What to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying?

When someone calls you annoying, there are practically two things involved. The first might be that you’re actually annoying and the second is that the person is trying to Set you off.

The second scenario is the most common, and you might as well have encountered this. While some people would keep quiet about this, others will not. They’d prefer to throw a response to the person.

Even if you’ve been in this type of situation and you didn’t know what to say at the moment, don’t worry. This is because I’ve put together quite a good set of comebacks and responses which you can serve to anyone who calls you annoying.

31 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying

What to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying?

There are a couple of good responses which you can put up when someone calls you annoying. Some of these replies address cases of provocation on your part and also provide replies when someone is just trying to make you upset.

In the case of the first scenario, you can say “I didn’t mean to annoy you”, “I didn’t argue that, did I?”, or “Don’t worry, I’ll make amendments”. You can use questions like “Where did you ditch your sense of humor?” “Do you have any hacks that’ll help me?”

On the other hand, you can serve savage responses to anyone who calls you annoying with lines like, “By annoying, you mean smarter than you?”

I’m not supposed to prove anything to you”, “Little wonder you’ve been a big critic”. Other responses suitable for the circumstance include “That’s your opinion, it doesn’t matter” or “Sorry, I didn’t mean to annoy you”. Let’s get into the details of each reply.

Sorry, I Didn’t Mean to Annoy You

What to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying?

If we’re being sincere, saying sorry when someone calls you annoying is not a bad idea. It simply means that you’re taking responsibility for what you did and are now apologizing.

This response is most suitable if you’re at fault and it’s very clear. If you don’t do this, people around might see as an annoying person you or further prove to the person who called you annoying, that you are annoying.

That is Your Opinion, It Doesn’t Matter

It would sound nice if you’re able to tell anyone who calls you annoying that it’s just their view or opinion about you. It doesn’t end there, telling them that this thought of theirs does not count.

This should send them a message that you’re not cut out to listen to their criticism or react drastically to it.

Little Wonder You’ve Been a Big Critic

Anyone that was able to conclude that you’re annoying, must be a big critic. This is because it takes a critic and someone that view behavioral actions to make such an assertion.

Therefore, it would be a nice idea if you give the person the accolade, but sarcastically. The line above gives such vibes quickly and is very firm.

I’m Not Supposed to Prove Anything to You

What to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying?

As funny as it sounds, many people expect to validate our every move and step. They feel we need to behave in a certain way to gain this validation, but when you don’t do that, then you’re annoying.

But instead of sulking because someone called you annoying, why don’t you let them know that you’re not supposed to prove anything to them?

With this line of response, you’re clarifying that whatever you did does not prove anything to them.

By Annoying, You Mean Smarter Than You?

Well, I’ve had this experience once, in an office setting. Smart people are often called annoying or too bright, by those who feel they’re being overshadowed.

During a certain argument, I opined from another angle that sounded so economical and presentable for the project, leaving my contender looking dumbfounded.

After the session, she told me I am annoying, and I didn’t hesitate to Reply her with this line of response.

Do You Have Any Hacks that’ll help me?

I know this might be a vulnerable statement for those of us who pride in figuring things out by ourselves.

On second thought, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get help, especially from the same person who pointed out your problems.

This is because I believe that he or she knows how to tackle your problem, just like they could figure out you have one.

Where Did You Ditch Your Sense of Humor?

If you were called annoying while trying to tease or joke with someone in your circle, you can use this line of response.

It simply posits that you intended them to laugh or react to your joke, but the person took offense and called you annoying.

Asking this question is more or less, an effort to enquire why the person called you annoying and also why they were not cheerful.

Don’t worry, I’ll Make Amends

While away in college, my mom used this term on me severally because I wasn’t calling back home to know how they were faring.

She grew worried and each time she called me to know how I’m faring, she’ll tell me how annoying I am.

And each of these times, I’ll just tell her I’ll make amends. You can also do this too and relieve the tension around the home or at work by telling anyone who called you annoying that you’ll make amends.

It Wasn’t My Intention 

This is a kind of reassurance and an apology at the same time.

First, you’re reassuring the person who called you annoying that it wasn’t your intention and you’re also apologizing for even acting the way you did even though it wasn’t intentional.

You can say this line of response if the person is right about your annoying attitude.

I Didn’t Argue That, Did I?

Classifying this response according to what it does might be too much to do. But let’s view it this way. You’re trying to speculate that you never argued with the person about whatever it is they said about you.

But this does not mean you either agree or disagree with them. This question often leaves your audience stuck in a matrix of thought about what exactly you mean by that. I’m sure this is a good response to give anyone who calls you annoying.

I Knew You Would Say That

Have you been skeptical about what a particular person thinks about you? Do you have the instincts that they’re not happy about your actions?

If so, then you should use this response when such a person calls you annoying. This is sole because you already had the idea that he or she might say such things, but you just needed it to come out from their mouth like it just did.

And you will raise the person’s eyebrows with this question because they’ll want to know how you knew.

How About I tell you that you’re Insensitive?

Insensitivity can make someone calls you anything just to prove something that doesn’t exist.

Those who have this initiative can call you names because that’s what their little minds think about you, not being able to look past the shades of your actions.

If you sense this from anyone who calls you annoying, tell the person how insensitive they are and you can start with this line.

Is that All You’ve Got to Say?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Annoying?

Learning how to use questions as responses seems to be one of my various superpowers. I didn’t learn it anywhere but taught myself from experience and deliberate thinking.

You can use this question to make anyone who calls you annoying dumbfounded. Trust me; it is one of those lines of response that will make someone look Silly and unreasonable to have said such a thing to you at first.

Why Do You Say So?

Just like the previous response, you can also enquire about the reason behind the person’s choice of words on you.

I believe whoever calls you annoying didn’t do that just to talk, the person must’ve thought about it.

To prove this is not a case of a slip of the tongue, you can ask the person to tell you why they said what you’re annoying. 

Are You Expecting an Apology? Move On

Most times, people say things about us in expectation of receiving an apology. Instead of keeping the hopes of a such person alive, why not bash it?

This applies the most when the person is quite the annoying one and is trying to push that over to you.

Might Be True, Someone Else Said That

If you’ve received reoccurring confessions from people that you’re annoying, you can also mention that to anyone who says that to you.

This line appears to be the perfect way to convey this message, without discrediting yourself or insulting the other person.

You Don’t Have the Right to Judge Me

I don’t see a reason someone who is not a jury or an officer of the law, would blatantly judge you for being annoying. It still doesn’t sound right to me, particularly when they’re wrong.

Instead of accepting such an erroneous view about you, you can set the record straight by telling the person they have no right to judge you. 

Was I Too Blunt?

I am a very blunt person and I get a lot of times the statements of people, who say I’m annoying.

If you think sugar-coating stuff ain’t your thing and a person sees it as a flaw, just ask anyone who calls you annoying this question.

With this question, you can determine if our bluntness is the issue, and if not; you’ll also know it brought about the name-calling.

I Bet You Assumed That Entirely

Assumptions can be bad when you go wrong with them. Many people assume things based on your outer look or acts and not your intrinsic values.

They do this with the thought that they’re right because it fits well into their version of you. But you can change their thoughts and show them they were just assuming things. 

I’m Not Surprised, You Say That Every Time

If the person who called you annoying virtually every time, use this line to remind him or her you’re not amazed or perturbed by it.

Good a Thing, I Prefer Being a Shot of Whiskey to a Bottle of Malt

Our society sees being cool as a bottle of malt, cold and chilled while seeing a shot of whiskey as harsh and annoying so to say.

Although I expressed these two things metaphorically, you can also do that in your response.

Tell the person who you’d prefer being your real self (shot of whiskey) to bring their version of you (bottle of malt).

You Might Quite Be Lying, Everyone Loves Me

Are you loved by many? Do you receive accolades from people for being cool person?

Why not tell anyone who calls you annoying that they’re quite lying about that? They’re wrong with their review of you and it’s clear too, so spit it out.

You Can Say Whatever You Like

If you feel you don’t owe any explanation to the person who calls you annoying; then you should use this line to tell them not to stop. After all, their view about you does not count and won’t matter to you anyway.

If That Means Being Myself than Your Version, Then I’m Cool

I don’t pride myself as an aggressive person, and I don’t take it lightly when a person tries to make me look like one while calling me annoying.

So instead of throwing shades, I will use this response. You can say the same thing when someone calls you annoying because you know that you’re not what they say you are.

I See I Can’t Impress You

Just like I’ve mentioned in this post, many people have validation boxes up in their heads and they tick each one when we act in a certain way.

If we cannot do something worth ticking a box, it could prompt name-calling just like calling you annoying. Just tell the person you can’t impress them.

You’re not so cool either

If the person who called you annoying also has their share of flaws, please do well to point it out to him or her. This line of response can help you start the discussion of how they’re not so good themselves.

I’m Even Managing Your Company

It hurts to be called annoying, especially by someone you didn’t it to come from. However, you can extend the angst to this person who called you annoying by telling him or her you’re even managing their company.

This will get to them, because they may not be expecting a such response from you.

You’re So Extreme

Those that are extremists do and say a lot of odd things about a person because they feel the person does not match up to their expectations.

If you’re dealing with one of such persons, you can mention this line of response too.

If I’m Annoying, Guess Who Taught Me… You

I learned it is always good to give honor to who it is due, and this line does that perfectly. This is because you’re trying to attribute the person who calls you annoying, to the title of teaching you how to be annoying.

Good Review You Have There, Good to Know

With this line of response, you’re acknowledging the person who called you annoying for having such a good sense of judgment. The last three words suggest that you have noted that.

I’m Not Always Like That

If you’re not an actual annoying person who goes about making things hard for people, you can make this known to the person who called you annoying.

This line of response means that you’re not always annoying and circumstances have triggered your actions.


We’ve come to the end of this edition of what to say when you are called a certain thing. This post provides you with premium replies when someone calls you annoying.

Do well to examine the situation before using any of these lines of reply, to avoid further altercation. Also, share this post if you find it informative. 

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