What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

It is quite difficult to know the perfect response to give to a girl who calls you creepy if you do not know the reason she does that. Most likely, she may call you creepy if she feels you are extremely shy or not courageous.

Again, if you do things she doesn’t always like, she may call you a creep too. This doesn’t mean your relationship with her should go sour.

You can work it out by not saying anything or explaining things more elaborately to show her you are not as creepy as she thinks. In this article, you will learn what to say when a girl calls you creepy.

20 Things You Can Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy 

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

Since you want to give a verbal response to a girl who calls you creepy, you need to be deliberate about it so that you can convey your intent clearly.

And with effect too. When a girl calls you creepy, say nothing in return. You can tell her you simply like her and you are not trying to be exploitative.

However, she could call you creepy, thinking you are fearful or timid. In that case, tell her you are bold if you are simply being cautious. Underneath are some more ideas on how to respond to a girl who calls you creepy.

“I Will Say Nothing”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

I am certain that you know the motives behind your actions better than anyone else. And if a girl calls you creepy because of a misinterpretation, you can choose not to respond.

Although some people may call it a sign of weakness, if the situation at that moment warrants it, then you shouldn’t say anything in return. 

Staying quiet doesn’t make you a fool either. Remember that there is always a time to speak and a time to keep silent. If your instinct tells you not to respond to the name, and if you feel she is referring to you, then say nothing about it.

“I Am Not Timid, Just Speaking When I Ought to.” 

People who fear a lot can be called creepy. And when a girl calls you creepy, it is likely that she thinks you are afraid of something or someone. Maybe you were having a confidential conversation and, in the heat of your discussion, someone steps in.

At that point, it is possible that you do not want anyone else to know what you two were discussing. So, immediately after the intruder came in, you kept quiet like you were not talking before, and you also used non-verbal cues to tell her not to continue talking.

Here, she may call you creepy because of your actions. She thinks you are suffering from fear, but you can tell her you are not afraid; you simply didn’t want to continue the conversation in the intruder’s presence.

“I Touched You By Mistake. I Didn’t Mean To Scare You”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

Most ladies do not like being tickled or surprised in an extremely dramatic way. And when you do this to them, they may call you creepy.

If you pass by a lady and mistakenly tapped her when she was not paying attention to you, she may get upset and turn towards you, looking very unhappy and calling you creepy.

To her, you almost scared her to death with the unexpected tap. She thought something worse had happened.

And because she feels you planned to scare her, she can call you creepy. But you need to explain things to her, that you didn’t mean to scare her, you only touched her by mistake.

” I Only Like You.” Or “I Am Not Exploitative” 

It is not new for an inexperienced person to be called creepy. And since you have never asked a girl to go on a date with you before, you may not know your way around it or how to tell her what you really want.

This can cause a lot of misunderstandings between you two. Because she doesn’t fully understand your intent, she may think you want a romantic relationship with her or that you want to exploit her.

In your conversation, she may call you creepy because that’s what she thinks. And when she does that, tell her that you simply like her, but you are not exploitative.

“You Have To Balance Your Emotions. I Am Not Your Ex” 

When a lady is not completely healed from her hurtful past relationships, issues tend to arise, including her naming you a creep. It is possible that almost every single thing you do in her presence irritates her.

Also, she may recall and try to compare your character towards her with her ex, and this can cause friction between you two.

So long as you know where the issue lies, anytime she calls you creepy, remind her that you are not her ex. Then tell her to balance or work on her emotions.

“I Don’t Think I Am So Annoying, I Only Think I Am Out Of The Norm”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

It is not strange to know that someone’s best disposition can be so annoying to another person. It is good to appreciate your strengths, but you shouldn’t forget that not everyone will cherish you.

Don’t be surprised that that girl thinks you are so annoying. That is why she calls you creepy. Meanwhile, on your end, you only act in a better way than a nominal person.

Maybe what you consider as excellence displeases her, or she doesn’t always like your ideas, even when you speak from a place of exposure.You should tell her you are not annoying, you simply don’t act casually.

“It Is Just In Your Head. I Am Not Strange” 

When it looks like you are acting in a strange way, in a meeting or an event, you can walk up to her and say it is only what she thinks about you; you are not acting strangely.

“Although I Am Not Interested, I Am Not Gay”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

People who practice perversion are likely called creepy. If a girl thinks you are gay, she may show her disappointment by calling you gay.

It could be that she has had a crush on you for a long time now, but you seem not to be interested. Aside from her personal efforts, she might have involved your friends or sent you love messages.

If you are still adamant, she may feel like you are gay, or else you should have admired her at one point or the other, like other guys do. So, when she calls you pervasive or creepy, tell her that you are not gay.

“You Need To Tolerate Me At Least Instead Of Judging me.” 

Maybe the girl is your subordinate and you overheard her saying that you are creepy as a result of a decision you made binding on all your staff.

It is possible that the decision you made will lead to progress among your staff and, in the long run, favor your company.

It could be that workers need to arrive at the premises earlier than they used to or something else which is not so favorable to her.

In that case, she may neglect that you are human and, since she only thinks you didn’t favor her, she will refer to you as creepy. In that case, tell her that she needs to tolerate you instead of drawing a quick conclusion.

“There Is Nothing Creepy About My Actions” 

Liars are steady creeps. Therefore you need to clarify yourself before a girl calls you creepy. She might have watched a scene play out differently than the typical way.

Maybe you work for her parents as a driver or run errands for them. And in that case, you are expected to spend a specific amount of money, but you spent more money because of some unforeseen circumstances.

In explaining how the money was spent, she may call you creepy. In that case, shed more clarity on the situation at hand, telling her you are only sincere and not dishonest.

“I Am Only Odd And Not Indifferent” 

When you act in a single manner among a group of people, you are likely to be called a creepy person.

And if a girl calls you that, you can tell her that you are only odd, but not indifferent. It is possible that you were at a party, sitting and staring while dancing and networking was going on.

The girl must have been observing you, and if she finds out that you have been in that position since you came in, she may walk up to you and call you creepy.

You should respond by saying you are interested in the party, but you came alone, without your girlfriend.

“I Only Tinted My Beards, I Am Yet To Organise It”

A girl can stare at you for over an hour trying to understand how rapidly you age. She might have seen you just last week, and today you already have a grey beard.

What could make her call you creepy is if you don’t shave your beard properly or she doesn’t like your new look. 

You may see a surprising look on her face at her first glance at you, expressing her displeasure with your new look.

In that case, she can call you creepy because of your looks. If that is it, you should tell her that you dyed your beard and you are yet to shave it properly.

“I Am Straightforward. I Love To Describe Things As They Are” 

When a girl thinks you often use vulgar words, she can call you creepy time and time again. Maybe you two are discussing a romantic issue or you are educating young people about gender roles and you explain your points using private body parts as it should be.

She may become uneasy and complain that you use vulgar language. This can make her call you creepy, and when you observe that she does that time and time again, you should respond to her.

You won’t hurt her feelings by telling her the truth that you are only describing things as they are and not being creepy.

You Should Call Her Creepy Too

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

It takes a creep to recognize a creep. And it is possible that you have been crossing each other’s boundaries for a long time now, which has led to resentment.

If she can’t hide the indignation between you two, she can call you creepy. Since it is a show of disgust, you should call her creepy too. Maybe she will stop referring to you as creepy when you call back.

“I Am Not Timid” 

If a girl finds you fearful, she can call you a creep. Maybe she thinks that you are too shy to meet with her parents.

Or because you don’t want to hold her hands while you walk down the street with her, she thinks you lack courage, so she calls you creepy. In that case, you should tell her that you are not timid.

You Ought To Say, “Don’t Think I Am Fearful, But I Still Sense Danger” 

In a team where there is an intermix of people, you can’t be sure that they are all fearful or fearless people.

And let’s say your plan as a team is to solicit for a friend of yours to be allowed to join your club. When you approach his house, your instincts may be at unrest, and when you alert the team to stop, a girl might call you creepy.

To some people in the group, including the girl who called you creepy, you are full of fear. But you can respond to her/them by saying you only sense danger, you are not fearful.

You Should Say, “I Felt Annoyed. That Was Why I Reacted That Way”

In all likelihood, when you say something you shouldn’t have to a girl, she might respond by calling you creepy. On the other hand, you might not be completely at fault but acted out of your emotions at that time.

When she refers to you as creepy more than once, you should apologise to her and set things straight. Tell her that you are not creepy and that you were only upset and that was why you responded that way.

“I Am Not Acquainted Such Experiences” 

Per adventure you had a meeting with your clique and all the guys present asked for spirits except you. A girl in your midst may call you creepy.

Your intention, however, is to drink your usual soft drink rather than to act like a less mature man. When she calls you creepy in the scene, tell her that you are not used to taking spirits.

“I Am Not Scared, I Am Only Cautious” 

When you are paying attention to an unforeseen error or showing concern, a lady may tag you as creepy. You should reply to her that you are not a creep and that you are only being cautious.

“I Am Sorry, Your Words Were Terrible Too”

What To Say When A Girl Calls You Creepy

In a bid to tell you how hurt a lady is, she can call you creepy. When you recognize your fault, apologize to her and tell her that her words to you were unpleasant too.


When a girl calls you creepy, you need to clarify why she calls you so. Because in most cases, it is not for a pleasant reason and you don’t want other people to call you that too.

It is not nice when she refers to you as a creep from a point of misunderstanding either. This is why you need to get things straight.

If you understand what happens and why she always calls you that name, and if possible, ask her why she does that.

In the end, try to give her a perfect response. I hope that this article has given you clarity on how to respond to a girl who calls you creepy.


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