What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

Sometimes it is not enough for people to write you off with their actions, they’ll go the extra mile by using words to make you feel less of yourself.

Such absurdity in calling you laughable is one of those things which someone can use to make you feel inferior, probably because of what you said or an impression you made about something.

But it shouldn’t be a huge problem if you know what to say and when to say it. You know how being verbal about an issue can help relieve the pains accompanied by it, that’s exactly what this post is all about. 

For better judgment, you can find a lot of suitable replies on this post especially if you have nothing promising to say. These sets of replies will help you put whoever called you laughable in the right place.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Laughable

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

Whether it is in the context of being ridiculous or being funny, anyone who calls you laughable is trying to get at you. The next step remains to fashion your response in a way that addresses the issue at hand. 

Hence, when someone calls you laughable for having what seems to be the wrong idea; you can say something like “do you have a better idea? Is that what you think this is”?

I knew you would say that, it’s clear you’ve never liked my idea”, or you can say something like “I thought as much”.

If you are up for some piece of savagery, you can throw in some replies like “Laughable like your whole family tree”, “I guess it takes one to know the other”, “You don’t look so serious either” or other replies such as “Just do me a favor and STFU. 

Let’s end it with the snippets here and get right into the details of this post.

That Was Really Rude, You Need To Apologize

I don’t know if you don’t get pissed off by being called laughable, but I do. Especially when your stance on the issue that brought about the name-calling doesn’t worth it. While others will flare up and act shady, you’ll have to stand tall.

And you’ll need this response to make it clear that you deserve nothing better than an apology. With this reply, you’re telling the person that calling you laughable is rude.

I Knew You Would Say That

If the situation for which you were called laughable is something you expected, you can use this response to reply to the person that called you that. This response shows that you are not in for any surprises and you’re not surprised one bit by the person’s remark about you.

Don’t Discredit Me So Fast

Let’s say you had a promising business proposal and you eventually mentioned it to someone. If the person calls you laughable for having such an idea, it implies your idea is not sensible and also lacks accolade from them. 

But you can fairly sulk it up and use this line of response. 

You Never Take Me Serious, Do You?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

There have been cases where someone calls you laughable because they don’t see any form of seriousness in you. This may not be how others perceive you, but it is sort of their prejudice against you. 

This set of people will never find you interesting no matter what you say or do, and if you notice this you can make for this type of response. This response will sort of put the person in an awkward position, as the response accommodates room for a query.

Yes, that’s Because I Never Intend to Please You

Even if you intend to please whomever it is that called you laughable, you should show a little bit of disinterest. This way, the person will be startled at your sudden turnaround.

Although they may assume that you did that because they called you laughable, their thought holds no water as you’ve already come up with a response.

Is That What You Think This Is?

You can use questions as your replies in this type of situation. Your aim of asking the person this type of question is to know exactly what he or she thinks about your idea which they labeled laughable. 

I have this conviction that some people say things out of little or no reasoning, but they can explain what they mean if you ask the person questions. In a bid to serve the speaker’s response, you can adopt this question.

Do You Have a Better Idea?

I pictured a scenario in a previous response, where someone called you laughable because of your business proposal. The previous response suggests that you ask the person not to discredit you quickly; well this one can second that response.

Asking if he or she has a better plan or idea is a way of fitting into the scenario. There is a chance that the person doesn’t have a knock-off idea, and if this happens…they become the ridiculous one.

It’s Clear You’ve Never Liked My Idea

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

In my experience as a behind-the-desk attendant in a reputable firm, I’ve had cases where a co-worker tries to outshine you by all means. Some did that even if it meant discrediting all your ideas whether good or bad. 

I’ve also been in some situations where I was ridiculed by them in front of the supervisor and the response above has always been my go-to reply. So if you encounter a similar circumstance, don’t hesitate to make it known that they’ve never liked you.

Laughable Like Your Whole Family Tree

If you haven’t heard of my record with comebacks, I can boldly say you’re missing out on a lot of fun. I didn’t intend for you to go savagery on this post, but a trial won’t kill. 

So this is one of those replies which will leave anyone who called you laughable, to think they made a grave mistake. This is because you not only agree to be laughable, but you also dragged their family into it. I’ll personally cringe if I had the opportunity to listen to this piece of savagery.

I’m Not up for Trading Words Right Now

You’re probably tired from the day’s work, or exhausted after a strenuous time at the gym and now having a conversation over a cup of juice with a friend when he or she calls you laughable. I seriously don’t think picking a fight will solve either your tiredness or make the issue any good. 

Hence, you can simply tell this line of response to the person and continue with your drinking.

Nothing Makes Sense to You, Are You Even Okay?

I don’t have the perfect figures to back up my assertions but some people seldom see the good in anything. They’re probably cynical, which makes them see nothing but negativity in what you do.

If you’re dealing with such a person, you can use this line to respond when he or she calls you laughable. 

Just Do Me a Favor and STFU

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

The person who called you laughable is trying to get at you. So if you don’t want such discussions, you can tell the person to STFU. 

I Don’t Remember Asking For Your Boneless Opinion

You can floor anyone who tries to spoil your mood by calling you laughable, just by telling him or her this line as a response. After all, you didn’t ask the person to chip in any idea about the issue.

I Know, Right?

In some cases, someone can call you laughable without any bad intent. If this happens, you can use this response to inform the person that you already know you’re laughable.

I Thought as Much

You can make a ridiculous impression and someone reacts by calling you laughable. Since you know that the reaction from people is likely going to be what you heard, you should use this line of response instead of getting worked up about the whole situation.

That Wasn’t Meant to Crack You Up

There’s this friend of mine that makes a joke out of almost everything I say or do. This dude is so annoying that I had to remind him daily that whatever I said was not meant to crack him up.

Now, you might be in a similar situation, and this line of response could also serve as your go-to response when someone calls you laughable.

Knucklehead, Can We Skip This Topic?

I don’t like expensive jokes, if you don’t either then you can consider this response a viable one if someone calls you laughable. No matter how ridiculous your idea which warranted the name-calling was, you can ask the person to let it slide.

I Knew You Would Say That

Sometimes people are unpredictable, and other times, you can tell what they think from their facial expressions.

Meanwhile, this could be the case here if you already had the nudge that the person will call you laughable, probably because your impression of something was rather absurd. So this response steps in to save the day.

I Still Believe I Deserve a Better Remark

Let’s picture a scenario where your idea for a project gets floored even after much effort which you put into it… what better feeling would you have if not unfulfillment?

When it happens that you were called laughable for coming up with such an idea, you can use this response to express your disgust over the underrating.

Why Is That the Only Thing You Can Say?

If you’re dealing with someone cynical, you can say this line of response to the person when he or she calls you laughable over your plans to do something.

The response is a query on its own which will help you understand why the person could only call you laughable among tons of other things they can say.

It’s Unfortunate You Know Nothing Else

This response is partial savagery because it suggests that the person is a dummy for knowing only how to call others laughable. It is also a good response if you want the speaker to feel the same as you do.

You Do Know I Don’t Like That

In the course of a conversation, someone who knows you too well can call you laughable. Since the name-calling doesn’t sit well with you, you can use this response to show you do not like the person’s utterances.

Then I Guess It Takes One to Know the Other

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

Some comebacks can compel a person to take a second look at the mirror to know if they’re still themselves. The above reply is one of such comebacks, as it indirectly labels the other person as laughable.

If You Think I Would Flare Up Because of That, You Thought Wrong

Being called laughable has a way of provoking us, especially when you know you’re not. Instead of fuming in anger, you can maintain your cool by using this response above.

I Guess I’m Getting Better with the Jokes

The word “laughable” applies in two contexts… first concerning ridiculous and second with being funny. This response supports the latter contextual meaning. So you can say this to anyone who calls you laughable.

You Don’t Look So Serious Either

There’s this thing with seemingly serious-minded people, who believe and think every other person is not up to the task. You could fall victim to this vain chase, but you can still carpet whoever it is by saying this line as a response.

You Really Need To Keep the Name-calling Thing Aside

I’ve made mention of other replies which you can put up if you’re not enjoying the name-calling “thingy”. Well, you can add this right here to your already long list.

Your Remarks Don’t Count

Human beings have been in the business of seeking validation from others. They wish their actions sit well with every other person… sadly it barely does. 

You can get bad remarks in a few cases, such as being called laughable. But you can snap out of the bad feeling by reminding the person that their remarks matter not.

When Are You Going To Stop Being a Jerk?

What To Say When Someone Calls You Laughable?

If you were jokingly called laughable by one of your dudes or friends, you can say this response to the person. This query of response is more applicable for the guys, so if you’re a guy reading this… you just got a line of response for your boys when anyone calls you laughable.

That’s What You Always Say When Faced with the Truth

I really thought of a movie when I stumbled on this response, although I can’t remember right now.

The plot supports a character that denies knowledge of every single action taken by them… and dismissing the allegations on the basis that they’re laughable was one of the character’s antics.

You might be dealing with a similar personality, and you’ve been stuck with what to reply with. News Flash! You just got a response for the person. Say this response to the person and watch their facial expression for any hints of being guilty.


It’s been a long ride with y’all in this article and I’m convinced you got a lot of value. Like I would always advise, you have to look through your circumstance to know which response fits in best before jumping on any of the replies in this post. 

Similarly, don’t close this page without sharing the post, and also drop your comments below if you have any.

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