What To Say When Someone Calls You Fake?

A lot of people have said annoying things to us in one way or the other. But it could get so personal when their remarks tackle our personality and lifestyle in a very unpleasant way.

The feeling of being called a fake is so grave that some of those who have been tagged with this illness tend to question themselves.

I also know a bunch of people who wouldn’t see silence as an option when someone calls them fake. If you’re in this group of comeback lovers, then you’re at the right place.

I will walk you through some of the best things to say when someone calls you fake.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Fake?

If you’re wondering how to get hold of the best comeback statements to throw at anyone who calls you fake, I guess this article is a no-brainer. One of the best reasons why someone will call you fake is courtesy of jealousy.

So you can say, you’re just jealous, suck it up! You can also make the person understand that it’s just their view by saying, that’s your view, it doesn’t count.

Other cautioning replies include; ‘being judgmental looks bad on you, your validation is not needed and you’ve got any proof about that?

On the other hand, you can choose a little savagery and blunt statements as your response. You can say; you’re a deadbeat.

You don’t seem so real yourself, I see you’re jobless, big ups, and you just turned a fan. You might as well deny being fake by simply saying, I am not fake.

Keep scrolling through this post to discover other ideas on what to say when someone calls you fake.

I Am Not Fake

I constantly get advice not to pay heed to the remarks of other people about my life. But don’t you think keeping quiet without correcting the narrative, destroys your image right in your face? So, I will suggest you make a quick hush to the remarks when someone calls you a fake.

A swift and calculated denial will set the record straight, as you have no further explanation to give him or her.

You’re Just Jealous, Suck it up!

What To Say When Someone Calls You Fake

Please, you have to make sure this particular message gets to the person who calls you a fake. This is because there’s no better explanation as to why someone will call you fake if they are not jealous.

The jealousy could be attached to your close-to-perfect attitude, carriage, and composure. To make things equal, when someone calls you fake you should remind them that it is jealousy playing out in their mind.

You must be assertive when making this statement, to drive the message to them without hinges.

Being Judgmental Looks Bad on You

Anyone who deems it right in their mind to call you fake is probably acting like a judge. Why don’t you go ahead and remind the person that acting like the jury in your life does not look on them?

By the way, why should you be judged by someone who clearly might also have a bigger flaw? Throw the words to them and do not forget to wear the fake grin to show them that you’re more than welcome to accept their remarks.

Everybody Seems To Be the Copy of a Copy, so I Don’t Bother

If the person calls you a fake without consideration, it means he or she is ignorant of the axiom above.

The truth of the matter is that no one is complete perfection and must’ve borrowed or adopted some kind of practice, culture, or personality from somewhere. If this is so, why then should you be called fake?

You Don’t Look So Real Yourself

Whosoever has the guts to call you fake, must think they’re good in some way. Probably, they think they’re perfect or more real than you.

It would be a very big comeback if you inform them that they don’t look so real after all. If being startled is flu, he or she will certainly catch one.

That’s Your View, It Doesn’t Matter

Let’s go back to reminding the person that whatever perception they have of you is just what their minds made up.

They’re not going to think up something and try to force it on you, would they? I don’t think so. So the best thing is to reply to the person with the above reply.

It’s So Bad You Care a Lot, Well I Care Less

When someone calls you ‘fake’, you’re expected to react negatively and maybe rain down curses. But you’ll be playing smart with this response because it calls for nothing related to going berserk on the person.

With this response, you can express your negligence in their remarks. The person cares about your life, which is why they can conclude.

You’ve got Any Proof of That?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Fake

Not that you sound like a security operative, but you do need to question the source of any remark made about you.

The speaker might form a resistance at first, but if you say this reply, you can achieve one of these two things.

irstly, the person will be drawn to tell you the source; while on the other hand, you can shut them up if they’ve got nothing on you.

It’s a Pity You’re Going to Get the Attention You’re Looking For

If you’re conversant with the social media space and the ‘stan’ culture, you will notice the word ‘clouts’ used quite often.

Well, this word is used to identify a group of social media users who would do anything to gain attention, and they can even to the length of making offensive remarks about prominent people to gain attention.

If you’re dealing with one such individual, then I guess it’s high time you shut their mouth with this response.

When Are We Going to Talk About You?

Hard question, is it? Yes, it is hard, but only for the person being asked. This question is the real deal if you’re looking for good a comeback that can shut the mouth of anyone who calls you fake.

Ask them when you can talk about their own faking and watch them end the topic in shame.

Your Validation Is Not Needed

This is one of the best and shortest replies that you can put up when someone calls you fake. It is straight to the point and very much informative. With this statement, you just cleared off the table on the topic of being fake.

I Never Imagined That from You

Since we’re all still on earth, surprises will not cease to abound. And you might get yours when someone you expect the least calls you fake.

Like, really? Even you? But instead of being emo or acting up, simply say this reply to them and leave the scene if possible.

Don’t You Have Your Life To Face?

Questions can become a good instrument of response when someone calls you fake. I assume that everybody has their own life to live, which is entirely true.

If this is so, why is he or she pestering your life? You can use this question as your response. The speaker is likely to go numb after hearing it.

I See you’re Jobless

What To Say When Someone Calls You Fake

I know this response sounds more vulgar than diplomatic, but sometimes this approach proves to be the most effective. You can aim at making the speaker mute by asking them this question.

Be cautious, as you might ignite a brawl with this statement. But if you can contain the situation then you’re free to throw it at the person.

Always Knew You Thought Like a Miniature, and This Proved It to Me More

Miniatures think small, within a particular sphere. And this results in clouded thoughts and assumptions.

Telling the speaker that they sound like a miniature is one way to give your comeback and have it back.

Why Do You Say So?

Even with all the savagery in the form of replies, you can ask the person why he or she said that to you.

Probably it came out from a well-meaning person, like a parent or a respected person. The essence of this question is to detect where the problem is latched on and plan how to correct it.

Well, I Heard Being Real Like You Is Boring

You can spice up your menu of replies with more savage responses. I’m not trying to talk you into a fight, because that is the end product of most savage replies. But I aim to show the speaker that you will not sit back and receive insults.

I’d Rather Be Fake, than Real and Careless like You

Please, dear reader, I wouldn’t be bad to claim being fake to prove a point with your response. When someone calls you fake, you can tell them that you can’t be real like him or her due to carelessness.

Once your point is made, it is up to the person to continue the banter. If it does continue, this article makes sure your dictionary or comebacks never run dry.

If I’m Careful and Fake, I’m Still Better than You

Oooh, this is going to be a bomb if you drop it. It is purely game over if you send out this piece of self-pity to anyone who calls you fake.

They’d be so sorry for themselves, that you might receive a consolidating message from them.

You Can Conclude My Life, but Can’t Yours… Disgusting

Yea, it is disgusting and please, don’t forget to add it at the end of your statement. It exemplifies the ugliness of the issue at hand.

How on earth will you study my life and even come up with a conclusion, when your life looks like a deserted war front?

You’re a Deadbeat

You might want to look up the meaning of a deadbeat before replying with it. But I assure you, it is nothing pleasant to say to anyone who calls you fake.

Deadbeats tend to have so disorganized lives; that they end up roaming around in the lives of others. Shove it down the throat of anyone that calls you fake.

LOL… Someone Said the Same Thing About You

It’s funny if someone that was just labeled fake by your next-door neighbor winds up calling you the same thing.

But before bursting out in laughter, take your time and announce to their ears that someone just said the same thing about them. After all, it makes you two the same, doesn’t it?

If It Means My Happiness, I Don’t Care

Why would you want to trade your happiness for sorrow just because someone calls you fake? It doesn’t sound like a good idea if you can just tell them bluntly that you don’t care. Your happiness is a priority and should be considered as such.

I’ve Got Nothing to Lose, except Your Validation

Cool and calculative response. What else can you possibly lose when someone calls you fake, except for their invalid validation?

Even if other people buy into the story of you being fake; it still doesn’t change anything. You lose only their interest, but your life still stays intact.

Big Up, Thanks for Being a Fan

What To Say When Someone Calls You Fake

Do you know you can make the moment when someone calls you fake, look like a total disgrace party for them? I mean, imagine saying this reply to the person in a place full of people. The ‘wow’ would be much.

I Don’t Think Barbie Is Jealous About It

We all know Barbie to be the fake doll character, which has all the beauty. If you’re a girl and someone calls you fake, don’t hesitate to mention that Barbie is not bothered about it.

With this, you are indirectly implying that you’re not fake, since the queen of fake herself hasn’t recognized it.

I Sense More Than Just Jealousy

Although jealousy might be too much of a reason to call someone fake, those who do this might be fueled by different energy like angst, low self-esteem, and insecurity. You can use this response to indicate these things.

At Least, I Look More Real than You

It would be very disastrous for the speaker when you tell them that you look more real than them, even with your fake status. This is pure savage and it will do its work accordingly.

Is That You Trying To Say I’m better?

This is the only rhetoric query in this post and it serves its purpose right. Sometimes, clouts and embittered persons might use hate remarks to show their grievances and low points. If someone calls you fake, he or she may think you’re better and you shouldn’t waste time asking them this question.

Nice Assessment Skills You Have Right There. Unfortunately, I Don’t Pay People for That

If you want to leave your aggressor jolted and bewildered, this is the deal response. Throw this in and see the shocking response from them.


This might be the end of this post, but it is not the end of replies that you can put up when someone calls you fake.

My take is that you should make sure you evaluate the circumstance correctly, before adopting any of these replies. Don’t forget to drop your comments on this post and also share if you find it informative.

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