He Cancelled On Me Three Times! Why?

Here is Tina, terribly angry. It’s the third time in a stretch she’s been calling Thaddeus and he’s canceling on her.

Like Tina, many ladies often hate it when they tried reaching out to a guy and upon it ringing the guy cancels on them for most of them. The action of the guy automatically marks the end of her calling again.

The problem is these ladies do not take their time in analyzing or finding out, the reason behind the dude canceling their call, and even when the dude tries to make up for this, blatantly refutes his explanation.

He Cancelled On Me Three Times

They are likely to assume many weird reasons which some of the dudes know would be baffled.

Some of their weird thoughts include: you’re probably with a different lady and hence have little time to pick her calls.

She could also assume you to be hanging out alone in a spot you both were expected to be, or that you’re trying to avoid picking her calls just so she doesn’t remind you of what you’ve promised her.

How true this assumption is substantiated when she meets her boyfriend and asks him, but what happens if he’s nowhere close to her, does she keep assuming the worst of him or does she seek to know why this dude refrains from picking her calls?

It is quite hurting to have someone cancel on you whether it be your special one or just an acquaintance. it makes it feel like you are of less importance to him. That whatever the reason for your call is nothing but balderdash.

This isn’t often the case, my damsels, many things could account for why a dude would hang up on you and not those very weird thoughts of yours. Once you get to know the reason why he canceled on you, understanding the guy becomes easier.

If like the rest of the ladies you’ve been left wondering why a guy cancels on you more than thrice then this article would enlighten you and probably change the belief you have about guys who do so.

4 Reasons Why He Cancelled On You Three Times

A guy canceling on you when you call could be but not restricted to the following reasons:

  • A busy schedule
  • Probably pissed off by you
  • A poor network connection
  • Prevent suspicion

1. A busy work schedule

He Cancelled On Me Three Times

This is for you my lady.

Visualize being at a board meeting, sweating things out with the board of directors over a sales campaign to be launched and the best way to go about it then your phone buzzes in your pocket. I dare you to state that you’d attend to the call.

Another scenario is when you have a pile load of files to be attended, a meeting you’d have to catch ( obviously with you behind time), a sales contract you’d need to sign and your phone starts ringing.

With your busy and tight time left, the chance of picking up the phone to respond is close to naught.

The very fact that guy canceled on you thrice is enough message to let you know that he is quite busy and responding at the time would be impossible than having to lambaste and make cutting remarks for not picking up.

Oftentimes, he might not be close to his phone, and even if he was with the situation at hand, his superiors would find it an outright violation of the company’s policies.

Your boyfriend canceled on you not because whatever you want to tell him is unimportant but because his schedule at the moment is tight and my dear you do have no option but to accept the fact.

2. Probably pissed off by you

Humans are emotional creatures and are geared to a varying range of emotions: happiness to sadness, anger to calmness, etc

One reason why that dude canceled on you is probably something you have done or said that he finds offensive.

Maybe the dude had told you to quit using derogatory words and offensive in the name of joking with him and you stubbornly stick to using them because you feel it’s just a joke.

True that men love jokes and would spare a good laugh when called for, but making them objects of caricature isn’t something they would enjoy laughing at, and if after a series of warnings you go on to defame him, he might soon call it quits.

With that singular disobedience of yours, no matter how dire the situation is and you call for help to him, he is sure to turn deaf ears to whatever it is you have to say to hear and the result would have him cancel your call.

While the guy is trying to get over the unpleasant incident(caused by you though). You on the other hand start imagining very strange and invalid reasons why he isn’t picking up or canceling on you. My lady, that dude needs some space.

He is way too mature to know how not to respond in a heightened state of anger and so decides for the moment to cancel on you in order not to aggravate the circumstance.

Do not go casting aspersions on a guy who’s genuinely refraining himself from picking up your calls, without realizing that action of yours could have triggered his reaction.

3. A poor network connection

Man’s invention is prone to glitches. So before you go about ranting, think about the possibility that a poor network connection could cause him to cancel on you when you’ve tried calling him multiple times.

Network service providers sometimes run diagnostic and bug tests to upgrade their system to meet up the demand and ensure quality service for their users.

If you had called him during this process and he cancels you know for sure that it was no fault of his and that you should show understanding.

Even when the line goes through, there may be static at his end, and as such might not hear clearly what you are saying to him.

4. To  prevent suspicion

He Cancelled On Me Three Times

When a guy deliberately cancels on you, it could be that he is frantically trying to avoid drawing suspicion.

Yeah, you read right. Maybe you’re wondering where the suspicion is coming from.

He might be in a corner where your name was mentioned about something and probably having him accused of having a connection with you and then his phone buzzes.

The caller’s identity happens to be you, do you expect him to pick up your call at such an instance?

Another worse-case situation is when his wife starts suspecting him of infidelity.  Maybe she’s recently observed that he mostly receives calls from different ladies in the evening.

Even when you have no romantic relationship whatsoever with him but just as a colleague and say the document you requested wasn’t sent and you’re calling as a reminder.

Knowing that his wife is suspicious of him and probably is sitting beside him at the time of your call, as a way to arouse her suspicion, he would ignore your call regardless if it’s business or not.

Circumstances like this could be reasons why he cancels on you wherever you call.

My lady, there are many other reasons why a guy would cancel your calls to avoid suspicion: could be in a workplace where employees aren’t allowed to pick up calls, a family setting, etc.

Knowing this as a reason should improve your understanding whenever he cancels on you.

Nonetheless, they are certain things you could do or say when you’ve been canceled multiple times. Quite true, the hurt of having to be canceled on a call can be devasting and the ability to want to call back again may decline.

The next sub-section of this article  would discuss in detail what you do when the guy cancels on you multiple times:

What To Do/Say When A Guy Cancels On You Multiple Times

The following are basic things you can do when  a guy cancels on you:

  • Leave a message
  • Meet him in person
  • Request he calls you back
  • Delegate the responsibility of reaching out to him
  • Apologize.

1. Leave a message

There is nothing wrong if you leave a message, my lady.

In a situation where the dude is extremely busy and can’t respond to calls, he would appreciate it if you leave a message instead.

This would give him time to concentrate on the task at hand and upon meeting up would also find time to read and respond to your message as well.

2. Meet him face to face

Sometimes the best way to salvage a dire situation is in meeting with the person face to face.

A guy may be avoiding your calls if he discovers that it is likely to create unnecessary gossip( especially if this dude is not your love interest) and would gladly appreciate a public meeting.

If married, there are tendencies that this dude would want to take extra caution and could come with his wife if need be.

This is just to avoid a situation where someone tells his spouse something contrary to what you two could be talking about

Consider the efficacy of passing an important message over the phone versus meeting face to face with that person while you pour out your heart to him

The power of physically seeing a person goes a long way to curb the resentment that can ensue if the guy you my lady is trying to call cancels on you.

3. Request  for a call-back

It could be that the urgency of the message is to be attended to within a certain period and where the physical meeting is impossible, sending a call me back voice note would be appreciated by the guy.

A call me back voice note is just a short message service of informing a caller that you would want him to call you back if he’s through with whatever it is he is doing.

In a situation where you need to know if you should get a certain item at a mall for him and he is canceling on you, requesting a call back before leaving the premises would be better.

If after you’ve left and a call back is made, he would very much appreciate your understanding of what was before him by not pressing on to reach him at the moment.

Requesting a call back goes a long way in fostering the relationship you have with the guy(even if he’s not your boyfriend).

4. Delegate the responsibility of speaking to him

There is no harm in having someone else pass the information to that dude you want to communicate with (except it is very confidential).

Speaking to his assistant or a close associate whose contact you’ve got is a wise thing to do especially if he’s got a lot up his sleeve.

His associate or assistant is likely to be less occupied and could pass the message faster than when you want to reach him indirectly.

Maybe the guy in question might have informed the assistant of your call and given him a response to relay to you.

The urgency of the matter could be solved than flaring up at the very fact that he canceled on you.

5. Apologize

He Cancelled On Me Three Times

Not all ladies would like this point.

You know deep down in your heart that you were at fault yet choose to play obstinate. Come on! Get off your high horse and get things done.

A dude whose ego has been bashed by a lady he loves would not only feel deeply about her action but would be upset if she finds no way to reconcile with him.

How do you expect that after a heated argument in the early hour of the morning, upon him arriving at work and you called, he would pick up?


Save those bleary eyes for someday, unless you want to weep each day. That the guy canceled on you thrice or multiple times is not the problem.

The big question is have you found out the reason why he might have done that and have you sought a way to avert another experience?

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