What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies?

It can be confusing what it means when a girl sends you a selfie because it could mean many things. It gets more concerning when you didn’t ask for it in the first place and you are forced to assume a whole lot.

Figuring out what to say after you get to see her selfies on your screen may be quite confusing, especially when you do not know the reasons why. Assuming the usual that she likes you may not be the actual reason why.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

In this article, I will be walking you through 10 possible reasons why a girl sends you selfies.

10 reasons why a girl sends you selfies

In order not to assume, it is important that you know the reason why she sends you, so you don’t get your relationship on an unintended path. When a girl sends you selfies, it means one of the following:

  1. It means she wants you to compliment her.
  2. It proves that she is seeking your attention.
  3. It shows that she has a crush on you.
  4. It means that she trusts you.
  5. It means she wants to show you how beautiful she is.
  6. It means she wants to show you she is using an expensive phone.
  7. It shows that she wants to know your opinion.
  8. It implies she wants you to send her a selfie in return.
  9. It shows that it was a mistake.
  10. It means she is trying to introduce herself.

It Means She Wants You To Compliment her

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

When a girl sends you selfies, she desires your compliments because it has the propensity to make her feel valued. She hopes that you will compliment her look.

Giving a compliment as simple as “you look gorgeous” or “I appreciate your natural look” has a high chance of reassuring her about herself.

She may be suffering from low self-esteem and needs some form of appreciation from her friends or anyone she comes across.

Extensive research has shown that a lady with low self-esteem has more self-doubt, but she is more likely to receive compliments and praise.

Sending you a selfie so as to get a compliment from you is a way through which she can boost her self-esteem and conquer her insecurity.

It Proves That She Is Seeking For Your Attention

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

Most women are attention seekers because they see it as a way to validate themselves. Hence, if a lady sends you a selfie, she is probably trying to get your attention and wants to know if she exists above everything else.

Like when a child says, “Daddy take a look”, to gain her dad’s attention when she sends you selfies she wants your attention. She wants to be seen and noticed, so giving her your attention proves to her that you see her and care about her.

Normally, a picture commands attention whether it looks pleasant or strange. Hence, when a lady sends you a selfie, she intentionally does it to get your attention to build her self-esteem.

Except you despise her or are completely perplexed, after seeing her picture. There’s a good chance you’ll send her a compliment, which validates the fact that she got your attention.

It Shows That She Has A Crush On You

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

A lady who has a crush on you always wants you to see her. She believes that if you consistently see her, either in pictures or in person, you will soon be able to decode that she has a crush on you.

She has this fear of seeming vulnerable if she opens up about having feelings for you, and so she sends you selfies so you get somewhat used to her when you see her often.

It could be that she went through your phone and found pictures of other ladies while you don’t have any of hers.

This could breed jealousy in her heart because she has feelings for you and finding the pictures of lady ladies seems like a threat to having you.

Therefore, sending you her pictures gives her the impression that you may consider her and she will eventually get the chance she desires.

It Means That She Trusts You

When a girl sends you selfies, it means she trusts you. It is possible that the manner in which you behave has built a level of trust in her heart, making her feel that she is safe with you.

She may have a form of deformity that she knows you would not judge her for, even though many others would.

If a lady doesn’t find you trustworthy, she will cut off every attempt to show friendliness towards you.

She would consider sending you selfies absurd, but since it is an intentional act, she trusts you and would not refrain from sending you selfies.

It Means That She Wants You To See How Beautiful She Is

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

A lady who knows she is beautiful is always confident about her looks and does not mind flaunting them at any time just to get you to see her.

She knows that when you get to see her beautiful face, you may be more inclined to like her or even talk about her often. And so she lets her looks do the talking by sending you selfies.

She might have spent so much on a whole lot of beauty products and would want to show them off. In an attempt to show that “classic girl” appearance, she will always put her look on your face.

Also, it could be that she has noticed the girls you hang out with and, knowing that she is prettier than every one of them, she will send you selfies so you can see for yourself and hang out with her a lot more.

It Means She Wants To Show You She Is Using An Expensive Phone

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

If a lady sends you selfies, she wants to show you that she is using an expensive phone. You sure can differentiate between a selfie taken with a cheap phone and one taken with an expensive phone.

As a way to show you that she is a high-class babe who doesn’t settle for less, she will send you selfies using her expensive phone.

If she views you as a high-class guy, she probably wants to bring herself to your level and fit in because she feels you may not be interested in a girl of a lower status. As a result, displaying her expensive phone gives her a sense of her status.

Also, you may not be that all-classy guy, and when she sends you a selfie, she is trying to show you that she is using an expensive phone. You do not level up to her class and you are out of her league.

It Shows That She Wants To Know Your Opinion

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

If a lady sends you selfies, it is an indicator that she wants to know your opinion. It doesn’t matter whether your relationship with her is a platonic or romantic one, she wants to know how you feel about it.

Your opinion about her matters as it will help her know your disposition towards her.

For instance, you are in a platonic relationship with her and she sends you a selfie of herself. She looks out for your response, the mannerism with which you compliment her.

You may say things like “you’ve got hot lips, you know.” Or “your round eyes are so alluring.” This lets her know your opinion about her.

Also, if you are in a romantic relationship with her; she still wants your opinion. She sends you selfies in a quest to know if you still find her as attractive as the first time you met.

If you give her an intriguing compliment like “My heart melts each time I see your alluring smile.” “Oh look, it’s started.” This makes clear your opinion about her.

Your opinion about her may not be this glaring. You may say, “You look good, babe.” But you’ve always looked more gorgeous without that acne.”

This lets her know that you’d prefer it if she had clear skin and would stop at nothing to take care of it.

She just wants to get your opinion about her each time she sends you selfies because your opinion is a translation of how you feel towards her.

It Implies She wants your selfie in return

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

Girls love to have pictures of their crushes. You may be wondering what she wants your selfie for. She also wants to see you and give you some compliments, so as to strike up a level of friendship between the both of you.

A girl will keep the picture of a guy she is crushing on so that she can gaze upon him anytime she pleases.

You must have seen how a lady keeps a record of the picture of her celebrity crush, who doesn’t necessarily know her just so she can look at it anytime she pleases.

For this reason, she might have sent you selfies so you could send yours and keeps them because she admires you or probably desires to make them her wallpaper.

It is possible She has told her friends she’s been talking with you for a long time and they seem unsure if she’s being truthful, so in a bid to prove herself, she wants to have a picture of you too. Not just a picture of you, but a selfie.

You know, there is this thing with selfies. Most of the time, they are informal. They are taken manually by you.

This picture may not be seen on your social media posts depicting that you specifically took it because of her. She shows it to her friends so as to get them to believe she’s been talking with you.

It Shows That It Was A Mistake

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

Mistakes are inevitable, when you open your inbox and see a selfie of that pretty-looking girl, it is probably unintentional.

She might have been trying to send those selfies to a friend or someone else entirely but wrongly dialed your number and hit the send button.

Excessive excitement can cause her to make mistakes. It is possible that she tried on a new hairstyle she had never tried on before and didn’t expect the outcome to be as beautiful as it was.

In a bid to show her friend, she takes a selfie, and out of excitement, she sends it to you mistakenly.

It could also be that she wanted to send you some other pictures but mistakenly sent you selfies of herself, and since she did it hurriedly, not paying attention, she may not be able to delete it as soon as possible, leaving you with numerous thoughts on why you have her selfie on your screen.

It Means She Is Trying To Introduce Herself

What Does It Mean When A Girl Sends You Selfies

In order to give a proper introduction of herself, a girl doesn’t mind sending in a selfie to your message box. If she does not know you initially, she feels just saying “Hey, I am Jane” is not very introductory at all.

You may want to know who you are chatting with and so a selfie may be part of the proper introduction so you know what Jane looks like.

Also, it is possible that she has lost contact with you and, as a form of reintroduction, you might have forgotten her name but will easily recall her through her looks.

This happens often with random people, where you may see someone you know but try so hard to remember their name.

As much as you can’t remember their names, you still recognize them. It is simply because you can easily recall their faces. Hence, she sends you a selfie for easy recognition.


Now that you know the possible reasons why a girl will send you selfies, your conversation with her should no longer be awkward but go smoothly.

If you confirm that it’s a sign she likes you, then it is a perfect chance to let her know you like her too, and that’s if you do. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respond to her if you do feel the same way.

For every reason why she sends you selfies, there is a manner of approach you ought to exhibit.

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