What to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap?

There are so many things that can spring from heated-up arguments, and name-calling is one of them.

A person can have the motive of downgrading you with any of this name-calling. They can call you cheap and many tags to make you feel less of yourself. 

Often, their tactics work out and you feel too numb to respond. But you don’t have to continue with the silence, which is why you should seek quality replies to serve anyone who puts you in this position.

To relieve the stress of thinking about replies, I have put together a list of replies which will help you have a voice when someone calls you cheap.

29 Things to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap

What to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap?

Understandably, the motive of anyone who calls you cheap is demeaning you, whether or not they go public with it. You should pattern your replies as either a counter-statement or confront the speaker to know their intent of saying what they said. 

Some of the counter-statements include Cheap like your apartment, yeah? Your Gucci is still fake, but you still bargain prices, cheap chaser; excuse you? Do you think wearing designers make you rich? Think again, or say something like your character is my definition of being cheap.

In a different light, you can choose to warn off the person who called you cheap by saying things like you better watch what you say, How I spend my money is none of your business, and I don’t have to prove my wealth to you. 

If you want to carpet the person, tell him or her you’re cheap, yet valued more than them. I guess already enough for a snippet, so let’s get into the details and more replies.

Cheap Like Your Apartment, Yeah?

I feel like this response is a smooth shocker on its own, a slight comparison that posits that the speaker’s home is also cheap. This comes after he or she has placed you side by side with the tag of being cheap. 

You can use this response to show that although you might be cheap like the speaker; his or her house is also cheap. This leaves the person with the question of what differentiates you from them.

Why Did You Say That?

I’ve always liked the role of questions while trying to send a response through to anyone who calls you cheap. The thing is, sometimes name-calling like this one does not always come out during heated-up arguments.

So when someone calls you cheap in the most unlikely situation you have to ask the person why they did that. It shows your quest to know why the person used such a demeaning tag on you and also suggests your eagerness to adjust your actions to avoid such terms in the future.

What’s With All These Insults?

Like the previous response, you can try to understand the issue when someone calls you cheap. With this question, you’re able to put into motion the question which allows the speaker to explain why they’re insulting you. 

You Don’t Have Any Right to Say That to Me

Since most of my takes on replies have always been to give back your power of statement to you. This response here does that with so much energy and authority. We know no one should demean you, even if you’re wrong. So why tolerate such defamation especially if it’s done in public?

I don’t see the point why you should do that, which brings us to this response that out rightly calls out anyone that calls you cheap. It suggests that the person has no right to do so, and you won’t tolerate it.

I Thought You Were Matured… Guess I Was Wrong

I know the feeling when someone we hold in high esteem, stoops too low to express their grievances. If the person who called you cheap is in this league, you may withdraw any of your respect for them using this response.

I Never Expected That from You Though

Humans are full of surprises and will continue to amaze you whether for good or bad. It gets messy if they do that from the bad angle, by calling you names like cheap. 

I know whatever view you have about such a person will change once you hear this from them because it is disappointing for you. But you don’t need to beat yourself up about it, as all you should do is say this piece of response.

Go Away, You’re Just a Hater!

Haters are one particular group of people which you should stay away from. You will gain nothing good from your association with them, as they’re trying to rub it in that you have a flaw.

They can even call you cheap if you fail to appear in a certain fashion style, but you don’t have to keep a long face. Just tell said that to you they’re just haters and don’t deserve your company anymore.

Your Gucci Is Still Fake

If you can imagine a scenario where someone calls you cheap because they look rich then you’ll know the intent behind this response. You can make the situation more fun if the person is probably wearing a fake designer like Gucci.

The ultimate fun is in pointing this out just minutes after the person labeled you a cheap person. 

But You Still Bargain Prices, Cheap Chaser

It’s funny how the person who called you cheap is also acting cheap by bargaining pieces of stuff either in the grocery store or any other marketing arrangement.

If the person who called you cheap still does this, it makes him or her a bigger cheap and this time around a cheap chaser.

Excuse You?

What to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap?

You know what some ladies say to interrupt someone, probably during an argument… that’s what this response is all about. This reply does the same effect of shutting up the person while trying to usher in your line of statements or other replies. 

Do you Think Wearing Designers Make You Rich? Think Again

Wearing heavily branded clothes or designers doesn’t make you rich. It only makes you look rich, nothing else. But it’s laughable when someone thinks they’re cool while wearing all those designers. So make the person understand it doesn’t work that way.

Your Character Is My Definition of Being Cheap

It is a cheap move for someone to call you cheap. It is a miscalculated act to demean you, and you should not take it lightly with the person. Use this response to tell the speaker that his or her character is your definition of being cheap.

You Better Watch What You Say

If you intend to warn off anyone who calls you cheap, use this line of response. Just as much as the reply suggests the person should be mindful of what they say, it also means that whatever words they say can put them into a problem.

How I Spend My Money Is None of Your Business

If you realize that how you spend your money concerns no one, it shouldn’t bother you when someone calls you cheap. All you have to do is tell the person they have no business with how you spend your money. 

Therefore, since the person has no business with how you spend your money, he or she also has no right to call you cheap.

I Don’t Have to Prove My Wealth to You

You owe no one anyone explanation on how you make your money. You don’t also have any form of entitlement to fulfill by looking rich or expensive. Therefore, it is inappropriate to let anyone spoil your mood by calling you cheap.

I’m Cheap, Yet Valued More than You

What to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap?

Being called cheap doesn’t mean you’re not valued. It is more or less a tag that means nothing more than a speech fashioned to demean you. 

You don’t have to let this get to you because you could be more valued than whoever called you cheap.

Keep Your Remarks to Yourself

You can choose to remind the person you don’t need their ugly remarks about you and should keep such remarks to themselves. It is your choice to make such decisions as rejecting the remarks made by the person. 

If You Thought I’ll get Upset, That’s Some Good Dreams You Have There

A primary motive for someone to call you cheap is to make you upset, at least for the moment. You can debunk their hopes by telling the person you can’t get upset with what they’re doing. Simply telling the person they’re only dreaming is a good way to shut things down definitely.

Engaging With You Is an Insult to Dumb People

You don’t have to engage anyone who calls cheap in any conversation, because it is an insult to dumb people. Because who would want to hold a conversation with someone who is so narrow-minded to have called you cheap?

I Have a Thick Skin, I’m Sure Your Rich but Dumb Brain Knows What That Means

You and I know that having thick skin connotes being impenetrable even in the face of an adversary. You should have this virtue attached to your mind. You’re shading off anyone who calls you cheap by telling him or her they’re rich but dumb at the same time. 

I Know That Already, so what’s next?

It’s of no point trying to argue with someone who’s out to make you feel worse. So you can simply tell the person you already know about what they said about you and that should not bother you.

I’m only on a Budget, so you can’t call Me That

I’ve heard some of my friends call me cheap on the days I’m on a budget. This is mostly when I do my regular no-spend challenge. They try to say stuff like that to shake me off. So instead of picking offense with them, I just say this response and move away.

I Believe You Meant to Say Frugal, Please Go Back to Your Books Dummy

Many people mistake frugality for being or acting cheap. When this is the case when you’re called cheap, use this response to shun the person who said that.

I Don’t Care What You Say

You don’t have to give any hoot when someone calls you cheap; it is a hit on you. Saying the above response helps you clear off the speaker that you don’t care about what they say.

Ouch… Didn’t See That Coming

This response comes off out of surprise if someone you didn’t expect called you cheap. You can say this to express your bewilderment.

You Should Stop Jokes Like That

Sometimes a person can call you such names out of jokes. If you sense that this is the situation, you can use this response to tell the person to stop joking around.

Don’t Talk Down on Me

What to Say When Someone Calls You Cheap?

If you want to sound authoritative with your response to anyone who calls you cheap, you can adopt this line of response.

Can You Explain to Me Why You Said That

This is one of those replies that you can use to make the person who calls you cheap explain why he or she said that. 

That’s So Rude of You to Say

Name-calling is a rude thing to partake in. When someone lodges such missiles on you, you can remind them it is so rude for them to say that. At this point, the person should understand they’re being rude and if such a person didn’t do that on purpose, I’m convinced they’ll apologize.


This is where we call it a wrap-up on this post, which explores the various replies that you can give to anyone who calls you cheap. I’d advise you to make sure you examine your situation before using any of the replies. However, don’t forget to hit the share button and share this post with anyone who would find it informative just like you.


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