ some realism.

Likely Circumstances:

There is no hard and fast rule for when this could happen. What’s important is the intent. You can always tell that the effort is for the good of all involved.

8. She Is Flirting With You

You were likely waiting to hear this. If a girl scares you playfully it possibly means she’s interested in you, she likes you very much.

This is especially the case if you both have been friends for a while. This meaning combines all the major meanings on this list.

For one thing, the girl has to be very comfortable with you. She also enjoys being around you to the point where she imitates the things you do. It is a contest of who is able to scare the other person better.

Just like boys, girls also have difficulty coming out straight about their feelings. Some fear rejection and do not want to get ahead of themselves. So scaring you playfully is a signal to show she’s open to seeing more of you, spending more time with you.

Once again, let it be clear what her real intentions are. Find that line between being playful and flat-out cruel. Be certain which one it is. Everyone is capable of cruelty after all.

Likely Circumstances:

Girls would usually choose the best circumstances, after a date as you are on your way home, or while hanging out in your place she may jump out of your closet to scare you.

9. She Wants To See How Mad You Can Get

Better believe this. Guys do it, but girls do it even more and are better at it. Girls want to know they are safe with you, and that you can protect them.

To find out this knowledge, they will put you in situations that have them portrayed as the villain. They do this consciously or otherwise. It’s an actual thing.

Depending on your relationship with the girl, she would increase the degree of annoyance every time until she is sure she is safe with your temperament.

The question then would be if you get mad easily. She wants to know if you would hit her if she drives you crazy. If you are the coolest dude on earth, wait until these tests begin.

Likely Circumstances:

Situations that puts focus on your reaction, your temperament, and how you handle her pettiness. Also, situations where you are required to protect her. She may do this when you are both walking through a dark street.

10. She Is Childish

What Does It Mean When A Girl Playfully Scares You

Lastly, that girl is childish and immature. This is the plain truth if you can see through the act as something irresponsible and ill-timed.

If she is trying to get your attention and she jumps out of the back of the door in a crowded place which makes you come off as a couple of dorks, then you know you have trouble on your hands.

Playful scares are supposed to be fun and funny. So if it feels irritating then know that she is just being immature.

One way to tell if this is the meaning is also by noting if this is how she scares other guys playfully too. You should also find out if she enjoys pranking people, boys, and girls.

Bear in mind that generally speaking, girls are more mature than boys. So it has to be any of the other meanings on this list or this one. Make sure to eliminate the other reasons before concluding on her lack of maturity.

Likely Circumstances:

The most unlikely places. She jumps out from behind trees. Out of alleys on streets. Out of nowhere as you get off the elevator. Basically, everywhere you would ordinarily not want such attention. And at odd hours.

Bottom Line

Play is a great way to bond with friends, whether we are in a relationship with them or not.

These shared experiences have been known to make a guy fall in love with a girl. This could be the aim of the girl who scares you playfully. She does this in the hopes that you’d like her more.

It is important to respect her feelings for you and not take them for granted. Girls love being silly with the guy they like.

If you find her silliness too immature for you, it is best to discuss it with her without making her feel terrible.

Or, you could scare her back in a way that you’d like her to reciprocate and hope it works. For the most part, just enjoy her company.

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