What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You?

Raised eyebrows do not have a particular meaning. It is not governed by any rules and is not limited to a single action.

Different societies may not consider ‘raised eyebrows’ to mean the same thing as they differ according to context too.

Basically, if someone raises their eyebrows at you, it could be as a result of an underlying factor, a thought, an expression of surprise, or an involuntary action without hidden meaning.

Also, it can show your current emotions. This article is written to help you understand what it means when someone raises their eyebrows at you.

What It Signifies when someone raises their eyebrows at you

When it comes to body language, the eyebrows are one of the points you can study to know the truth pertaining to a matter.

The eyebrows can be raised, brought downwards, and even joined together, all to describe an emotional state at a given point in time.

If someone’s eyebrows are raised at you, it basically shows how that person feels about you, which could be in any of the following ways:

  1. It shows that person is interested in the conversation you started or contributed to.
  2. It reveals that the person is surprised.
  3. It demonstrates how someone feels at a particular period of time.
  4. It is an affirmation.
  5. It can be an involuntary action.
  6. It symbolizes a wordless question.
  7. It means that you did something out of the ordinary for/to that person.
  8. It shows that person likes you.
  9. It describes a signal or secret code.
  10. It signifies an assumption.

It Shows That Person Is Interested In The Conversation You Started Or Contributed To

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

If someone raises their eyebrows at you, especially when you are both having a conversation about anything at all, it is likely that such a person is interested in the conversation or, to put it another way, in your contribution.

Remember that just because someone raises their eyebrows at you, it does not necessarily mean that they are interested in your message.

It could also mean that they disagree with you but want to pay attention to see if your points are valid or if they can easily counter you.

This happens a lot during debates, interviews, and public speaking in gatherings.

Also, someone can raise their eyebrows at you because they find your personality interesting.

In a bid to pay more attention to you, someone may open their eyes widely and add a soft nod to raising their eyebrows to motivate you and show concern about what you are saying or doing.

It Reveals That The Person Is Surprised

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

Raised eyebrows could be a sign of surprise. If you have lost so much weight or even grown fatter than you were the last time you met that person, then that could be the reason.

It need not be your body size; it can also apply to your current facial structure. Maybe you now have a lot of pimples, your voice is deeper, you dread your hair, keep your beard, drink excess spirits, or smoke cigarettes.

On seeing your new look or state, someone may be surprised and express their feelings by raising eyebrows.

It also happens unconsciously when a person expresses some exclamations like ‘WOW’ to show surprise. Their Eyebrows automatically get raised.

In the same vein, when you share unexpected news, someone’s eyebrows may raise in surprise at you.

In this case, the news must be unbelievable, like the news of your promotion after so long, or your college friend who just got married and died a few days after his wedding.

Such startling messages from you can provoke someone to raise their eyebrows at you.

It Demonstrates How Someone Feels At A Particular Moment In Time

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

When someone raises their eyebrows at you, there is a tendency for that person is overly happy, having mixed feelings, or not happy at all to see you in that place at that time.

If your mother pleaded with you to attend an event, you initially refused, but in the end, you went. And immediately after the event ends, you walk towards the aisle to take a picture with your family members.

In that case, your mum is happy with you, so expect raised eyebrows as you walk towards and into the picture as well.

On the other hand, if someone sees you in a place where they do not expect you to be, which could be as a result of the people around you, the location, or even the time that person sees you there.

In order to show disappointment when that person sees you, he or she may react by a sign of raised eyebrows at you.

Someone’s raised eyebrows towards you can also describe their mixed feelings at that point in time.

It Is An Affirmation

You can almost conclude that the raising of eyebrows is an affirmation that someone is granting you permission to go on with your next move.

Although this is contextual. In public gatherings, speakers tend to focus and fix their eyes on people who affirm their words.

And while this might not be until the audience shouts and the screen says ‘YES’ or ‘I AGREE’, it can be as quiet and smart as a raise of eyebrows.

If someone raises their eyebrows at you, it could be an incentive to move on. This is true not only when speaking in public but also at work, where your boss can raise his eyebrows in approval to continue or stop something.

Furthermore, someone can raise their eyebrows to give you a quick reply if they are busy or communicating with someone else. It could be a smart way of saying ‘OKAY’, we can do this, or ‘OKAY’, I have access.

It Can Be An Involuntary Action

Aside from the deliberate gestures that people make, someone can raise their eyebrows at you as an involuntary action or a natural response to something.

Unconsciously, someone can raise their eyebrows without even knowing it. In this case, you shouldn’t assume that there is a hidden meaning behind such an action.

If someone does it over and over again during your conversation or while staring at you, then you need to know why they are doing so.

And in some cases, don’t be surprised to hear him or her ask you a question like “Did I raise my eyebrows at you?” in return, since it was an involuntary action that they didn’t do intentionally.

It is a natural response for a person’s eyebrows to raise at you when he or she is exclaiming. I like to say a terrific “EXACTLY” in agreement to a claim or a shockingly “WOW” with all seriousness.

It Symbolizes A Wordless Question

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

A raise of eyebrows at you, it means that there is a question in someone’s mind, but they want to scan your words or gestures for the answer.

It is possible for someone who is more of a listener than a speaker to raise their eyebrows at you because he is not speaking but wants to speak. A psychologist can relate to this better since they are trained to listen before giving further advice.

In the process of listening to you speak, you might have made a statement or done something that touched him or her and as a listener, they couldn’t pretend about it for so long but unintentionally raised their eyebrows as more questions ran through their minds.

Someone’s prolonged raise of eyebrows at you can be in a bid to express their discomfort.

That person probably has an expectation that was not met, especially when that person has a question in mind and does not want to say it immediately.

It Means You Did Something Out Of The Ordinary For/To That Person

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

Take note that when someone raises their eyebrows at you, then they may be wondering what prompted your thoughts because your actions or words differ from the norm.

So, wide-open eyes plus raised eyebrows could be a result of your deviation from the normal way of doing things, which could be either right or wrong, as that person judges personally.

People have personal philosophies and maybe yours could differ from another person’s. When you act according to your beliefs, someone else may find it strange because it is not a part of their standards and so they tend to look at you with raised eyebrows.

This means that the person who looks at you that way may be thinking or asking: “Are you for real?”

It Shows That Person Likes You

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

A signal that someone likes you is the raising of their eyebrows at you. This happens depending on the environment you find yourself in and what the people around you understand the action to be.

One of the ways that you get to know if someone admires you is through their body language. It is not as childish as it sounds, but an expression of love in a friendly and fun manner.

So, if you get a raised eyebrow with a beautiful smile or an eye sign from the opposite one, I’m sure that this is another confirmation that someone admires you.

Therefore, I congratulate you on the discovery of your new crush. If you like him or her or you find your new cute crush adorable, don’t hesitate to hang around to take it further.

It Refers To A Signal Or A Secret Code

A raise of eyebrows at you could mean that someone is trying to give you a signal. It could also be a secret code.

This means that the person expects you to act or say something but doesn’t want the people around you to understand.

Raising the eyebrows is a means of communicating non-verbally, so the person who raised his eyebrows at you was trying to communicate something to you without necessarily using words.

As a secret code, there is a possibility that someone raises their eyebrows at you to see your reaction, if you are in a frat or not, since it is their secret code.

It shows that you can go on with work, you’ve got his or her approval, you should look it up, or it can even be a secret code.

It Signifies An Assumption

What Does It Mean When Someone Raises Their Eyebrows At You

If someone stares and raises their eyebrows at you, it seems like they are lost in assumption.

There is this high feeling that a person tends to have, such that even when someone has been told the truth, they still want to search their instincts to make sure that all doubts are cleared.

And in this process, someone can use their eyebrows, making it look like they are paying attention, but may not be.

But the reason why they do that is not necessarily because that person is paying attention but out of assumption.

Someone could also raise their eyebrows at you when they find something about you captivating or new, especially if it is of the opposite one.

That person may be attracted to your unconventional fashion, find your clothes “cute-y” or your style too revealing.


In most cases, when the raising of the eyebrows goes hand in hand with a wink, it is possible that it is an involuntary sign. Just a natural gesture with no hidden meaning.

Like some other facial expressions, raising eyebrows could mean a show of doubt, surprise, or even affirmation.

Before you assume why someone raises their eyebrows, try to understand the setting at that time and the context in which it is used in that particular area.

If possible, find out what it means to that person before you conclude. Who knows, it might be a wrong assumption or overthinking.

With this article, you should be able to deduce possible meanings when someone’s eyebrows are raised at you.

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