What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You My G? (5 Possible Meanings We Know!)

I bet it’s your first time being addressed by a good friend of yours as ‘my G’, and you’re starting to wonder why the person did that and what it means.

Well, for the records, they weren’t saying you’re the letter ‘G’, as you may think at the first trial. It can mean anything from you being a hardworking guy or just being (g)uy or (g)irl.

Fortunately, the truth is not far from all of these assumptions. In an actual sense, when someone calls you my G, it could be just a compliment.

There’s more to this and I’m sure you can’t wait to explore other possible motives.

In this article, I’ll be presenting a couple of meanings to when someone calls you my G including interesting responses to this gesture. Keep reading on!

5 Major Meanings for When Someone Calls You My G

Your inquisition to know the meaning behind someone calling you my ‘G’ is not a flawed one; at least I won’t fault you if you’re hearing that for the first time.

However, you can add to your list of collectible knowledge by grasping the different meanings surrounding someone calling you my G.

Understanding these meanings will help you create a good response that corresponds with the gesture. To get started, here are 5 main reasons why someone calls you my G.

  1. It means they take you as a close friend
  2. It could show they trust you
  3. It means you’re attractive
  4. It proves they’re expressing a possessive hand towards
  5. It means they’re trying to give you a sense of belonging

It Means They Take You as a Close Friend

I’ve used this gesture for far too long, especially with my male friends and I must say they have been really good friends.

None of the guys with who I used this gesture were there by mistake, because they all merited to be called my G.

This is a close-call plausible meaning that you can read into it when someone calls you my G. It simply means the person sees you as a great personal asset but in the form of a close friend.

However, there’s a case of similarity in the gender use of this gesture. Both males and females can be called this but depending on the situation.

The fun part of this gesture is that it is an informal way of referring to a friend so the use of guys for males and girls for females is valid.

Considering the initial letter of the phrase, you can call a male or female my G.

Down the line, it is agreeable that the person who makes use of this gesture can either be a guy or a girl, hence the absence of specification.

On that note, you can consider the ‘close friend’ situation as a viable meaning when someone calls you my G.

It Could Show They Trust You

Most of the time I call any of my friends my G, I do so in awe of how reliable they can be.

I might still call another person my G casually, but the excitement in my tone and pronunciation shows that I have some kind of reliance on the person. It means I can even trust the person.

Noteworthy, this meaning is more favorable to guys than girls because of the unrepentant attitude of a lot of women regarding gossiping.

Men can provide closure to their fellow man. They do this in such a way that even if the sarcasm was to play out, it wouldn’t be to degrade the person.

Although girls can also use this gesture to point out someone they can trust, my G in this context means more of my Guy than my Girl.

Hence, you might want to add trustworthiness to your resume or memo because that could be why someone called you my G.

And if the person is a close friend like in my case with my friends, then it has cemented it all.

It means you’re Attractive

If you’re conversant with a statement, ‘she’s a 10’ then you may have just about the hint at what this meaning is all about.

Someone might’ve called you my G to recognize your beauty as a woman. On this note, this meaning is tied more to the ladies than the men.

However, a man can refer to another man as my G to express their excitement over how stunning he looks.

Picture a first date scenario and your friend just stepped out in sleek sneakers and Louis Vuitton tops. If this is the first time he’s wearing those, you’ll be tempted to make it loud, and in the process, you might call him ‘my G’.

In the same vein, I girl who is slaying fine in her new dress for a date can be hailed by her close friend if she calls her ‘my G’.

It Proves They’re Expressing a Possessive Hand Towards

Another meaning that you can consider when someone calls my G is that they’re trying to extend a hand of possession, of love.

At most, it could be a way of telling people that they own a bit of your judgment. They’re simply being bold about their motive of being versed with you.

This is well obvious in a case where a boyfriend calls his girlfriend my G, first to show she’s his partner and to also show that he acknowledges that.

On the flip side, a girl can also call her boyfriend my g to show possessiveness. I’ve had a couple of occasions where girls do this in public just to show other girls that they’re with their man.

They want to secure what is theirs before any other girl will lurk and get to it.

It Means They’re Trying to Give You a Sense of Belonging

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You My G

Are you a newbie in a circus, probably a band circus, or just a social club mostly made up of boys? If so, then you will have a great understanding of what this meaning is all about.

As a newbie, there’s every chance that you will feel left out or rather “new” so much that you start to act it out without even knowing.

When the older members notice this and want to relieve their tension, they may resort to calling you my G.

With this new tag, your chance of feeling wanted or accepted becomes more substantial.

You no longer feel left out and are certainly not afraid to join others in their activities without being concerned if they want you or not.

10 Replies to Someone Who Calls You My G?

When someone calls you my G, how do you feel? You may either feel happy or loved, or even accepted depending on who says it, where, and how.

Now, whatever your reaction may be when someone calls you my G is a prerequisite to having a good response to offer them in return.

Replying to the person is an act of acknowledgment and goodwill, and it sets you aside as a good person who doesn’t neglect little good words.

However, here are a couple of replies that you can throw at anyone who calls you my G.

  1. How’re you dawg?
  2. I wouldn’t stop you from having your bragging rights
  3. You do know I’ve got your back
  4. I appreciate the love, I do
  5. Does that mean I’m now in?
  6. Hey, don’t get too excited
  7. You’re more than a friend, you’re now family
  8. I love it when you call me that
  9. Thanks for the compliment
  10. That means a lot to me

How’re You, Dawg?

If you’re conversant with the American black community then you’ll have an understanding of what it means to call someone a ‘dawg’.

However, to remove the stereotypical badge on this term, it can be used by anyone. I even heard some guys in the military make use of it too.

What I’m insinuating is that this is a good line that you can use to acknowledge someone who calls you my G.

From the tone, you can easily deduce that the response is masculine-oriented.

This means it is most favorably used by guys than girls and that’s a huge plus for the guys.

I Wouldn’t Stop You from Having Your Bragging Rights

Just like I mentioned in the meanings, some people call you my G just to exercise possessiveness.

This is common between couples and is often used by the ladies to address the man of their dreams.

Since they’re trying to mark their territories against other girls, they’re also showing that they truly have bragging rights over their partner and they know how to flaunt it.

Most girls on social media are conversant with this arrangement and they see it as the ultimate goal; the goal of showing off their man.

You Do Know I’ve Got Your Back

From the angle of trust and dependability, you can reply to someone who calls you my G with this line.

This line means you acknowledge the fine gesture from the person and you’re poised to continue being a dependable friend.

Having the person’s back means they can count on you no matter what, that’s some weight to carry, you know?

I Appreciate the Love, I Really Do

For some people, it is hard to break even into a group or conglomerate. To this type of person, fitting in is a big deal and they can give anything to have it.

However, when this happens without much drama, it can be an overwhelming moment for them.

On that note, someone from a group you just joined can call you my G to show you have now been officially indoctrinated.

You, on the other hand, can use this line of response to show you concede the gesture from the person.

Does That Mean I’m now in?

Knowing that you now fit into a setting is a huge feeling. It is a defining moment for a lot of people. With this response, you’re simply portraying your excitement as per what you just heard from the person.

Hey, Don’t Get Too Excited

Sometimes, it pays to up the tempo a little around people, especially our loved ones. When your girlfriend calls you my G in public, you can use this response to make her feel inquisitive. She’ll jolt up and make you ask questions.

You’re More Than a Friend, You’re Now Family

You can take your level of acknowledgment for the person who called you my G, from being just a friend to now being family. If you’re looking for a befitting line of response, this is the line.

I Love It When You Call Me That

Do you fancy it when someone calls you my G? If so, what’s holding you from expressing how you feel about that? You can do that using this particular response.

Thanks for the Compliment

Being appreciative of a person’s gesture when they call you my G is a fine feeling.

However, you may be lost for words on how to put this but this response is geared towards making your mind wish to come to pass.

In addition, this line of the response shows that you see the gesture as a compliment rather than just a mere way of addressing a close friend.

That Means a Lot to Me

If it truly means a lot to you when someone calls you my G, you can use this line of response to make it known. It is nothing short of a standard statement that exposits how you perceive the gesture.


Having someone to call you my G is a great delight and equally an honorable thing in that sense. As common as it may sound, it says a lot about how the person sees you and what he or she takes you for.

Sadly, not many people know what it means when someone calls them my G, therefore they start seeking answers. If you’re one of them and you found this post, then you should count yourself lucky.

This post not only explains the plausible meanings of this gesture but also featured some cool responses which you can use when someone calls you my G.

Having satisfied your query, you can show your appreciation by hitting on the share icon and also dropping your comments below.

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