What To Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer?

If you were invested in live TV shows in the 80s and 90s, I bet you would’ve come across the “Debbie Downer” show which starred Rachel Dratch.

But if you didn’t see any of her shows, it is still okay since I’ll explain what Debbie downer represents. You might’ve come across someone who’s too negative about virtually everything that’s happening around them. 

This individual finds fault in-jokes and makes them look good enough to crack you up. Things get sketchy if you exhibit any of these features because I’m sure that’s why someone must’ve called you a Debbie downer and also the reason you need to know how to respond to that.

Because of your quest, this article is prepared with a reasonable list of replies that you can serve anyone who calls you a Debbie downer. Whether or not you wish to apologize, you can find a suitable response in this article.

30 Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer

Someone might call you a Debbie downer if you have a kind of attitude which is slightly void of positivity.

You always have some sort of negative jokes up your sleeve every time you’re talking with people and this ends up getting to them in a bad way.

You can either choose to show an apology, deny knowing what the person is saying or ask the person why they said that to you.

You can say things like “Hey, I was just joking”, “That’s not what I do”, or “You have it all wrong” or you can choose to say “What do you mean by that?“.

Left for you, you can tell the person how dramatic they are, for saying such words to you. However, there are other replies below so let’s get into the details.

Hey, I Was Just Joking

If you have seen the TV show I talked about earlier on, you’ll see the relativity between comedy and being a Debbie downer. Maybe you’re playing the same role just like the character of the show played by Rachel Dratch.

If someone ends up calling you a Debbie downer, you could tell the person you were just joking. 

You Have It All Wrong

If someone mistook your expensive jokes for being a Debbie downer, you can explain to the person it is not. Since the person has it all wrong with what you said or reacted to, you can use this line of response. 

That’s Not What I Do

You can deny whatever the person said about you, only if you are not guilty of the actions of Debbie downer. Saying this response is a good way to disintegrate yourself from any type of accusations that the person is trying to level against you.

You Got Me on That

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer?

Those people who are called Debbie downers are jokers but they do this with a negative format in it. If you fall into the category of this set of people, you can use this response to show the person they got your joke.

What Do You Mean by That?

If you do not understand the meaning of why someone calls you Debbie downer, you can decide to ask this question. This question will help you understand the motive behind the person’s choice of words on you.

That’s a bit of an Insult You Said There

It is kind of insulting for someone to call you a Debbie downer mostly when you’re nothing compared to the tag. So when someone says that to you, point it out to him or her they’re insulting you.

Can You Stop Calling Me That?

Aside from the sake of jokes, it doesn’t sound nice for someone to call you a Debbie downer. So when someone says that to you, you simply tell the person to end the chase and stop using such tags on you. 

I Am Not a Debbie Downer

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer?

If you’re not a Debbie downer, you say so without being shaky about it. You need to lodge into a total denial of being whatever you’re tagged by the person. Using the above response will help clear you’re not a Debbie downer just like the person in question is tagging you.

Sorry, Was That for Me?

You know, sometimes I will say you should feign being ignorant of what the person said about you being a Debbie downer.

This response is a big way of breaking off any form of odd reasoning that the person has on you. With this type of response, you’ll be able to create an askance look on the face of anyone who called you a Debbie downer.

Learn to Talk After Taking a Breath Mint

This response is a clear comeback on anyone who calls you a Debbie downer. This is much more efficient if you don’t feel cool with the tag placed on you by the person. This response means you’re implying that it is a case of foul breath for the person to have called you a Debbie downer.

You Can Choose to Like Me or Not

People around usually despise those tagged Debbie Downer, especially those who don’t feel comfortable with whatever jokes you have up your sleeves. So if someone calls you so, you can say this line of response to the person.

I’m Sorry, I Was Too Distracted To Realize That

If someone calls you a Debbie downer because of an act that you played out with little intent, you can use this response to express your reasons for such acts. The response shows that you were too distracted to realize you were being a Debbie downer.

I Wish I Can Believe You

A Debbie downer is a term that is not popularized, but I presume you already know the meaning. So when someone calls you that against what you think about yourself, use this line of response. 

This response posits that whatever the person is trying to tag you is probably a fallacy and you don’t believe it. Instead of watching the person run you down with odd words, you can use this response to drive it home to the person you don’t have to believe what they say.

I’m Not Feeling Too Well

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer?

There are so many ways to boycott whatever foul words that come with being called a Debbie downer, and this response is one of such ways.

The response suggests that your bad remarks about the discussion which brought about the Debbie downer name-calling were caused because you were not feeling too well. 

I know one of my close friends who would talk gibberish once he’s hungry, and he can pass for a Debbie downer. So if this is the case with you, you can use this response to tone down whatever tension that would’ve arisen due to the name-calling.

I Guess I Shouldn’t Have Said That

It is not always a good thing to act bossy about a particular issue, especially when you know you’re at fault.

As an alternative, you can act a bit remorseful about the issue and this response is a perfect reply which posits that you regret saying whatever negative remark which led to the Debbie downer name-calling.

When you use this line of response, the person at the receiving end will feel your emotions through your words and kind of try to spare you the Debbie downer tag. This response also serves as an apology to the person who called you a Debbie downer.

We Can Reschedule This Meeting for Next Time

When someone calls you a Debbie downer, and you’re not having it their way you can use this response to disengage yourself from the discussion. Telling the person that you’ll have to reschedule the meeting is a good way of getting out of the unpleasant space.

I Never Thought That Would Come Off Bad

Sometimes you can say something funny without knowing it comes out bad, or even worse; you unknowingly attacked a particular person.

In the wake of the altercation, the person can call you a Debbie downer for spoiling their mood or causing some kind of funny joke on them.

Well, you can pick a stand by telling the person that you’re now aware that the joke will come off as a bad remark.

This response also plays the role of an apology to the person who called you Debbie downer, who’s probably feeling bad for whatever you said to him or her.

So I think you should do well to add this response to your list of replies, as giving a response after being called a Debbie downer can be very hard.

Can You End This Conversation Already?

If you feel like you’re no longer feeling comfortable with the discussion that arose the name-calling, you can suggest the speaker drops the conversation. You don’t have to let the issue linger if you’re not happy with how you were addressed. 

This line of response is a question but still has the spice of authority. The hack in using this line of response is to sound as much authoritative and strong as possible.

This way, the person you’re talking to will understand that you’re serious about ending the conversation.

Your Criticism Is Getting to Me

It is a clear act of criticism for someone to call you a Debbie downer, and it is targeted at how you perceive things. Someone might call you this to censure whatever way you view things or say it.

But you don’t have to always have these sets of people look down on you by calling you names. Hence, you should let them know you no longer find their criticism accommodating.

That Was a Quick Observation

This response can apply if someone spotted you out easily as a Debbie downer, maybe during a conversation or how you reacted towards a particular issue. When this happens, you can commend the person’s sharp eyes by saying this response to them. 

Please Spare Me the Social Life Lecture

What To Say When Someone Calls You a Debbie Downer?

Anyone who calls you a Debbie downer is vaguely condemning your social life or personality. But you can shake it off with this response if you do not accept such kind of words.

Can We Not Do This Now?

If the person who called you a Debbie downer has an attitude of calling you out over little problems, you can use this line to address it before it escalates.

This question is kind of a rhetorical question because it is usually preceded by actions and not words. If the person is affirmative, he or she will end the offensive call-out.

I Didn’t Mean to Sound Negative

There are times you may say things without the intent of sounding bad, but they still come out negative. When such things happen among others, someone can call you a Debbie downer. Nevertheless, you can assure the person that you didn’t mean that with this response.

Being Cynic Is Not a Crime, or Is It Now?

Being a Debbie downer is characterized by pessimism. Some people are built that way, even one of my friends acts in a like manner and it is no crime.

Well, someone may decide to make a big deal out of it by calling you a Debbie downer, which is much exaggerated. In light of this, you can use this line as a response.

You’re Being Too Dramatic

You can simply tell the person that called you a Debbie downer that he or she is overreacting. This is because there are other simpler terms that he or she could’ve used instead of a Debbie downer.

It Was All Jokes

If whatever you said that led someone into calling you a Debbie downer was all jokes, you should use this line to clarify things.

The Party Was Already Ruined, I Didn’t Do Much

You may be called a Debbie downer for having a hand in the cancellation of a party, whether a wedding or anything else. But you can still lift some blame off yourself by saying this line of response.

You Can Use a Microphone Because You Sound Faint Whenever You Talk Gibberish

Wow…this remains one of the best comebacks in this post. It suggests that the speaker usually sounds faint when he or she talks gibberish and that’s exactly what just happened as they called you a Debbie downer. 

The response also places you in the position of advising them to use a microphone to speak since you can barely hear them. This is both embracing and somewhat mean, but what are comebacks for?

Is That How Much You Despise Me?

Like I always say… haters will try to tarnish your image even with the slightest error you commit. If you feel like you’re being witch-hunted by the person who called you a Debbie downer, I’d recommend you ask this question as a response.

That’s Practically the Only Thing Your Shallow Sense Can Say

This comeback is a good response when someone calls you a Debbie downer, especially when you’re being accused wrongly.

You can use this reply to express your disgust as the person who called you a Debbie downer, must be lacking in reasoning to have called you such a demeaning name. Therefore, consider adding it to your menu of replies which you’ll serve anyone who calls you so.


This is the end of this post, thanks for coming this far with me on this. But before we bid farewell, I’ll like to enlighten you on the need to examine your situation before using any response on this post.

This way, you’ll avoid any further altercation and also find the most suitable reply there is. Don’t forget to hit the share button and spread this post to all channels.


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